Survivor Blood vs. Water-Episode 1 Recap featuring Joel Klug!


The new season of Survivor Blood vs. Water is here! After an enthralling premiere episode it’s time to recap it. Joining us, we have our resident recap expert Jarryd and Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend Joel Klug from the first ever season of Borneo!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

Welcome back to Survivor Oz’s episode recaps! Once again, I’m with you each and every week to break down each episode of Blood vs. Water. Ben and the Ozlets will be chiming in each week and as always we’ll bring you an exclusive recap with a former castaway about anything and everything that happened in the episode!

Today, I take you through everything that happened in the first episode of Blood vs. Water, which also happens to be the 400th episode of Survivor! From the unlucky two who were sent away to Redemption Island on Day One, how the new twists played out, challenges, Tribal Council and everything in-between, plus why Gervase owes Aras his life!

We kick off proceedings this season with various landscape scenes and see everyone heading out to different locations on Day Zero. Jeff talks us through the Day Zero twist and the back-story on each returning player as they are dropped off with their loved one by various modes of transport, (Noah was jumping out of his seat because we have both a boat and a truck entrance), each at a different location. Everyone talks up how they are going to play the game before settling down together on the bug strewn ground to get some shut eye.

Suddenly it’s the next morning and everyone is meeting Probst on the beach. Seriously… what was the point of Day Zero? The only thing that happened was the Loved One’s asking their returning player for direction of where to sleep… so in other words, nothing happened! Why didn’t Production just tell everyone that they would be on the same tribe as their loved one pre-game, then drop a bombshell on Day One by splitting them up? Seems to make a lot more sense.

Anyway, we meet up with the ten pairs and Jeff the next morning and Jeff asks Hayden about his first night on Survivor, then lets slip he’s a Big Brother winner. Soon after, Jeff drops the bombshell that everyone will be split up from there loved one which doesn’t go down very well with everyone. Jeff asks who is excited about competing against their loved one and more than half of the castaways raise their hands. Katie says she thought Tina would raise her hand, that’s why she raised hers and Tina comments that this will be the “hardest thing” competing against each other. Brad says that while he wants to beat his wife, it might cross his mind to throw some challenges if it would benefit Monica, to which Marissa says she hopes he isn’t on her tribe. Brad gets some dodgy looks and immediately regrets the comment. Everyone says their goodbyes to their loved ones before being separated onto different tribe mats. Caleb says that this switch up is a big wake up call for Colton, whilst Rachel believes she can get by without Tyson. Aras says that competing against his brother means he’ll forever hear about it if he loses a challenge against him and Rupert says that a positive of the switch is that he won’t have to write his wife’s name but, with the negative being he can’t protect her. Jeff announces the tribe names, Galang, (returnees), and Tadhana, (loved ones), and throws out a bag of Buffs to each tribe.


Jeff explains to the castaways they won’t be playing with their loved one. (Image Credit: CBS)

Jeff then reveals that each tribe will have to vote one person out. He hands out parchment and pen and the vote occurs. Hayden is shocked and Colton confesses that he may as well pack his bags. First off is Tadhana, who unanimously vote out Laura B. nine-one. Rupert isn’t happy, saying that watching Laura get voted off “almost killed me”. Galang then reveal their votes. Candice receives five votes, Laura M. receives four, with Aras seemingly throwing a vote on Gervase because he is a “redskins fan” and Gervase was wearing a Philadelphia Eagles shirt – if I assume correctly, smart play from Aras. With everyone believing Candice and Laura B. are out of the game, Jeff announces this isn’t the case because Redemption Island will be in play this season. He then explains that if your loved one is on Redemption Island, you can swap places with them in the game. Rupert immediately steps forward, disregarding the consequences and takes Laura’s place. After a quick chat, Candice and John decide that Candice will remain on Redemption Island. Tina isn’t impressed by Rupert abandoning the tribe, complimenting his survival skills, even going as far as saying he’s a “fantastic shelter builder” – she was lucky she was voted out early in All-Stars! John is also upset that Candice will be on Redemption Island. The pair leave to head over to Redemption Island, with lots of raw emotion being shown. John states that it “ripped my heart out of my chest” watching Candice go. With business done, the two tribes head off to their respective camps.


Jeff explains to Candice and Rupert that they are going to Redemption Island. (Image Credit: CBS)

Galang arrive at their camp for the first time, minus Candice and Rupert but accompanied by Laura Boneham, (and Morett). Gervase confesses that thirteen years is a long time between drinks, he can’t wait to get going and that despite Laura B. being a member of Galang, she isn’t actually a ‘real’ member of Galang. Laura B. herself is intimidated being surrounded by the returnees and does her best to help out the tribe as they teach her how to do things. She admits that she isn’t like Rupert like they are expecting her to be and she needs to prove her worth to the tribe. Within fifteen minutes, the tribe get a fire started and are well on their way with a shelter. Monica however is nervous around Colton and seeks him out to clarify that she doesn’t want any drama’s between the pair and that she trusts him. Colton tells her they will “talk more later” which leaves Monica questioning whether or not he’s going to stab her in the back again.


Monica finds out whether she can trust Colton. (Image Credit: CBS)

Over at Tadhana, Brad, (or as he is more affectionately refer to by Probst as Culpepper), takes on a leadership role and tells the tribe that despite saying he wouldn’t go one hundred percent in a challenge against Monica he actually would. He then gets to work on cementing an all-male alliance of five. John, Hayden and Vytas are on-board but Caleb has reservations, preferring to just agree with Brad’s alliance, instead of going against him because he knows that all he cares about his getting to the end with his wife. The men agree they need to be careful of the “John Cochran’s in the game” because they are the people who can win.  Brad then attempts to explain how the five men outnumber the four women in a tribe of nine in a confessional, and gets extremely confused trying to add everything up on his fingers which is proof to any neurosurgeon that constant big hits in the NFL probably do have an impact on cognitive function of the brain.


 Brad shows off his counting skills. (Image Credit: CBS)

Unlike Galang, Tadhana have difficulties getting a fire started and making their shelter. With no actual experience in the game, they are all relying on information they have received from their loved ones. Brad, Ciera and Vytas head off trying to make fire with Ciera telling the others about her teenage pregnancy and the impact it had on herself and her mother, (Laura), and Vytas telling the story of how he was arrested as a nineteen years old Heroin junkie and that the year he spent in prison changed his life for the better. Vytas states that whilst he is here to play the game, he believes it’s important to share personal stories in order to gain the trust of his tribe mates. He goes onto say that he doesn’t think that the fact that he used to be a junkie will impact on how the tribe view him, because he is a changed man after being ‘clean’ for fourteen years.

On Night One at Galang, Colton tells the tribe it’s good they can keep each other’s minds off the game. He then shares a story about how living in the deep south as a gay man has been very difficult and it has effected not only himself, but his relationships with family members. In a confessional he tells us that he used to be bullied a lot about being gay and he turned mean because he didn’t want to put up with it anymore. He continues the story to the tribe telling them the negative experience has made him a better person before breaking down completely with Monica coming to the rescue to comfort him.


Colton breaks down after telling the tribe what it’s like living in the deep south as a gay man. (Image Credit: CBS)

We then visit Redemption Island for the first time this season to see Candice angrily chopping a coconut, saying each chop is payback to each of the people who sent her there. Candice and Rupert then joke about their position in the game. Candice admits in a confessional that she wants “revenge” and she’ll be fighting to stay alive and win, but in order to do that she needs to keep her mind in the game and stay healthy and hydrated. Rupert had other idea’s though, preferring to let Candice do all the work around camp, in order for him not to tire himself out like his previous three seasons so that he can beat her in a challenge. This annoys Candice, stating that Rupert is “infuriating to live with an all he does is “sleeping or plashing around in the water”.


 Life on Redemption Island tells a different between for Candice and Rupert. (Image Credit: CBS)

Day Three see’s both tribes receive Tree Mail announcing the first challenge of the season. The note hints of a physical section and a puzzle section of the challenge and both tribes begin to work out who will do what in the challenge. Ciera and Katie both put their hand up to do the puzzle for Tadhana, believing they will be up against their mothers. They are correct as we swing over to Galang where Laura M. and Tina have volunteered to do the puzzle and Gervase talks up the importance of the puzzle over the physical section of the challenge.

The tribes arrive at the Immunity Challenge and Jeff gives Laura B. a Galang Buff, ditching her short-lived affinity to Tadhana. Colton and Laura M. talk up the success Galang are having at camp which leads Tadhana to lie to their loved ones saying that they also have fire, (which they don’t). For the challenge, six members of each tribe must swim out and race through an obstacle course until they reach a boat stocked with a chest of puzzle pieces. They’ll have to untie the boat then paddle back to shore. There, the remaining three members of each tribe will have to solve three puzzles in order to create a ships wheel, that, when turned will raise their tribe flag, signaling victory in the challenge. Jeff reveals the Immunity Idol, ( which looks like a religious looking statue), and states that the tribes are also playing for Reward, which will be in the form of flint.


The Immunity Idol. (Image Credit: CBS)

After talking strategy, the challenge gets underway with Aras, Colton, Gervase, Kat, Laura B. and Tyson in the water for Galang and Brad, Hayden, John, Marissa, Rachel and Vytas in the water for Tadhana. The challenge starts off close, with both tribes throwing themselves into things. Galang’s strategy is ‘everyone man for themselves’ whilst Tadhana are working as a team to get through the course. As always in Survivor, teamwork gets you places and Tadhana pull out to a lead over their loved ones. Gervase begins to struggle badly for Galang, (clearly he hasn’t had swimming lessons since coming home from Borneo), and he is exhausted going into the final obstacle. Tadhana begin working on untying their boat as Gervase struggles to stand to climb over the last obstacle and jump into the water. When he finally makes it, he requests Aras’ help, who has to basically drag him over to the boat. Tadhana has their boat undone and begin to make their way back to shore just after Aras manages to drag Gervase into the boat, (which saved Gervase from drowning on a remote Philippine island). Despite Gervase slowing them down, Galang aren’t far behind but struggle to paddle in a straight line, instead, going completely off course much like young children do in car racing video games. As Tadhana arrive back at shore and Caleb, Ciera and Katie get started on the first puzzle, things start to get heated in the boat between Colton and Kat, with Kat pleading with Colton to paddle harder which results in Colton telling her to be quiet or “I’ll hit you with this paddle”. (Classic Colton!).


Galang struggle to paddle in the right direction in the Immunity Challenge. (Image Credit: CBS)

Galang finally reach the beach with Laura M., Monica and Tina springing into action to get the puzzle started. Laura takes command with the three women working extremely well together as they close the gap on Tadhana as Katie struggles with the puzzle. Probst then re-connects with his favourite pastime in the Philippines, (Katie bashing), as he has several cracks at her about her performance similar to the treatment he gave Katie, (Hanson; Survivor: Philippines), several seasons ago. Whilst Probst commentary might annoy the fans and Katie, it doesn’t slow down Galang who move onto their second bag, re-claiming the lead. The three women make light work of the second bag and move onto the third and final bag as their daughters and Caleb flail on the first bag of pieces.

It takes know time for Galang to complete the third bag. They place the wheel onto the crank, raising their flag and beating their loved ones in the challenge. Gervase, overly excited, celebrates the win quite enthusiastically, much to the distaste of Tadhana. As Jeff presents the tribe with flint and Immunity, Colton begins to cry at what Laura M. describes as a “bittersweet victory” because everyone knows somebody’s loved one will be joining Candice and Rupert on Redemption Island.


Galang celebrate winning Immunity. (Image Credit: CBS)

Tadhana return to camp, frustrated at the loss. Brad stands up and tell the tribe not to get down on themselves that they lost and it was probably to be expected as it was only their first challenge ever and their loved ones have had experience. (This isn’t necessarily true. In both seasons of Fans vs. Favourites, where half the castaways have been new players and the other half returnees, the Favourites have lost the first Immunity Challenge on both occasions). Katie discusses that she’s nervous ahead of the vote because of her failure in the challenge whilst Marissa tells the tribe she wishes Gervase hadn’t celebrated the way he did. The guys think they are in a good position because they are ahead in the numbers but Vytas says that no matter who gets voted out, they are also stabbing a loved one in the heart.

The guys discuss the upcoming vote, with both Katie and Marissa’s names being mentioned as possibilities to be voted out; Katie because of her “third wheel” performance in the challenge and Marissa because of the actions of Gervase. Vytas says that it would be stupid to turn against the guys but wants to keep in the girls good books so he tells Rachel that the plan is to vote out Marissa, then tells Marissa that Katie will be going home. As the tribe departs for Tribal Council, Brad gives a confessional about how hard it is to vote considering they not only have to consider their own tribe but also the connections everyone has on the other side.

Tadhana arrive at massive Tribal Council set and go through the ceremonial process of lighting their torches. Hayden begins proceedings saying that its been a rough few days without fire and Ciera back’s this up, saying that no matter how many stories they have heard about the experience from their loved ones, reality is a lot different. Brad says having no fire is frustrating whilst Caleb says playing with loved ones complicates the game because you don’t know what’s happening on the other side of the fence. John gets emotional as he talks about not stepping up and letting Candice go to Redemption Island. He states that nobody is here to pull punches and says he will vote in a way to keep the tribe strong, which, in turn, will hopefully allow Candice to “kick butt” on Redemption Island.

Brad talks about the dynamic the loved one twist in the game offers and speaks up about Gervase’s behaviour following the challenge. Marissa tells the tribe she wasn’t impressed by his behaviour and wished he handled it different. Vytas says that even if your not at Tribal Council, you’ll be worried for your loved one, which leads to Marissa saying she is vulnerable because she is “guilty by association” as Gervase is her loved one, but pleads the tribe not to judge her on his actions. Katie chimes in by saying that she is fearful ahead of the vote and that she “wouldn’t be surprised” if they tribe voted her out purely on her performance in the challenge. Brad wraps us up saying that just because they lost the challenge, doesn’t mean they’ll blame the puzzle makers.

We get to the vote with Katie and Marissa each voting for each other. Probst then collects and reads the vote and a surprised Marissa is blindsided in a landslide, eight-one vote. Jeff snuffs her torch and she heads out to Redemption Island where she tells Candice and Rupert how “pissed” she is.


Marissa… the tribe has spoken. Grab your torch and head to Redemption Island. (Image Credit: CBS) 

Next week’s episode looks to have Colton return to his villainous best and the first Redemption Island Duel of the season is rough on everyone’s emotions.

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 Ben’s Opinion

Ben W

Well hopefully that first episode shut a few people up!

I honestly feel that was such a strong opening! I enjoyed it immensely. I think the twist right at the start involving voting out two players worked a treat, although it was a bit of a shock to see both Candice and Laura being targeted on the returning players tribe. Yeah I’m not a big Candice fan but I didn’t think she would be targeted so early. I have a feeling that is due to her being such a late addition to the cast, and most people thinking they would be seeing RC playing rather than her. Laura though, well that was a surprise. No idea why you would target her so early on. One thing that wasn’t a surprise was definitely seeing Rupert step off for his wife. So obvious that would happen and it did. Good on him. But it’s going to be very hard for him to recover.

Over at the loved ones tribe, Brad is easily starting to assert his dominance, although he is definitely not going to last long if he keeps playing like that. I think it’s only a matter of time until Caleb and Hayden catch on and side with the women and then he’ll easily be staring down at an early vote out. It was a bit of a shock though to see poor Marissa targeted simply because of the actions of her uncle. I mean really? She actually came across as a strong competitor, and one who I was initially surprised with and thought it would work out me having her as my ‘pony’. Well it turns out that I may still make some money for the first boot, so please lose next week Marissa! Just for me!

I have great vibes about this season being extremely strong, and I think the twists are going to work a treat. Looking forward to next week seeing the ‘old Colton’ and perhaps some long overdue strategy on the returning players tribe. Bring on week 2!

Jarryd’s Opinion


Well, it’s definitely going to be an interesting Survivor!

I loved it. It may only be early days but the loved one’s twist is working really well; Marissa gets “blindsided” by her tribe just because Gervase gets excited after winning the challenge… BRUTAL!

Whilst I’m still pissed that Candice somehow managed to end up at Redemption Island over the likes of Colton, Rupert and Tyson. I’m over the moon that Rupert is contention to get sent home next week because after five minutes of hearing him talk, I was once again abusing my screen, telling him to shut his mouth. The guy thinks his God’s gift to Survivor! Laura B. is basically the female version of him so I can see her getting a big edit.

In all honesty, I think part of the reason Candice did get sent is because you was a very late call up to the game. Obviously you can’t communicate pre-game, but if she suddenly appeared hours before the game began, you’d have to question whether she deserved to be there or not.

Whilst I don’t “love” every returnee this season, I think the tribe makes for an interesting dynamic. You have so many different types of players on the tribe that it should make for a crazy pre-merge stage of the game. I’m still a bit uncertain about Colton and can see him getting a similar edit to Brandon of last season, can’t stand Laura Morett’s ego and was surprised by the lack of screen time that Tyson received as a considering him one of the “big edits” this season. I really thought Monica showed why she was bought back to. I was hesitant about her pre-game but she seems to have lived up to the fact that Jeff was a big fan of hers in One World. Laura Morett has possibly one of the most annoying voices ever, (even Darrah’s is better), but I think she likes she’s better at the game than she really is which will come back to bite her.

As for the loved ones, I don’t think it’s surprising that Brad, John and Vytas got a lot of screen time early; I was shocked Hayden didn’t get much. I was pleasantly surprised by Ciera, I thought she would be pretty boring and useless and can see Katie fitting into the “hot girl who isn’t made for Survivor” role very easily. Rachel and Caleb were relatively low key but from the snippets of Caleb we did see, I think he offered enough to suggest that he could go far in the game.

The Immunity Challenge was a cracker! It was simple, swim out through an obstacle course, bring back puzzle pieces, and put the puzzle together. Whilst a bit of foreshadowing was done prior to the challenge taking place with Galang talking up how important the puzzle stage of the challenge was, it’s always good to watch a tribe come from behind to win. One thing that was startling obvious was the fact Gervase is yet to get swimming lessons thirteen years on. Watching him struggle almost as badly as Osten, (Pearl Islands), was hilarious and despite the fact that he may be a little delusional at times, he’s a welcome addition to this season.

I think you also saw aspects of “old school” Survivor in this episode. We heard a lot of stories about the castaways past, hardly any time at all was spent on alliances and Idols and if you think back to Philippines and Caramoan, large portions of the debut episode was about these things. I liked it, I feel you always connect and like people better if you get to know them. Sure you can have favourites based on what they are like in the game, but what if your favourite in the game is a total pig in real life and the person you’re not to keen on has beaten cancer or something heroic like that? I think my opinion on people definitely changes when you hear them speak about their life.

Another thing that was prominent was the raw emotions we saw when the game began. In all seriousness, John and Rupert stating things like “my heart was ripped out”, “it almost killed me”, about their partners getting send to Redemption Island was a joke. They are still on the island, get over it! As for Colton crying all episode, he better go back to the mean, cynical Colton as hinted in the preview for next week’s episode because I can’t take him seriously. (Especially when Tyson is standing over him watching him blubber and didn’t make a sarcastic comment! Pick up your game mate!)

Tribal Council was interesting. You had so much going on… do you vote off a weak challenge performer, someone with a “big name” loved one, someone who won’t perform well against your loved one on Redemption Island… it’s going to bring a lot of new aspects to the vote. I think Redemption Island will probably ‘make’ this season because of the issues it’s going to cause between loved ones.

Marissa going home isn’t really a loss, I didn’t rate her pre-game and she didn’t show enough to make me care that she might not be around after next week.

Ky’s Opinion


My thoughts on Survivor: Blood vs Water? I liked that they votes someone out at the start but would have loved to see someone actually go home in the episode. Not so sure on this whole loved one swapping with them twist but LOVED that John didn’t swap with Candice. I hope she kicks Rupert’s ass.

My most confusing moment was when they didn’t vote Colton out immediately. Like I understand voting out Candice coz she always flips on her tribe but I found it weird that none vote off Colton. I sure know who’s name I would have written down (Rupton <- I wouldn’t have been able to decide) No I kid. I absolutely would have gone Colton coz at least Rupert can build a fantastic shelter. J/Ks again! But seriously I would have voted off Colton.

The challenge was a good one really. Nice and simple. Thought Gervase could have given it a little more. If I was on the island I would try my hardest until I die. I didn’t see him dead so he should have been trying harder. And what you didn’t take one swimming lesson in the last 13 years? Come on mate!

I would have liked to have seen some strategy from the returnees but hearing Kat’s ‘oh hell no’ and her and Colton’s little tiff was enough for me to hope she is in the power group over there #fuckoffcolton

LOVED Marissa so I was super sad to see her go. She was an all star in the making. Hilarious attitude and lots of sass (#sasstastic) so that was a shame. I really hope she can win a few RI’s and get her boo-tay back in the game

Worst moment? Everytime Rupert spoke. (my housemate does a stellar impersonation of him)
Best moment? When Colton cried. Twice. #hilarr

Colin’s Opinion


My biggest fear was that Blood vs Water would feel like a spinoff show, and not a true part of the Survivor franchise. While the abundance of twists may become annoying later on in the season, I was thankful that the opening episode stuck to the basics when it came to editing and storytelling, and in some ways felt more like classic Survivor than any season since Tocantins. Between Vytas, Ciera and Colton, we saw more personal character building moments in 90 minutes than most recent seasons have featured in a dozen episodes. If I had one complaint about Tadhana as a tribe, it’s how painfully obvious it is that these people were cast as companion characters to the returnees. While I do think there is potential for some good game down the road from some of them, there’s a problem if after a 90 minute premiere, not a single character on a tribe really emerges as entertaining. On the flip side, the returnees on Galang were handled perfectly in the edit. Instead of the typical presentation of cramming these familiar characters down your throat, the editors seemed to be holding back and taking a natural approach to developing the returnees. I walked away from the premiere feeling like the returnees were presented as equal to the loved ones. I expected 90 minutes of annoying Tyson, Rupert and Aras quotes, and they were just regular characters. I was glad to be wrong.

There are several things that didn’t work about the premiere. First off, Day Zero. Really, what was the point? After the introductions were done, there was maybe less than a minute shown of the day zero twist. No footage, no repercussions later on, and most importantly, no reaction from the players. If the whole point of Day Zero was to fool the players into thinking they would play together, it flopped big time. When Jeff broke the news to them that they would play against each other, most didn’t even look surprised. Why advertise a twist that was barely shown when there was no real response? I would have rather they just cut it and start the game normally. I did say earlier that the survival aspect and character development was better than expected, but the game play and strategy was unfortunately the downside of the episode. The pre-tribal confessionals were poor; maybe a result of the Tadhana tribe not being terribly interesting, and the vote itself seemed insignificant. This is the same problem many episodes in Redemption Island and South Pacific had. The fact is when a second chance is out there, it’s hard to care about a vote-off. Instead of the last 10 minutes of an episode being the climax, it’s simply a tease for the opening 10 episodes of next week. This killed the tension in the past, and it continues to kill it now.

A few comments on the individual players. Tina clearly stopped watching All-Stars after she was voted off, because she provided the most unintentionally funny line in recent memory when she commenting on them needing Rupert because “he’s great at building shelters”. The man is known for building the worst shelter in the history of Survivor in All-Stars, one that was so illogical and poorly constructed that it was decimated in a matter of hours.  I figure a lot of people will look down on John for not taking Candice’s place at Redemption, but what he said about Candice having a better chance of beating Rupert is probably true. Candice was surprisingly strong in past challenges. She’s clearly already on the outs, whereas he was not, so taking her place would only hurt their chances of winning. He made the best game decision by staying in. Brad may be playing too hard too fast, but I think this will help him in

the long run. He could be this season’s Phillip; a guy who is kept around because he takes the attention off everyone else.

While it was far from the best Survivor premiere ever, it was also far from the worst. Some of my fears about how the season would play out are already being put to rest. I don’t hold out hope that Blood vs Water will end up a classic season, but as I said earlier, the fact that it didn’t come off as a cheesy one time spinoff is a huge relief.

Survivor Re-capper: Joel Klug


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Our first guest is Borneo contestant Joel Klug, as he discusses his discussions with Gervase pre-game about how he should play, why he isn’t on the season as Gervase’s loved one, why this is the first season he has watched in while, seeing Gervase adapt to the changes that have happened since their initial season, seeing two players sent to Redemption Island so quickly and whether he would be working or resting, THAT cow comment and whether it will happen again, why he thinks Gervase hasn’t learnt to swim in 13 years as well as his thoughts on Brad and his strategy, Colton’s crying and just why he can relate extremely well to Marissa! Joel then answers our final set of 7 questions as follows:

TIP TO WIN: Tyson/Aras
NEXT TO GO: Laura M/Katie

We will have another former contestant joining us next week for another recap, with Tanya Vance from Thailand finding herself in the hot seat!

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3 Comments on Survivor Blood vs. Water-Episode 1 Recap featuring Joel Klug!

  1. Jessica DeBen from Fiji 🙂

  2. Loved hearing Joel’s recap; fun to hear from old-style players. Obviously, as he said, Joel hasn’t seen all that many seasons … laughing at the idea of Tyson winning. Looking forward to Tanya’s thoughts, as well. Carry on … our show is back!

  3. Marissa is one of, if not the strongest female out there. I have a good feeling she will pull a Matt/Christine/Ozzy and go on a streak and get back into the game.

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