Ozlets Anniversary Episode


On the 26th of August 2012, . These original five helpers helped set the bar high for the future of Survivor Oz and the show hasn’t been the same since! Exactly one year to the day of the announcement, three of the original crew joined Ben for a very special anniversary episode! What followed was one hell of a good time with plenty of laughs along the way!

The original crew of Ethan Garcia, Noah Groves, Troy Maynard, Lancey Morris and Jarryd Elliott have all brought their own personality and smarts to the show over the last year. Through their passion for Survivor, every episode that involves the Ozlets has been an entertainment machine, and since their introduction we have seen 23 further Ozlets join the show along the way.

Ben is joined by Lancey, Jarryd and Noah to reminisce on the good times, their favourite memories, least favourite, impersonations, how they got started and everything else in between! There is even a special appearance by Ethan and some highlights of the last 12 months to keep you satisfied and wanting more!

To enjoy the festivities, click the link below and download one of our most entertaining episodes in our history!

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2 Comments on Ozlets Anniversary Episode

  1. you need me as an ozlet, for sure.

  2. Great episode, was great just to hear people talk about nothing instead of a topic all the time.
    Thanks for asking my question!

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