Survivor Blood vs Water Oztopsy–Episode 2


Each week after the Australian airing of Blood vs Water we will dissect the episode LIVE with Ben and the Ozlets and a wide variety of phone in guests! Now that episode 2 is over and done with, it’s time for the second ever Oztopsy!

Ben is joined by Jarryd, Ky & Rileigh to talk about all the key moments from the second episode of Blood vs Water! Through various comments in the live chat, Ben’s continued attempts at being a ‘teacher’ on his new whiteboard and everything else in between, the second ever Oztopsy has it all!

We also drew our first weekly winner of the ‘guess who’ competition, in which we show you a jumbled picture in our weekly recap and you have to guess who the contestant is! Each weekly winner will go into the draw to win a signed Boston Rob poster at the end of the season!


Make sure you check out this weeks recap to guess this weeks Survivor contestant!

If you would like to watch all the action as it unfolded, you can click on the link below:

Of course if you prefer to listen rather than watch, you can click the below link instead:

Remember to tune in next week LIVE is we dissect episode 3 of Survivor Blood vs Water!

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1 Comment on Survivor Blood vs Water Oztopsy–Episode 2

  1. I’m currently listening to this pod cast (Blood vs Water Ep 2 Oztopsy) and I have to say I LOVE the show Survivor but listening to you guys is painful!! Why are you all so negative? You bag the piss out of each other and the game. Are you even fans? It sounds like you are commenting on a show you don’t like under duress. The over use of the words “I don’t know” is driving me crazy and seriously dropping so many F bombs just make you sound like a bunch of bogans. Every now and then there are some gems of insight and valid points but I’m struggling to hang around to hear them! Please, please for the love of all Survivor fans out there find some guests that have opinions other than “I don’t know” and enough with the bagging out of each others opinions. Try bringing your listeners attention to the positives more and I assure you, you will get more listeners!!

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