Crystal Cox Walker Interview


Crystal Cox Walker walked away from Gabon with a huge cult following. Constantly giving us memorable one liners during her season, the former Olympic Gold medallist may have struggled during challenges but she certainly proved she had the strategic brain to help her go far. A lot has happened in her life since she appeared on the show and she gives a great insight into various aspects of these events as well as just why she is deserving to come back and play a second time. There also comes the matter of the winner of her season Bob Crowley, who may just re-think sending in a hello tweet after hearing Crystal’s thoughts of him.

Survivor: Gabon - Earth's Last Eden Crystal looked likely to be a huge asset to her tribe based on her athletic background, but challenges were never her strong suit during Gabon. Instead forming a tight bond with Kenny, she was able to dictate her way deep into the game and for large portions remained in control and called the shots. However things soon fell apart, and Crystal had to be content with a jury spot instead of a million dollars.

In our chat with Crystal, she talks about being super excited for the interview, being an applicant and not a recruit, turning down American Gladiator too appear on Survivor and live her dream, why Ken was a little rat but so important to her, why the friendship with GC went downhill and whether or not he ate his rice, telling us which contestant brought a surfboard to the island, how her and Marcus had a connection before the season even started, why Jeff saw her as the ‘go to’ person for entertainment as well as her actual thoughts on Bob Crowley and why Jeff and the producers told her to hold back on her actual feelings as well as which former great contestant was a massive fan of her time on Gabon and who she wanted to smack in the face but was told not to.

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