Dre ‘Dreamz’ Herd Interview


When most people think of the 14th season of Fiji, they think of THAT moment involving Dreamz Herd, Yau-Man and the truck. It was a big talking point of a season which isn’t given the credit it deserves, and it’s something that has lived with Dreamz ever since he decided not to give immunity to Yau-Man, despite getting a car from the original promise. But even after all these years, Dreamz is the first to say it was a game and defends his move, and goes into great detail about why he was a strategic powerhouse on his only season, and why he needs more credit from a strong game that was overshadowed by one moment.


Dreamz came from a difficult background to thrive in his setting in Fiji, getting along with people, being strong in challenges and generally being involved in a large portion of the main moves across the season. His moves saw him make it all the way to the end, where unfortunately for him he was unable to even come close to winning and alongside Cassandra received zero votes against eventual winner Earl.

In our chat with Dreamz, he talks about how he got on Survivor, which contestants he started to get along with early on and who he was extremely disappointed to see leave early, which player he deliberately kept safe to help him along the way, the tribe switch and why it worked for him, the season being ‘The Dreamz show’, why he wanted to take goats to the end, playing the game and separating it  from real life, who he would’ve voted for to win had he been on the jury as well as attempting to get second, why Jeff Probst needs new shoes and what actually happened to THAT car when he got home.

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6 Comments on Dre ‘Dreamz’ Herd Interview

  1. Dreamz is a piece of shit. What kind of a person does that? Yau Man gave him a car out of the kindness of his heart and Dreamz completely fucked him over. Dreamz showed his true colors. He has no character or integrity. If I was his son I would be embarrassed to call him my father. He is a FUCKING COWARD!!!!

    • Yauman didn’t give him the truck out of the kindness of his heart! He was exploiting the situation of Dre not owning a vehicle and it was 100% a strategic move to advance himself further in the game. If it was kindness, he wouldn’t have asked for anything in return. The whole point of Yauman making the deal was him playing the odds of Dre winning the immunity challenge at the final four over himself, Earl and Cassandra and in that deal stripping Dre of immunity to then vote him off. Guess what? Yauman got played!

      Remember when everyone was upset that Mookie and Alex went through Yauman’s bag to find the idol? Remember what Yauman did to Sylvia when she returned from exile island? He went through her bag…while it was still on her shoulder! Yauman is a hypocritical coniving rat.

      • Except that it was out of the kindness of his heart because Yauman told Dreamz to keep it and be happy.

    • I guess Dreamz was just supposed to happily get voted out in 4th place then?

  2. @Chris – You are referring to the definition of exploit that’s refers to “make use of meanly or unfairly for one’s own advantage” According to that logic one could say that Dreamz was “exploiting” the niceness, and trusting nature of an older gentleman. Dreamz may have been a victim as a child, he is a man now, and was not a victim here.

    A more accurate assessment is that this agreement was “quid pro quo” – I do something for you & you do something for me. Yau traded a sure thing for a chance at something & Dreamz traded a chance at something for a sure thing. Dreamz reneged – I believe that makes him a RENEGER.

    • He didn’t have to take the car and get bored out. He should’ve at least given it back when he reneged. He wanted to eat his cake and keep it too.

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