Matt Bischoff Interview


Many people tipped Matt Bischoff to not only go far on the 26th season of Caramoan, but also come away as a fan favourite. While he didn’t go as far as he would've liked, he certainly left the game as a fan favourite, with one certain part standing out above others. From talking about his beard, to his relationships in and out of the game, it’s all covered in one very entertaining chat. There is also talk of ‘payback’ should he ever see Rudy or Boston Rob return for another season and then see them on a reunion show.

Survivor Caramoan episode 6 Matt Bischoff The Beard Dimebag Pantera quote Matt formed an early bond with Michael and together they helped form a majority alliance on the fans tribe. However with the tribe losing, a switch was always inevitable and Matt found himself in the worst possible scenario at a switch, which saw him voted out and sent home before the jury.

In our chat with Matt, he talks about the long wait to see his season air after it filmed, why he didn’t want to hear any spoilers from Malcolm, his wish for it to be an all newbies season, the ‘comedy’ situation of Phillip and Brandon, why there was a lot more behind the scenes strategy from him that we never got a chance to see, his thoughts on the Dawn v Brenda situation as well as his idea to promote beard shampoo, why he took the reunion show harder than others and being told he sounds like Vanuatu winner Chris Daugherty.

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