Survivor Caramoan–Episode 14 & Reunion Recap featuring Brian Heidik!

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Survivor Caramoan wraps up this week which means it’s time time to recap the fourteenth and final episode of the season as well as the Live Reunion Show! Here to do that for you is our resident recap expert Jarryd, with Ben and the Ozlets chiming in for their take as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend Brian Heidik from Survivor Thailand!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

Welcome back to my final ‘Survivor: Caramoan – FvF’ recap! Join me as I breakdown the finale, including the medi-vac, Reward and Immunity Challenge, the Final Tribal Council and of course the Reunion Show!

Our finale begins with the usual “ten minute season recap” of how the final five find themselves in the position they are in. Once it’s finished, we join up with the final five just after they have left Tribal Council. Erik isn’t feeling very well and has taken a seat on a rock, complaining that his head is killing him. Dawn comments that she thought Erik was just stunned by the vote but soon realises things are serious when Jeff heads out to check on the situation. Erik tells Jeff that his head is “spinning” whilst Cochran says that Erik looks “disorientated”. Jeff calls in Dr. Jo and Dr. Jen, (both got more screen time than Hope), with Dr. Jo going onto explain that Erik’s pulse is slow and that his brain probably isn’t getting enough blood. Dr. Jo hooks Erik up to a IV drip, while Eddie, (an EMT), explains to Erik what the drip will do. Erik’s blood pressure is checked and he gets an extremely low reading. Erik says that he wishes he could stand up and Dr. Jo then confirms that for Erik’s wellbeing, he is pulling him from the game.


Down and out – The Survivor Medical Team inform Jeff and the remaining castaways that Erik will be pulled from the game. (Image credit CBS)

WOW! That’s brutal. Night Thirty-six, final five and your medically evacuated; I don’t think it gets tougher than that! Unfortunately, Erik doesn’t get a say in the matter. Cochran tells Jeff that he now has “no idea about tomorrow” as everyone says their goodbyes to Erik. Cochran wishes Erik well, saying that he never intended to make friends out here here but did. Erik is then taking away in a van by Dr. Jo and Dr. Jen, leaving Probst to send the Final Four back to camp.

Once back at camp, everyone is reeling at the loss of Erik. Whilst saddened by the news, Cochran is already thinking ahead, with his immediate plan to be the first person to talk to Eddie. Cochran is lucky, he gets to Eddie first, with the pair shaking hands in agreement that they will bring Sherri along with them to the Final Three. Eddie then tells us that his plan is to “vote Dawn out, Sherri will come in third, Cochran second and I’ll finish in first place”.

Day Thirty-seven dawns, brining with it the arrival of tree mail. The note informs the castaways of a impending Reward Challenge which leaves them extremely excited. Before heading off to the challenge, Dawn comments on how much of a “big deal” it has been to make big strategic moves that have resulted in her being in the Final Four. The Reward Challenge comes from South Pacific and involves the castaways having to hold onto a rope to steady a board. On the board they have to build a house of cards to a certain height – marked on a marker to the side. The first person to build a tower over the height of the indicated mark, wins an advantage in the Final Immunity Challenge. I usually try my best to leave my opinion out of this section, but this “twist” is beyond stupid. The Final Immunity Challenge should be fair, simple as that! Can you imagine Tom Westman winning an advantage for the Final Immunity Challenge in Palau that resulted in the challenge lasting twelve minutes instead of twelve hours! It’s a blight on the game.

Anyway, Probst gets us underway by reminding everyone that this challenge will take a learning curve in order to be able to win because anyone’s tower could fall at any stage. Sherri gets out to an early led, with Cochran and Dawn close behind and Eddie taking things steadily – or should I say Steady Eddie? Cochran is the first to have his tower collapse, with Sherri following shortly after, leaving the door open for a Dawn and Eddie. Cochran’s tower falls over once again early into his rebuild as Dawn and Eddie draw ever closer to the finishing mark. Dawn draws within one or two cards of winning the challenge when her tower falls, leaving Eddie with a huge chance to claim victory. However, Eddie’s tower is also unstable and crashes to the ground, leaving Sherri, who has rebuild half of her tower, to take the lead.


Cochran, Dawn, Eddie and Sherri prior to the Day Thirty-seven Reward Challenge. (Image credit CBS)

Cochran’s tower falls once again as he picks up the pace to catch Sherri and then Sherri’s tower half collapses, giving Dawn the lead once again. Soon after, Dawn’s tower falls, giving Eddie the lead. It doesn’t last very long for Eddie, as his tower has a mini collapse, leaving Sherri and Cochran to fight for the lead. Cochran makes up time on Sherri, who has a slight advantage over him and levels things up. In a tense few moments, both Sherri’s and Cochran’s tower wobble precariously, with Sherri’s eventually falling, leaving Cochran free to place a final card and claim his third individual victory of the season. Cochran receives a sealed note from Jeff and Dawn gives a confessional as the Final Four return to camp that despite Cochran, her biggest ally, winning the advantage, she still has to keep perspective because the fact is, if she doesn’t win Immunity, she is vulnerable at Tribal Council.


Cochran receives a note informing him of his advantage in the Final Immunity Challenge from Jeff. (Image credit CBS)

Once back at camp, Cochran inform us the importance of winning the challenge and keeping the advantage out of everyone else’s hands. Sherri and Eddie head off for a chat, with the pair agreeing to vote against Dawn with Cochran because Dawn will play the “sympathy card” at the Final Tribal Council. Meanwhile, Cochran and Dawn are also considering their alliance, with the pair agreeing that they are “locked” to each other and they won’t cast a vote against one another. Cochran comments that Dawn’s “freak outs” are difficult to deal with, whilst Dawn states that the longer the came goes, the harder it gets to deal with the paranoia. Cochran continues by saying that he isn’t sure why Dawn believes she deserves a place in the Final Four and that he is “considering ditching Dawn”.

Tree mail arrives on Day Thirty-eight bringing with it news of the Rites of Passage and the Final Immunity Challenge. The Final Four is picked up by boat and taken to a nearby island where they begin to pay respects to their fallen comrades. Below is a summary of what the Final Four said about their fellow castaways and the fallen Survivor’s thought’s on their time in the game.

Francesca – Cochran says that she was voted off first because she was a huge threat. Francesca states that she was disappointed to be the first to go again but was honoured it was for strategic reasons. She then says that she can see the humour in the situation and her Survivor journey is now over.

Allie – Sherri informs Cochran and Dawn that Allie was “Reynold’s girlfriend”. Allie says that whilst she would have done anything to win, you soon realise how hard the game is and she is happy that she walked away with some new lifelong friends.

Hope – Eddie comments that Hope was his “first real love”. Hope comments that it was an “incredible experience” and that she would “do it again… minus Eddie”.

Shamar – Sherri says Shamar was a misunderstood individual, whilst the man himself says that he was a strong guy, playing a tough game and that he wasn’t able to endure the amount of pain he was in when he was medically evacuated.

Laura – Laura confesses that playing Survivor makes you realise how much you miss people back at home.

Brandon – Dawn says Brandon was a “challenge beast” but his personal life got in the way of the game. Brandon tells us that he gave it his all the entire time and when he knew he was in trouble, he wanted the others to be hungry. He then says he has no regrets about his game.

Matt – Matt admits playing the game was the hardest thing he has ever done however he has come out the other side as a stronger person.

Julia – Realises that in her profession, (a racecar driver), you need to be aggressive and ruthless on the track and Survivor has helped her do that.

Corinne – Dawn tells us Corinne was super strategic and had heaps of energy. Corinne then informs us that she was ready to flip for “a gay and three hotties” before revealing that she is glad everyone knows what she is really like in her life.

Michael – Declares it was a “dream come true” to be on the show and that he was proud of everything he did.

Phillip – Cochran explains that he was a “powerhouse who knew the game” and was happy to play the game with him. The Specialist then adds that he was proud of how he implemented “Stealth ‘R’ Us” and the “B.R. Rules” and hopes that he is no longer perceived as “crazy” but instead as “interesting”.

Malcolm – Is labelled a “challenge beast”. Malcolm then declares that playing two seasons back to back was tough and despite the fact he may have “crashed and burned”, he wants to return again to win the game.

Reynold – Eddie tells us he was thrilled to meet his “best friend”. Reynold then compliments the Favourites ability to play the game, believing he was “in over his head” against them.

Andrea – Cochran describes her as “charming, beautiful and smart”. Andrea then says she wanted to play aggressive and that shows because she was voted out with an Idol in her pocket. She then admits that it isn’t a good feeling to think about the fact that she could have won the game.

Brenda – Cochran labels her as the “strongest mental, social, physical and spiritual player”. Brenda then tells us that she doesn’t believe the game is “not always black or white”, that she realised how important family is and that she also has no regrets.

Erik – Everyone comments that Erik should have been Final Three before Erik admits that playing this time was a lot more difficult and that despite going out the way he did, it all came down to “fate”.

Cochran, Dawn Eddie and Sherri then burn the name plates of their former tribe members before Eddie sends us to the break saying that if the Final Immunity Challenge is physical, he’s “not giving up”.


The Final Four embrace as the names of their former tribe members go up in flames behind them. (Image credit CBS)

Time to get to the Final Immunity Challenge. To be honest, it’s very disappointing to say the least. Castaways have to run up a three story staircase, untie a bag of puzzles pieces and then slide down a slide. Once they have collected all three bags, they will use them to make a fire puzzle. Not exactly your classic Final Immunity Challenge! Anyway, Cochran reveals his advantage which is that he won’t have to untie his puzzle piece bags when collecting them – something Jeff tells us will save him a lot of time. A confessional from Dawn proceeds the challenge with Dawn hoping that if Cochran wins the challenge, he will stay loyal to her.


Eddie, Cochran, Sherri and Dawn about to begin the Final Immunity Challenge. (Image credit CBS)

We get underway and predictable, Cochran is the first to return with his first bag as Dawn, Eddie and Sherri all spend time un-doing the knots on their bags. Cochran returns with his second bag just after Eddie and Dawn return with their first bag, with Sherri bringing up the rear. Cochran then brings back his third bag whilst Dawn, Eddie on Sherri all work on their second bags, giving Cochran a significant advantage on the puzzle stage of the challenge. The others aren’t going down that easily though, as all three work their way back into the challenge with Eddie returning with his third and final bag along with an exhausted Dawn. Dawn and Eddie have their pieces out and begin working on their puzzles just as Sherri returns with her final bag.

Cochran’s advantage isn’t doing him any favour’s as he struggles to complete the puzzle. Dawn gets the first piece of the day, then goes onto correctly place a second and third piece, giving her a decent lead. Sherri then gets a piece, Dawn gets her fourth, then Sherri gets another. Cochran finally gets onto the board with his first piece and quickly follows up with his second. Dawn places another piece, before Cochran gets his fourth and fifth pieces in; comically correcting Jeff as to how many pieces he has in place.


Eddie, Cochran, Sherri and Dawn during the puzzle section of the Final Immunity Challenge. (Image credit CBS)

Sherri slots in her sixth piece, Cochran then gets his sixth and seventh and Eddie brings up the rear, unable to figure out the puzzle. Cochran, Sherri and Dawn all slot a few more pieces into place and Eddie finally gets a piece and then another, inviting him back into the challenge. It doesn’t appear to be enough though as Cochran only has six pieces left and quickly places five of those six pieces in. With that, it doesn’t matter about anyone as Cochran places his final piece, winning the Final Immunity Challenge of the season, his third Individual Immunity and a place in the Final Three. Dawn is extremely overjoyed at the result and Cochran explains to Probst this is the reason he wanted to be called by his last name on Day One of South Pacific; because he is now in the same league as “Donaldson and Mariano”. As they head back to camp, Cochran comments on how happy he was at the victory, explaining that everyone wants to work with him and that a “devil on my shoulder is telling me to get rid of Dawn”.


Jeff congratulates Cochran on winning the Final Immunity Challenge. (Image credit CBS)

Once back at camp, the realisation of the situation has hit Cochran. He confesses, “I got the million, I just have to decide who to give one hundred thousand dollars to”. Cochran continues, stating that Sherri won’t get any votes, that Dawn has been extremely emotional and that Eddie is a “chauvinistic, twenty-three year old idiot!”. Cochran finishes by saying that what he is saying is “horrible stuff to say”.

Dawn pulls Cochran aside and gets upset at the fact that she believes she has booked a place in the Final Three. Cochran tells Dawn that he is “locked”, whilst Dawn tells us that she trusts Cochran, however, she feels that she “doesn’t deserve to do good”. Cochran then speaks to Eddie with Eddie trying to convince Cochran to vote Dawn out over himself. Eddie explains to Cochran that Dawn will play the “mother card” and will get a lot of Jury votes. Cochran counters Eddie’s argument, informing him that the Jury loves him, with Eddie saying that they love him “cause I’m an idiot!”. Eddie continues with his argument, stating the obvious, that he doesn’t deserve to win because he hasn’t played a good strategic game and that he has only had a hand in voting one person out. Eddie finishes up by admitting in a confessional that if he went to the Final Three, he believes he can win and that with his winnings, he would open up a “dog shelter attached to a bar”. As Cochran collects his Immunity Necklace ahead of Tribal Council, he talks us through his plan to vote out the biggest threat. “I can beat Sherri… but can I beat Dawn and Eddie?”


Cochran ponders his options ahead of the Day Thirty-eight Tribal Council. (Image credit CBS)

The final regular Tribal Council of the season kicks off with the talk being all about what happened to Erik. Cochran says that he was “devastated”, whilst Eddie admits that it “stirred things up”, especially when he thought the Final Three was going to be “Erik, Dawn and Sherri’”. This doesn’t sit well with Cochran who tells us that Erik going home may have turned out to be a good thing. Talk turns to the challenges, with Cochran clarifying that he always believed he could “outwit” others but he never thought he’d be able to “outplay and outlast” them. He tells Jeff that winning the Final Immunity Challenge was the most “incredible moment of the game” and that he could never have achieved it in South Pacific.

Talk turns to the impending vote, with Dawn confessing that she has done a good job at “turning the Jury against her” and that the Jury love Eddie. Jeff then turns to Eddie, with the Jury laughing before he can answer the question. Eddie declares that he didn’t play a good strategic game but Dawn made “big move that changed the course of the game”. Cochran says it is impossible to predict what the Jury wants in a winner and that both Dawn and Eddie provide good arguments. Jeff questions Sherri who admits that she has never been seen as a threat despite the fact that she has played a good game. Cochran agrees with Sherri and then is interrupted by Eddie pointing out to Cochran that his best chance at winning is against himself and Sherri.

With that, we get to the votes. Dawn and Eddie’s votes are revealed in the voting booth, with both voting against each other, leaving us wondering, who did Cochran side with? Jeff collects the votes and begins to read. A vote each goes Dawn and Eddie’s way before it is revealed that both Cochran and Sherri have voted for Eddie; thus making him the final member of the Jury.


Eddie… the tribe has spoken. (Image credit CBS)

Eddie’s torch is snuffed and the Final Three is sent back to camp for the final time. In his final words, Eddie confesses that Sherri has a “zero percent chance of winning the game” and that despite going home on Day Thirty-eight, he is happy with the game he played. image

The Final Three – Dawn, Cochran and Sherri. (Image credit CBS)

The sun rises on Day Thirty-nine at Enil Edam beach. Before heading off to collect the mandatory celebratory breakfast, Sherri questions Cochran about his definition of a pawn, with Cochran explaining pawn’s are “worthless and expendable”. Whilst enjoying their breakfast, we get a confessional from each member of the Final Three. Sherri starts things off saying that her “husband would be proud”. She says that she set a goal before the game that she would accept nothing below Final Three and that she can win the game because she is a “Fan, has been the underdog, has been disadvantaged from the start and has played an adaptable game”.

Up next is Dawn, who declares she has had two key alliances in the game, Cochran and her family. Dawn comments that whatever happens, she has learnt from the experience and changed due to it because she has had to make her own decisions in the game. She finishes off by saying it is almost like a storybook ending that herself and Cochran, who have played sixty-seven days together, will be sitting next to each other to face the Jury.

Finally, Cochran confesses that he is “frazzled” for the first time in the game. He states that despite writing a prize winning paper on the Survivor Jury, he didn’t learn how to deal with a Jury at Harvard. Cochran explains that he has a lot of doubts running through his head and that despite the fact he played a good game, he feels like a non-confident, dorky geek.

The Final Three gather up their possessions and begin the hike to Tribal Council. One thing I miss about the final day on Survivor is the ceremonial burning of the camp and the decision of who keeps the tribe flag! Come on guys, it’s clearly the most important part of the season!


  Cochran, Dawn and Sherri leave camp for the final time. (Image credit CBS)

The Final Three arrive at the Final Tribal Council. Jeff welcomes the Jury, then goes through the procedure for the night. Up first are opening statements, with Dawn headlining the show. Dawn tells the Jury she is “humbled” to have played the game with them says that the emotional side of the game was difficult for her. Dawn states her plan was to align with someone she was willing to take to the end and that was Cochran. She states she wanted to control her own game and by doing that she had to give herself permission to play the game and exploit people. She finishes off by saying that she is “proud of the hard decisions” she made.

Sherri goes next and explains that what the Jury doesn’t know about her is that she is a successful business woman. Sherri explains she tried to play the game like she runs her business. She then begins to laugh and explain she is nervous. She can’t control this and losses track of her speech, which the Jury aren’t pleased of. She recovers, finishing off her speech by stating that she had her work cut out for her because she was there only Fan that was able to infiltrate the Favourites and that is the reason she is still in the game.

Cochran rounds off the opening statements by describing his passion for the show at such a young age. He says he had no fantasy about his physical game and fell into a therapist role, which goes against his normal social behaviour. He states that the biggest component of his game was timing and knowing the right time to make a move, that he is proud of the lies he told in the game and finishes up by encouraging the Jury to ask him whatever they want so that he can prove he played the best game of the season.


The eight person Jury – (from left) – Michael, Philip, Malcolm, Reynold, Andrea, Brenda, Erik and Eddie. (Image credit CBS)

With opening statements out the way, Malcolm starts off the Jury speeches. He congratulates all three castaways then says that he doesn’t have a question for Sherri. Malcolm says his vote is up in the air and tells Dawn to “own” the Tribal Council, don’t be the “mother of six” in order to gain his vote. Malcolm then asks Cochran what quality he has that got him to the end of the game that he doesn’t. Cochran tells Malcolm that he has a heightened level of insecurity, something Malcolm has never had to worry about.

Eddie is next up. Eddie asks Sherri if she believes she was carried to the Final Three. Sherri says she wasn’t which the Jury find very funny. Eddie then questions how Dawn has been a strong player if she has been constantly breaking down into states of paranoia and tears. Dawn responds by saying that she has been strong but the game has taken a huge toll on her. Finally, Eddie asks Cochran what his life will be like going forward after Survivor and whether he would hang out at a bar with the ‘three amigos’. Cochran says that his life has changed drastically, he is much more confident about himself and that he wouldn’t be sitting next to them at a bar because there would be two girls sitting either side of him.

Phillip takes the reins next. Firstly, he tells Sherri she is no longer a member of “Stealth ‘R’ Us”. Phillip then berates Dawn’s emotions and how difficult and “disruptive” it made camp life. Finally, he states that Cochran played a “great strategic game, with no malice” and he enjoying playing with him. Erik is up next and accuses Dawn of not being genuine about the relationships she made during the game and asking whether she is aware of the damage she caused. Dawn responds by saying that she made “honest connections” then used those relationships to her advantage because she was playing the game. Erik then questions Sherri as to why she is still in the game. Sherri says it is because she played a hard game. Erik asks why nobody is questioning Sherri about her strategy. Sherri is unsure why and Erik explains it is because Sherri “did nothing the entire game… you were a sea shell on the beach”. Sherri doesn’t take this criticism easily, telling Erik that is his opinion and to “sit down”. Erik tries to explain to Sherri that he is on her side however Sherri refuses to listen, resulting in Erik sitting down.

Michael questions why Dawn is getting more negativity when she played the same game as Cochran. Dawn suggests that it she because she developed relationships in order to gain information and therefore has more blood on her hands because Cochran just had to show up to vote. Dawn ends by saying that without her, Cochran wouldn’t have made it to the end. Cochran responds to this statement by saying that he is happy Dawn is receiving negative feedback and that Dawn was an asset that went along with his decisions. Cochran concludes by admitting Dawn wouldn’t be in the game if he hadn’t taken on the role as her therapist.

Reynold then steals the show by bring out his comical side. He labels Dawn a “fraud” and asks her to describe him in three words. Dawn is hesitant but does as Reynold says after several prompts, labeling Reynold as “chauvinistic and vulgar with a great sense of humour”. Reynold then tells Dawn not to be “fake” and “kick ass” and not treat everyone like she does at “the church of Mormon”.

Andrea is up next and explains to the Final Three that she isn’t bitter and appreciates the move that got her blindsided because she respects the game. Andrea asks Cochran what type of animal he played the game like. Cochran answers a “chameleon” because of his ability to adapt. Andrea then praises Dawn for her “very strategic game”.

Finally, Brenda takes the stand. She questions why Cochran took her out of the game just after she had given him the opportunity to spend time with his family. Cochran says he was grateful for this but was able to separate the game and his emotions. He concludes by saying Brenda was a threat to his game and that was why he took her out. Brenda then turns to Dawn and questions whether the bond they created was real. Brenda explains the story of finding Dawn’s retainer and asks her whether she would have quit the game if she hadn’t retrieved it. Dawn says she wouldn’t have and Brenda asks her to prove it by removing the teeth. Dawn isn’t keen on the idea and tries to deflect it, however, Brenda isn’t backing don and tells Dawn that she doesn’t care if it is “humiliating” for her, she wants her to remove the teeth. Dawn tries to defend her reasoning behind voting Brenda out but Brenda wants none of it and demands for Dawn to remove the teeth, which Dawn eventually does.


After much hesitation, Dawn accepts Brenda’s request and removes her teeth. (Image credit CBS)

With that, we get to the vote. It is revealed that Phillip votes for Cochran, with no other votes being revealed. Jeff goes to collect the votes, teases the castaways about reading them, congratulates everyone on a fantastic season and then heads out of the Tribal Council area to head back to Los Angeles.

A nice little transition takes us into the CBS Studies in LA, where the Final Three and Jury are waiting for the votes to be read. Jeff asks the Final Three what they believe their chances of winning are. Sherri says she doesn’t have much of a chance, Dawn says she won’t win but can hopefully buy some new teeth and Cochran says he is confident but is preparing for the worst.

Jeff reads the votes with the five votes he reads all being for Cochran. Thus, Cochran is the Sole Survivor of Survivor: Caramoan, gaining all eight Jury votes and technically playing the second “perfect game” in Survivor history by receiving all Jury votes and having no votes cast against him during the game.  (The first was J.T. in Survivor Tocantins).


Congratulations Cochran! Winner of Survivor: Caramoan! (Image credit CBS)

We go straight into the Live Reunion Show which is a complete mess. For the first time in the shows history, only the castaways who made the Jury stage of the game are sitting on stage, with the remaining castaways sitting in the front rows of the audience. Another new thing is this Reunion is that Probst is using Twitter to ask questions to the castaways.

After a Cochran montage, the man himself explains that he feels “incredible” about how the game played out. He jokes that his mum helped him pick his outfit and that the difference this time around is that he learnt to accept himself and not worry about how he is perceived. Cochran states that he appeals to children a lot because they can relate to not being the most popular kid. He then gives some advice to future players that you need to use the night to think about your next moves, be calm but not complacent and be vigilant and not paranoid. He then says that Survivor has made him reconsider his career as a lawyer and instead he is interested in writing before confirming he is single.

Talk then turns to Dawn’s emotions. Dawn states that “tears are cleansing” and that she played a completely different game this time around because she went against her true character. She acknowledges that no matter what, the game is personal, however she knows who she is and she shut down her social media pages because she didn’t want the negativity in her life. Dawn then confirms that she and Brenda haven’t spoken since the game ended despite several attempts to reach out.

Brenda then joins proceedings via satellite from Miami. Things haven’t reach such hostilities that Brenda and Dawn can’t be in the same room, Brenda just can’t leave Miami because she is heavily pregnant and is due in several days time. Brenda says that it hurt to be betrayed when she played the game with heart. Dawn she says feels terrible for what she did and regrets it. Dawn then apologises with Brenda accepting the apology because of the time that has gone by and the fact Dawn is a “good person”.


Brenda shows off her “baby bump”. (Image credit CBS)

Probst then talks to Phillip about the response he has gotten on the street. Phillip says that it has been extremely positive and that he creates his “Stealth ‘R’ Us” nickname by studying the person and who they are. He then gives Jeff his “Stealth ‘R’ Us” nickname… “The Piercing Eagle”. A montage of Phillip discussing his “B.R. Rules” then plays which leads to Jeff chatting to Rob in the crowd – I’m sure all his haters will love this. Rob labels Phillip as “the most entertaining player to ever appear on the show” and says he is flattered he tried to play the game like him; before adding a little joke that he didn’t do it quite as successfully. Rob then presents Phillip with a real life version of ‘The Boston Rob Rulebook’ which Rob states he wrote himself about the way he lives his life. Rob then says you can purchase the book via his website.


Jeff laughs as Boston Rob unveils the “Boston Rob playbook”. (Image credit CBS)

Malcolm then takes centre stage as Jeff discusses his role on the Bold and the Beautiful. Talk then turns to Malcolm’s body after playing back to back seasons as he states that he is yet to recover from the show. He says the game is a lot of fun because anyone can win and that despite what was shown on the show, he did look for the Idol when sitting on the well with Andrea. Malcolm then says he is approached by lots of young fans. Jeff speaks to a young eleven year old in the crowd about why Malcolm is so good.

Up next is Andrea who Probst labels as a “very good player” with Andrea admitting that the boys got her in trouble. She confesses she respects the game and went out laughing. Finally, she states that she wears the Hidden Immunity Idol often and that her mum would kill her if she tried to sell it. Reynold then talks up the advantages the Favourites had over the Fans, saying they knew how to “detach themselves from the game”.

After the break, Probst catches up with Rudy Boesch, (Survivor: Borneo), who discusses why dealing with the people on the show was hard and how proud he was to be a NAVY Seal. A message from a naked Richard Hatch then plays for Rudy.


Jeff catches up with Survivor: Borneo favourite Rudy Boesch. (Image credit CBS)

Probst then reveals that Malcolm has won the Sprint Player of the Season award, edging Brenda out by one percent of the vote. Earlier in the show, Probst gave a two second promo for next season showing blood seeping through water. A further promo is then shown, with the title of Survivor twenty-seven, revealed as ‘Survivor: Blood vs. Water’ which will begin filming in the next few weeks, (rumoured to be in the Philippines), and premiere in September.

‘Survivor: Blood vs. Water’ Logo

Finally, Probst presents Cochran with his one million dollar cheque, tells the viewers to head to the Survivor website to submit a video to appear on the show and to check out ‘’ to bid on memorabilia from this season, with all proceeds going to ‘Stand up to Cancer’.


Probst presents Cochran with his million dollar cheque. (Image credit CBS)

Finally, the final sexual innuendo comment from Jeff this season is from during the Final Immunity Challenge.

“Cochran up quickly and down”

That’s it folks! Season twenty-six is done and dusted. It gave us plenty of entertainment, some nice blindsides, a few medi-evac’s and our first male winner since Redemption Island. Stay tuned to our website over the coming months as we bring you the Ozcars as well as our usual content. I’ll be back in September to take you along for the ride on season twenty-seven, Survivor: Blood vs Water!

It’s been fun! See you back here in September!

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Ben’s Opinion


I can’t believe another season is over! It goes so quickly! Amazing!

The finale itself, what can I say? A massive letdown from a season filled with letdowns. I’m not taking away from Cochran’s win. Not at all. He thoroughly deserved it. But I think the whole episode was pretty bad, and I think the reunion was the worst reunion we have ever seen in the history of Survivor. More to that in a moment.

What a terrible way to see Erik leave. Within 5 minutes of the episode starting, he is gone. Hardly anytime to take in the fact that the man had gone all the way to the final 5 for the second time and this time he goes home through no fault of his own. The way it was handled on screen was pathetic. Yeah I’m an Erik fan and was rooting for him, but in all seriousness that was terrible. We then find ourselves in a similar situation to Philippines where we get an ‘advantage reward challenge’ instead of just a general reward challenge or even two immunity challenges. A waste if you ask me. Then we see rites of passage, which I’m glad is still part of the show. I know it has it’s haters, but I look forward to it every season. Then comes the final immunity challenge which again, was probably the worst final immunity challenge in the history of the game. Terrible. If anything they should’ve switched the challenges around and had the ‘advantage’ challenge as the last challenge. What happened to the final challenge being an endurance challenge? So many things wrong with that…

The final tribal council was spiteful as expected and entertaining. I have to say though it was surprising. The treatment of Sherri I wasn’t expecting. I understand they don’t get to see what we see at home in terms of how she actually played, but I think Sherri played a much better game than she was given credit for. Granted post-merge wasn’t as good as pre-merge, but she still deserved anything else but the hatred she got. Having said that, she didn’t do herself any favours in her answers, particularly with Erik. She channelled her inner Katie Gallagher and Stephenie LaGrossa to give herself an epic failure. It was painful to watch, and I was sad to see her game end on such a bad note.

That brings me to Dawn. I know a lot of people will disagree with me, but she OWNED that final tribal council. I was expecting her to cry her way through it and apologise, but no. she stood up to her game and owned it. It was a surprise to watch and great to watch at the same time. Her experience though was ruined by Brenda. Yeah she is upset, just like the majority of the Survivor fandom is. But her display of bitterness and then making Dawn take out her teeth was worse than even Penner’s bitter betty performance last season. Seems as I’m on a trend right now of labelling things ‘the worst of all time’ I will say without doubt that Brenda’s display at that final tribal council is the WORST in the history of Survivor. She might’ve been upset and hurt about being voted out, but there is no need to then publically humiliate a person, just to make yourself feel better. If she had of voted for Dawn because of it, I wouldn’t be as scathing. But she didn’t. It was a pathetic display and one that disgusted me.

Finally Cochran. Well he didn’t have to do much did he? If anything he was in a similar position to Tom in Palau or J.T in Tocantins. He just had to sit there and basically smile and walk to the win. Nothing he said or did would change the fact that he would walk away a unanimous millionaire. And all the power to him. He still did well, but he was like Usain Bolt running at half pace in the under 12 little athletics meet. It didn’t matter how he performed, he was going  to win.

That brings me to the reunion. A terrible terrible ending to the season. How can you even call that a reunion? To put half the cast in the audience?! An absolute travesty! I think this image pretty much sums up the mood:


Several players were vocal on social media about it, something which I’m sure CBS weren’t too happy about. But they had the right to voice their opinion. Several players family had flown out to see them on stage and be on TV again, and nothing. In the end we then only hear from around six of the cast on stage, and that includes hearing nothing from one of the final three and a player who was evacuated in the finale! You know what we get instead? Insights from former players and a random girl with braces in the audience who I’m sure has already signed a contract for Survivor season 52. If this is a trend for future seasons, it’s a worrying trend. I know Jeff Probst ‘listens’ to the fans, but if this is really the case then I hope he is hearing the stadium filled with voices of the disgusting treatment of pre-merge players from this season as well as the epic failure it turned out to be.

With all that negativity aside, it’s time to look forward to season 27, Blood vs Water! It’s obvious it will be the rumoured family vs. favourites that has been talked about for some time now, and I for one am very much looking forward to it! Bring on September!

Jarryd’s Opinion


Well there we have it, another season down.

I wouldn’t say this season has been fantastic, but I wouldn’t say it has been terrible either. I think so of the casting choices were definitely bad decisions but on the whole I think it was a fairly enjoyable season, with a lot of focus on great strategy. I think part of the problem of why people haven’t enjoyed this season is because it’s being compared to Micronesia which is widely regarded as a top five season. You can’t compare the two. Firstly, I think you have to watch a season again to appreciate it. You notice a lot more and remember a lot more when you finish watching a season in two weeks compared to three months.

I think Andrea, Cochran and Phillip played outstanding games this season. Erik and Malcolm were up there as well and I think Reynold has potential and could possibly return some time in the future. As for some of the Favourites, I still can’t stand the fact than Francesca, Brandon and Dawn returned. They are useless players, simple as that.

I think the Fans weren’t that great this season. As I’ve mentioned Reynold had potential and I didn’t mind Snowy, but other than that they were nowhere near what I was expecting after Micronesia – look at me, compared the two seasons after I said you shouldn’t!

As for the finale, it was pretty obvious Cochran was going to take away the million. The Reward Challenge is a joke but if Erik hadn’t been medi-vaced that “advantage at the Final Immunity Challenge’ rubbish wouldn’t have happened. As for the F.I.C. itself, what a joke!

Cochran was brilliant in the Final Tribal Council and Dawn and Sherri put in performances as bad as Stephenie (Guatemala) and Katie (Palau). Sherri’s performance was just terrible and Dawn annoys me so much. What Brenda did was brilliant. She got Dawn into a corner and Dawn didn’t know what to do. I have nothing against Dawn personally but please, man up and try and fight!

As for the Reunion, that was just a joke. Why was Rudy there and what was the point of the Richard Hatch video? As for the non-jurors being in the audience, that will never happen again, I’m almost sure of it.

Overall, I think we had a decent season. Sure it wasn’t up there with other all-star/half all-star seasons, but it was still reasonable and better than some of the more recent seasons… South Pacific for example.

Finally, huge congratulations to Cochran. I loved his “self discover story” thing this season and wouldn’t mind seeing him again. He’s probably going to crack my list of top ten winners – he played a perfect game, you can’t argue with that!

Next season should be interesting. Obviously we’ve all heard the family rumours so it should be interesting. Either way, I can’t wait to see what happens.

See you all in September!

Survivor Re-capper: Brian Heidik


Each week we’ll bring you the viewpoint of a former Survivor contestant to hear what they have to think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season!

Our fourteenth guest is Thailand winner Brian Heidik, as he discusses his overall opinion of the season, why he is a fan of Cochran and not a fan of Phillip, his opinion on the Dawn ‘hatred’ and just how well he thought she did, Sherri’s performance and why he felt sorry for her, Eddie’s performance and what he would’ve done in the final tribal council, the evacuation of Erik, Malcolm comparing himself to Brian and why it just isn’t a good conclusion, bitter jury members and whether or not he would’ve removed his teeth, the problem in telling people you come from a successful lifestyle as well as what would be in the ‘Brian Heidik rules of life’ and just how bad the reunion was! Brian concluded the season with some special answers:


It has been an interesting season and we thank every one of our re-cappers for joining us throughout it! We look forward to bringing you more recaps during Blood vs Water! Remember you can check out our player report card here!


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6 Comments on Survivor Caramoan–Episode 14 & Reunion Recap featuring Brian Heidik!

  1. All around, well said, Ben. Excellent points. I think Brenda’s request of Dawn will be remembered as one of the pettiest things ever done in Survivor. Totally uncalled for. Be upset if you want, but intentionally humiliate another player? No. As for the random Malcolm-loving girl in the audience … WHAT? That over hearing from other players? Looking forward to Brian’s thoughts (never in a million years did I think I’d say that, but loved his first interview with you). Still catching up on past interviews; CBS really should listen. Keep up the good work!

  2. Personally I thought the final tribal council would be a lot closer than it turned out to be. I thought Dawn deserved at least one or two votes at least. Personally I think players other seasons deserved a unanimous vote much more than Cochran did. Kim for one was much more dominant but still didn’t get a unanimous win.

    I thought this season turned out a lot better than I thought it would in the beginning. I actually ended up rooting for the favorites something I didn’t think I would do. The fans to me were idiots who didn’t deserve most of what they got. Some were okay yes. For example Sherry showed she knew what she was doing but some people like Eddie and those idiot blondes they had showed absolutely no knowledge. I also hated how they played up the two favorites – two fans thing. It was a fluke that it happened as without Erik’s departure Eddie would never have made it there.

    Personally I thought the After Show stunk as well. There was little interesting discussion with people. Also was anyone kind of surprised at just how pregnant Brenda was! I mean if she is due any day that means they have had to wait over 9 months for results which just seems cruel to me. Both the one girl and the Rudy portions sucked. Personally BR was okay with me as he was kind of relevant to the season. I personally would have loved to hear more from Brenda, Corrinne, Erik and some of the others over them.

  3. SurvivorMarc // May 15, 2013 at 2:06 am // Reply

    I disagree with OZ about Brenda’s jury speech. What she did made perfect sense. If it really wasnt a big deal that Dawn’s retainers were gone and wouldn;t have quit the game then she needed to prove that to the jury. She is playing for a $1,000,000 game I think its legit. What Dawn needed to prove that night was more action less talk.

    Brenda for sure is returning for a future season. Hero goddess.

  4. Ben, I’d have to disagree with you on the Brenda vs Dawn FTC incident, Sure it seemed petty but there was a deeper meaning for Brenda to it. Brenda was clearly still distraught about her blindside. She felt used and her efforts belittled when Dawn said that she would have gone on even without her teeth. This went against what Dawn told her that she would have pulled herself from the game without it. This prompted Brenda to challenge Dawn to remove her teeth in front of the jury to prove her claims that she would have gone on. Sure, it was humiliating for Dawn but she didn’t need to cater to Brenda’s wishes if she didn’t to, but she did it anyway. This was Dawn’s last attempt to gain sympathy from the jury and get votes but it didn’t work. I think Brenda did the right thing and called Dawn on her game. Dawn wanted to exploit the relationships she built in the game to propel her further in the game. It was a good strategy to get her to the end but not one to win her the game. These exploited relationships came back to bite her. This may have been a game but the emotions are real.

  5. Jsjdifjdjeisiskzjssudidjsj // May 19, 2013 at 6:01 pm // Reply

    Worse things have been done than Brenda’s speech. Calm down. I don’t expect her to be perfect or assume anything less than perfect is “pure evil”.

    And Cochran deserved every single vote. Most satisfying win in a while.

  6. serhiuhguth // May 22, 2013 at 11:04 pm // Reply

    ‘Purple Kelly’ of the season goes to Andrea. I mean, seriously?? Brenda is the purple kelly of the season. DUHHH.

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