OzNews–Survivor News Round-Up August 2013


Another month has gone by, which means another edition of OzNews!

Blood vs. Water Cast & Twists Confirmed

If you have been living under a rock for the last week or so, shame on you, the official cast has been announced for Season 27! And Survivor Oz has released its cast assessment and preview episode, so if you haven’t already, check it out here:


Ten returnees with their ten loved ones will be the main feature this season, thrown in with some interesting twists. Redemption Island is back, Day Zero and the ability to swap places with a loved one are just some of these twists I will definitely be looking forward to! It should bring about a different dimension to the show and test people’s loyalty to their loved ones. One thing I would like to have seen is one more blood relation in response to the replacement of R.C. Saint Amour, (sorry Candice, but surely she wasn’t the only standby?!). It would have been nice to have the theme equalized… Only 2 weeks to go!



GO! A Winner for Aussie Survivor Fans

Digital Channel GO! will again be airing Survivor: Blood v Water a few hours after it ends in the US. Thank you to the fast tracking Gods at GO! Except to the person who wrote the linked article; Rupert did not with Fans vs. Favourites… The 90-minute premiere will air on September 19 here in Australia, but no times have been released as yet. I’m guessing a 7:30pm timeslot as per last season. This is surprising news as rumours circulated a couple months back about Channel 9 giving up the rights to the reality show.


Future Australian Survivor in the Works?

If you haven’t listened to Ben’s interview with Charlie Parsons yet, do it! The creator of Survivor mentioned that though nothing is set in stone, there is hope for a new Australian production in the near future. And networks may be fighting over who will air the Aussie season! I suggest to all the Aussie Survivor fans out there to get your audition tapes ready!! Who knows what’s around the corner. (Thanks TVTonight)


Bob Crowley’s Survivor Challenge

Winner of Gabon, Bob Crowley, is putting on his own Survivor competition, called the Durham Warriors Project Survival Challenge, right in his own backyard! As part of his latest endeavor, the Durham Warriors Project, Crowley has constructed a mammoth Survivor arena on his 100-acre property. It will take place on September 5-8 and already has over one hundred participants and spectators for the cause. All fundraiser efforts will go towards the costs for veterans, active duty military and other deserving individuals for a weekend stay at Crowley’s retreat, Maine Forest Yurts. Over four days, eighteen contestants will compete in a series of seventeen challenges, designed to match those on Survivor. There is even a man-made pond for water challenges, and the contestants have been sworn to secrecy, some of who may include past Survivor contestants. This should be a very interesting challenge and we will keep an eye out for any footage from this event. If there are any S-OZ listeners attending let us know!



Hatch Opens up to Oprah

clip_image005[4]In this tell all interview on Oprah’s “Where Are They Now” program, Richard Hatch, winner of the first season Survivor Borneo, opens up about being a regular sperm donor for almost two years whilst a student and how it helped pay his way through college. The interview goes deeper into how he didn’t take being a sperm donor lightly and the implications that could arise, especially about those kids who potentially wanted to seek their biological father. The program shows two of his biological children who tracked down Hatch and mentions he is open to any others who want to contact him. This is a great light-hearted look into Richard’s past, including the adoption of his son, Chris.

Another side of Hatch’s story shows was the tax evasion scandal that swept the nation, and not just in the US! Obviously we didn’t care too much in Australia and instead flew him over to be a part of our version of Who Wants to Be A Millionaire… which he failed. Hatch opens up about the ordeal and still insists that he is innocent of the act and that he did nothing to deserve time in prison.



S-OZ at Give Kids the World 2013

clip_image007[4]On August 2-4, Give Kids the World celebrated their fifth year of the “Hearts of Reality” event in Florida. Survivor Oz had both Aussie and American correspondents in attendance with Ethan, Big Mike, Troy, (though no one could find him), and Jimmy joining in the festivities! I myself donated money to “too many” Survivor contestants according to my bank, which led them to canceling my card thinking it was part of a fraud scam; Lovely. The event was another big success helping those kids in need. Even Survivor’s who aren’t big on reality events made an appearance including Corrine Kaplan, Tom Westman and the popular Greg Buis. Newbie Ozlet Jimmy from Sydney recorded some video bribing contestants with Tim-Tams at the autograph signing which you can check out below.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lowgzrexzWI

Photos: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.503212756423244.1073741829.268779153199940&type=3

French Survivor Death Investigation

A few months ago the death of French Survivor contestant Gerald Babin was featured in the OzNews and world news in general, and in July the French prosecutors opened a criminal manslaughter investigation. Both Adventure Line Productions, (Koh Lanta’s producer), and host Denis Brogniart are facing charges for his death. Babin’s family also filed a separate lawsuit to seek damages against Adventure Line Productions for breaches of health and safety and illegal conditions. To make things a little bit more complicated the shows doctor who treated Babin, Thierry Costa, committed suicide in April and left a suicide note mentioning Gerald and how he has been blamed for his death in the media. It will be interesting to see what the result is in coming months.



Famie’s New Film Production

For those who were/are fans of Keith Famie, who made the Final Three in Australian Outback twelve years ago, he is busily working on a new documentary series called “The Embrace of Aging” which will air in 2014. Famie owns his own company called Visionalist Entertainment Productions and has produced many films and documentaries. His company has also won ten Emmy Awards for documentary films produced in the past nine years. Kudos Keith!


Samsung SOS Island

Do you own a Samsung phone? Want to win a private island for yourself and friends? Ever wanted to play Survivor? “SOS Island: Survival of the Smartest” might be the game for you! Sponsored by Samsung, (Galaxy S4 and NX), sixteen contestants will be trained by survival expert Les Stroud, (who?), in an online video series and live-streamed on YouTube from the Caribbean. Online viewers will be able to vote for the winner who will score a $100,000 private island experience. The competition will be broadcast from September 30 to November 31.


Until next month!LyndaPhoaFooter

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