NaOnka Mixon Interview


Love her or hate her, there is no denying that NaOnka Mixon is one of the biggest characters ever seen on Survivor. Her entire run on the 21st season of Nicaragua scored her loads of airtime, and through all the outlandish and loud moments, there were numerous underrated moments that don’t get her as much strategic respect as she perhaps deserves. Since her time on the show, she has still managed to stay in touch with the fans and still finds herself at the end of large amounts of criticism to this day. But NaOnka rides through it, and gives us one of the most entertaining interviews we have ever done.

Survivor: Nicaragua NaOnka formed some early strong alliances but always found herself clashing with numerous members of her tribe. She found an idol, and it looked likely that she would make it deep in the game by either her strong gameplay or others taking her to the end as a ‘goat’. However NaOnka soon found herself struggling to cope in the harsh Nicaraguan conditions, and alongside Purple Kelly she quit the game and joined the jury.

In our chat with NaOnka, she talks about how she ‘carried the season’, why nobody else out there played the game, why being in control was ‘scary’, her relationship with Brenda and comparing it to her time on Caramoan, how she was approached to be on the show and why she accepted it, why she wasn’t happy with Purple Kelly getting a higher finishing spot than she did, what advice she has for people applying for the show, why the switch was the worst thing to happen to her in the game, who her ideal final three was, what the reaction was like at Ponderosa on her return as well as why she wants to see Jeff Probst play Survivor, which former contestant she was romantically involved with and misses as well as why she grabbed Ozzy’s ass and what exactly it feels like.

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