Survivor Ozcap–Redemption Island


Our 22nd Ozcap is here, as Ben and his little gang of Ozlets discuss everything to do with the 22nd season of Redemption Island in true Survivor Oz style!

A season hated by most, despised by others and panned by everyone else. Everything seems to be criticised across this season, from how ‘easy’ Rob had the win right through to the terrible twist that was Redemption Island and everything else in between. In the end it was the first ever player to play for a fourth time, Rob ‘Boston Rob’ Mariano who walked away a millionaire by beating Phillip Sheppard and Natalie Tenerelli in a 8-1-0 vote. During the Ozcap, we talk about the most interesting sound effect yet, why Ben and Rileigh were confused where the season was actually filmed, what was up with Russell’s armpits, the awkward cast photos, which contestants ‘eyes were too close’, who was a ‘shit version of Big Tom’ as well as the love of Andrea, everything to do with Phillip and Jeff Probst not knowing words in the English language. You then of course will expect and hear our infamous Ozcap final questions!

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1 Comment on Survivor Ozcap–Redemption Island

  1. franscesca wasn’t targetting rob like most of you argued.

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