Survivor Caramoan Report Card


Another season of Survivor is over and the winner of the Survivor Caramoan has been announced! But were they the best player? Did any other player deserve to make it further than they did? And who was completely underrated and completely overrated? Well we sit down and give each contestant a grade in the official SURVIVOR OZ – SURVIVOR CARAMOAN REPORT CARD! We guarantee some contestants parents will be glad to see their reports whilst others will be hiding them on the way home!

(CONTAINS SPOILERS – If you haven’t seen the finale of Survivor Caramoan and don’t wish to know the final result, do not click below!)

Francesca Hogi




BEN’S THOUGHTS: It was bound to happen wasn’t it? It just seemed to be fate. And for that it’s really hard to see. But Francesca created a little slice of history by becoming the first ever two time first booted player. Does that make her the worst player in the history of Survivor? Far from it. I actually don’t think she is a bad player at all. But circumstances beyond her control really put her on the back foot once again. Sure Survivor is a game of luck, and sure she maybe played a ‘bit too hard’ early once again. But why shouldn’t she? It’s not her fault she is out there with Phillip and Andrea once again. It just seemed a very cruel thing (as Brandon said) to get her gone first once again.

JARRYD’S THOUGHTS: I’ve got no time for Francesca when it comes to Survivor. Bringing back a first boot was always going to cause some controversy amongst fans and when Francesca was once again the first to be sent packing, there was definitely some uproar. I am still at a loss of why they bought back such a useless player! She was first to go last time, there was nothing good about her! Her game hadn’t changed this time around, she tried to play to hard to early, targeting her old enemies from Redemption Island. Francesca’s tally of day in Survivor begin at six, (she spent three days at Redemption Island), and now stands at nine. Why the producers wasted a spot on Favourites tribe on her instead of brining back someone else who deserved to be on this season will be a question asked by many for years to come.

Alexandra “Allie” Pohevitz



Allie Pohevitz

BEN’S THOUGHTS: The first of the ‘three blondes’ to go, Allie seemed to have the most game out of them all. Post game she showed just how smart and strong she is, and it’s a shame we never really got to see her. Aligning yourself in a group of four and thinking you are at the top when you are in a tribe of ten was a bit of a silly move, but she dealt the cards that were given her and it wasn’t to be. Has proven herself a popular contestant outside of the game, it’s just a shame CBS and the editors don’t seem to care for her. Could’ve gone very far had circumstances been different.

JARRYD’S THOUGHTS: Pre-game, I thought Allie had potential. She was a huge fan of the show, she wanted to play hard and would do whatever it took to win. So for Allie to go out the way she did, I was disappointed. She dug her own grave by joining up with the “cool kids”, believing they would be able to control the tribe in an isolated, four person alliance. I think Allie is a lot smarter than she came across this season and I don’t think she deserves the bad name she has been getting at all. Her boot could have contributed to Gota’s demise. Her physically ability seemed to easily out way Hope, Julia and Laura and Sherri wasn’t exactly an asset in challenges; had Allie been given a lifeline in favour of sending Hope, Laura or Shamar home first, and not isolated herself from the tribe, she could have gone a lot further in the game.

Hope Driskill



Hope Driskill

BEN’S THOUGHTS: It’s hard to comment on Hope as we literally saw none of her. From what we did see though, I was very glad as there was no doubt she was this seasons eye candy. A beautiful woman who was painted alongside the younger hot guy of Eddie, and served as the first of many ‘potential mates’ for Mr.Fox. But what else was there from her? From what we were allowed to see, not a whole lot. I’m sure she has potential, and I’m sure she could’ve made it far similar to a Chelsea or Natalie T, but alas it wasn’t to be. You robbed us CBS!

JARRYD’S THOUGHTS: First off, Hope got a terrible edit. I’m a bit old fashioned but I loved the days when we knew a bit about everyone. Poor old Hope got very little, she was made out to be the ‘young pretty girl who was in love with Eddie’ which I thought was pretty rough. Game wise, she wasn’t that good. Socially she would have done okay if she didn’t isolate herself with the “cool kids”, however her physical and strategic game was lacking. She needed to push harder to get Shamar out in her boot episode instead of staying true to her boys. If the Fans had gotten their act together and outplayed the Favourites, I think Hope could have been taken along for the ride and could have easily gone onto become the new Natalie Tenerelli.

Shamar Thomas




BEN’S THOUGHTS: Why do military people on Survivor always struggle? Do the editors have a thing about making people from the military do well or just portraying them in a different light? For sure, Shamar wasn’t a good player of the game, but I liked him. He was entertaining. And I was hoping that he would pull through and prove to us it was all an ‘act’. Sherri had him in his pocket and had the fans had a few more wins then who knows? He could’ve been a perfect goat to take to the end. But in what turned out to be one of the lamest injuries in the history of the show (and it seems like it wasn’t even related to his eye, we were just made to believe it was) Shamar was gone before anything more could be seen. I say bring him back!

JARRYD’S THOUGHTS: Everything I said about Shamar pre-game I take back… the guy was a complete idiot! He might have been the biggest guy on the island but he also had the smallest idea of how to play the game. How the Fans put up with his rubbish for ten days is utterly beyond me because I would have wanted him gone after ten hours of living with him. In saying that, from a viewers perspective, he was interesting, but after two or three episodes I was over him. He had absolutely no strategy at all, his social game is probably one of the worst we’ve ever seen and physically, he didn’t shine for a struggling tribe. The entire “quit saga” was a joke and I’m glad he was sent packing when he was because anyone who is considering quitting after a week doesn’t deserve to be there.

Laura Alexander




BEN’S THOUGHTS: I don’t have much really to say on Laura. She seemed nice from what we saw of her, but once again being part of the ‘three blondes’ it was hard to really get a grasp on what she was about or what her strategy or anything else in between really was. And that was not her fault at all. How different things would’ve been if her, Allie and Hope were on a winning tribe which actually got some screen time. Instead of the ‘three amigos’ we could’ve had the ‘three blond bombshells’ and I think that would’ve been a lot better to watch if you ask me!

JARRYD’S THOUGHTS: There was something about Laura that I just didn’t like. I’m not sure what it was but I was never a fan of her and didn’t want to see her go very far in the game. Physically she was terrible and I think the Fans realised this far too late. Socially, she seemed awkward to me and reminded me a lot of Cochran in South Pacific. Strategically she surprised me, I didn’t think she would be a key figure in an alliance like she was. She was an okay player but I just couldn’t find a reason to like her and I think a large factor in that is that she sucked in challenges. If she had been on a dominate tribe, (Koror, Moto, Tandang), her physical ability wouldn’t have been an issue and she would have only had to worry about her strategic and social game, resulting in a better finishing position in the game.

Brandon Hantz



Brandon Hantz

BEN’S THOUGHTS: Oh Brandon. I think I was probably the only person excited to see you back and you blew it. It was such a shame, because you could’ve redeemed the Hantz name. But no, I think you just made the last appearance of a Hantz in Survivor, much to the delight of most of the superfans. Strategically, there wasn’t a lot there. I think the fact you aligned yourself with fellow immunity ‘giver upper’ Erik was cute, and your relationship with Dawn had potential if you hadn’t lost your temper. But again, it wasn’t to be. Shame not to see you at the reunion to at least explain yourself though, you deserved that much.

JARRYD’S THOUGHTS: Lets be realistic, Brandon only returned because his last name is Hantz. The guy was on the verge of a nervous breakdown during his time on South Pacific so it’s no surprise he lost his marbles on this season and went completely crazy. I have no doubt that there was a lot more of his outburst that they decided not to show and there is no need to say that his social game sucked – like nephew, like uncle? Physically, he is a beast but Brandon has never had his head screwed on correctly so playing Survivor wasn’t going to help. He probably put the final nail in the coffin for anyone in the Hantz family to ever return to Survivor.

Matt Bischoff




BEN’S THOUGHTS: I think Matt had huge potential. He was like Rupert with the voice of Chris Daugherty. But unfortunately as we see so often in this game, Survivor is a game of chance and circumstance, and the circumstance didn’t work your way with the switch. Again, it’s a case of ‘what could’ve been’ for Matt, and I think had he made it a couple of episodes further we could’ve had a potential future returnee. Having said that now, I think it is unlikely we will ever see that beard again on our screens.

JARRYD’S THOUGHTS: I didn’t like or dislike Matt, he was just there, doing whatever he did. To me, he was that player that went home before the Merge who didn’t really do that much to deserve to stay and who didn’t really do anything to deserve to go. Physically he seemed capable and his social game seemed to be his strength because he was well liked. Strategy wise I’m not sure what he really did; he joined up with Michael and they joined the Sherri/Laura alliance. Other than having some of the best facial hair we’ve seen, all I remember about him was his fight with Shamar on Day One.

Julia Landauer




BEN’S THOUGHTS: I liked Julia pre-game based purely on the fact she is a race car driver. But unfortunately after the game I can’t say much about her as we didn’t see her! She was labelled as ‘boring’ by some, but is that fair from the viewer on somebody we didn’t see? Once again she faces the CBS editor curse which seemed to follow so many fans this season (and a few favourites) so again, the potential I’m sure was there but we just didn’t get a chance to ever see it.

JARRYD’S THOUGHTS: Cochran described Julia perfectly, she’s boring. If Julia had got to the end and won, I would have lost a lot of faith in the game considering that three seasons earlier, somebody equally as boring, (Sophie), won. Julia suffered from “Purple Kelly syndrome” this season and quite frankly, it’s not hard to see why. She basically had no attributes to offer at all; her physical game didn’t stand out, strategically she relied on others and socially she was terrible because nobody could stand how boring she was. She pretty much epitomizes my view of a useless player.

Corinne Kaplan




BEN’S THOUGHTS: Why does everyone claim Corinne made a move ‘too early’? This is what is beyond me. Is this not a game where moves need to be made, and she is at the merge with a chance to really make a big move? What else is she meant to do? I applaud her for it, and it really could’ve been the opposite and could’ve put her in a massive position for later in the game. It just wasn’t to be. I definitely think despite her not finishing as high, she improved on her first time around, and it was a shame not to have her on the jury. Corinne on the jury is an automatic win if you ask me.

JARRYD’S THOUGHTS: I honestly don’t understand why Corinne has the reputation as one of the biggest villains in Survivor history. For me, if you don’t make big moves and tell people how it is to their face, you’re not a villain. All Corinne did to earn the title is bad mouth a handful of people in confessionals and tell Sugar what the entire world was thinking. This time around, the same thing happened. She bad mouthed Phillip, didn’t vote him out when she had the chance, then she got voted out herself because she tried to make a big move to early. Socially, she seems to only bond with those she likes, physically, she can hold her own but I think her strategic game, in both this season and Gabon is severely overrated.

Michael Snow




BEN’S THOUGHTS: Michael had potential. I seem to be saying that a lot don’t I? But I think he did. We saw a flush of ‘strategy’ from him early, and I thought he was going to live up to my predictions of a John Carroll type player. But he fizzed out unfortunately, and again it wasn’t to be. I think him and Sherri would’ve been a great alliance to go all the way, and had it been a season filled with new players it quite possibly could’ve happened. I just guess the snow didn’t settle in Caramoan.

JARRYD’S THOUGHTS: Good old Snowy. I think I had a soft spot for this bloke shortly after he jumped off the boat and stacked it. I think he was a very interesting character and a lot different to what I expected. Socially, he was fine, everyone liked him. Physically, he did okay but strategically I think he was a good player. He was an ‘individual thinking’, something very important in Survivor. Despite the fact that he didn’t get much of a storyline, I wouldn’t mind seeing him again because I think he could offer a lot to a season if the circumstances were different. If the Tribe Switch hadn’t taken place and his alliance had gone on to dominant the Fans tribe, I think he could have placed a lot higher than he did.

Phillip Sheppard




BEN’S THOUGHTS: This is going to cause some controversy, but I will almost say that Phillip Sheppard played the best game in season 26. Laughing at me now? Well hear me out. The guy pulled a complete 180 from Redemption Island. Gone was his ‘annoying’ way of just sucking up to one player and going along with what they said, fighting with everyone and battling it off with crabs. Instead we had a mastermind, creating alliances, distracting people with nicknames and keeping everyone in check. He was seen as a threat, and even in his pink underwear, people paid attention to him. Was he annoying? Did he get too much screentime? Perhaps. But I enjoyed every single moment of it, and think he could’ve won. I know a lot of people say he wouldn’t have won in the jury, but if his post game claims of him ‘putting it all on as an act’ were true, it would’ve been a masterful strategy that could’ve pulled off one of the most perfect wins the game had ever seen. The way he was voted out should go to prove just how strong he was. It took two hidden immunity idols and an immunity necklace to oust him, and had that not worked out for the three amigos, I’m quite certain ‘the specialist’ would need to rename himself ‘the millionaire specialist’ for his books sequel.

JARRYD’S THOUGHTS: I don’t care if you don’t like Phillip, he played a very good game and there’s no denying that he learnt a lot from Boston Rob in Redemption Island. I’m not going to argue the fact that he can be annoying, but it was pretty hilarious when he was creating nicknames for the tribe, doing his workout routines with logs and challenging Cochran to arm-wrestling contests. His social and physical games were fairly solid however it was his strategic game that I loved the most. It was great to see such a maligned character in Redemption Island to be able to develop his game; from sticking feathers to his head to connect with his great-grandfather and starting wars over rice containers to creating multiple key alliances and being at the top of the food chain, it was great to watch.

Malcolm Freberg




BEN’S THOUGHTS: I think Malcolm lost it a second time round and he disappointed me. So close to walking away with the money in Philippines, he royally screwed himself by turning the tides on his alliance after the merge and then was stuck with two people who had gone through so many of their nine lives it was only a matter of time before he was sent home packing. So often compared to Ozzy, I think the comparisons will stop now given that Ozzy brought challenge strength everytime he played, whereas Malcolm turned on his ‘Colby’ for his second time around and really disappointed in the physical side of things. He is extremely popular though, so I’m sure it won’t be too long till we see him back for a third time.

JARRYD’S THOUGHTS: I think Malcolm struggled big time playing back-to-back and wasn’t even close to performing better than he did last season. Not only physically did it take a toll but mentally I think he was a little off – To quote Malcolm, it appeared that he had “lost his swag”. His performance is challenges this season was fairly disappointing compared to the form he was in last season. Socially, he played well but strategically he was lacking that ‘killer instinct’ that worked so well for him last season. Going against his original alliance so early into the Merge was an interesting decision and I never saw the benefit of giving away his Idol to Eddie; he would have been better off to try to forget an alliance and go solo, try and win Immunity and use the second Idol as a safety net, similar to Terry Dietz.

Reynold Toepfer



Reynold Toepfer

BEN’S THOUGHTS: To me Reynold was the Troyzan of this season. He was in a ‘good position’ for about 5 minutes in the game and then it all fell apart. Having said that, Troyzan was in a good position for maybe 15 minutes in One World, but that’s besides the point. Reynold had a bit of cocky swagger to his game, and I don’t mind that. And the fact he survived time and time again showed that he maybe could’ve pulled a Danni or Chris off if he had of gone on a bit of an immunity streak. But again, wasn’t to be. Bring him back though I say.

JARRYD’S THOUGHTS: For me, Reynold was one of the most polarising characters this season; you either loved him or hated him. I’m still not sure where I stand because I respect his game but can’t stand his arrogance. Physically, he’s one of the best players of recent years, he was dominant in pre-merge challenges and was always up there for Individual Immunity. Strategically, I think he knew how to play the game and how he wanted to play but he just lacked the resources to do that. Socially… not so good, I always found him to have a “I’m better than you” attitude when we saw him interacting with people not in his alliance. I think he was probably the best Fan this season, despite having some obvious flaws. He has many similarities to Ozzy, which will probably make him a “Survivor love child”, so I can definitely see him returning again in the future should the opportunity arise.

Andrea Boehlke




BEN’S THOUGHTS: If you had of told me half way through this season that I would be giving Andrea anything higher than a D, I would’ve laughed at you. But I have to give her credit, as she surprised me a great deal on her second time around. To me she was one of these players that surprised me to even see her a second time around, but she improved so much on her first time that she could’ve nearly won had Phillip lasted a bit longer. She was socially smart, strong in challenges and even had some strategy going on when she wasn’t so wishy washy. The strangest thing too happened post Caramoan: I find myself liking Andrea! No disrespect to her at all before the game, but I was never a big fan and could never understand this ‘cult’ following she had. But time does funny things to me, and with time, I would go as far as saying I’m an Andrea fan!

JARRYD’S THOUGHTS: Andrea’s game turned sour when Phillip was sent packing after Malcolm changed the game by playing his Idol’s. If that didn’t occur, I honestly believe Andrea would have been in the Final Three. In my book, she played a fantastic all-round game; she was strong physically, her strategic game was second only to Cochran and socially she was well liked. Andrea’s downfall was a result of losing her closest ally, (Phillip), and not having that one person for her to fully trust; which wasn’t the case for Cochran and Dawn. I was super impressed to see her shine this season after she was overlooked in Redemption Island – she played a great social game, getting “in” with he Zapatera members and was strong in challenges. Not playing the Idol at Tribal Council was a disappointing way to go out but I still rate her very highly for what she was able to achieve this season.

Brenda Lowe




BEN’S THOUGHTS: Is it possible to give a lower grade than an F? By far the worst player this season and reputation wise I think even worse for her performance at the final tribal council. From what we did see of Brenda, there was nothing there. She showed a bit of cute every now and then, a smile and a bit of a cheerleader in the background, but given we went around 7 or 8 episodes without a confessional goes to show just what purpose she brought to this season. Then, through a 5 minute scene of finding Dawn’s teeth we are then expected to fall for her being super sweet and nice and then feel ridiculously hurt for her when she is stabbed in the back. Sorry to say folks, not buying it. She could’ve refused to find the teeth, let Dawn quit and show some strategy. But nope. Let’s just play along with it and expect a contestant on Survivor to not want to win the game. How disgusting of Dawn (and the other two who were involved) to want to win a million dollars and not just hand it to you on a plate! Tribal council as I said, was terrible. Disgusting. And just pure evil. Had she voted for Dawn to win, I wouldn’t be as scathing. But it was completely uncalled for and a humiliation for Dawn just to help Brenda and her ego slightly. Why we saw her back in the first place is beyond me, and the fact she managed to disappoint more a second time around goes to show why she shouldn’t have been brought back in the first place. And the fan love over her? Wow. I’m lost for words.

JARRYD’S THOUGHTS: Easily the biggest let down of the season, Brenda’s game was a complete joke. After proving a strong threat in Nicaragua, I expected to see something very similar this time around; instead, we didn’t see her at all! She tried to play the ‘under the radar’ style of game and didn’t reveal to much, which I can’t stand. She was lucky to survive as long as she did after voting against majority in the first Tribal Council of the season. Physically, she was a threat but strategically and socially she was poor and the only reason she was voted out was because she was liked by everyone. Her Jury speech was great, exactly how I was expecting to see her play during the season and I loved how she treated Dawn at the Final Tribal Council after Dawn broke the bond the pair had created. As for all the love she is getting from the fans, it’s only because she’s an ex-cheerleader and some people believe her to be hot.

Erik Reichenbach




BEN’S THOUGHTS: Erik didn’t play a bad game, and I think had he not been medically evacuated he had every chance to win a million dollars. People say he ‘didn’t do much’, but I think he played a very similar game to the way he played in Micronesia and that just works for him. He was strong in challenges, liked by his tribe and never really a threat to be voted out. It was a shame to see him go the way he did, and especially given we didn’t even get a proper explanation as to why he left, it was very disappointing. Would love to see him play a third time and prove once and for all how capable he is of playing Survivor.

JARRYD’S THOUGHTS: I love Erik. He’s gone from the naïve young guy from Micronesia who gives up Immunity to the under the radar, medically evacuated, level headed guy in Caramoan. Getting evacuated from the game at any stage is tough, but to leave on Day Thirty-six is just pure heartache. Given what happened last time he played, I felt so sorry for Erik; he deserved a Hero exit. Game wise, I was pretty disappointing in his challenge performance post-merge, he didn’t even look like going close in any of them, apart from the one that he won. Socially he did nothing to offend anyone and strategically I think he was playing a decent game, not set in any alliances and just voting in the way that benefitted him. I also loved his Jury speech, he must have been shattered to leave the game so late and to see Sherri sitting on the other side would have infuriated anyone.

Edward “Eddie” Fox



Eddie Fox

BEN’S THOUGHTS: Eddie was like Reynold, mixed with a bit of Brett Clouser and a tiny bit of Adam Gentry. I think he was great, and had he made it one more immunity he probably could’ve won. And I think walking away with fourth he should be very happy. The ladies love him, the men love him and hell I think even CBS love him. But again for Eddie it wasn’t to be. Not only did he finish fourth, but he was the highest placed male fan, so that’s nothing to be ashamed of either.

JARRYD’S THOUGHTS: Eddie was just… there. I don’t respect Eddie’s game at all because he did nothing but prove he wasn’t a threat. Strategically, he had no idea what was going on a majority of the time, physically, for his size and the way he talked himself up, he was pretty pathetic, which caused him to rely on everyone liking him to keep him around. In other words, he was this season’s Carter, (Survivor Philippines),  with some different attributes. The “flirt game” he tried to play with Hope and Andrea was painful to watch because he came across as a loser. Whilst I don’t have anything against Eddie, I’m glad he didn’t find his way into the Final Three because if he had won, it would have destroyed a highly strategic season.

Sherri Biethman




BEN’S THOUGHTS: Sherri was brilliant this season, and it’s such a shame that not everybody could see that. She dominated her time on the fans tribe, and had they won a bit more, she could’ve dominated the game. She played her cards right after the merge and did the best thing to get herself in the majority alliance, and it worked by getting her all the way to the end. Very harshly treated by the jury, it would’ve been a completely different story had there been a few more fans on the jury who could talk up the way she played in the first ten or so days. I honestly think she had some massive potential to be a Kim Spradlin esque player, and I think she deserved a vote or two at the end. Would love to see her return.

JARRYD’S THOUGHTS: If Sherri had played the way she did in the first ten days, (give or take), of the game for the entire thirty-nine days, I would have given her my utmost respect. Instead, her game was thrown on it’s head at the Tribe Switch and she was forced to flip and be loyal to the Favourites. I understand that she had no choice but she could have tried to make a move against them instead of just doing what she was told. Being a follower like she was when she had shown earlier on that she had game is just disappointing. To cap it off, Sherri believing that she actually had done something in the game and that she deserved her place in the Final Three was laughable. However, not even her opinions of herself were as bad as her performance at the Final Tribal Council; that was just embarrassing.

Dawn Meehan



Dawn Meehan

 BEN’S THOUGHTS: Dawn was fantastic this season and the fact she didn’t walk away with a few jury votes shocked the hell out of me. She has unfairly walked away from this season as the number one villain, and I really think that people need to take some perspective from her move and how she played the game. No longer was she the ‘typical older woman’ who just bowed down to everyones needs and went along with it because she was ‘nice’, she brought game, strategy and smarts as well as physical strength to really prove what she could do when challenged. Sure her friendship and alliance with Cochran was key in getting her far too, but Cochran also relied just as much on her loyalty to get him to the end. The only thing that surprised me about Dawn is that she didn’t act out some revenge on Cochran for his move on South Pacific. I think she would’ve made several people from her original season happy had she done that, and quite possibly could be a millionaire right now. I want to see her back for a third attempt to prove all her haters wrong!

JARRYD’S THOUGHTS: Coming into the season, I wasn’t a fan of Dawn. I don’t think she deserved to return especially when compared to Holly Hoffman – who would have filled the “older woman role” on this season. Her constant crying and paranoia was enough to drive anyone insane and then you add in her love for everyone and the fact that she apologised for everything she did in the game… I have even less respect for her game. Just to be clear, I have nothing against her personally and think all the hate she copped after the Brenda betrayal was harsh, however, I think her game was very overrated this season. I saw her more as an asset to Cochran, who used the relationship she made to gain the information he needed to make moves. Physically, she was never much of a threat and despite her strategy to vote out “anyone with a different last name”, I don’t think she was willing to make the crunch decisions when they needed to be made without freaking out.

John Cochran




BEN’S THOUGHTS: Say what you will about the game he won, Cochran was outstanding. So many people picked him as a pre-season favourite to win and he lived up to expectations by learning from his mistakes, improving on everything he did wrong in South Pacific and waltzing to victory. Was it one of the most dominant wins in the history of the show? One could argue that. No votes against him all season and then a unanimous vote at the end goes to show his dominance, but add a bitter jury and a few unlucky moments for other dominant players and there is your element of luck for him. Jeff Probst clearly is a fan, and the ‘underdog’ winning is of course a great story. He isn’t the first superfan to win of course. Look back on Todd in China, or even Kim in One World and you have your superfans there. But given this was a guy who wouldn’t take his top off in South Pacific, was bullied and ridiculed in his early days and then in his later days for his ‘backstab’ of his old tribe, it’s a great fairytale to see him walk away with a big fat bank account.

JARRYD’S THOUGHTS: Cochran played a great game and it was great to see him get the recognition he deserved by claiming all eight Jury votes. Coming out of South Pacific, Cochran was seen as the “skinny nerd who flipped”, who then went onto be voted out by the players he helped. Sure, it doesn’t look great, but it’s important to remember that the people he betrayed also saved him when they decided to spare him in favour of Elyse; so keep in mind it was partially Savaii’s fault that he flipped. You can’t deny that he was memorable enough to return and being a huge fan it was always going to be interesting to see if he could put his knowledge into action. His physical ability has unbelievable at times this season and I really enjoyed his story of self-growth. Strategically he was great. It didn’t appear like he was making a lot of the decisions but he certainly had a huge say in what was going to happen. Socially, he improved out of site and it was good to see him relax and not worry about his “stereotype” and just be himself. Finally, I couldn’t talk about Cochran and not mention how funny he was this season… because ninety-five percent of his confessional had me laughing.



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  1. You must be joking. Cochran and Phillip with the highest grades and Brenda with one of the lowest? Just sad casuals fooled by the edits.

    • I agree, seriously Brenda F? ugh.

    • Exactly!!!!!! Couldn’t agree more!!!

    • I seriously don’t vert most of this first of all. I am not a Cochran fan and plus I don’t think he played the best game. However, he did win so an A is fine. But Phillip!!! Are you serious. He annoyed the hell out of everyone and had a terrible physical game as well. Brenda getting a really low grade is terrible and you don’t understand her game. Giving Sherri a B is horrible because she litterelly played the worst game out of everyone who made the merge. Malcolm and Reynold deserve higher than the Cs they were given. I agree with the Andrea and Corinne grades though. This was a mess.

  2. its wrong order getting a boot Ben & Jarryd

  3. Both Ben and Jarryd are obviously not Brenda fans. However, it’s your opinion – which millions will disagree with. Brenda’s invisibility (which is considered a super power btw) worked to her favor by building mystery around her game. She was pushed to the background but she fought through it with her little cute and funny moments. She went out of her way to help people out. She finished four places up from her previous season and she proved to be very endearing and popular to the public by garnering second place (by a small difference from the winner) in the fan favorite vote. Like her boot episode in Nicaragua, she went out with a bang! Her final tribal council speech was epic and definitely put Dawn (as humiliating as it is, she reaped what she sowed – anguish, sorrow and scorn) in her place.

    Contrary to your opinions, Brenda is the Queen of Caramoan and this season’s sweetheart! Brenda, Malcolm, Phillip, Andrea and Cochran (just a matter of convincing the last two) are locks for a third round of Survivor.

    Meanwhile, Dawn arguably played a better game than her previous one. However, no matter how many times Dawn claims she played her own game this time, it was very evident that Cochran played her once again! Cochran not only managed to use Dawn as both ammo and a shield on Corinne’s, Malcolm’s and Andrea’s ousters but he also devastated and destroyed Dawn’s game by convincing her to vote out Brenda before Eddie, which cost her everything.

    • Ozlet Nick // May 20, 2013 at 6:43 am // Reply

      Rich, I suggest you read a few of the exit interviews from players such as Andrea. Brenda’s edit appears to be pretty consistent with how she actually was on the island. Once she came out on the wrong side of the first vote, she became insular and even a little odd, and no one really knew where she stood. Her large vote count for fan favourite was clearly a sympathy vote from what had just happened to her on the show, rather than in admiration of her gameplay. Her game and fate was driven not by herself, but by Dawn and as such, she cant be considered one of the great players of the season.

      • Heather // May 20, 2013 at 7:50 am //

        Yet had she been in the Final three she would have won…

      • Jsjdifjdjeisiskzjssudidjsj // May 20, 2013 at 8:16 am //

        Why didn’t she get a confessional for several episodes, then? (Having watched her extended in-game confessional interviews on Why do even the most lackluster of contestants still get a confessional in most episodes, then? Even so, Brenda was popular before she was blindsided. While sympathy may have been a factor in her 35 or so percent of fan votes, she didn’t gain popularity overnight solely because of it. Was it her cuteness/looks rather than gameplay? So be it. I’m not saying Brenda was a “star player” by any means but for her to be given a lower grade than Eddie and be called “the worst player of the season” is ridiculous, because there were worse players booted off before the jury stage, even after.

      • I’ve seen all her insider clips, and yes it may have not shown much strategy there but if you remember one of the confessionals where she said that she knew that she had a huge target in her back (due to her reputation from Nicaragua) and after landing on the wrong side the numbers, she was forced to fly under the radar and avoid being a target. She also said that she would open herself up to anyone who would see her as viable option to align with.

        In one of Francesca’s interviews, she revealed that Brenda tried to rally an all women’s alliance but Corinne refused to be a part of it. This led them to form their initial alliance with Brenda, Fran, Brandon, Erik, Dawn, Cochran and Andrea. However, the last three defected and went on to be the major players of “Stealth R Us Too.”

        Phillip also shared on one of his interviews that Brenda’s strong point was her social game. She was liked by everyone and was always positive around camp and challenges. This was not explicitly seen on the show but we know this is why Cochran wanted her out. Apart from her “hidden” social game, she was also a legitimate challenge threat and proved to be very enigmatic as well (especially to Cochran).

        Pretty much like Erik, who we all felt like he just floated around but then we learn that there was a method to his madness (certainly not the best but it was a plan and it worked to get him as far as he could). Certainly, Brenda wasn’t as vocal or as paranoid as most of her contemporaries but her play was to stay calm and work it. She had a loyal companion through Erik and they both worked their way into the majority alliance. That loyal bond with Erik was pivotal on the Corinne vote. We know that had Sherri won immunity, Corinne targeted Brenda as an alternate vote. This may have been the reason Erik didn’t go along with the amigos that time.

        We see Corinne, Malcolm and Andrea try to make power plays and we consider them as great players, but they were also voted out. We see Dawn do major moves and see her as a great player but in the end no one rewarded her votes for it. Then we see a more subtle and more effective play from Brenda and not see her as a great player? She played a very different game. Different from the Brenda we saw from Nicaragua (although we see The Black Mamba peek from time to time) and different from the other Favorites this season. She came in with a different perspective and a lighter approach to things. However, this does not make her game any less admirable than those cited above.

        Sympathy votes? Well, that may be true but then we ask why people sympathize with her. She is the definite underdog of the season and we all know that everyone loves the underdog. People looked back on how Brenda played the game and saw how hard she played. Brenda played with her heart this time and stayed loyal to the people she had a genuine connection with. It may have cost her the game but we know Brenda is a fierce and passionate player and definitely one of the great ones this season.

  4. This is probably the worst thing ever posted on this amazing site. Just giving Dawn an A alone is a joke. How can someone receive an A, sit in the final tribal, and receive NO VOTES. They were a goat. A crying mess of a goat that ruined any shot she had at winning by stabbing everyone who was loyal to HER. She was stabbing people only because they were bad for Cochran. She played his game despite her attempts not to. Were you fantarding hard when you wrote this or is Dawn paying you?

    I thought Ben had a better sense of this season, but throwing out F’s for characters who would’ve received votes in the final tribe and A’s for people who didn’t… Did someone hijack Ben’s computer or slip him some drugs? He actually typed out that Sherri was brilliant and that we just didn’t see it like he did. Even in the premerge she showed signs of how awful she’d be at a final tribal… yelling like a 3 year old at Eddie in the pre-merge sums up how people see her.


    And just because Erik is a friend of the show… there is NO other reason to give him a B…

    Anyways, hopefully the podcasts don’t suffer from all this Cochran/Dawn/Sherri love and all this Malcolm/Brenda hate.

  5. Katherine Adams // May 19, 2013 at 6:49 pm // Reply

    Great report card! So refreshing that you’re both true fans of the game, unlike most of the pinheads who were trying to outwhine, out-hate (4,000+ vile comments against Dawn on Facebook alone — ring a bell?) and outlast people who really love the show.

    I don’t rank Eddie as high as you guys, but luck is part of the game. Andrea: Props not only for improving her game, but for being a terrific sport when she was booted. Reynold: Good at challenges, but arrogance is boring. B-o-r-i-n-g, Jeff Probst. Same for Malcolm, especially this season.

    Brenda: Anything nice she might have done went poof! the minute she intentionally humiliated Dawn. No excuse for that from her or any player. Ever. I didn’t like her during her first season, and ended up despising her this time around. Phillip: Can’t believe I’m typing this, but you’re both right. The guy is a good actor, at the very least. His strategy was spot on.

    Sherri played better than fans have given her credit for, and as you both mentioned several times, the editing is waaay too focused on a few people these days. I still can’t tell the three blondes apart. CBS casting: Haven’t you learned anything? And let the viewers decide who we like or want to boo at by editing the way you used to.

    As always, Survivor provided great entertainment. I am tired of the easily found idols, anyone named Hantz and Jeff’s man-crushes. Other than that, bring on S27! One of the returnees is from my town; not a favorite of mine, but I’ll be curious to see how she plays this time. Appreciate your work for the fans, Survivor Oz! Listening to your podcasts and reading your info from beautiful Oregon, USA…

    • Jsjdifjdjeisiskzjssudidjsj // May 20, 2013 at 5:31 am // Reply

      True fans? Anyone who knows anything about Brenda this season knows that she was underedited until the end of the season. A bitter speech alone doesn’t lose my respect or cancel out anything nice she ever did to Dawn. They’re both over it, it’s a thing of the past for them. Don’t be delusional and exaggerate.

      • Katherine // May 20, 2013 at 5:01 pm //

        “They’re both over it…” “Don’t be delusional and exaggerate.” Well, I’m not delusional, and as for exaggerating, I stated my opinion, not words from the masses who agree or disagree with anything about the show. Are you friends with Brenda and/or Dawn? How are you so sure they’re “over it?” As a viewer who’s never missed one episode of this show, I think Ben and Jarryd are “true fans” of Survivor; I might not agree with everything they say, but they love this show as much as you or I do. That’s apparent by the work they’ve done putting this site and the podcasts together. CBS certainly hasn’t done as much, in my opinion. The network can’t even run a proper forum. Before calling someone else “delusional,” or whatever derogatory phrase you choose, perhaps you should look in the mirror. Words like “anyone who knows anything about Brenda this season…” That’s nice that you like Brenda, but unless you were on the island, I suspect YOU might be exaggerating a bit. Andrea, as mentioned elsewhere, and I think Corrine, as well, talked about how Brenda would sit by herself near the water and do things with the rocks. Perhaps CBS was kind to her in the editing if she was acting “off,” or whatever. The editing is not always to my liking; it’s gotten too heavy-handed in casting players in certain roles these days. But they’re the experts; not us. Perhaps if I met Brenda in person, I’d like her. But I can only base my opinion on what I saw, and I felt she purposely humiliated someone when it wasn’t necessary. Feel free to say “I’m” delusional if you’re friends of the players. I will add this: I tweeted Brenda to compliment her at one point, She has a Twitter account, and certainly it’s her prerogative not to read or answer a fan’s question. She didn’t reply, and that’s fine. Dawn, on the other hand, took a lot of time to answer questions from even those people who wrote hateful stuff to her. As for me, she chatted with me several times out of the blue; she discovered I have breast cancer and asked how I was doing on many occasions. (Michael Skupin is another thoughtful player who tries to talk with people who tweet him.) So there you go. We all have players we like or don’t care for; that’s why the show has lasted so long. If Brenda is the kind person you say she is, I suspect she wouldn’t be amused by you and other people who need to trash other fans. Peace out.

      • Jsjdifjdjeisiskzjssudidjsj // May 20, 2013 at 6:08 pm //

        I’m sorry I offended you with that word. But I take “anything she ever did nice went poof” as exaggeration and a sink to the level you see her at. I don’t care if Ben and Jarryd dedicate their time to survivoroz or “love this show”, they’ve shown time and again their lack of understanding of the game. I’ll be happy to provide examples upon request. Dawn apologized, Brenda accepted, the blindside is a thing of the past. Let them move on from it. Regardless of whether I know them or not. Not having a confessional for several episodes is a clear indicator of underediting. If CBS was “kind” in editing her she wouldn’t have gone so many episodes without a confessional. I really couldn’t care what Corinne and Andrea thought of Brenda spending time alone. As if no other survivor has ever done that. To base your thoughts on what the editing feeds you is closed-minded and It’s no secret among true fans that for a long time, production has been giving better edits to those they favor. Check out If you havent already. Entire message boards are dedicated to Survivor editing and logic (edgic). I don’t feel the need trash prople either. Ironically, you’re doing exactly that. It’s cool if Brenda isn’t you cup of tea but the “everything nice she ever did went poof” crap is just blowing her out of proportion. Pot, meet kettle. Take a good hard look in the mirror before you tell me to. I never liked Dawn, but I never trashed her or considered her an awful person. And I would never, ever attack a survivor on twitter. Ever. Congrats on recieving a message from her, but I’m still not a Dawn fan. That doesn’t mean I expect Dawn to be a perfect person. Brenda is a a very private in social media, and even if your story is true, it doesn’t ake her any less kind to not “take time” like Skupin and Dawn.

      • Katherine // May 20, 2013 at 7:09 pm //

        Oh, I wasn’t truly offended. I am amused at all of us who take our favorite show so seriously. I jokingly tell friends that even if they’re bleeding or have broken an arm, I can’t drive them to the hospital until one minute after the show ends. And yes, as I said, the editing at CBS has slipped in that it focuses on a few players, and we no longer get to “know” more of the contestants. I have some background in the media and I’m fully aware of how editing can affect TV in bad or good ways. I politely disagree that any comment I make here is comparable to Brenda’s action, because a worldwide audience watched her humiliate Dawn, whereas I seriously doubt more than a few people would care what I say on a forum. And I don’t feel the need to prove any of my conversations on Twitter; they’re sitting there for anyone to read. Frankly, after reading the obscene things written to Dawn — to the point she felt the need to close her Twitter and Facebook accounts — I was upset that so many fans unleashed such nastiness to any contestant. I don’t recall saying anything bad about Brenda ever while tweeting or chatting, except what I wrote here. As I said, I sent her a complimentary message during the season, but wasn’t bothered she didn’t respond. On the other hand, it’s impressive that some folks take the time to answer questions, simply because I suspect the more popular players have a lot on their plates once they return to real life. I’m familiar with Survivor Sucks, but I’m a bit worn out with the obscenities and horrid things some people feel they have to say not only there, but on similar places. A comment in this very thread by someone is filled with obscenities; it’s hard to take a person seriously when they feel the need to write that way. But that’s the Internet, I suppose. I like this site, and we’ll just have to disagree about the hosts. I’ve learned much more about the game from hearing the former players’ interviews than I could have imagined. With the exception of a few people interviewed, most Survivors have shared interesting insights that are backed by others who played with them. I hope Brenda knows what a fan she has in you; many contestants would appreciate being remembered. I’m a little more interested in the upcoming season since one of the returnees is from my city, as I said. She played with someone else from my town that same season, which was surprising, and it was here on a podcast that I discovered exactly how close they were. We’ll all eagerly await Season 27, I assume, even though many fans are mad at the returning people. I’m not thrilled, but Survivor has a tendency to throw us for a loop. Until then…

      • Jsjdifjdjeisiskzjssudidjsj // May 21, 2013 at 9:29 am //

        So it upsets you when people blow dawn’s action out of proportion? Gee then, don’t blow Brenda’s action out of proportion in order to feed your Dawn tunnel vision. It’s hypocritical to do so, even once. I don’t exaggeratedly trash Dawn for the sake of supporting Brenda. And right back at ya, hope Dawn realizes how lucky she is to have fans who have it out for Brenda.

      • Katherine // May 21, 2013 at 10:31 am //

        Obviously, we’re both huge fans of the show. CBS should be happy (instead of ignoring those people who write to them with legitimate concerns, like the editing). I wasn’t being sarcastic if that’s what you thought when I said Brenda should be glad she has such fans. I meant it. I don’t think I have Dawn “tunnel vision;” but if you had read the 4,000+ comments written by people who are simply hateful on Dawn’s FB page alone (which of course, is gone now), it’s hard not to feel sad. Look at Brenda’s current page, it’s filled with compliments and fans who like her. As it should be. As you’ve said, you wouldn’t trash a player, but most people, for whatever reason, didn’t get the memo about playing nice. What happened to Dawn (it could have been anyone) really woke me up to the concept of cyber-bullying. It’s pathetic. We think it only happens to kids, but wow! I actually read all of those 4,000 hate comments, and I think I counted 30-50 positive things. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, especially people who happen to appear on our favorite show. It looks as if you’re being sarcastic by saying you wish Dawn had as many fans… I don’t know. It doesn’t appear so. I was sincere about wishing Brenda having fans, and she does. Again, we’ll have to agree to disagree on Brenda’s actions vs. Dawn’s. That said, I wish Brenda well with her pregnancy. She’s probably a very nice person. Yes, I enjoyed Dawn both seasons, but I can’t justify the hate she — or any person who gets picked for Survivor — got for months (and is still getting). I don’t know where you live, but I can tell you the hate Dawn got rivaled our last Presidential election, and that was UGLY. Season 27 should be interesting…

      • Jsjdifjdjeisiskzjssudidjsj // May 21, 2013 at 12:45 pm //

        Yes, i was being sarcastic, because I took your comment as a condescension. My apologies. I have estalbished what’s going on on Dawn’s social media. I’m sorry she has to deal with that, but if Dawn fans hate it when people make ignorant comments about Dawn, it’s hypocritical to make the same comments about Brenda.

        we can each support whichever of the two misunderstood women we choose without trashing the other.

        Let’s move on now.

      • Katherine // May 21, 2013 at 2:19 pm //

        I agree. Hope next season provides lots of surprises and entertains us as usual. I noticed that Jeff actually answered some tweets that (some questions were harsh, even though I thought some of the same things), about listening more to the viewers. We shall see. I think we all dislike the new-style editing; I’d be happy to get a glimpse of all the players as we dd in the old days. To be honest, I’m not fond of my hometown returnee, so I can’t wait to see if I like her more this time around. (And let’s hope those people who spew the nasty stuff don’t pick on anyone, and instead compliment good plays and/or twists.) I’ve been wondering if I could make it 39 days; I want to say yes, but I wonder…

  6. redwolftamer // May 20, 2013 at 12:22 am // Reply

    Thank you Ben for serving up the truth tea on Brenda. That entitled bitch doesn’t deserve any love for acting like a spoiled brat.

    And fuck you Jarryd for calling Sophie boring. Maybe if you actually paid attention to her instead lapping up Coach, Cochran and Brandon’s shit you’d find her amazing and the best thing to come out of South Pacific.

  7. You are seriously the stupidest fucking people ever. You give Brenda the lowest score and Phillip the highest. FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKING TWATS.


    • Brianisdumb // May 20, 2013 at 2:07 pm // Reply

      Because brenda sucked duh. Go suck toes fanboy

      • Shut it! She didn’t suck!! You rank Julia who hasn’t done anything the entire season higher than Brenda? What is that? Brenda actually won 2 challenges individually, played an incredible social game, and went from minority to majority. She even flipped her whole strategy around and did a way better job than last season since no on thought of her as a threat till late in the game. She flew under the radar perfectly and when she won immunity, everyone was happy. She was even able to keep her composure for most of the game and was able to make sure everyone was calm. If your saying that she didn’t do anything all season, then your saying Julia deserves a higher grade.

        Besides, everyone knew Dawn had it coming to her. There have been even worse jury speeches and when Brenda makes a good point by saying Dawn was going to pull herself from the game because of the teeth and Dawn replied by saying she wouldn’t, Brenda had to make a statement. You don’t go around saying your pulling yourself from the game. She even talked to Cochran about his game and no one cares about that. She gets the bad edit for 8 episodes and thats going to dictate her entire review! Thats CRAP!!!

        Give me reasons why she played a bad game. Besides, the decision she made with the Loved Ones was really hard. You keep it people hate you. You give it away people love you but want you out. Its a lose lose situation. I DON’T SUCK FOR SEEING HER GAMEPLAY!!!

    • Dude, chill. It’s a TV show.

  9. Jsjdifjdjeisiskzjssudidjsj // May 20, 2013 at 1:26 pm // Reply

    People don’t seem to get that things like this will not convince people to dislike Brenda. Only Brenda can make people dislike Brenda. I get that she’s rubbed some people the wrong way with her jury speech and caused some to misunderstand her. That was her own doing, not that of some fan’s opinion.
    If anything, this will just rile up her fans. I’m just saying. Brenda has become one of my favorite survivors ever. That’s cool if she’s not yours, but saying crap like “pure evil”, “her game was a joke” and “she only has fans because she is considered hot by some and a former cheerleader” is just childish and will turn new visitors off. Then again the point of this is for your guys’ opinions, but you’re not helping your website become a reliable place for survivor fans by exuding this much bias.

    • Brianisdumb // May 20, 2013 at 2:08 pm // Reply

      Shes a horrible player. Deal with it

      • Jsjdifjdjeisiskzjssudidjsj // May 20, 2013 at 5:27 pm //

        1. That’s subjective
        2. I wouldn’t hold it against her if she was.

      • If she is a horrible player, than why did she return? If she is a horrible player, why was she such a strategic threat in Nicaragua? Do you see the facts?

  10. I am not sure why so many people think that Dawn played a good game. She played crap game, because she couldn’t give up her vanity – trying to appear as a “good person” no matter what. So she always pushed her relationships to the emotional extreme, promising eternal loyalty and all that crap. Then it came to bite her in the butt. It had to. There was no way that such social approach could pay off. Playing a good game means balancing the social aspect with the strategy. You can’t discard social, because that is what counts in the end. And that’s why Survivor is so tricky. You have to maintain a degree of honesty and make people respect you even if you screw them over.
    That’s why Russel never won. That’s why Philip can’t win. And that’s what Cochran and Boston Rob did very well. Even if people hated what they did to them, they could not not respect them.

  11. Brenda stated after she got voted out in Nicaragua that she wanted to play a low key game but was thrust into the dominant role. I think this time she played the game she wanted to play and it got her so much further than her last stint. If she came in guns blazing, I’m not scrambling attitude again you still would of slammed her for not learning anything.

    What she did to Dawn wan’t humiliating at all. You guys fail to see the logic in it. She said If you didn’t get your teeth back would you of quit? and she said NO after she screamed like a toddler for them so Brenda then said well since its COSMETIC then take them out and prove it. I think if Dawn didn’t fight the issue she would of got a vote.

  12. Ben, go home, you're drunk. // May 21, 2013 at 9:49 am // Reply

    What show were you watching?

    Phillip best player of the season? The guy was seen as a joke by everyone out there and nobody would have voted for him. The smart players were just using him as a shield.

    Malcolm worse than Erik? A guy who’s strategy boiled down to having people point to a flag 5 minutes before tribal. Malcolm’s plan to form a new alliance was a good one and it probably would have worked had Corrine not fucked it up. As for giving his idol to Eddie, that’s called having a plan. Holding on to the idols for himself and hoping to win every challenge isn’t even a strategy it’s just fucking stupid. And comparing Malcolm to Ozzy is an insult to Malcolm. Ozzy is an unlikable stoner who’s only talent is winning carnival games on a tv show. Ozzy even managed to get himself voted off at one point.

    Brenda while not particularly good this season was not the worst player out there and anyone who would say so, really isn’t clued in. Also unfair on Laura and Michael, both seemed like likable, rational players who had circumstances work against them. They’re both better than clueless fools like Erik and Phillip.

  13. SurvivorMarc // May 21, 2013 at 2:16 pm // Reply

    if they were playing with dawn their would quickly change their opinion on her. sorry guys but Brenda is a sure in to another season and jeff probst love her.

  14. I demand a podcast recanting this report card.

  15. Erik played a good game?
    Erik didn’t play ANY game. He was just trying to stay alive, literally. He had the worst stragety ive EVER seen of “dont talk game to me, just tell me who to write” seriously? How rediclious, just as ridiclious as voting alphabetically order. And Malcolm he made low level low risk moves that werenf that big and frankly overrated

  16. Giving Brenda a lower grade than Phillip, Erik, Hope, Allie, Shamar, Brandon, Eddie, Francesca, or even Reynold is completely ridiculous. She did an amazing job of not making herself a target until around f7, and she would have easily won in a f3 because of her social game. This report card seems to be ranked based on how you guys like the contestants. Not their gameplay.

  17. Damn the writers for this site have awful opinions.

  18. Brenda’s grade should be higher. She played a great game, a really GREAT game.

  19. To be completely honest Brenda fans, Brenda aren’t really playing a nice game in Caramoan. But in Nicaragua, she controls the game. And this time,s he didn’t do anything.

  20. Franchesca C-
    Allie D+
    Hope D
    Shamar D+
    Laura C
    Brandon F
    Matt C+
    Julia D+
    Corrine C+
    Michael C+
    Phillip A-
    Malcolm B-
    Reynold B-
    Andrea B+
    Brenda C-
    Erik B-
    Eddie C
    Sherri B+
    Dawn A
    Cochran A

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