Survivor Oz Top 10-Top 10 Survivor Players That Deserve A Second Chance

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It’s Wednesday again, which can only mean one thing: another Survivor Oz Top Ten! Today’s article comes from our newest Ozlet, Jimmy Kurniawan, who hails from Sydney, Australia. Since season eight of Survivor, (Survivor: All-Stars), we have seen contestants being brought back to play for a second, third or even fourth time. But of those contestants that have not played again, who is most deserving of a second chance? Today, Jimmy has listed his top ten choices for players who should be given a second shot at the game, having shown potential in their original seasons. Do you agree with his choices? Read on to find out and leave your comments below.

10. Marisa Calihan – Samoa


Marisa Calihan started off on the Foa Foa tribe. During the opening Reward Challenge, she was selected by Mick Trimming – the newly appointed ‘leader’ of the tribe – as she was perceived as the most agile person of the tribe. Foa Foa won the challenge in a close finish. Almost immediately, she was recruited by Russell Hantz to be in his ‘dumb girl alliance’. After losing the first Immunity Challenge, she was targeted and bullied by Ben Browning and Russell Hantz. Angered by Marissa’s lack of trust, Russell Hantz convinced the tribe to vote her out instead of Mike Borassi, as she was considered to be one of the ‘strongest women’ on the tribe. She would have gone deep into the game had she fought and scrambled a little bit harder before Tribal Council.

9. RC Saint-Amour – Philippines


RC started out the game on the Tandang tribe, forming an alliance with close friend Abi-Maria Gomes. She also got Pete Yukowski and Michael Skupin on her side. She was able to find the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol but soon after, her alliance with Abi-Maria fell through due to Pete’s deceptions. During the game, RC relied on her strengths during the challenges as she was super athletic, as well as a fierce competitor. Without a doubt, RC is a genuinely nice person, very trustworthy of others and that’s what got her voted out of the game.

8. Darrah Johnson Sparacino – Pearl Islands


One of the most underrated female Survivors to have ever played the game, Darrah played a somewhat quiet game, preferring to stay under the radar while allowing others to take the spotlight. She kept to herself and allowed others to come to her and make alliances and deals. She was nice to everyone up until it was time not to be. Despite her small frame, Darrah conquered in the challenges and won three consecutive individual Immunity Challenges. That puts her in good company with other Survivors who have won three individual Immunity Challenges in their respective seasons, which include Bob Crowley, Russell Hantz, Sophie Clarke and Chris Daugherty. Her only mistake in the game was not promising Lillian Morris to the Final Three and she ultimately got voted off.

7. Terry Dietz – Panama


Had it not been for Danielle DiLorenzo’s betrayal and not winning the Final Immunity Challenge, Terry Dietz could have, would have, should have been the sole Survivor of Survivor: Panama. Terry started out on the older men’s tribe, La Mina, which finished second in the first Immunity Challenge. After the Tribe Switch in Episode Two, he ended up on a seemingly more ‘physical and fit’ tribe. But looks can be deceiving as the newly formed La Mina tribe didn’t win many challenges. They went into the Merge at a four to six disadvantage. This is where Terry Dietz came out of his shell. He went on a winning streak and won five consecutive individual Immunity Challenges. That ties his with Colby Donaldson and Tom Westman, who have also won five individual Immunity Challenges in their respective seasons. His winning streak ended as Danielle won the crucial Immunity Challenge at the Final Three. Who could forget his fight with Aras during the Reward Challenge at the Final Four? “Somebody call the whambulance!”

6. Holly Hoffman – Nicaragua


Holly Hoffman was a member of the Espada tribe, which consisted of the older players. Early on, Holly made an alliance with Wendy DeSchmidt-Kohlhoff, but since the rest of the Espada tribe saw Wendy as the weakest link, Holly went along with the majority and Wendy was eventually voted out. On Day Five, Holly considered quitting the game but Jimmy Johnson cheered her up and eventually changed her mind. Her decision not to quit would be constantly referenced by Holly as she progressed further into the game. With her new found belief and resilience, Holly made it all the way to the Final Four. She finished in last place in the Final Immunity Challenge and was eventually voted out. Holly Hoffman could be best described as strong, determined and one of the nicest people to have played Survivor.

5. Danni Boatwright – Guatemala


At the beginning of the game, Danni Boatwright was placed on the Nakum tribe. When it was revealed that Stephenie LaGrossa and Bobby Jon Drinkard were playing for a second time, Danni was pleased when Nakum would get Bobby Jon. After the gruelling eleven mile hike, the Nakum tribe reached the better of the two camps first. At the Merge, Danni’s name was always on the chopping block, but she was still determined to save herself. At the Survivor Auction, Danni bought herself an advantage at the next Immunity Challenge. Danni made it all the way to the Final Immunity Challenge, which she won. She consoled Stephenie who was crying. Danni chose Stephenie to bring to the Final Tribal Council because she viewed her as easier to beat. At the Final Tribal Council, the jury was bitter with Stephenie’s devious game play and Danni easily won with a six to one vote. Danni was a good strategist as all her actions were very subtle. Most of the time she was putting thoughts in her tribe mate’s ear, and they in turn would create some paranoia amongst themselves and vote each other out one by one.

4. Jud ‘Fabio’ Birza – Nicaragua


At the start of the game, Fabio was placed on the La Flor tribe. He became the tribe’s goofball, sending his tribe mates in stitches of laughter at every opportunity. He was always hurting and injuring himself around camp. He stepped on a rock barefooted and hurt his foot. Not soon after, he cut himself with a machete and ended up with a nasty looking scar. He is one of the biggest ‘surfer dudes’ to ever play Survivor, but the question has to be asked: “How the hell did he win?” The obvious answer is that he made enough friends on the Jury to vote for him at the Final Tribal Council. But could it be more? I think he tried to play the game by not offending people and playing hard when the time was right.

The way Fabio played the first half of the game completely confused me. He somehow made it through without an alliance. He would cast votes against random people and would continue to be clueless about the voting process. He somehow was able to navigate his way without an alliance at the Merge and went on an Immunity winning streak. Fabio is fun to watch, from his voice to his performance at Tribal Councils; he was very entertaining. He is such a fun gun – sorry Ethan Garcia, but I am going to throw you under the bus – who could forget the time at Hearts Of Reality, when we smuggled some vodka to the bar into an empty plastic bottle to give to Fabio?

3. Andrew Savage – Pearl Islands


In my opinion, Andrew Savage is probably one of the best leaders of any tribe in the history of Survivor. He was the last person called out to join the Morgan tribe. Upon reaching camp, he assumed the leadership role unchallenged. Even though the Morgan tribe lost the first three challenges, Andrew was always motivating his tribe and never giving up hope. Even though the Morgan tribe lost most of the early Immunity Challenges, they were slowly and surely clawing their way back in the game. At the Merge, Andrew was targeted for being the leader of the Morgan tribe and one of the biggest threats. He was blindsided in a six to four vote.

One memorable moment from that season was Andrew Savage’s rant against Jonny Fairplay after he mentioned that the Drake tribe threw a challenge. Andrew’s rant: “He claims he threw the challenge. Well, I think that’s just nonsense, and I think it’s bad sportsmanship by him. Little bastard. To indicate that we didn’t fair and square win that challenge… so I don’t think they did throw it. But just for that little piss ant to take that away from us is ridiculous.”

2. Yul Kwon – Cook Islands


‘The Godfather’, ‘The Mastermind’ of Survivor: Cook Islands, Yul Kwon started the game on the Puka tribe which consisted of people from Asian-American backgrounds. Yul began to form a friendly bond with Becky Lee, which would eventually blossom as the game progressed. During the game, Yul was sent to Exile Island where he solved the clue to the whereabouts of the Hidden Immunity Idol. When there were twelve contestants left in the game, Jeff announced a Mutiny, which meant that anyone could leave their tribe and join the opposing tribe. This left the Aitu tribe with a six to four disadvantage. The next few episodes were quite tense as the Aitu tribe provided us with a great underdog story. Yul has a way with words and is a natural speaker and he was able to persuade Jonathan Penner to flip to Aitu after showing him his Immunity Idol. Yul was the ‘Mastermind’ behind the entire season. Anyone who was voted off, Yul had a hand in. This just goes to show just how flawless his game was.

1. Brian Heidik – Thailand


‘The Ice Man’, Brian Heidik considered his time on Survivor as a ‘business trip’. He wasn’t targeted due to his physical strength and his ability to provide food for his tribe. He was considered as trustworthy, despite being a used car salesman. His status in the game would dramatically change when he joined the majority to vote out John Raymond and Tanya Vance. He is considered to be the ‘ultimate puppet master’, having complete control over his fellow tribe mates. He had a perfectly planned strategy, had a charming wit about him and never received a vote against him in Tribal Council. However, the one thing he lacked was the social aspect of his game. He alienated the majority of the Sook Jai tribe, which is why he only won by one vote in the Final Tribal Council. Wouldn’t it be great to see him play against other polarising players such as Russell Hantz, Richard Hatch and Boston Rob? I wonder who would win out of those four? The mind boggles!


What do you think of the top 10? Do you agree? Disagree? Is it in the wrong order or are there ones that didn’t make the top 10 that you feel should’ve? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!

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27 Comments on Survivor Oz Top 10-Top 10 Survivor Players That Deserve A Second Chance

  1. In what world, is Todd not on a list of people that deserve a second chance?

  2. First of all, Ozzy also won five individual immunity challenges, where are Todd, Chris, Kim and Natalie B

    • Yes, but Panama was the series before Cook Islands, when he said joined Colby and Tom, it was because they were the only 2 to have this at that point in the game, technically Ozzy joined Terry, Tom and Colby in 5 immunity wins.

  3. 4 winners on a 2nd chance list. SMH!!! A second chance at what? They won!!!! I like Jimmy but this top 10 blows! Sorry mate! Second chance would be like me, Cao Boi, & Redneck James. If you won then you made good on your first chance. That’s like asking for a second chance at a girl you’ve already married. Makes no sense. But nice first effort. Maybe it’s Jimmy that needs the second chance. Lol. Still love Survivor Oz and keep at it Jimmy.

  4. Teresa Cooper, Vecepia, Deena B., Twila, Rafe, Alex (Fiji), Todd, Tracy (Micronesia), Kenny H., Taj, Liz K. (Samoa), Alina (Nicaragua), Sophie, Kim S., Troyzan…. Oh to be on the survivor casting team!

  5. Andrew was a bad leader at times. Keeping Osten over Skinny Ryan that vote could have helped Morgan cuz Osten was mentally out. I can’t believe there were two Nicaragua mentions and no Marty. He should have been back for Caramoan.

  6. how could you missed Todd?

  7. Pretty good list — we diehard fans are hard to please — not that we’re opinionated, or anything. LOL. I’m impressed you included Darrah; I really enjoyed her play. And much as we all hate to admit it, Brian should be invited back. I’d add Todd, as others have, and T-Bird (Teresa Cooper). Amy O’ Hara would be a kick; without her hurt ankle, she would scare the other players into keeping her around. She’s a hoot. Good job! (And as I always whine) If only CBS would listen to THIS show, we’d all be happy campers…

  8. I agree with Savage 100%.. would like to see Players like Troyzan, , Natalie Bolton, Liz, Brian (Guatemala) and Peih Gee!

  9. Stephanie V from Redemption Island deserves a second chance. She was ready to cut the throats of everyone and if it wasn’t for her tribe alienating her because of Russell she would of been someone who could easily given Boston Rob a run for his money come merge.

    Ken H and Crystal from Gabon, Tracy and Natalie B from Micronesia, Peih Gee, Sierra, Stephen and Taj from Tocantins, NaOnka, Rob C, Jeff Varner, Shii Ann, Francesca.

  10. I agree with everyone listed that wasn’t a winner. As much as I’m not against winners coming back for future seasons, I don’t think they deserve to be on the top 10 most deserving of another season list. Because they already won! So they’re not necessarily high priority, or they shouldn’t be anyway. As for people others suggested, I would like to see Stephanie Valencia play without Russell Hantz because he ruined her game (though she should’ve never affiliated with him in the first place. Troyzan, Nat Bolton, Peih Gee good players to return too. Liz and Guatemala Brian are ok. I’m ignoring winners like Todd because they already won so they don’t NEED to return.

  11. I love your work, Jimmy, but I so disagree with the RC entry. Or at least this bit: “Without a doubt, RC is a genuinely nice person, very trustworthy of others and that’s what got her voted out of the game.”

    No, she’s not a very nice person, actually, and you don’t even need to meet her in person to see that (although a few of us have met her). She’s been quite an obnoxious twit all over the internet on a variety of subjects, including Abi (including comments that have bordered on slanderous and actionable in the U.S. legal system – shut it, RC! You aren’t coming off very well at all!) and RC’s game play (which simply was bad). I suspect we’ll see her yet again, unfortunately.

    Further, what got her voted out of the game is was a distinct loss of numbers as her tribe continued to win. She alienated much of her alliance. Some of it was Pete, but much was that she couldn’t shut up and just be cool. She somewhat did what Colton’s doing now – all she wanted to do was talk strategy and when you are dominating in challenges, there’s no need for that much strategy. Many ,many tribemates brought this up in post-game interviews – that she wouldn’t stop scheming and strategizing and that was reason enough to shun her and then take her out at their best opportunity. Which they did. She’s lucky she made jury, and unfortunately, we viewers had to listen to her whine about being voted out through an entire season of Ponderosa videos. The entitlement is more than annoying. Her latest podcast clearly shows how little awareness she had about her own game, much less how to make Survivor work for her. If she never acknowledges her poor gameplay, she’s never going to do better.

    She clearly already was given a second chance, but for her father. We’ll see if she gets a third, but there are many, many players that probably “deserve” it more than she does. And I say this as someone who doesn’t think “deserve” and “Survivor” belong in the sentence. That’s how repelling I find RC.

    I agree that winners probably aren’t the most deserving returning player list choices. And many on this list have been asked back, and simply haven’t made the cut or declined to return. (Holly, Terry, Savage).

    Thanks, Jimmy. You know the die hards aren’t ever going to agree 100% with any of the choices. But it’s fun to read nonetheless.

    • Completely agree with you. Nothing really to add – I just agree! 🙂

    • that is just one biased view. only thing agreeable was her interview, in which she didn’t come off super smart, other than that, the points are arguable and weak and anyone can take a side one way or another

  12. Holly one of the nicest people to play Survivor?!? She hid the 1.500$ shoes of Dan Lembo with no reason to do it, that’s one of the bitchiest thing ever done on Survivor!

  13. Replace Yul, Savage and Fabio with Alex (fiji), Brian (Guatamala) & Todd (China)

    Also Troyzan, Marty, Zaine, Alexis…pffff I mean so many great players and characters!

  14. the winners list should have been a separate top 10, but a good list though, i’d add kenny, kim spradlin, todd, steph/ri, sash, taj, marty. i hope top 10s are twice a week!! thanks!

  15. Marcus from Gabon! He was royally screwed over by the double tribe switch.

  16. Todd and Peig gee mainly because peig gee still fought when almost all hope was lost and what about becky, sundra and Adam from cook islands??? also can we never have russel back he’s just plain irritating 🙂

  17. Crystal Cox!!!! If it wasn’t for Sugar’s sudden becoming a complete idiot at the end of the game, she may have won.

  18. i love the top tens on this website, but this one is terrible.. i can think of many off the top of my head that are even above brian.. Stephen Fishbach, Todd Herzog, Kim Spradlin, Reynold, etc.

  19. Aaron from China, the twist really fucked up his game

  20. Where are Kenny and Crystal?
    They definitely deserve to have second chance!

  21. Where is Earl? And Todd, Kim, Stephen? Earl, Yul and Stephen are 3 players that I want to be back the most. I don’t feel like Yul wants to play again, but Earl and Stephen may accept the offer. I really wish to see them in the next all-returnee season.

  22. KEN HOANG!!!!he was awesome

  23. Kennedy bowles // May 7, 2015 at 10:58 am // Reply

    I want rc. To be. Back in

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