Michael Snow Interview


Michael ‘Snowy’ Snow had it all to play for in Caramoan but every single time he looked like he had gotten into a great position, things fell out from underneath him. He is the first to admit how frustrating this aspect of his game actually was, but it still didn’t stop him from living the dream of playing Survivor. Through flipping his tribe off after his vote out, to being constantly referred to as Corinne’s ‘gay’, Michael has a lot to say since his time on the show and it’s all worth a listen to.

101917_d22696bMichael started off strongly strategically and formed a strong alliance early on with Matt. This looked likely to take him far, however a tribal switch soon turned his plans around and he had to fight to survive. After the merge it looked like things were soon coming his way after it looked as though Corinne had found a way to switch the game around, but when Corinne was blindsided, Michael knew he was going home and he was the first member of the jury.

In our chat with Michael, he talks about what colour ribbon he deserves for finishing in 14th, not getting recognised often since the show ended, why he thought they were ‘jerks’ stepping off the helicopter when he saw the returning players, why some people weren’t really ‘starstruck’ at seeing the returnees, what good qualities Shamar had in the game, how hard it was to vote out Laura, why it didn’t matter to him being on TV, what Brenda was like at Ponderosa after the vote out, having a fight with Phillip as well as how difficult it was at the reunion, what question he asked Sherri at the final tribal council and his love for Tim Tams.

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