Survivor Oz Top 10-Top 10 Loved Ones Visits

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It’s Wednesday again, which means another Survivor Oz Top Ten is coming your way! This week’s article, written by Ozlet Noah Groves, has been fast-tracked to your computer screens to coincide with the much anticipated Survivor: Blood Vs. Water, which premieres tomorrow night. Since the beginning of the show in Borneo, one episode per season has been dedicated to the loved ones visit, designed to give the contestants a taste of what they have probably been missing most since starting the game. Loved ones have made appearances via video, over the internet and on the phone, as well as in person, sometimes even competing in challenges instead of the Survivors themselves. The next installment of Survivor: Blood Vs. Water, will even see contestants compete in an entire season with their loved ones. Today, Noah has listed his top ten Survivor loved ones visits. Do you agree with his choices? Who would you have liked to see come back for season twenty-seven? Read on and leave your comments below.

10. Sean’s Father (Jim) – Borneo

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Sure it’s not the most memorable of the loved ones visits but it is one of the most iconic, being the first time a loved one would be on location as a part of a reward. However, the main reason Jim Kennif makes it onto the list is the fact that they dressed him up as a ship captain. They freaking dressed him up a ship captain! Why don’t they have fun with the loved ones like this any more? The closest they have come to this is probably the Palau massage switch but that’s nothing on the ship captain. Jim also became the first loved one to bring a care package to the other contestants, a tradition long since abandoned.

9. Helen’s Husband (Jim) – Thailand

vlcsnap-2013-09-09-11h48m26s200 copyAnother iconic loved ones visit, the first time loved ones would compete in a food challenge on location to stay with their respective Survivor. What made this visit so great was Helen’s constant harassing for Jim to win the challenge. You could see the fear in Jim’s face if he actually lost the challenge, and in a great eat off with Jake’s wife, he pulled through. Through the short time we got to see Jim, we got a sense of the relationship Helen and her husband have and it makes this an often forgotten but nonetheless great loved ones moment.

8. Kathy’s Son (Patrick) – Marquesas

vlcsnap-2013-09-09-11h49m02s45 copy

Possibly an entry many of you weren’t expecting to see, Kathy’s son’s visit to the Marquesas camp was amusing and memorable. Pat had an entertaining vibe about himself and a comedic tone. From his expert ‘drop the rock to break shell technique’ to his confessional about no longer wanting to stay on the island for another 24 hours, Pat was the goof ball who seemed to make a positive impression on everyone at the camp. Pat later made a cameo appearance on a TV screen in Survivor: All-Stars and could make for an entertaining character to actually play the game. A Kathy/Pat return could have made for a good duo in Blood Vs. Water.

7. Big Tom’s Son (Bucky Bo) – All-Stars

vlcsnap-2013-09-09-11h51m32s14 copy

Bucky Bo just has that positive and entertaining energy about him. Just like Big Tom, Bo was a hilarious character that the audience could laugh along with. Tom and Bo got to spend a pizza and booze-filled night with Boston Rob and his brother; you could only imagine the fun the four of them would have had that night. Bucky Bo’s most memorable and entertaining moment was when he went on to break the tribe’s fishing spear, much to the upset of Rupert. What makes this loved ones visit great though is the aftershock caused from it. During the Reunion show, Big Tom confronted Rob about some of things he said about Bo on the island. This added a lot of drama to an already drama-filled Reunion. This dynamic father-and-son duo would have been brilliant on Blood Vs. Water and Tom actually revealed that he was asked to return. Big Tom and Bucky Bo can currently be seen on their new reality show Family Beef on Natgeo.

6. Cirie’s Husband (H.B.) – Panama

vlcsnap-2013-09-09-11h53m45s65 copy

H.B. was the couch potato just like Cirie and was just as much of an amusing character as Cirie. H.B. trying to adjust to the life Cirie had been living for the past month is hilarious and his ‘honey bunny’ confessional is easily a contender for the funniest things ever said by a loved one. H.B. would get the lucky honour of being a two-time loved one challenge reward as he and Cirie went to swim in the Micronesian jellyfish lake. H.B. would also get to speak during the Panama Tribal Council and has made an appearance during Cirie’s Survivor Oz interview! Even if Cirie was never on Survivor, H.B. would have made a great contestant on the show and the two of them could have went on to be a powerful and entertaining duo in Blood Vs. Water. If Cirie ever returns again, let’s hope she makes it to the loved ones challenge so we can at least see another appearance of H.B. and an equally amusing time at camp!

5. Lisa’s Brother (Justice) – Philippines

vlcsnap-2013-09-09-11h54m53s230 copy

It’s not often we get a loved one that completely shifts the way their Survivor attempts to play the rest of the game. Lisa’s (much younger) brother seemed to do just this. Whether he watches Survivor or not, Justice obviously knows something about how to play Survivor. He taught and gave Lisa the faith she needed to complete the game with a chance of actually winning. Who knows how the rest of the game would have been if Malcolm didn’t win Immunity in the following challenge. Justice was charismatic and (as shown in the Reunion) turned Lisa’s frown upside down. The producers of Survivor considered Lisa as a returnee for Survivor: Caramoan, so why not get Lisa and Justice back for Blood Vs. Water. Who knows, this brother/sister duo could have dominated the game right to the end.

4. Brandon’s Father (Shawn) – South Pacific

vlcsnap-2013-09-09-12h01m13s184 copy

Say what you will about the Hantz’s and their ability to play Survivor, there is no denying that at times they provide entertainment and Shawn Hantz was no exception to this. Most of us were probably thinking that Brandon’s loved one would be uncle Russell and instead we were greeted with Shawn Hantz’s Survivor debut. Shawn was great during his time on the island. His bullying of Coach to take Brandon to the end made for great confessionals and moments from Coach, and his constant reminding of Brandon to bring home the million adds to the experience given the outcome of Brandon’s game. In just a short time in the South Pacific, Shawn gave us that Hantz scheming that we are used to. Sadly Shawn was not present at the South Pacific Reunion and has not since returned on Survivor screens. You can, however, watch him and Russell on Flipped Off on A&E.

3. Abi-Maria’s Mother (Vera) – Philippines

vlcsnap-2013-09-09-11h55m59s118 copy

Seriously, what is not to love about Vera Gomes!? From her bright yellow top to her brilliant performance in the challenge, and let’s not forget about the fact that she didn’t even speak English at all. Did she even know what the hell she was doing or why the hell she was in the Philippines? Vera truly is the most unique loved one we have ever seen on Survivor and may never be topped as most unexpected/bizarre visit. If only Abi and her mother could throw mud bags better and we could have seen more Vera action at the Dangrayne camp. Here’s hoping Abi-Maria one day returns and makes it to the loved ones challenge!

2. Shane’s Son (Boston) – Panama

vlcsnap-2013-09-09-11h52m55s77 copy

This loved ones visit was so well built up. Throughout the entire season Shane would bring up his son Boston and how much he missed him, so when it came to the loved ones challenge, we were all wondering whether or not it would be Boston running out to hug his Dad. As it turned out, it was, and for the first time ever we had a loved one who was just a child. Never before or after have we had anything like this. What made it better was that Shane actually got to spend time with Boston overnight and it was clear the love Shane had for his son. If there was one pairing that should have returned for Blood Vs. Water, then it should have been Shane and Boston. Boston would now be an adult and Shane has always been a consideration to return to the game, and it is clear why. Boston Powers’ loved ones visit will remain one of the most memorable in the game.

1. Jonny Fairplay’s Friend (Thunder D) – Pearl Islands


I am sure most of you were expecting Thunder D to make it on to this list and most of you would know why. We all know about the infamous Grandma lie by Fairplay and know that Thunder D was instrumental in its success. “She died dude” is a line we hear over and over in flash back clips, montage videos and everything in between. Thunder D was very Fairplay like, from his (poor) attempt at the Fairplay trade mark hand gestures as he is first seen, to his general Fairplay-like sleaze that we all know and love. If Survivor ever did a ‘friend couples’ edition of the show, then Fairplay and Thunder D would be a must have in the cast. If not, let’s hope Thunder D graces our screens once again as a loved one to Fairplay.

Honourable Mentions

Colby Donaldson’s Mother (Australia)
Jenna Lewis’ Brother (All-Stars)
Kat Edorsson’s Cousin (One World)
Tarzan Smith’s Wife (One World)
Michael Skupin’s Son (Philippines)


What do you think of the top 10? Do you agree? Disagree? Is it in the wrong order or are there ones that didn’t make the top 10 that you feel should’ve? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!

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15 Comments on Survivor Oz Top 10-Top 10 Loved Ones Visits

  1. I know you despise Brenda but Caramoan really should’ve have made the list. That was really the only big “moment” that happened the entire season. One World should have also made it with Kat not picking Christina and Tarzan.

  2. Correction: I just realized this was loved-ones and not family visits. Oops!

  3. What the? No Taj, No Brenda? WHY?

    • I too lament the exclusion of Taj and Eddie. Everything leading up to that visit was gold. And Taj and Eddie on Exile Island? Priceless. I suspect the producers REALLY wanted these two for Blood v. Water and had to settle for the Culpeppers.

    • I was shocked that Taj wasn’t on the list. That was one of the more emotional loved ones visits.

  4. Coach and his assistant coach should be right behind Fairplay. Other than that, nice list. Kathys son was hilarious.

    • I’m actually glad Taj isn’t on here. I was just watching it the other day, and that was the most disappointing loved ones visit ever. It was built up well with all of the players bowing out of the auction for her, but when everyone got a loved one visit it just diminished the scene completely. All we had was 5 minutes of each person’s loved one saying “Wow I can’t believe you’re doing this”. Taj and Eddie had almost no scream time

  5. How on earth did you overlook Reid’s visit to Colby on Heroes v Villains?!?! That might be my number 1!!!!

  6. Brenda!!!

  7. Dan Lembo’s son in Nicaragua was a touching one

  8. Brenda and her dad in Caramoan.

  9. At school we watched ONE episode of Survivor ever and its was the loved ones visit in Phillipines and everyone laughed their asses off at Vera XDDD

  10. Mattie from Gabon not being on this list is criminal!

  11. Malcolm’s brother and Erik’s brother was pretty funny. Any family visit where the family member does not speak english is funny

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