Survivor Oz Top 10-Top 10 Sexiest Survivors On The Island


Wednesday is here again, which means we have another Survivor Oz Top Ten coming your way. This week’s top ten is a joint effort from two of our Ozlets, Shayna Davis and Lynda Phoa. Since Survivor first began, we have had many attractive castaways grace our screen, managing to look good even in the most extreme of conditions. However, when the Survivor Reunion comes around and the contestants are made up, clean-shaven and dressed to impress, we often find ourselves preferring the au naturel look of many of the castaways whilst they were still in the game. Today, Shayna and Lynda count down ten Survivor players, both male and female, who looked sexier on the island than they do in every day life. Which castaways will make the list? You’ll have to read on to find out.

The title would suggest that we are insulting the castaways by saying they are better looking while they are playing the game of Survivor for however many days they lasted compared to the all the rest of the days of their everyday life. That is not what we are saying here. What we have come up with are ten castaways who we think look great without the material things such as hair products, makeup, fancy outfits and jewellery for the women, and the razor, expensive clothes and hair product for the men. And to make it equal, we’ve come up of a list of five women and five men. For example, some of the female contestants are so naturally pretty that when they have a lot of makeup applied it can mask their beauty instead of enhancing it. For the men, shaggy hair and facial stubble looks sexier than a clean haircut and a fresh shave. At the Survivor Reunions, the contestants always seem to be wearing the most makeup and have the shiniest hair ever; it sometimes leaves them unrecognizable to the viewing audience! If any former contestants come across this top ten, please take it as a compliment and not an insult.

10. Elisabeth Hasselbeck (nee Filarski) – The Australian Outback


Elisabeth Hasselbeck today is a conservative icon worth millions of dollars who we see on TV with impeccable hair, makeup and clothes. But there is something so appealing and adorable about the way she looked in the outback with no makeup, hair in pigtails and wearing sneakers and a hoodie. All of Elisabeth’s fans should take a moment and imagine if she never got involved with TV hosting and remained a foot wear designer. Maybe she would be going to work without makeup, wearing a fleece with Puma’s and still looking gorgeous!

9. Ethan Zohn – Africa & All-Stars


Ethan Zohn looked absolutely jaw dropping out in Africa and Panama. Who could forget that beautiful crop of hair and that athletic body. Each passing day on Survivor made his hair get crazier, his facial stubble grow longer and we just loved it! At the Reunion he had his hair cut back and beard shaven. We aren’t ones for copious amounts of facial hair, but on Ethan it suited!

8. Aras Baskauskas – Panama & Blood vs. Water


Aras Baskauskas is a very sexy man, just to put it out there. Many female (and male) fans loved his lean yoga body and his fashionable faux hawk that he sported out on the island., but in recent years Aras has been hiding behind an enormous beard. A lot of men look great going a few days without a razor to the face, but Aras needs to rid of that beard so the ladies can see his gorgeous face. It is good to see that Aras has shaved for the upcoming season Blood vs. Water, but in saying this, not many people can pull off the hobo-chic look.

7. J.T. Thomas – Tocantins & Heroes vs. Villains


J.T. Thomas played a perfect game of Survivor his first time around and he looked great doing it. On Day Thirty-nine he charmed the Jury with a full beard and a shaggy-chic hairdo. After the Final Tribal Council we shot straight to the Finale and saw J.T. clean shaven and dressed in spiffy duds. He looked good, but it didn’t look quite right; it didn’t look natural. This is probably because he is a real farm boy and was in his element playing I; come on, he looked sexy out there!

6. Amanda Kimmel – China, Micronesia & Heroes vs. Villains


Amanda Kimmel, in all three times she has played, to us she looks better without the makeup, jewellery, hair product, etc. Amanda is an actress/model/pageant queen, and having the full beauty treatment is something she’s clearly used to and thrives on. But we feel her beauty shone more out on the island without the donning of hair and makeup, which unfortunately is the only time we will see her like this. We loved your look on Survivor, Amanda!

5. Ozzy Lusth – Cook Islands, Micronesia & South Pacific


Ozzy Lusth is the challenge dominator that took us all by surprise when he first appeared on Survivor in 2006 and the female fans were smitten. The women just loved the sexy California surfer. Then we were shocked when we saw him at the Cook Islands Reunion. The curls from his hair were combed out, it looked like someone smeared lipstick on him and he appeared to be a little bloated. We also put this down to how young he was on the show at the time; it wasn’t all his fault he thought he looked real cool. Our advice to Ozzy is to not brush out the curl from your hair and stay away from the makeup.

4. Natalie White – Samoa


Natalie White, the winner of Survivor: Samoa wore the yellow sun dress and peach bikini for 39 days and she looked pretty much perfect the entire time. Her transformation from the Final Tribal Council to the Reunion was one of the most shocking we had seen. She was barely recognizable with the heavy makeup and the big hair. With no disrespect, she resembled a blow up Barbie-doll, but a pretty one at that.

3. Brendan Synnott – Tocantins


Brendan Synnott from Survivor: Tocantins is hardly remembered by even the most hardcore Survivor fans, but some female fans remember how great the millionaire business man looked out in the Brazilian highlands. His toned body and charming smile wooed the ladies right up until his torch got snuffed by Probst. Enter the Reunion and bam, what happened to the Brendan we knew out in Tocantins? His stunned mullet grin, the copious amount of foundation on his face and school-boy hair cut didn’t suit him at all. This nerd did it better on Survivor.

2. Danni Boatwright – Guatemala


Danni Boatwright was the sporty beauty queen of the Guatemalan jungle; defying the odds from being on the wrong side of the numbers to winning the entire game. She became painfully thin as the days went by, but never lost that gorgeous ear to ear smile out there. Cue the Reunion; what was with the gallon of makeup she had on her face? Every time she flashed her pearly whites she had to curl her lips around her teeth to make sure she didn’t get lipstick on them. Danni is gorgeous and one heck of a woman who doesn’t require all that bling to look good!

1. Stephenie Kendrick (nee LaGrossa) – Palau, Guatemala & Heroes vs. Villains


Our number one spot goes to Stephenie LaGrossa of Survivor: Palau, Guatemala and Heroes vs. Villains. Stephenie is a natural beauty with a gorgeous mane of curly hair and beautiful olive complexion. But, like her Guatemala co-star Danni, she also had gone to the extreme at all three of the Survivor Reunions. The fake eyelashes, brill cream looking hair and clown lipstick was not necessary at all. The pictures say it all. Fortunately she redeemed herself at the 10-year Survivor anniversary party where she toned down the makeup and sported a more natural look.



What do you think of the top 10? Do you agree? Disagree? Is it in the wrong order or are there ones that didn’t make the top 10 that you feel should’ve? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!

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19 Comments on Survivor Oz Top 10-Top 10 Sexiest Survivors On The Island

  1. In my opinion, Amber Brkich (Mariano) is the most glaring omission.

  2. Yul as well, hottest male Asian on the show!

  3. Matty looks way different off the island.

  4. colby and parvati!!!

  5. Jsjdifjdjeisiskzjssudidjsj // September 25, 2013 at 12:00 pm // Reply

    Bleh at Stephenie on and off the island.
    Jt looked much more handsome at the reunions, in my opinion.
    Parvati is someone I would have added. Looks beautiful without makeup, but with it.. yuck.

    Eddie Fox? Jay?? Brett?? Benry??

  7. Chelsea a huge snub!

  8. you forgot about Brenda, Candice, Eddie, Benry, Boo, Gabe, Ken, Burton, Savage, Sally, Gregg, Erik C, Jason, Kelly Sharbaugh, Mike C, Andrea, Chelsea

  9. What about Parvati and Malcolm? The ones who topped countdowns on this blog in sexiness already?
    Also think Jay and Chelsea should be present.

  10. Come on, Brendan hardly remembered by the hardcore fans? He was the dragon to Coach and inspired him his dragon slayer title!
    I think Boston Rob should be on this list with his mustache.

  11. Terrible list! firstly where is Parvity? Angie or Malcolm (philippines) Shawn (Pearl islands) Brad (Cook Islands) Blake (Guatamala) Brett (Samoa)

    omg the list goes on! so so so many more attractive people then who is on the list above.

  12. Candice and Parvati and im pretty sure Todd would be there if you based it off his reunion look

  13. Aras *o* :33* :’O

  14. parvati? brenda? christina cha? purple kelly?

  15. Amanda should be number one.. Just saying.

  16. Danni’s top left pic looks like Sofia Vergara

  17. There are so many sexy contestants on the show that it is hard to form a top 10, but your list is fine to me. Many of them actually look better on the island than in real life, especially the men, maybe because men look sexier with beard? 🙂

  18. Morgan, Christina Cha, Jefra and Alexis

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