Erik Reichenbach Caramoan Interview


We first heard from Erik at the start of 2012 about his time on Micronesia, and then again at the end of last year to give his recap of the Philippines finale. Unknown to most, Erik had actually filmed his second season in the Caramoan already, and he completed a journey that saw him start as a fan and return as a favourite on the second ‘fans vs favourites’. Despite us not getting to see him as much as perhaps many would’ve liked, he played a steady game that nearly took him all the way. Erik catches us up on everything from his second season, from why he was so ‘quiet’ at the start right through to what really happened with his leg. And there are a lot of comments about Phillip too. A LOT.


Erik played a similar game to his first in Micronesia in which he laid low at the start, only to be seen a lot more once the merge came along. With a few different options in front of him, Erik found himself with a leg infection that caused him to be medically evacuated with only days remaining, and once again he finished the game in fifth.

In our chat to Erik, he speaks about how hard it was keeping it secret that he was playing a second time, which other seasons he went through casting to nearly play for another time, the amount of ‘whack jobs’ he had on his tribe, getting spoilers from Malcolm about Philippines, why his first meeting with Phillip wasn’t a good one, his relationship and alliance with Brandon, why he didn’t start playing until the swap, what he explained in his confessionals, being disappointed with his edit, the whole reunion debacle as well as what really happened with him being medically evacuated and just why Corinne wasn’t on the tribe merge flag.

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