Cassandra Franklin Interview


When people think about the final three in Fiji, they often don’t talk too much about Cassandra Franklin. As equal runner-up with Dreamz, she wasn’t as loud and controversial as him and also didn’t walk away with the million dollars as her fellow final tribal council finisher Earl. But there was a lot to her strategy that helped get her to the end, and a lot of things we didn’t get to see. There is also a lot that Cassandra has to say about her fellow tribe members, including two people she never wants to see again and somebody else she wants to throw in the fire.


Cassandra found herself on the outs early on but fought her way through various obstacles and ended up right at the end at the final tribal council. Once there she was unable to sway the jury to give her any votes, and she finished as equal runner-up with Dreamz to the winner Earl.

In our chat with Cassandra, she talks about why she enjoys her experience now more so than she did when it first aired, why she played along with people and planned to be behind the scenes, not being a fan before she played and being a huge fan now, just whether or not she really did say ‘mmmhmmmm’ all the time, having to put up with Rocky & Lisi and who she would’ve rather, why Yau-Man was edited better than he played, her close bond with Dreamz and why they got along so well, which two contestants she never wants to see again as well as which player she wanted to throw into the fire and how she plays Survivor in her everyday job.

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3 Comments on Cassandra Franklin Interview

  1. Katherine // June 7, 2013 at 5:14 pm // Reply

    I’m going to steal your comment about “sucking up,” in reference to your show, as you do with contestants. I laughed through Cassandra’s interview; she was a great player. I cracked up at her comments about Edguardo, Alex and Lisi. The three pinheads, as I called them. I’d love to see her play again, and it’s great to know — unlike a lot of other contestants — that she’s watching the show now as a fan. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why CBS doesn’t hire you, Ben. (The real suck-up part. LOL.) CBS should have done what you’re doing — it’s great to hear the players years after they were on Survivor. Kudos to you and your staff. CBS would just mess the show up, anyway, so carry on!

    • CBS has to give a damn about us first Katherine! They don’t like us, maybe we need to spread the word out there? Thanks though for the kind words!

      • Katherine // June 9, 2013 at 6:34 pm //

        CBS doesn’t “like” you? Did someone there send you a nasty cease and desist note? Strange. I’d think they’d welcome worldwide attention, even when some contestants are blunt about CBS practices. Hmm. Do the network poobahs think we viewers are silly enough to think we don’t know what goes on? No matter where someone lives, it’s likely they know a contestant or know someone who knows one. Laura, from my city, is filming right now. And a close friend of mine is close to Brett — again, from from my town — who was on the season with Laura. My background is in public relations and media, and I’ve handled many situations close to this very subject. Must put my thinking cap on…

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