Carter Williams Interview


You may not remember the fact that on the 25th season of the Philippines, there was a contestant called Carter. Remember him? He was that one who got a little bit of airtime in the middle part of the season. Turns out it was a shame CBS didn’t give him more airtime, because what follows is easily one of our most entertaining interviews we have ever done. From his undying love of all thing Keanu Reeves, right through to why he spelt Skupin’s name as ‘Skoopin’ in the final tribal council, you’ll be charmed by the lovable ways of one of Survivor’s nicest ‘dudes’.

Survivor: Philippines

Carter formed tight bonds early on with Penner and Jeff Kent but also alienated himself against the women on his tribe. He remained loyal throughout the game to his alliance although he did manage to flip sides on a couple of occasions but return to his original bonds. In the end though he ran out of luck and despite some great challenge performances, he was sent packing to the jury.

In our chat with Carter, he talks about just why Keanu Reeves is so awesome and why he deserves an Oscar, why the last year has gone by so quickly, which former winner is his Survivor inspiration, how he knew there were returning players before the game began, having no clue as to who Jeff Kent really was, what scenes we missed out on seeing from him due to his invisible edit, why RC had it in for him so much, the reason for turning on Penner and how he got back with him, why Skupin was a big fan of his and just why he spelt his name differently, his relationship with Malcolm and Pete after the game as well as just why nobody wanted to really work with him, his ideal final 3 and what item he reveals Jeff Probst has a fear of.

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