Albert Destrade Interview


For somebody who made it all the way to the end in South Pacific, it’s often hard to find people who talk about how great Albert actually played. Strong strategically, strong in challenges and strong socially, Albert played a great game on his only season and perhaps deserves more credit than he ultimately gets. For somebody who also was asked to literally ‘pick up the pieces’, he can have a laugh at that situation today, and even has some surprising information about Cochran and his dating life.


Albert formed himself into a tight alliance early on that would see him go all the way to the end, where despite playing a fairly strong game, he walked away from the final tribal council in third place without receiving a single vote.

In our chat with Albert, he talks about how quickly time has gone since his season, why he stayed up all night catching up on seasons before he played, how he knew there would be returning players on his season, the reputation Coach brought with him and why it worked against him, how he made a final 3 with Sophie in the first 45 minutes of the game, why he and Sophie were in control but why Sophie never played to win, his skill at reading people and his awareness as well as whether or not he has to pick up pieces daily and telling us if he ever said thankyou to Brandon for him giving his immunity to him.

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  1. Wrong. He one vote against.

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