Survivor Oz Top 10–Top 10 Dysfunctional Tribes


It’s Wednesday folks, which means it’s time for a brand new Survivor Oz Top Ten! This week, our South Carolina Ozlet, Shayna Davis returns to bring you to the Top Ten Dysfunctional Tribes in Survivor! Over the journey, we have watched eighty four different tribes create shelters and go into battle together with the goal of becoming the Sole Survivor. Whilst we have seen some dominant tribes across the journey, we have also seen some truly terrible tribes battle not only their opponents but also each other. Which ten tribes does Shayna believe to be the most dysfunctional? What do you think of her selections? Read on and leave a comment with your thoughts below!

There are few tribes in Survivor history that have worked like a well-oiled machine. One off the top of my head is Koror from Survivor: Palau. Even the Koror tribe had their infighting. However, there have been several tribes that have been what I call “dysfunctional”. To be a dysfunctional tribe in my opinion means a couple of things. A dysfunctional tribe that cannot pull it together in challenges and cannot live in harmony or the tribe can manage to win challenges; either way, there is usually a lot of social drama among the tribe.

10. Post Switch Manono Tribe – One World


The newly swapped Manono tribe didn’t even get a chance to have a good laugh and bond before one of their own started cutting them down. Colton announced right away that the other tribe was a bunch of Greek gods and they were the peasants. The Manono tribe could have won some challenges, they had the super athletic Monica Culpepper and Christina Cha was young and athletic, they could have had a chance. But, they ended up losing every challenge. Their shining moment was when Monica scored a basket in the Immunity Challenge and the tribe proceeds to vote off Monica, their strongest member.

9. Zapatera Tribe – Redemption Island

The tribe was off to an amazing start when they forced Ometepe to go to Tribal Council in the first two episodes of the season, but their intolerance of Russell got to high and they threw the challenge to get rid of Russell. The Zapatera tribe became victims of the “throwing a challenge” curse. After Russell was voted out the tribe never recovered, losing every challenge until the Merge, giving all the power to Ometepe.

8. Post Mutiny Rarotonga Tribe – Cook Islands


The Aitutaki and Rarotonga tribes seemed to be on equal grounds with numbers, but then Jeff gave the castaways an opportunity to Mutiny. Jonathan and Candace left Aitutaki and joined Rarotonga. Aitutaki were left with just four people and they thought they were doomed. However, the little tribe plowed through Rarotonga with Yul’s smarts and Ozzy’s strength, as the Aitutaki four eliminated every single one of the Rarotonga’s and ended up in the Final Four.

7. Pagong Tribe – Borneo

They get a little bit of a pass for being the first season, but they never voted together and refused to believe that the other team had an alliance until it was too late. They also voted off Joel based on a comment about women that he supposedly said. The only positive…. they managed to find the island spa!

6. Airai Tribe – Micronesia


The Fans were doomed to begin with going up against experienced players. They managed to win the first challenge, but camp was a bickering fest. It appeared that Joel couldn’t stand Chet because he was weak, but Jason made matters worse when he refused to let Tracey, Kathy and Chet sleep in “his” shelter.

5. Post Dissolve Casaya Tribe – Panama


During the second episode the four tribes split by age and gender dissolved and two tribes formed named Casaya and La Mina. Even though the Casaya’s had the numbers going into the Merge the Casaya tribe was one of the most argumentative tribes in Survivor history! Shane was on his nicotine withdrawal mood swings; Courtenay was irritating, Bruce was doing yoga in his Zen garden, Shane was constantly lashing out at Courtenay and Danielle and Danielle argued back. Cirie was enjoying all of the chaos because she started out as the target, but the tribe was so irritated with one another they forgot about her and it helped her reach the Final Four.

4. Gota Tribe – Caramoan

The original Fans vs. Favorites was such a hit that doing it a second time seemed like a great idea, but during season twenty-six it became very clear that first time castaways playing with returning castaways is to much of an advantage which makes for a predictable season. The Fans only won one challenge and escaped Tribal Council only a second time when Brandon quit the game.

3. Ravu Tribe – Fiji

The Ravu tribe became the “have not’s” tribe after they lost the first challenge and they could never beat the Moto tribe that were getting stronger by the day. Ravu lost all but one challenge until the Merge. The tribe was not only losing challenges, but certain members could not get along with one another. Michelle didn’t like Sylvia; Rocky was annoyed with Anthony for being what he considered feminine, Rocky was also going through nicotine withdrawals making him short fused. A Tribe Switch could not even change the tribe’s luck, with new Ravu member Lisi, not able to hack the dire conditions which resulted in her wanting to quit the game.

2. Maraamu Tribe – Marquesas


They were the first tribe to never win a challenge until the Tribe Switch. The tribe seemed to have a good social dynamic. They created the ‘Survivor morning show’ and had there tender moments, but the tribe could not pull together to win a challenge. They were also one of the first tribes in Survivor history to take out one of their biggest physical threats, (Hunter), early in the game, despite their inability to win challenges.

1. Ulong Tribe – Palau


The tribe was off to a horrible start when in the very first challenge they grabbed all the supplies except for flint, whilst the Koror tribe took only the flint and won the challenge. The Ulong tribe easily goes down as the worst tribe in history as they went onto lose every Immunity Challenge until they only had one member left. Bobby Jon said it best when he said, “We worked harder, they just worked smarter”.


What do you think of the top 10? Do you agree? Disagree? Is it in the wrong order or are there ones that didn’t make the top 10 that you feel should’ve? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!

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19 Comments on Survivor Oz Top 10–Top 10 Dysfunctional Tribes

  1. D from Van // July 24, 2013 at 11:44 am // Reply

    I agree for the most part, but I don’t think any dysfunctional tribe list would be complete without the inclusion of Fang from Gabon. I would probably swap out Zapatera and place them second behind only Ulong

  2. no Matsing?
    Or Foa Foa?

  3. Where is the Morgan tribe from Pearl Islands? They deserve to be close to the top of the list!

    • Close, but no cigar. Savage led the tribe to a winning streak after the infamous “throw the immunity” debacle by Drake.

      • Matthew // July 25, 2013 at 1:33 pm //

        Yes, Morgan won a reward challenge with Rupert on their tribe (and no Burton on Drake). They won the gross food challenge (which was more due to Michelle’s ineptitude than Savage’s “leadership”). I’ll agree that Savage was the deciding factor in the weight challenge, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Morgans are incredibly dysfunctional (which is what this list is categorizing).

        Watch the Morgans in the village at the beginning of episode one. Ryno runs off with no money and no map to rent a boat. Osten straight up tells the women that they should be willing to flash some Panamanian merchants for free items. He continues his brilliance by SELLING HIS CLOTHES AND CATCHING PNEUMONIA, leading to his quit later in the season. The Morgans leave the village with money left over, but limited supplies and food.

        In unaired scenes, when Probst offered a mutiny, Savage discouraged Shawn and Michelle from switching tribes and adding to the Morgan tribe’s numbers. In addition, their complete inability to capitalize on the Outcast twist sealed their downfall once the tribes merged. Does the challenge scoreboard come a little closer to even by the merge? Sure, but that doesn’t change the fact that Morgan deserves a spot on this list over many of the other tribes named.

  4. The first thing I thought of when I saw this was Casaya, and I’m glad it was on here, it should have been #1 though. And no Fang/Tandang/Timbira?

  5. I agree. Matsing, Morgan, Fang, and Foa Foa should be there.


  7. I think there were a lot of dysfunctional tribes and its hard to just limit it to 10, so overall good job. However, I thought Maraamu was a little high, they just seemed happy enough together and the same can not be said for Morgan and Foa Foa.

  8. But Ulong will always be memorable for Stephenie and Bobby Jon’s strength to hang on, and then for Steph to continue … yeehaw! It was pretty amazing.

  9. Dysfunctional Tribes are always the best and the most entertaining

  10. Great list, especially the top 3. I’d definitely throw in a vote for the original Samburu in Africa. They were the biggest mess ever. Zapatera and Pagong go down as the dumbest dysfunctionals in my opinion

  11. I too immediately thought of Casaya and thought Foa Foa would be #2
    I don’t think Zapatera was dysfunctional, they just could win together.

  12. I agree with everything this woman sai, except the part where she said Brandon quit. He didnt technically quit.

  13. How can Tandang and Galu have been forgotten from the list? Like Casaya, dysfunctional tribes which became miraculously functionnal when competing in a challenge, so entertaining!
    I think Casaya should be #1.

  14. LOVE this list – absolutely hilarious to remember how sad it was watching these tribes fall apart so hard….
    Though Samburu FOR SURE should be on this list – SUCH a hot mess.

  15. If you made this list today, the brain tribe in the latest season 28 should definitely be included. That tribe sucks, I could not believe this is the “high IQ” tribe. Maybe except for Spencer, he did well in challenges but the other members were horrible.

  16. Timbira. Obvious

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