Ashley Underwood Interview


Despite being on a forgettable season, Ashley Underwood was one of the shining lights of Redemption Island. Smart, beautiful and always in a strong position, she formed bonds early with Rob and Natalie that seemingly would take her all the way to the end. Despite that not being the case, she still endeared herself to the fans on a season that was hard to secure airtime. Outside of the show she often bumps into former winners at weddings, and isn’t afraid to express an opinion when it comes to the likes of Russell and Andrea.


Ashley immediately hit it off with Natalie on her tribe and the two of them also formed a very tight bond with Boston Rob. They stuck together during the entire game, only for Rob and Natalie to turn on here at the final tribal council and take her out just before the end.

In our chat with Ashley, she talks about it being ‘weird’ to think she was ever on Survivor, why she originally applied for The Amazing Race instead of Survivor, her thoughts on returning players, just how she tried to go against Rob early on but had to remain quiet for the rest of the game about it, how Russell would’ve gone on her tribe instead of Rob, why it was disappointing to be on the ‘Rob and Phillip show’, what moments made it to air that we didn’t get to see, just why she bumped into a former winner at a wedding who then promptly asked her to dance, letting us know what season she very nearly appeared on for a second time as well as why she is annoyed at Andrea, her friendship with Francesca and talking up the ‘sex appeal’ of Boston Rob.

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  1. I dont know why you say it seemed she would go right to the end. Rob wanted her gone at the final THREE Tribal Councils. She had to win immunity 3 straight times to have made the final, and it was amazing she nearly pulled it off. It never seemed she would go right to the end when Rob wanted her gone 3 elmination ceremones before the end.

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