Francesca Hogi Interview


Francesca Hogi from Redemption Island and Caramoan is a record breaker. No matter what you say about her, or no matter what your opinion is of her, she became the first person in the history of Survivor to be voted out first twice. A record is a record, and while it may not be the proudest record to hold, it’s one that Francesca walks with her head held high knowing she was part of Survivor history. Survivor however was a show that she very nearly wasn’t a part of, and even a second time round seemed a little bit far fetched. But between creating history, her relationship (or lack there of) with Phillip and having questions asked that she just doesn’t like, there is very little about Francesca not to like and makes you wonder just why does she keep getting voted out first?

Survivor: Redemption Island

On her first outing in Redemption Island, Francesca initially sided with Phillip before quickly being turned against him in to what would turn into an entertaining feud. The two went at it at tribal council and Francesca was voted out. She wouldn’t survive any longer on Redemption Island and was the first person eliminated.

Four seasons later she became the first ever first booted contestant to make a return, only to find herself on the same tribe as Phillip once again. History would repeat itself, and she would once again be feuding with the specialist, and she once again found herself back at Ponderosa before anyone had grown any facial hair.

In our chat with Francesca, she speaks about how our intro makes her sound ‘lame’, why she became so disconnected from her second season after she filmed it, talking up an all first boot season, why she never applied for Survivor and was on there by chance, how she found out that Rob and Russell were on Redemption Island, why she was on a tribe of ‘puppies’, Phillip being ‘insane and stupid’, why exactly the two of them hated each other so early on, why the tribal council she was voted out at in Redemption Island created history as well as being close with Matt after the game, her new career as a dating coach and why Andrea was shady and being closer to Cochran than anybody ever knew.

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2 Comments on Francesca Hogi Interview

  1. I understand why Francesca is so disconnected from the show (and how necessary that was to keep her sanity); however, it was sort of sad from an interview perspective how much she just didn’t care.

    I may be the only one who feels this way, but I LOVE hearing more about the pre-game casting experience (what sesaons returnees were considered for, casting experiences, how many times people applied, etc.) than actual analysis of their game (because we more or less got to see that on the show, but didn’t see what they did to actually get ON the show).

  2. Hi Guys, just came across your website today for the first time. As a fan site I thought you might be interested. I have just seen footage showing that Matt was assisted in winning the first ever redemption island challenge resulting in Francesca being sent home first. Which begs the question was it rigged so that she would become the first person voted off first twice in survivor history. Please let me know what you think. If you watch season 22 episode 3 at 11min and 50 seconds you will see a tiny nail added to the end of Matts stick allowing him to easily hook the third key and win the challenge sending Francesca home. Am I the only person that hoped that there was some honesty to the show?
    Other questions are whether she was party to the conspiracy?
    My head is still spinning a bit, trying to process it.
    Obviously I am open to correction if you think I am wrong.

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