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Corinne Kaplan wowed viewers her first time around in Gabon as the villain of the season, so much so that she even received death threats because of it. Fast forward nine seasons later and she walks away with a massive fan base saying just how funny she is. How does that happen? Well it all comes down to different editing as Corinne points out, as she was no different from the first time around when we saw her on Caramoan. After having to turn down Heroes vs Villains, it was always a matter of time till we saw the feisty Corinne a second time, and for many it was worth the wait. But what actually happened after the controversial reunion finished for Caramoan? And just what did she do as soon as she found out her arch nemesis Sugar didn’t win fan favourite in Gabon?


Corinne found herself on an entertaining ride in Gabon, clashing with people and most notably Sugar all the way to the jury, where she was voted out. She was perhaps best known for her angry and somewhat controversial jury speech to Sugar during the final tribal council.

Second time around Corinne found herself as part of ‘stealth-r-us’ and looked to be going deep in the game. However after trying to work her way in with some of the fans and target Phillip, she found herself blindsided and missing out on the jury by only one spot.

In our chat with Corinne, she talks about it being an honour to get a chance to play for a second time, why she always expected to return for another shot after Gabon, what prevented her from going back for Heroes vs Villains, getting death threats and hate mail after her first season, which former Survivor winner she used to date, not being prepared at all for playing the game and how she used that to her advantage, not having a positive view on Africa, why Dawn was her best friend out there on her second time around in Caramoan, her relationship with Sugar and just why they hate each other, why she liked Brandon, why she didn’t feel bad for Brenda after her vote out, why she did the interview in the first place and why it will be her last as well as which contestants she remains close to, why she would want to sit next to Ozzy on a plane and talking about the comparisons to Jerri Manthey.

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5 Comments on Corinne Kaplan Interview

  1. Can you fix the download link for Corinne and Francesca?

  2. lomartddd // June 7, 2013 at 3:04 pm // Reply

    Absolutely a great interview. Sooo much “behind the scene” gems from Corinne. Never knew she dated Ethan, but knew he dated a lot. Loved that she voiced her objections about the reunion travesty. The ONLY reason it got such high ratings was because the fans were WAITING to hear Francesca speak about her history making vote out, Shamar’s eye update, ANYTHING from Erik and bringing the whole cast on stage. This hardcore Survivor fan WON’T give CBS ratings if Jeff does this again. Thanks for one of the best interviews, and i hope her job lets her return again! Blessings from Indiana

  3. Katherine // June 7, 2013 at 4:12 pm // Reply

    Great interview; Corinne is quite the character. Her insights and opinions made me laugh; she should be on another season if the show continues to feature past players.

  4. I like the idea of this blog because I love Survivor but dude I am worried about your personality. I have heard you contradict yourself a few times.
    On one interview you defend someone but if you are interviewed the “nemesis” you say the opposite. I am not refering to this specific interview, but I wish you would stop sucking sooo muchh kneecaps and start to be more coherent. You should hear Rob has Podcast. He has no problem in saying to the guests what he feels in an educated way when he doesn’t agree with them

    I don’t mean to be bad to you because I love the concept of this blog but it bothers me sometimes

    Wish you all the best
    (I am sorry for my English, it is not my mother tongue)

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