Ozcars 2013 Best First Boot–Rankings from 26 to 1!


With the Ozcars announced for 2013, it’s time to reveal the top 25 for each of the categories! You know the final 5 for each category but who just missed out on a finals placing? Who cracked the top 10? And who struggled to even make the top 20? Today we bring you the first set of our results with the rankings of all the first booted contestants from each of the seasons!

The rankings for the first boot were compiled by asking our audience who they thought the best first boot of all time was. Separately, we asked each one of our Ozlets to list their favourite first boot of all time. Each contestant was given a point for each vote they received, and the top 5 at the end of the first voting period were announced as the finalists. A separate voting period was held to announce the overall winner, with the remainder of the top 5 being listed in order of how the finished in the final vote. We have listed where each first boot finished in the audience rankings as well as the Ozlet ranking, and the top 5 have also had listed where they initially finished before the separate final voting. Please note that we have 26 first boots despite Francesca being a two time first booted contestant, as we have counted both Jonathan and Wanda as ‘first boots’ from Palau.

26. John Raymond – Total Score 0


S-OZ RANK: 26th

Well there always has to be someone who brings up the rear, and this time it has to be John from Thailand. Given whoever finished last in this poll is sort of used to finishing last (at least in Survivor anyway) it shouldn’t come as much of a shock right? Still has to suck. John wasn’t by any means a bad character in Thailand, but for whatever reason he brings up the rear when it comes to the first boots. Better luck next year John!

25. Jim Lynch – Total Score 0


S-OZ RANK: 25th

Jim from Guatemala comes across as the quintessential first boot. Older than most, outspoken and struggles in challenges, it’s a surprise to not see him higher on our list. Nobody voted for poor Jim, so perhaps we need to get him out of hiding and get a campaign for him to receive more votes in 2014? Start the campaign now Jim fans, start it now.

24. Diane Ogden – Total Score 1


S-OZ RANK: 23rd

We recently spoke to Diane on the show and she gave us a great insight into her very short stint on the third season of Africa. A person who seemingly was voted out by circumstance rather than being a poor player, it’s a shame to see Diane so low on this list. At least she did manage to walk away with a vote unlike the two people she beat in the poll, so that’s one positive to take from it! I reckon this time next year Diane will crack the top 20, you heard it here first!

23. Carolina Eastwood – Total Score 1


S-OZ RANK: 5th

Did Carolina get more airtime on the Redemption Island finale than she did on her actual season of Tocantins? Perhaps, but we all love a good Survivor love story right? I think in looking at the picture above, people might have reconsidered their votes just a little more to see her higher on this list. But as I keep saying, there is always next year!

22. Jonathan Libby – Total Score 5


S-OZ RANK: 18th

Given that both Wanda and Jonathan were the first to go on Palau, we counted them both as the ‘first boot’, despite neither of them technically being voted out. Jonathan was the shock choice not to be selected for a tribe on Palau, and it seems to be something that he found hard to cope with after his very brief time on Survivor. How far would’ve Jonathan gone? Who knows, but it looks like we potentially missed out on one very strong Survivor competitor.

21. Sekou Bunch – Total Score 5


S-OZ RANK: 17th

Another recent interview on the show, Sekou was unfortunate to be on a tribe on Cook Islands with so few people and more women than men. With such an amazing music career behind him and a great personality, Sekou was a great character who I’m sure would’ve endeared himself to many people had he lasted longer. So close to cracking the top 20 here too. NEXT YEAR!

20. Jessica deBen – Total Score 5


S-OZ RANK: 16th

If you finish 19th you generally aren’t the first boot, but given Fiji saw an odd number of contestants, Jessica holds a unique ‘record’ on this list as the only first boot to finish in an odd finishing position. Would you technically saw Melissa McNulty is the first boot from Fiji given we have counted Jonathan and Wanda from Palau as first boots? We say no given she withdrew before the season even started, so Jessica will have to take the award instead! A top 20 finish for Jessica will be something to bring a smile to that pretty face!

19. Michelle Chase – Total Score 6


S-OZ RANK: 14th

Michelle and Kenny could’ve been one of the oddest and cutest Survivor relationships in the history of Survivor, why did we have to be robbed of it!? A budding DJ who has been through a great deal in her life, Michelle was a great character on a season filled with great characters. Was it a shame not to see our friend Gillian as the first boot on Gabon so that maybe she could’ve sky rocketed up high on this list? Who knows, but Michelle takes the spot and can sit pretty on that log for 2013 in the top 20.

18. Wendy DeSmidt-Kohlhoff – Total Score 6


S-OZ RANK: 11th

Nicaragua to me is such an underrated season, and I was so happy to see Wendy voted in the top 20 first booted players. Let’s be honest, Wendy played a game she shouldn’t have, and was voted out for being too ‘quiet’. Given she is the opposite in real life and did what she though would’ve kept her in longer, it’s something I’m sure she lives with to this day. But when you’re a goat farmer, your life is already exciting, but getting a top 20 finish on the Ozcar first boot list makes it just a little more exciting!

17. Semhar Tadesse – Total Score 8


S-OZ RANK: 10th

Semhar had one of the coolest jobs ever going into Survivor as a ‘spoken word artist’ and gave us some great TV during her time on the island and then on Redemption Island when she was by herself. Close with Ozzy from the start, the potential for Semhar to go far was there, and given Cochran was an early target, who knows if perhaps we could’ve seen her return for a second time around on Caramoan had things fallen her way? Would love to hear a poem about making the Ozcars top 20 Semhar!

16. Ryan Aiken – Total Score 9


S-OZ RANK: 21st

With a smile that makes the women swoon, had Ryan been on a mixed tribe instead of an all male tribe we saw on the Amazon, things could’ve been a lot different. But when you can’t cross a balance beam and you cost a cocky group of guys bragging rights over some equally as cocky women, you have to pay.

15. Tina Scheer – Total Score 9


S-OZ RANK: 7th

The first of two Tina’s to have the distinction of being a first boot, ‘Timber Tina’ as she is known endeared herself to everyone who watched Panama due to her emotional back story with her son’s recent death. But her tribe didn’t like her that much, and she was the first to go. Similar though to Semhar in that she was the choice over another massive character in the history of Survivor, Cirie. How would the Survivor world be different had Cirie taken her place as first to go instead? Get those ‘what if’ scenarios out people!

14. Kourtney Moon – Total Score 9


S-OZ RANK: 9th

Alongside Wanda and Jonathan, Kourtney is one of only three first boots to not actually be voted out of Survivor. Instead, Kourtney became the first ever person to be medically evacuated from the game as early as she did, and still remains the only female contestant to be medically evacuated from the show (unless you count Dana or even Kathy Sleckman). Kourtney had an interesting position as she appeared to be the swing vote amongst the women, and who knows how vital that would’ve turned out to be in a game that was dominated by a strong female alliance. Glad to see Kourtney make the top 15 though.

13. Peter Harkey – Total Score 10


S-OZ RANK: 22nd

Is Peter the strangest first boot in the history of Survivor? Not many people got a good read of him on the Marquesas and numerous stories have been told about just how whacky the guy is over the years. But generally a whacky guy makes a good first boot, so Peter is a deserving first boot if you can ever say that. More people on the poll loved him than they did on Survivor Oz however, what does that have to say for him?

12. Brook Geraghty – Total Score 10


S-OZ RANK: 3rd

Coming in at only 17th amongst the poll voters but an amazing 3rd amongst the Survivor Oz voters, clearly Brook is a ‘love him’ or ‘hate him’ first boot. The younger men on Vanuatu felt they were in control but weren’t, and Brook paid the price. The positive though to now being a first boot is that you always have the chance to win a Survivor award with the Ozcars, so maybe Brook can campaign hard for 2014 to take this category out?

11. Nicole Delma – Total Score 18


S-OZ RANK: 20th

Think of Nicole in the Pearl Islands and you generally think of a beautiful woman jumping into the ocean in a stunning blue dress. Well at least that’s what I think of whenever I hear her name. On a season that is often revered as one of the best, Nicole is still highly regarded amongst the Survivor fans. She would be disappointed however not to crack the top 10, missing out by only 2 votes. The theme of this poll is however THERE IS ALWAYS NEXT YEAR!

10. Jessica ‘Sugar’ Kiper – Total score 20


S-OZ RANK: 12th

The first of our returning player first boots, Sugar seemed to take a complete 180 on her first time around in Gabon to becoming the first boot in Heroes vs Villains. Loved the first time, despised by her tribe the second time, Sugar at least can go out with her head held high being asked back in the first place. Oh, and she also walks away with a top 10 placing on the best first boots of all time! Way to go Sugar!

9. Sonja Christopher – Total Score 21


S-OZ RANK: 24th

The first person voted out in Survivor history, Sonja will always have the honour of not only holding that record, but also being a Trivial Pursuit question for the rest of human existence. Borneo went to prove how great a season it was with people like Sonja on it, and if only we could have older banjo playing contestants returning once again? I say bring Sonja back, and I also say bring Sonja into the top 5 for next years poll!

8. Wanda Shirk – Total Score 21


S-OZ RANK: 8th

When you see a woman singing on a boat as Survivor contestants row to shore, you generally assume she might just be in trouble. Unfortunately for Wanda, that was the case, and you just knew that she wouldn’t be chosen for a tribe based purely on that. But who cares right? Wanda entered Palau and left Palau singing, and that’s what makes her so memorable and endearing to the Survivor community. And as a top 10 finisher on the Survivor Oz Ozcars 2013 first boot list, she can sing her way back to the show at any time!

7. Tina Wesson – Total Score 22


S-OZ RANK: 19th

The first ever returning player to be a first boot, Tina also became the first and so far only previous winner to also be a first boot. It was nothing personal against the Australian Outback winner, it was purely a numbers game on a season where the winners were first targeted. Had she perhaps been on Heroes vs Villains instead of All-Stars then she more than likely wouldn’t have gone first, but what’s done is done. And if rumours circulating a third appearance on the upcoming Blood vs Water are true, then Tina has the chance to join either Francesca or Sandra as a two time first boot or a two time winner! Oh the record possibilities!

6. Steve ‘Chicken’ Morris – Total Score 37


S-OZ RANK: 6th

DAMN! So close to a finalist spot, Chicken actually only missed out by a mere 6 votes on making the final round. What can you say about Chicken? Firstly, we refer to him as a barnyard animal which basically sells itself in how awesome he is. Secondly, his accent makes him so hard to understand that it’s just fun to hear him speak. And finally, he scared the pants off everybody with his loud DAMN as he was voted out of China. I think in 2014 we will see him in that top 5, and who knows? He might even walk away with the Ozcar! You read it here first.

5. Marisa Calihan/Rhy – Final Voting Percent 10.98%


S-OZ RANK: 9th

Some people seemed surprised that Marisa made the finals of this award, but to me it was no surprise at all. The biggest surprise came with her finishing 2nd in the initial poll, but only finishing 5th when it came to final voting. She will go down in history as the first person to ever stand up to Russell Hantz, and that is what ultimately cost her a spot at going further in Samoa. Beautiful, smart and strong, it wouldn’t surprise me to see her make a return at some stage in the future on Survivor. But for 2013, hold your head up high Marisa that you finished as finalist in the 2013 Best First Boot Ozcars!

4. Debb Eaton – Final Voting Percent 11.63%


S-OZ RANK: 2nd

Everybody loves Debb, and if you don’t then you don’t love Survivor. Known for her ‘rawks’ comment and about a million other things, Debb amazingly only just scraped into the final round by a mere 6 points. However given she finished 5th and then moved up a place into 4th, I’m sure Debb will walk away with a smile on her face. Surely in 2014 she can push for a top 3, or even the ultimate Ozcar prize? And please can we see Debb return for a second time?! PLEASE!?!

3. Zane Knight – Final Voting Percent 12.28%


S-OZ RANK: 4th

Zane holds the record for the first boot who has played only one time to have the most confessionals in his single episode in the history of Survivor. A pretty amazing feat given at just how memorable he was in only 90 minutes of television. In fact so memorable was he, that he received more airtime confessionals than Artis and Carter, two players who made it to the jury. An incredible stat. It was clear Zane would always make the finals of this category, but it’s fantastic to see him take out the bronze medal and improve his original finishing position of fourth and turn it into third. It’s only a matter of time surely until we see this Philippines player return for a second time, and hopefully he won’t ask for people to vote him out if he does!

2. Jonny Fairplay – Final Voting Percent 20.08%


S-OZ RANK: 10th

Jonny Fairplay. What can we say? A legend of Survivor, it’s a shame to see him on this list in the first place. But in a way it’s also pleasing to see him make the top two of an award, considering it’s been 10 years since we first saw him on our screens. The original Survivor villain, Fairplay could’ve made a strong impact on Micronesia had his head been in the game. And given Parvati would’ve likely gone first had he wanted to stick around, he joins both Semhar and Timber Tina as massive ‘what if’ players on their respective seasons. A travesty that we have never seen him play for a third time, the Survivor world continues to call out to see our lovable grandma lying player return for another shot at the million. And it wouldn’t surprise me to see him be up for other Ozcars in the future, potentially even the ‘best winner’ prize should he return for a third time.

1. Francesca Hogi – Final Voting Percent 45.04%


S-OZ RANK: 1st

Was there ever any doubting who would win this award? Or at least who DESERVED this award the most? The only person in the history of Survivor to be voted out first twice, Francesca is the queen of first boots and will forever be the queen. She absolutely dominated voting in both rounds, and was never even close to being headed as the winner of the Ozcar. In first round voting she smashed the double century with an epic 210 points, and in final round voting became one of only three Survivor contestants to crack the 40% voting barrier and dominate her category. So with the distinction of being the returning player to play the least amount of days, she can at least hold her head up high and add to her resume that she is now officially an OZCAR WINNER! Congratulations Francesca!

Tomorrow we continue our category reveals, as we bring you the top 25 pre-jury players as voted by you!


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3 Comments on Ozcars 2013 Best First Boot–Rankings from 26 to 1!

  1. Fran, Fairplay and Zane make a great top 3!

  2. I wish I’d found the poll earlier. I would have thrown tons of votes at Peter from Marquesas. By far the most bizarre first boot in Survivor history, if not one of the most bizarre Survivors on the early seasons. Truly a Hole-y man

  3. What about Ryan from the Amazon? Sure, he wasn’t that exciting, but it was hilarious watching a strong male get voted out first because his partner could hardly stay on a balance beam!

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