Ozcars 2013–25 Hottest Female Survivor Contestants of All Time!


Another Ozcar top 25 reveal today as the most popular posting from last year returns, the top 25 sexiest female contestants! You know the winner, but now it’s time to find out just who else made the overall list! Did your vote make the top 25? Click below to find out!

The sexiest female poll was a simple case of voting for who you thought the sexiest female contestant of all time was! There are numerous contestants who appeared on the list last year who make a return appearance, with amazingly only 8 new women appearing on this list compared to last years. The votes were added up from the online poll, as well as the Ozlets votes, and the results were tallied up to bring the following results:

25. Denise Martin (China) – 6 Votes


Last Year: New Entry

  Denise certainly comes out of nowhere to steal a spot in the top 25 sexiest female players of all time, and why not? More women need to have the guts to keep a mullet in the 21st century and Denise does it proudly. I’m not American so I can’t say whether or not kids grow up falling in love with their lunch ladies, but if they all looked like Denise, then I would be going back for seconds every single day I was at school.

24. Monica Padilla (Samoa) – 6 Votes


Last Year: New Entry

Another new entry on the list in 2013, Monica goes to show that Samoa was a season filled with numerous beautiful women. An amazing body, stunning eyes and everything else you could want, I’m sure I’m not the only one who could stare at Monica for quite some time. On a season though that was very much centred around one person, it was a shame not to see more of her. And I do mean that literally.

23. Eliza Orlins (Vanuatu & Micronesia) – 6 Votes


Last Year: New Entry

I actually found it hard to believe that Eliza was a new addition to this list, but rightfully she joins the top 25 sexiest women of all time. It’s just those eyes that draw you in, as does her bubbly personality and enthusiasm for life. Perhaps robbed not to make the top 20, I’m sure we’ll see Eliza climb higher and higher on this list over the coming years.

22. Stephenie LaGrossa (Palau, Guatemala & Heroes vs Villains) – 6 Votes


Last Year: 17th (-5)

Everyone’s favourite battler, Stephenie drops outside the top 20 to a disappointing 22nd place. Recently appearing on Survivor Oz after numerous requests, she still remains a highly popular contestant in the history of the game and it wouldn’t surprise me if we were to see her return for a fourth time at some stage in the future. She is also incredibly hot, not going to deny it.

21. Marisa Callihan/Rhy (Samoa) – 6 Votes


Last Year: New Entry

Is Marisa the darling of the Ozcars in 2013? Already a finalist amongst the best first boots, she rises with her popularity to once again be on a top 25 list during this years awards. Just missing out on the top 20, she pulls in enough votes to prove that when it comes to first boots, they can still be extremely memorable. We’ll take the credit for it, given how great her interview with us was. So to everyone who is unaware of just how amazing Marisa is, go and find out now. You’re welcome.

20. Candice Woodcock (Cook Islands & Heroes vs Villains) – 6 Votes


Last Year: New Entry

A fresh batch of new entries dominate the early parts of our top 25, and Candice vaults herself smack bang into the top 25. Many people still question why she was brought back a second time for Heroes vs Villains, but why don’t you ask Adam Gentry and he’ll be able to confirm just how amazing she is. That body is a huge selling point, and those eyes too can draw you in. Her last name might get a snigger or two, but if you marry her she’ll have your last name. There’s a thought in itself. A deserving spot on our sexiest women list.

19. Danielle DiLorenzo (Panama & Heroes vs Villains) – 7 Votes

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

Last Year: 23rd (+4)

Rightfully so, Danielle boosts her position on the sexiest women list and moves into the top 20. How more people don’t find her sexy is beyond me, and seeing her a second time around in Heroes vs Villains during the challenge with oil was enough to convert a lot of people. Another person who gave us a great interview recently, Danielle has the potential to keep climbing this list over the coming years. Does she also have the potential to return for a third time? Never say never.

18. Amber Brkich/Mariano (Australian Outback & All-Stars) – 7 Votes


Last Year: 10th (-8)

One of three women on this list to drop eight places, Amber can’t maintain her top ten form again in 2013. Her husband though did also face a similar drop, so maybe it’s a case of people getting sick of the Mariano’s? You still can’t deny they’re sexy, and Amber has so much going for her it’s a shame that she is married.

17. Julie Berry (Vanuatu) – 8 Votes


Last Year: 12th (-5)

I forgot how stunningly beautiful Julie really was until I re-watched Vanuatu recently, and it’s a shame to see her drop by as much as she did on our list. If anything I thought that perhaps she could crack the top ten this time around, but there are still plenty more years for her to land a spot that high on the list.

16. Kim Spradlin (One World) – 8 Votes


Last Year: 8th (-8)

The darling of the 2012 Ozcars, Kim Spradlin faces a big drop in 2013 when it comes to the beauty stakes. She is a recently married woman, so perhaps people are still sulking that she is no longer on the market? Or maybe the slight legal mix up involving a person of the same name also has to do with it? I for one thought that bad girls had more sex appeal? Or maybe that’s just me. Still, she deserves to be on this list no matter what the position.

15. RC Saint-Amour (Philippines) – 9 Votes

Survivor: Philippines

Last Year: New Entry

Recently crowned by Rob Has A Podcast as ‘Miss Survivor’, RC couldn’t even manage to crack the top ten on our version of the award. is that because she has more people to compete with than just those on the most recent seasons? Taking that into account, she still only manages fourth when you rank the people from One World and Philippines on this list. No matter what though, she is one beautiful woman, and I for one am surprised not to see her a lot higher on this list. It’ll happen in 2014 folks, mark my words!

14. Jerri Manthey (Australian Outback, All-Stars & Heroes vs Villains) – 10 Votes


Last Year: 24th (+10)

The biggest leap of anyone on this entire least, Jerri goes from just scraping in the top 25 in 2012 to very nearly cracking the top 10 in 2013. Who doesn’t love Jerri? Seriously? She is one beautiful woman with an amazing personality to boot. And given she recently called me her ‘favourite Australian’, I for one am still sitting here smitten over those words. Top ten in 2014? I’m crossing my fingers already.

13. Elisabeth Filarski/Hasselbeck (Australian Outback) – 10 Votes


Last Year: 9th (-4)

Oh Elisabeth. My original love in Survivor falls out of the top ten in 2013 which is very sad to see. Still, she continues a strong tradition of Australian Outback women proving that they are sexy enough to be remembered over a decade after they were firs seen. And seeing her actually isn’t really a problem, given you can simply turn on a TV wherever The View is shown to get your daily dose of Elisabeth. I need to find my old school diary to just see how many pictures of her I had on it, because there were a LOT. Oh to be 14 again…

12. Lisa Whelchel (Philippines) – 11 Votes

Survivor: Philippines

Last Year: New Entry

Lisa entered the hearts of many during her time on the Philippines and she does enough to just miss out on the top 10 of the sexiest women of all time in 2013. A child star of TV, she has grown into a beautiful woman in her own right,  one who came very close to walking away with a million dollars. Surely will return for a second shot one day, and by then I’m sure she’ll prove that she just continues to grow even more beautiful with age.

11. Sydney Wheeler/Maughan (Tocantins) – 11 Votes


Last Year: 3rd (-8)

Finishing in what would’ve been a finalist position in 2012 to going out of the top 10 is a disappointing result for Sydney. Recently she gave an amazing interview with us on the show, so if anything I thought that would’ve been enough to keep her spot in the top ten at least. But it wasn’t to be for her in 2013, something that might just change next year.

10. Colleen Haskell (Borneo) – 12 Votes


Last Year: 14th (+4)

The original Survivor babe who has proven harder to get on the show than Osama Bin Laden, Colleen will always remain in the hearts of many Survivor fans as their first ever Survivor crush. A budding movie career was to follow (albeit with the forgettable The Animal) but she soon realised the limelight wasn’t for her, and a life of obscurity followed. It’s a shame, as Colleen seems like the type of person that you could go to a bar with and end up having the best night of your life. We won’t stop trying to track her down though! And I’m sure she’ll continue to appear on this list for years to come.

9. Angie Layton (Philippines) – 12 Votes


Last Year: New Entry

Many people were shocked not to see Angie amongst the finalists for sexiest women when we announced them, and I for one was one of the shocked. One of the most naturally beautiful women to ever play the game, her bright and bubbly personality added to an overall package that was tighter than your favourite box of cookies. There is plenty more to come from Angie and it wouldn’t surprise me to see her again one day, hopefully with a whole lot more to say about some baked treats.

8. Jenna Morasca (Amazon & All-Stars) – 13 Votes


Last Year: 7th (-1)

As I said with Ethan, it’s sad to see Jenna and Ethan break up. But it’s also good news for eligible bachelors out there as it means Jenna Morasca is single! One of the most beautiful women to ever walk away with a million dollars, it surprised me to never see her become the spokeswoman for a peanut butter or chocolate company after her famous move with fellow beauty Heidi in the Amazon. A drop of only one position goes to show just how people think of her when it comes to the beauty stakes in Survivor, and she certainly has the chance of finishing in a similar place in 2014.

7. Kelly Shinn (Nicaragua) – 17 Votes


Last Year: 13th (+6)

Another big mover in the 2013 sexiest women stakes, Purple Kelly very nearly finished in 6th place and gave a run for a finalist position. One of the best interviews we have ever done on the show, the cute and bubbly Nicaragua contestant has gone on to prove that she is far more than an invisible contestant who left the game on her own decision making. Purple Kelly needs to come back, actually, she needs to be on every season to make up for the travesty of editing during her season. A finalist in 2014? Let’s make it happen!

6. Natalie Tenerelli (Redemption Island) – 19 Votes


Last Year: 5th (-1)

Another person many people were shocked not to see on the finalists list was the stunning Natalie Tenerelli. Fifth last year, she was knocked out in 2013 but still managed to finish a respectful 6th. Could quite possibly be the cutest contestant of all time, Natalie still remains one of the youngest contestants to play Survivor. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit to see her return as a finalist in 2014, we need to see more of Natalie in our every day life! Who wants to make me a Natalie Tenerelli calendar?! I could look at that smile everyday of the year!

5. Amanda Kimmel (China, Micronesia & Heroes vs Villains) – Final Voting Percent 9.76%


LAST YEAR: 2nd (-3)

Amanda will certainly be disappointed in her drop in 2013, and even after the first round of voting. From 2nd in 2012 to 5th, and from 3rd in the first round of voting to 5th, it’s certainly not the best news for Miss Kimmel. However it’s still no mean feat to make back to back top fives in the Ozcars and it still goes to prove the power of her looks after all these years. Should be in the finals once again in 2014.

4. Chelsea Meissner (One World) – Final Voting Percent 13.50%


LAST YEAR: 4th (No Change)

It always surprises me that Chelsea doesn’t finish higher in these lists. Two years in a row she has failed to crack the top three, but if you look at the stats in terms of where she finished in the first round of voting and the consistent finishing she has had, it’s not all bad signs for her. A great athlete as well as personality, Chelsea has the complete package when it comes to the beauty stakes. Will always be a regular on this list over the years.

3. Andrea Boehlke (Redemption Island & Caramoan) – Final Voting Percent 14.96%

Survivor: Redemption Island

LAST YEAR: 11th (+8)

Couldn’t crack the top ten in 2012, but walks away with the bronze in 2013. An amazing achievement. Sure, seeing her for a second time had a lot to do with that, but Andrea is one beautiful woman and nobody can deny that. A strong showing her second time around could’ve netted her a million bucks, but it was another case of coming so close yet so far.

2. Brenda Lowe (Nicaragua & Caramoan) – Final Voting Percent 22.93%

Survivor: Nicaragua

LAST YEAR: 6th (+4)

I actually thought Brenda might walk away with the Ozcar for this category this year given her strong fan base and high finish on Caramoan. But in the end walking away with a silver in the Ozcars in 2013 is an amazing achievement. A mixture of cultures alongside her cute and bright personality certainly appeal to many, and she is another who will always feature on this list for many years to come. Get her the award in 2014 Brenda fans!

1. Parvati Shallow (Cook Islands, Micronesia & Heroes vs Villains) – Final Voting Percent 38.86%


LAST YEAR: 1st (No Change)

A dominant and crushing victory, Parvati becomes the first person in the history of Survivor to win back to back Ozcar awards! Given how close she came to being a two time winner, I’m sure she’ll take back to back Ozcars with pride. She dominated both the first round of voting and final round, and was never even close to being overhauled as the sexiest female contestant of all time. Can she go for the threepeat in 2014? Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if she did. Congratulations Parvati!

Tomorrow we bring the top 25 heroes in the history of Survivor as voted by you! Get excited!


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16 Comments on Ozcars 2013–25 Hottest Female Survivor Contestants of All Time!

  1. Troy Maynard // June 16, 2013 at 9:46 am // Reply


    • Sparky Malarky // December 30, 2014 at 2:26 pm // Reply

      Here they are:
      Jenna Lewis
      Jerri Manthey
      Lindsay Richter
      Neleh Dennis
      Shii Ann Huang
      Jenna Morasca
      Christa Hastie
      Amber Brkich
      Dolly Neely
      Katie Gallagher
      Cindy Hall
      Misty Giles
      Cecilia Mansilla
      Rita Verrios
      Peih-Gee Law
      Amanda kimmel
      Jacquie Berg
      Candace Smith
      Kelly Sharbaugh
      Parvati Shallow
      Kelly Shinn
      Natalie Tanerelli
      Semhar Tadesse
      Alicia Rosa
      Sarah Dawson
      Andrea Boehike
      Katie Collins
      Kass McQuillen
      Missy Payne

  2. Candice is married. She’s Candice Cody now. No more embarrassing last name for her

  3. No Heidi Strobel? She is a 9.5 in real life even if she did close in on a 6 in the Amazon.

  4. Jsjdifjdjeisiskzjssudidjsj // June 17, 2013 at 6:22 am // Reply

    I’m so disappointed danni is not in this but that eliza and kim are.

  5. That’s an OK list (aside from Denise of course—and Lisa), but Michelle Yi should definitely be on there somewhere and Julie Berry should be higher. Also, I would have flipped the Top 2 and had Brenda as #1 and Parvati as #2.

    • Sparky Malarky // December 30, 2014 at 2:44 pm // Reply

      C’mon, the gay guys voted for Denise and Lisa just to piss you off… Julie, Michelle and Brenda are average, at best…

  6. How is Hope Driskill not on this. Isn’t she now a Victoria’s Secret model? I am happy with the inclusion of Angie.

  7. It would be better if Brenda was number 1 😦

  8. Anyone that disagrees with Parvati being the reigning champion is a fool lol. Decent list, some faulty placements, but the biggest bone I have to pick is that uhhh Denise and Lisa are on the list? Where the fruck is Kelly Sharbaugh from Samoa?!?! She was the hottest one that season, even Laura too. I’d also say maybe Natalie Bolton from FvF

  9. Andrea and Brenda are so much hotter than Parvati. Amanda is hotter than Chelsea. So many ditzes on this list. Lisa is beautiful inside and out, she deserves higher. Denise was cool, but sexy? James thought so at least.

  10. There is an error if the list doesn’t include Stephanie Valencia

  11. angie as natural beauty? her boobs are fake

  12. No problem with the top 3 choices. There’s no makeup and soap to cover up with on Survivor, so we got to see how attractive these natural beauties really were.

    There was a black girl on that season with Coach who got booted early. I think her name was Candace, and she was unbelievably hot. Also, there was a woman in her 30’s named Ali or something similar, who was on the show twice. I think she modeled for playboy and she was also unbelievably hot.

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