Survivor Blood vs. Water-Episode 2 Recap featuring Tanya Vance!


Survivor Blood vs. Water continues this week with the second episode of the season. Of course with everything that happened you might be a little overawed, so we’re to to recap the action for you! Joining us, we have our resident recap expert Jarryd and Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend Tanya Vance from the fifth season of Thailand!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

Another week, means another episode of Survivor, which means another Survivor Oz episode recap! Join me this week as I take you through who was the “official” first boot of the season after the first Redemption Island Duel, the Hidden Immunity Idol twist, Colton’s rollercoaster ride and just who is the next person to join Redemption Island.

Episode two begins with Marissa arriving at Redemption Island. After introducing herself, it’s quickly revealed she isn’t happy she’s been voted out, especially because it was a very “political vote” in the sense that she was targeted because of Gervase’s actions. Candice tells Marissa that her biggest mistake was calling Brad out in front of everyone on the beach on Day One, whilst Rupert breathes easy at the prospect of Laura being alive in the game.

At Galang, we have a “monkey like” line of castaways giving each other massages. Laura B. confesses that her heart sunk when she was voted out but being a Galang member is not all bad. Colton isn’t happy though. He says he thought all the zen and yoga would be appealing but he’s lost interest after four days and just wants to play the game. He complains to Monica who tells him to be patient which he doesn’t like. He says that this tribe won’t be the final nine and that he needs Caleb… so he goes off to throw Laura M. under the bus to Aras, Gervase and Tina. Colton tells the trio he would have no hesitation in going to Tribal Council, which results in Gervase telling him that they will talk about that situation after the challenge, not before. Aras says that they can’t play the game to far in advance and the confesses that in Survivor you can only fake who you really are for a few days, after which, the elements hit you and your true colours are shown. Before the break, Colton does some more complaining saying that his tribe has no idea what strategy is and that they are “stupid”.


Tina is either very short, or the men are very large. (Image Credit: CBS)

Over at Tadhana, Brad and Vytas go out fishing and bring some fish back to camp. Rachel admits she misses Tyson and that it doesn’t help when your in the minority. Her plan is to begin working and “playing it cool” with the guys in order to stay alive in the game. John and Rachel seem to have bonded and formed some sort of an alliance which Ciera picks up on. Due to the numbers disadvantage the women have, this worries her and she makes it her business to warn Katie about the pair, telling the latter that the threat should now be on John. Tree Mail arrives inviting the tribe to attend the Redemption Island Duel. This lifts John’s spirits at the prospect of seeing Candice and he hopes that she’ll give him a sign that she loves him so that it can release the guilt he is feeling.

As the two tribes arrive at Redemption Island, the tears begin to flow prior to the Redemption Island contestants being bought in. Gervase tells Aras that “I’m cool” with Marissa being voted out whilst Laura and John become emotional as Rupert and Candice arrive. Marissa runs her mouth at her tribe about being voted out and blames Gervase for rubbing salt into Tadhana’s wounds after the challenge as to the reason she was voted out. This doesn’t bother Gervase as he tells them. “I’m gonna rub some more, I’ll promise you that”. Before Jeff explains the Duel, he allows Gervase and Marissa to consult if they want to switch places to which Gervase tells Marissa to “handle your biz”. The Duel is similar to that of the Final Immunity Challenge in Survivor: One World. The three castaways will each have a long pole and have to use it to guide a spool through a channel maze. The maze itself is on a giant spring, making it extremely temperamental if touched. Each castaway will have to guide ten spools through the maze and place them one on top of the other on a platform on top of the maze. This first two players to finish the Duel, stay safe, whilst the loser is out of the game for good. Finally, the person who wins the Duel, has the power to give any other person in the game a clue to the location of the Hidden Immunity Idol.


Jeff explaining the Redemption Island Duel. (Image Credit: CBS)

The Duel commences with Jeff explaining that it requires a combination of speed and class. Rupert throws caution to the wind, flying through the maze with his first spool but it all comes undone when it drops off the platform and he has to start again. Candice gets out to an early lead, with Marissa preferring to take her time… you know what they say, slow and steady wins the race. Candice leads the way with three spools, Rupert has two and Marissa one. A time warp occurs which progresses the Duel to its later stages. Candice and Rupert are neck and neck with seven spools each whilst Marissa has six. Candice and Rupert go onto place their eighth spool but Rupert’s spool tower looks more like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Marissa places her seventh spool as Candice places her ninth and Rupert attempts to place his ninth, but, his tower collapses and he losses all but one spool, putting him back in last place and in danger of being eliminated. Candice goes onto place her tenth and final spool and have several moments of heartache, the tower survives for Jeff to count to three and she wins the Duel.

It’s not over yet though as Rupert does his best to catch up as he places his fifth spool, with Marissa placing her ninth. Gervase yells out to her to take her time as she begins to work on her tenth and final spool. Rupert places his fifth spool and Marissa position her tenth. The tower is on moving around and she’s trying to place it steadily as Gervase shouts encouragement and advice to her from the bleachers. She gets the spool on and it balances for the required three seconds, giving Marissa the W. She celebrates as Laura B. comes down to hug Rupert. Rupert confesses that he can’t believe he’s the first to go. He says that he doesn’t regret giving his life up in the game for Laura saying that “I love Survivor, but I love my wife more”. Rupert wishes his wife well, hugs Candice and leaves the game.


Rupert is eliminated from the game. (Image Credit: CBS)  

With Rupert gone, Candice now gets to give a clue to the location of the Hidden Immunity Idol to somebody. She tells Jeff, “there’s not a lot to think about”, as she gives the clue to John. Jeff gives John the clue, Candice and Marissa head back to Redemption Island and the two tribes return to camp.


John receives a clue to the location of the Hidden Immunity Idol. (Image Credit: CBS)  

We go back to camp with Tadhana after the Duel, John continues to talk about how happy he is that Candice was victorious and concedes he will do everything he can in order to keep sending “weak people” to Redemption Island. The men’s alliance then discuss how they can affect the other tribe by who they send home at Tribal Council, speculating that Rachel should be next to go because Tyson will give up his place on Galang for her. This is a bright idea for everyone except John who isn’t keen on the idea because it means Candice will have to compete against Tyson. Talk then turns to the Idol with John telling his alliance that if he finds it they need to hang onto it until the Merge where it will be useful to advance them in the game. Brad chimes in saying that getting a clue to the Idol this season is a “blessing and a curse” because everyone knows that you have the clue, yet… you have the clue. This leads John to confessing he is at a fork in the road in the game; he can either tell his alliance the clue and they can find the Idol together or he can keep the clue and the Idol to himself; which he believes is the best option for the time being.

At Galang, Laura B. is dealing with Rupert’s elimination from the game. She’s taking it surprisingly well, (in public anyway), and states that she suddenly became a lot more important because “I’m not two, I’m one”. The campfire discuss further annoys Colton who claims that if he only wants to “improve himself by winning a million dollars” and that if this wasn’t the case, he would have gone on a “YMCA camping trip” instead. He decides to make things interesting, going around to different tribe members and telling them different information. He tells Gervase that Laura M. is a threat and she needs to go, tells Monica that Tyson is thinking about getting rid of him and Tina that Gervase wants to get rid of Aras. But of course, when people talk, everyone hears the information with Tina telling Kat that Colton is “over strategizing”.

Kat realises that in order to play the game, she can’t play it with Colton because he will turn against her at any point in time. Kat confronts Colton that night about what he said to Colton, with Colton telling Kat to tell him exactly what Tina said. When Kat refuses this, Colton runs off and drags Tina into the conversation, with Kat then revealing that Tina told her that he was over strategizing. This doesn’t please Colton as he tells Kat to calm down or she’ll be the next person competing in a Duel. The reality of the situation hits Tina as she admits she can’t believe the drama that is going on so early in the game. This tribe then gather as one to discuss the issue with nobody coming to Colton’s aid. Tyson does tell his real feelings to the camera, saying that Colton tried to be different for “a day and a half” but he couldn’t do it. He continues saying that over thinking will be the death of Colton in the game. The scene ends with Colton telling us that he hopes the tribe is “slaughtered” at the next challenge so that the tribe wakes up and realises they are “playing a game, not on National Lampoons horrible vacation”.


Colton attacks Kat about what Tina said about him. (Image Credit: CBS)  

The following morning isn’t a good one for Colton. He is given the cold shoulder by the tribe after he stirred the pot the night before. He asks Monica whether he is in trouble but she denies is. Monica does seem to be a changed person this season though, revealing that “mediocre Monica died in Samoa” and this season she’s playing for herself. Aras, Gervase, Monica, Tina and Tyson discuss Colton being a “bully”. Aras labels him as the “gay Russell Hantz”, (which I’m sure will please Russell), and states that the fact that Colton can bully Kat, means he can bully anyone. The five agree to inform each other if they hear Colton speak about any of them and also agree on a five person alliance to the end. Monica confesses that she “feels good” about the alliance because of the amount of life experience they have all had.

Challenge time! Of course this season we’ll see many combined Reward and Immunity challenges due to screen time being devoted to the Redemption Island Duel and this week is no different.

For the challenge, three members of each tribe will be tied together and have to push a fourth tribe member in a barrel through a flag course. The person in the barrel will have to get out of the barrel at four stations and untie a bag of balls at each one. Once they reach the final station, the remaining four castaways will then have to roll the balls up an uphill ramp, attempting to a land a ball in each of the six target holes. The first tribe to fill each hole wins Reward, (a huge fishing kit), and Immunity. Galang decide to sit Kat out and we get underway.


The Day Six Immunity Challenge. (Image Credit: CBS)  

In the barrel we have Laura M. who is being pushing along by Aras, Monica and Tyson, with Katie in the barrel for Tadhana being pushed by Brad, John and Vytas. We get underway and Tadhana get to the first ahead of Galang but Laura retrieves the bag of balls first. Galang maintain this led during the second and third stations but at the final station, Tadhana close the gap and end up going into the second stage of the challenge with a slight lead. Throwing for the tribes in the challenge is Hayden and Gervase, with Caleb, Ciera, Colton, Laura B., Rachel and Tina proving adequate cheerleaders for their respective tribes. Hayden lands the first two balls of the challenge before Gervase gets on the board, however, Hayden lands the next, then Gervase ties the score that three balls each. Hayden then just misses and Gervase lands a fourth ball, reclaiming the lead momentarily as Hayden lands a fourth ball as well. It seems however that Gervase, (or G-Train as I have named him after this challenge), has found his calling in life as he lands the fifth and sixth balls for Galang, handing them their second victory which Gervase celebrates widely again, saying, “Marissa, that’s for you baby!” The tribe collect the Idol and Reward and head back glance back at their loved ones at their final look at them until after one of them is eliminated.


Galang celebrate winning Immunity. (Image Credit: CBS)  

Tadhana get back to camp after the challenge and Brad goes into a wild monologue about body slamming Gervase into the water on countless occasions in a physical challenge, after he was again frustrated by his celebrations after the challenge. Katie says the loss is huge because the tribe needed the win because they needed the fishing supplies and she needed Immunity personally because she believes the guys will pick the girls off one by one. The guys gather and discuss voting out Rachel, believing her to be weaker than Katie and in the hope Tyson gives up his place for her. John is concerned by this talk, as he doesn’t want Candice to have to face Tyson on Redemption Island. Vytas says that it’s time for John to make a decision between the guys and Rachel. Katie says that she doesn’t think John will vote off Rachel and says that he may even save her with the Idol.

Ciera is told by Vytas that Rachel is going home but in order to keep the camp calm, they are telling Rachel that Ciera is going home. This doesn’t please Ciera and she and Katie discuss the upcoming vote and the repercussions about what will happen if John plays an Idol, with Ciera adamant that if it happens, she will go home. The pair agree that in order to avoid this, they will both vote for John. John doesn’t agree with the guys decision to vote off Rachel and goes off looking for the Idol; which proves unsuccessful. However, when he goes off to spend time with Rachel in the water, the tribe begins to talk, leaving the guys questioning whether they should break their alliance and blindside John incase he plays an Idol.


A secret alliance? (Image Credit: CBS)  

As we head into Tribal Council, we are left wondering whether the guys will stick together or turn on John. Jeff opens Tribal Council by asking Ciera about the men vs. women ration on the tribe, with Ciera revealing the women are feeling vulnerable because they are down on numbers. Hayden states that whilst he understands why they are feeling that way, there is not nothing going on between the guys. Katie says that in order to survive they will need to figure out that bond. Caleb says that John is a target because of the Idol with Brad saying that everyone is assuming that he out it. John admits that voting is difficult because he could have a hand in sending Candice home if a pair of loved ones switch places at Redemption Island, whilst Hayden says that by doing this, they can potentially weaken the other tribe.

Everyone votes and Jeff begins to read them. The first two votes are for John, then Ciera gets a vote, however, Rachel receives the next five votes, (all from the guys), as she is sent on her way to Redemption Island.


Rachel… the tribe ahs spoken. Grab your torch and head to Redemption Island. (Image Credit: CBS)  

As she arrives on Redemption Island, she admits she wasn’t surprised about being sent home and reveals to Candice that the guy’s are running the tribe, whilst Marissa sleeps, ignoring her former tribe mate.

Next week’s episode see’s Tyson faced with a tough predicament, let Rachel fight for her life, or switch places, with the preview hinting he takes her place, whilst Colton considers quitting the game and steals a hug from Caleb in front of everyone at Redemption Island.

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Ben’s Opinion


Well again this season continues to impress!

The twists so far I think are working a treat. The whole Redemption Island idea could work for the very first time, and I’m loving the uncertainty of players possibly switching with their loved ones to really spice things up. It’s causing voting to go down differently which in the long run could definitely affect how things will play out. We’ve seen two votes now be affected by the players family members, and it just adds spice which I think is great.

Disappointed to see Rupert go first. Obviously I wanted Marissa to go to make my money back, but also because I’m probably the only Rupert fan left on the planet. It’s such a shame to see him be the first boot, as we will probably never see him play again and he is one player I definitely feel deserved to have actually won a season and now his reputation is completely tarnished. He has a unique distinction though of being a player to have no votes or not go to tribal council leave the game without quitting or being medically evacuated, and he joins Wanda and Jonathan Libby from Palau with this unique stat. It’s still a sad thing to see though. I predicted Candice would do well in the challenge and she did, and I see her hanging on by for a few weeks yet. I don’t think Tyson will switch with Rachel, I know it looked like he would but I just don’t see it happening. I’m pretty certain we will be seeing Rachel going home next week.

I like the Galang 5 that is setup, and I think they have the potential to really control the game. Monica is doing great and I hope she has shut up her doubters after another strong week. Easily the person who impressed me the most this week was Tina. I’m getting flashbacks already from Australian Outback to a quiet, social game with players and never likely to be in trouble, so I can see her going all the way at this rate. Aras is also in a great spot, and Gervase too can just float on by for a while without having to do much. Other people on the tribe though are looking shaky, such as Kat and Colton. Colton is likely to quit next week (please don’t Colton) and Kat just looks lost, which is a shame. If she can make it to the merge and get back with Hayden, she’ll be in a great spot. But if not, I don’t see her lasting. The two Laura’s are well and truly at the bottom, and I can’t see that changing.

On the other side of the beach, John got a lot of screen time tonight. He is a very wooden character it has to be said but I’m sure he will make it a bit further at least if he can avoid being blindsided. Brad still continues to fluff his feathers around but Hayden and Caleb are sitting back nice and smartly waiting for their chance which I think puts them in the most power on the tribe. I would add Ciera in their too, I see her going far and she is definitely outplaying her mother at this point. Looking at how things are turning out though, people who thought our pre-season rankings were ‘sexist’, well given we have been pretty spot on with them, I think you can see why we did it that way. #nosexism

Next week looks very interesting, and I’m really hoping Colton doesn’t quit. Bring it on!

Jarryd’s Opinion


So far so good! This season is really taking shape, despite popular belief pre-season that it was going to be a season that wasn’t real “Survivor” I think production has put a lot of time and effort into planning how everything will work and I think it’s turning out a lot better than a lot of people expected it to pre-game. A big positive is how the Redemption Island twist is working this season. Even prior to this season, I wasn’t a big fan or a big hater of the twist, I think this season will work really well because of the factor of the loved ones that you have to incorporate into the Redemption Island twist. Without loved ones swapping places with each other, it wouldn’t work as well because no one in their right mind in a normal season of Survivor, would swap places with a member of their alliance who was on Redemption Island.

I also think they cast this season very well. You’ve got a mixture of big characters and good players, instead of just a mix of ego’s all abandoned on a beach on the Philippines. The loved ones themselves are also pretty decent. Last season I struggled to connect or “like” any members of the original Fans tribe whereas this season I feel you’re really getting to know the “newbies” instead of them just being pawns in a season that was intended to bring back returnees.

Anyway, focusing on this episode… get around Candice and cya later Rupert! In all seriousness this was a fantastic episode just because Rupert got the boot. The guy drives me crazy so to see him go is fantastic! I think it will also mean Laura B. won’t get much of an edit for her remaining time on the island because Rupert isn’t around. I really liked the Duel, I think it would be great fun to have a go at and despite the fact we’ve seen it before, it was still a decent challenge. Marissa did get lucky thought because Rupert really should have slowed down a tad an he would have been competing again next week. I can’t see Gervase and Marissa swapping places any time soon either, which I’m happy about because I’d love to see the G-Train, (Gervase), go far into the season.

The Immunity Challenge was great. I loved the barrel rolling when they did it in the Cook Islands so to see it again was good; it was just a pity they didn’t make the journey more uncomfortable for the people in the barrel’s by making their tribe mates roll them over uneven ground. What’s more, was also good that they didn’t have a repeat of last week and we had a ball toss isn’t a a puzzle… it’s always good to mix it up.

Tadhana made a good call at Tribal. Getting rid of John when you haven’t won a challenge would have been suicide so I was glad the guys stuck to the plan to get rid of Rachel. Looking ahead to next week, half of me is hoping Tyson does take her place on Redemption Island and the other half is hoping he doesn’t. I think if he does sacrifice himself, it’s a very stupid decision considering he is in a good place in the game.

The men’s alliance of Tadhana won’t last, I can see Ciera and Caleb working themselves into a side alliance with Vytas. If not, Ciera won’t go down easy, she’ll fight for her place in the game. Colton, great job digging your own grave mate, I can see any reason for keeping you around. I can’t wait to see Brad body slam G-Train. Galang needs a bit more airtime that doesn’t relate to Colton, however, like in One World, that will change soon and… go Mrs. Cody!

Survivor Re-capper: Tanya Vance


Each week we’ll bring you the viewpoint of a former Survivor contestant to hear what they think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season!

Our second guest is Thailand contestant Tanya Vance, as she discusses her love so far for this season but not for some of the twists, her thoughts on Rupert leaving and the challenge that he lost, whether or not Candice should be playing this season, her thoughts on how Colton is going and whether or not he will quit, the power alliance at Galang, just how Hayden is in a good position, her love of Aras as well as Vytas, why she wouldn’t want to work with Kat as well as cocky players and talking up some of them from Thailand as well as whether or not Tyson really well step in for Rachel next week! Tanya then answers our final set of 7 questions as follows:

TIP TO WIN: Aras/Harden
NEXT TO GO:  Colton

We will have another former contestant joining us next week for another recap, with China winner Todd Herzog finding himself in the hot seat!

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  2. Good write-up! Guess who is Brendan Synnott from Tocantins.

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