Survivor Ozcap–Samoa


Our 19th Ozcap is here, as Ben and his little gang of Ozlets discuss everything to do with the 19th season of Samoa in true Survivor Oz style!

A season that generally you love or you hate, there is no escaping the birth of Russell Hantz from the first time we visited the Pacific nation of Samoa. Through his devious ways, controversial style and idol finding skills, Russell divided fans along the way to finishing as runner-up to Natalie White in a 7-2-0 vote. Besides Russell, the season saw one of the scariest evacuations of all time as well as some amazing characters such as Dave Ball and the lovable Shambo. In our Ozcap, we talk about Lancey apparently throwing the Sydney Opera House, the mentioning of Russell and seeing how many we can fit into an episode, why the episode should be called ‘Shamboa’ instead of Samoa, why the greatest part of this season was Betsy, which contestant was dropped on his head as a baby, which rapper Russ Swan reminds Ben of, why Canada is represented in this season, which country singer Shambo resembles as well as who is the biggest asshole in the world, which player had ‘no purpose’ and Shambo singing. We then bring it to a neat little close with our famous Ozcap final questions.

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