Survivor Ozcap–Caramoan


Our 26th Ozcap is here, as Ben and his little gang of Ozlets discuss everything to do with the 26th season of Caramoan in true Survivor Oz style!

In our longest Ozcap yet, Ben and his posse talk about the 26th season, a season which seemingly was very hit and miss amongst the viewers. From questionable returnees through to some pretty bland (and invisible) new players, there were some very big and memorable moments but also some very bland and forgettable moments along the way. It was a return to the ‘fans vs. favourites’ concept that proved so popular in Micronesia but didn’t seem to do the format justice a second time around. In the end it was returning favourite John Cochran who defeated Dawn Meehan and Sherri Biethman in only the third unanimous vote in the history of the show 8-0-0. During the Ozcap, we talk about which favourites we would’ve liked to see play again, the fans being recruits and not actually fans, the ‘three blondes’ and Ben defending recent comments he made about them, talking up THAT report card, why Jeff Probst proved himself to be the best host on TV this season, Julia and ice cream and whether it’s fair to ice cream, the snowman and why Noah relates to him, the question of whether Phillip played a good game or not, the best sexual innuendos from this season as well as Rileigh swearing and getting into threesomes, the reunion debacle and Ben finally answering his critics about why he was so scathing on Brenda post season. All of this is then closed with the staple Ozcap final questions.

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2 Comments on Survivor Ozcap–Caramoan

  1. Okay where to start… I just don’t get your seething hatred of Brenda! First off drop the shit that she wasn’t in an alliance. The first episode she was aligned with Fran, Erik, and Brandon. After Fran went home Brenda spent the entire pre-merge weaseling her way into Stealth R Us to make sure she didn’t go home. And @ you saying she didn’t get an edit because she was boring and didn’t do anything… Well its fucking incorrect. The final three episodes alone boosted her up to become the second most popular of the season after Malcolm and became the first contestant to trend worldwide on twitter. I hate to break it to you but that popularity will probably give her a third appearance. Can you imagine if she had got an edit the entire season? She was invisible for ten fucking episodes and Dawn was getting death threats after her boot. Had she been edited as the “Caramoan Sweetheart” the entire season people literally would’ve found Dawn and murdered her. So thats my rant. And I’m gonna be the one laughing when she shows up on the inevitable HvV 2. Now I know you are definitely not a casual fan but people are right when they say you are blinded by the edit. And just for fun my ideal Caramoan Faves would be:
    Erik (Micronesia)
    Marty (Nicaragua)
    Cochran (South Pacific)
    Troyzan (One World)
    Malcolm (Philippines)
    Crystal (Gabon)
    Laura (Samoa)
    Brenda (Nicaragua)
    Kat (One World)
    Abi (Philippines)

    • I’m a big Brenda fan, but if Caramoan had been her first appearance, she would be a hugely forgettable Survivor. The reason she came so close on the fan vote and trended worldwide had A LOT to do with Probst campaigning for her on twitter to win the fan vote the night her episode aired. When the host finishes his live commentary by saying “what do you say guys, is Brenda a shoe-in for the fan vote”, it will have a massive impact. I came home to read that before watching the episode, and honestly spent the entire time wondering how she could possibly be fan favourite without doing anything the whole season. And that’s coming from a huge Brenda fan. And she herself has said in many interviews that she wasn’t really in any alliance for the season other than with Erik. She has even said it was her strategy to be invisible. As much as I hate to say it, I think a lot of the criticism is fair.

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