Phillip Sheppard Caramoan Interview


Love him or hate him, Phillip Sheppard has left a big mark on the Survivor world. From his first appearance on Redemption Island, he polarised viewers with his antics and opinions and made people question whether or not he was really that way or just a bit kooky. It was a given we would see him for a second time, and that second time on Caramoan saw a more mature Phillip seemingly planning for for the long term rather than try and simply get to the end. He once again however left Survivor with enemies, and large portions of the audience questioning whether or not he was for real. But Phillip has a lot to say about his second game in one hell of an interview.


For large portions of Caramoan Phillip appeared to be in control. Creating ‘Stealth R Us 2.0’ he went from giving people nicknames to ensuring he always knew what was going on around camp at all times. However with a fractured relationship with Brandon Hantz and a group of amigos who turned against him pretty quickly, it took an epic blindside to see ‘The Specialist’ removed from the game and voted out for the very first time in Survivor.

In our chat with Phillip, he talks about why he thinks the Aussie fans are the best in the world, why his exposure has been even greater playing for a second time, the ‘Boston Rob Rules’ strategy and why it was smarter than it seemed, what Boston Rob said to him about his game and why he went and stayed with him and Amber, answering questions about him being in ‘control’ and distilling the truth about it, his edit and why it didn’t bother him too much, why ‘Stealth R Us’ won the season, what Brandon did to severely damage his game, his take on the Dawn/Brenda situation as well as which player he found the most difficult to play with, the situation with the reunion, his so called ‘feud’ with Stephen Fishabach and giving Ben his very own nickname as part of ‘Stealth R Us’.

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