Survivor: Sons of Anarchy vs. Breaking Bad


Its Monday again which means another Feature Article from Survivor Oz is coming your way! This week we let Ozlet Shayna Davis’ imagination run wild as she runs us through a make-believe season of Survivor dubbed Survivor: Sons of Anarchy vs. Breaking Bad. Yep, Shayna decided to put together a hypothetical seasons which places eight characters from the hit television dramas Sons of Anarchy and Breaking Bad in the game of Survivor take on each other in the ultimate game. Who will came out victorious? Sons of Anarchy or Breaking Bad? You’ll have to read on to find out and don’t forget to leave your thoughts, or ideas for hypothetical seasons below!

Wouldn’t it be a great season of Survivor if you could watch characters from your favorite television shows play Survivor? I certainly think it would!

My favorite television drama is Sons of Anarchy and Breaking Bad comes in second. Both shows have characters that would make a season of Survivor the most dynamic and dramatic season in Survivor history. In this imaginary Survivor season I would put them in Ben’s homeland of Tasmania. Why not, it hasn’t been a location on Survivor yet and it would be a little easier for the two tribes. Judging from what I have seen on both of these two shows is that they are never shown swimming so I don’t think water challenges would be their strong point. These two tribes would do much better in a dry, inland location and not a tropical location.

The two tribes would consist of eight contestants. On the On the Sons of Anarchy, (SOA), tribe we have Bobby, Chibs, Clay, Gemma, Jax, Juice, Tara and Tig. On the Breaking Bad, (BB), tribe we have Gus, Hank, Jesse, Marie, Mike, Saul, Skylar and Walt.SOA Tribe


From the start of the game the BB tribe is having a rough time on the island. Hank is having the hardest time on the island. Hank who is a short fused individual in his daily life is even worse without food and water and he threatens to quit several times. Walt has been anointed as the team leader. Walt has been the most even tempered player on their tribe and he seems to be looking out for everyone. Gus and Mike go along with what Walt tells them to do but they do not trust him. Marie, Skylar, Saul and Jesse do whatever Walt tells them to do. Gus and Mike pull Hank in and tell him that they are going to try to pull Marie into their alliance and try to vote out Walt the first chance they get.

first boot

Hank takes home the title of ‘first boot’.

On the SOA tribe the mood is much brighter. The SOA men and women being together and working as a group is something they have done for years and what other motorcycle clubs have done for years. The first few days Clay has emerged as the natural leader. Clay is the oldest and most experienced. Jax although much younger than Clay has lots of leadership ability. Bobby is great for team morale, but his tribe fears he will be the weak link because he is the most physically out of shape. Strategically Gemma is the biggest threat. She is by far the most manipulative person on the tribe.

The first twenty-one days before the Merge sends the BB tribe to Tribal Council four times and sends home Hank, Marie, Saul and Gus. The SOA tribe has gone to Tribal twice and sent home Tig and Bobby. Bobby had no hard feelings about being voted out, but Tig was a blind-side. Tig was the loose cannon of the SOA tribe and they feared that he would give up tribe secrets after the Merge. The BB tribe’s vote outs were fairly easy. Hank, Saul and Marie asked to be voted out. Walt swayed his tribe to vote out Gus because he thought he would turn on the tribe after the Merge.

The Merge is not a happy occasion for either tribe. The BB people feel like their game is already over and the SOA tribe has a lot of drama built up. Jax and Clay cannot stand each other and are fighting for the leadership position. Clay feels like he is losing control. The only person he still has in his corner is Juice. The first two Tribal Councils after the Merge send home Walt and Mike. The SOA tribe swayed Jesse and Skylar to vote with them. The following Tribal Council is the most volatile Tribal Council so far in the game. Jeff Probst has to intervene on several occasions. Clay came very close to hitting Jax. Clay was suspicious his tribe would turn on him and he was right. For the first time the SOA tribe turned on their own.

jax merge

Jax; the charismatic charmer. 

On Day thirty, the remaining players are Gemma, Chibs, Juice, Jax, Tara, Skylar and Jesse. Jesse and Skylar predictably go out next leaving the remaining five SOA members to battle it out. Jax, Gemma and Tara have a Final Three deal. Juice goes on an Immunity run that puts the Final Three alliances in jeopardy. The next two to go are Chibs, Tara. Juice wins the Final Immunity Challenge. Juice is struggling with his choice. He feels that both Jax and Gemma are threatening in their own ways. Gemma is a strategic and social threat. Juice knows Gemma would be good in front of the Jury because she is good with her words and won’t let anyone intimidate her. Juice feels Jax is a threat because he is the most charming and likeable. In the end Juice chooses to go to the end with Gemma.

The Final Tribal Council is a clear cut choice. The Jury walked all over Juice. Juice did win the most challenges but he never stepped up and made any decisions. Gemma was brilliant with all of her answers. Clay was the most bitter juror and lashed out at Juice. Juice ended up apologizing to Clay. Gemma handled Clay with ease and easily earned his vote. The only votes Juice received were Skylar and Jesse’s; they both thought Gemma was too evil and manipulative to win the million bucks. Gemma received the other votes and took home the victory!

juice 2nd

Juice – Survivor: Sons of Anarchy vs. Breaking Bad Runner Up. 

gemma first

 Gemma – Winner Survivor: Sons of Anarchy vs. Breaking Bad 

In my opinion Gemma is a hybrid of Tina and Parvati. She has the motherly, nurturing and manipulative ways of Tina. She also has the flirty and manipulative charm of Parvati. In Sons of Anarchy Gemma has all of the men wrapped around her finger. Gemma is a master manipulator who stirs up lies to cause conflict with others. She does all of these things to benefit herself. She has all of the qualities you need to be successful in the game of Survivor and she can do it in a way that will make people not be mad at her in the end.


Do you agree or disagree with Shayna’s make-believe season? Leave your thoughts by commenting below!

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