Joe Dowdle Interview


It’s always hard to leave the game of Survivor, but even harder when you have leave with an injury. For Joe this was the case, and he joined the long list of contestants who have had to be evacuated from the game. Prior to this Joe found himself in some close bonds with important people, so important that it very much could’ve taken him all the way to the end had things played out. Outside of the game his music is still going, and he has even found a fondness for the Australian music scene. And what is this about wanting to ask a question to a special someone without them knowing?

Survivor: Gabon - Earth's Last Eden

Joe found himself in a fairly good position early on with close bonds formed with both JT and Stephen. However a leg injury in one of the challenges hampered him, and eventually it became all too much and he was medically evacuated from the game just after the merge. He would be the last player to be first gone after the merge to not make the jury until Corinne in Caramoan.

In our chat with Joe, he talks about it being half a decade since Tocantins, what made him go onto Survivor in the first place, his unique ‘persuade and evade’ strategy, whether or not anything happened with Sydney in or out of the game, his close relationship with Stephen and JT and why it was never really shown, why he can take credit for numerous people going far, just what the deal with Taj was and their relationship, how serious his leg injury was as well as why he was allowed to leave the game early to head home, the Texas Survivor alumni and telling us exactly why THAT quote from Rob C earlier in our history is so hated.

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