Survivor Blood vs. Water-Episode 3 Recap featuring Billy Garcia!


Survivor Blood vs. Water continues this week with the third episode of the season. Of course with everything that happened you might be a little overawed, so we’re to to recap the action for you! Joining us, we have our resident recap expert Jarryd and Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend Billy Garcia from the thirteenth season of Cook Islands!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

In this weeks episode, we had a quitter, a game of domino’s, watched loved ones brawl and a blindside that one person didn’t see coming.

First up tonight, we join Galang on the morning of Day Seven as everyone admires and discusses Tyson’s cupcake belt…  everyone except Colton that is, who’s more concerned about discussing who will be sitting out at the next challenge. Nobody has any desire to discuss this however, which leads to Colton revealing that nobody wants to talk strategy, they just want to share life stories, which in turn has made him a threat. Aras and Colton talk on their own, with the latter seeking assurance from Aras that he is in a good position in the game. Aras doesn’t give him a straight answer, instead saying that nothing ever stays the same in Survivor because sooner or later, somebody else will “shoot themselves in the foot”. This doesn’t please Colton, who begs Aras to tell him that he is safe, with Aras simply telling him to relax and to enjoy himself. Colton doesn’t believe this an knows that his day’s are number, whilst Aras’ true feelings about Colton are revealed in a confessional when he reveals that he is “poison”.

Everyone meets up at Redemption Island and Tyson isn’t happy Rachel is the new inhabitant. He credit’s Tadhana for the move they made, as he correctly assumes they did it in order for him to swap with her. Rachel isn’t having any of it though, telling Tyson to remain on his tribe because he has a better chance in the game and that Galang “need’s him”.

Tyson accepts this, then stands up and gives Tadhana a warning not to cross him because he wants revenge for voting out Rachel. Brad runs his mouth, telling Tyson he has no idea what it’s like to vote someone out yet, which frustrates Marissa, who screams at him that they have been voting out the strong instead of the weak. Brad tries to respond but Marissa is having none of it as she tells him to “f*** off”. Gervase immediately jumps in, telling his niece to “tone it down” and to concentrate. Colton begins to cry, saying that he can’t do it anymore and wants to quit.

After the ad break, we return with Jeff asking Colton if he wants to quit the game for a second time. Colton says that he can’t do it, with Jeff going onto say that if he wanted to change,that if he leaves he won’t get the chance, whilst also disappointing his tribe. Colton says that he doesn’t care about the tribe and will do what’s “best for me”. Jeff labels him as “selfish”, saying that in One World he feigned appendicitis in order to leave the game and that he will now be a two time quitter. Colton says that he is doing it because when his back is against the wall, he changes and he doesn’t want to be hated. Tyson tells him that he changed before his back was against the wall. Tina them says that Colton is having a hard time because nobody on the tribe is “playing his game” and that he can’t win. Jeff asks whether Colton is quitting because he can’t win and it is to hard, which Colton is unsure of.


Colton gets comfort from Caleb. (Image Credit: CBS)

Caleb says that his heart is crumbling for Colton because he loves the game. Jeff intervenes, saying that lots of people love the game but should never get off the couch to play it. Jeff says, “we bought back a quitter and got another quitter”. Colton is extremely upset at this points and crosses over to hug Caleb, hugging him and telling him not to leave.

After he bids farewell to Caleb, Jeff instructs Colton to grab his things and leave, instructing him to keep his Buff because throwing it into the fire is an “honour and reserved for “people who compete”.


Colton leaves after quitting the game for a “second time”. (Image Credit: CBS)

In all the drama, I wouldn’t be surprised if  some people forgot about the Duel, which we’ll now get to. Today’s Duel is an old classic, which has been used several times, not just on Redemption Island. The three contestants will have to stack blocks along an angular platform, avoiding trip wires, so that when pushed, the blocks will fall like dominos. The goal is to have all your blocks fall, thus releasing a ball, which will smash a tile. The first two people to smash their tile, stay in the game, (with the first person to finish also getting to give out a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol), and the person who finishes last, officially being eliminated from the game.

It’s a Duel which requires immense concentration, which will be difficult enough in the forty-five degree Celsius heat, without Jeff commentating and interrupting everyone’s train of thought. Everyone begins and then a time lapse occurs where we see everyone fairly even in the challenge. Candice is the first to push her blocks over, they all fall, her ball breaks her tile and she wins the Duel again. Marissa knocks over about ten of her blocks and Rachel trips on a trip wire, losing half her stack. Marissa then loses a third of her stack and Rachel loses more, leveling things up again.


Rachel, Marissa and Candice compete in the Day Seven, Redemption Island Duel. (Image Credit: CBS)

Another time lapse brings us to the forty-five minute mark of the challenge. It’s neck and neck, but Marissa is ready to pass out. Both Gervase and Tyson offer their loved ones encouragement as they both push their first block, hoping to reaches the end. Rachel’s is moving faster than Marissa, however, it doesn’t make it to the end. Marissa’s on the other hand does, as her ball drops and her tile breaks, thus, Rachel is eliminated from the game. Tyson comes over to say goodbye, as she tells him she enjoyed her time on the island before she leaves. Before the tribes are dismissed back to camp, Candice gives John another clue to the Idol, telling him, “do what you need to do”.


 Rachel is eliminated from the game. (Image Credit: CBS)


John receives his second clue to the location of the Hidden Immunity Idol. (Image Credit: CBS)

Back at Galang’s camp, Tyson gives a confessional about how he will be disappointed he didn’t swap with Rachel if he doesn’t make it all the way to the end. However, he goes onto say that Rachel saying she enjoyed herself is good enough for him because people take the game way to serious and it “ruins lives”, using Colton as an example. Aras explains to the tribe that Colton quit because he didn’t have control, whilst Tyson says being around Monica at camp is awkward because Brad is one of the main reasons Rachel is out of the game. Monica isn’t dwelling on this though, she’s more concerned about how Brad was attacked by Marissa and Tyson at Redemption Island, making him a big target.

At Tadhana, Brad asks the tribe whether he is a “tyrant” because everyone they vote out is calling him out when they attend Redemption Island Duels. The tribe tells him he isn’t as he complains that everyone is “airing their dirty laundry” on him. In a confessional, he reveals that what Tyson said about him being the tribe leader is true, however, his goal is to make the members of his tribe think that they are all making the decision instead of just himself. This isn’t a bad strategy, but considering Brad had trouble working out how the numbers fell between nine people, it’s complicated for him.

John reads the second clue to the location of the Idol and discusses the pros and cons of having the clues and the Idol. He decides to he trust Brad enough and shares the clue with him. Brad volunteers to help search for it, but John tells him that he will go off to find it on his own because otherwise the other guys might get suspicious. Brad isn’t sure what this means… does John trust him or not? He continues saying that this is a huge test for himself and John and will go a long way as to whether the pair can trust each other during the game.


John and Brad discuss the Hidden Immunity Idol. (Image Credit: CBS)

Both tribes receive Tree Mail on Day Eight, which hints of a physical challenge between loved ones. Everyone is excited with Aras saying he wants to take down his bully brother Vytas. Vytas admits he wasn’t always the best brother but he wants to a chance to beat Aras. Brad does a few demonstrations for Tadhana, saying that balance will be extremely important in this challenge.

The tribes arrive at the challenge. Jeff explains they will be going one-one-one, sumo style against each other. Each castaway will have a padded bag and the goal is to knock the other person into the water. The first tribe is five points will be declared the winner. Once again, the challenge is for both Immunity and Reward, with the Reward today being a choice between another lot of fishing gear, or comfort… which includes a tarp, pillows, blankets and a hammock. With Colton quitting, Galang only have one extra member and are instructed to sit out a women. Monica volunteers and the challenge gets underway.

The first round see’s a much hyped match up between Brad and Gervase. There are no fireworks however as Brad goes onto score a point for Tadhana. Next up, Laura B. scores for Galang after a hard fought win against Katie. John gets the chocolates against Aras and then Kat easily accounts for Ciera, only needing one push to send her over the edge, as she levels the score at two-two.


The Day Eight combined Immunity and Reward Challenge. (Image Credit: CBS)

Next up, Hayden takes on Tyson and easily wins. However, once in the water, Tyson gets Jeff’s attention, telling him he can’t lift his shoulder, so Jeff calls medical. DOCTOR RAMONA IS BACK! Yep, after several seasons in the wilderness, Doctor Ramona returns to treat Tyson. She tells us that Tyson as “popped his shoulder a little bit” and that their may be damage to the nearby tendon. However, the injury will become less painful over time, mobility will return, therefore, he will only be out for the remainder of this challenge. Tyson gets a quick confessional before we move on as he wonders whether the injury will “screw” his game.


Doctor Ramona examines Tyson. (Image Credit: CBS)

The next match-up is Katie and Tina. In the best match so far, Tina fights hard to pull off an unlikely win, (at one point during the duel anyway), against Katie. With the scores locked at three-three, Aras and Vytas come up against each other. Aras tells everyone he feels “seven years old again” whilst Vytas labels it the “college athlete versus the junkie”. Aras comes out of the gate strong and has Vytas down. Not much happens though and Aras allows Vytas to get up again, telling him they will start over. Jeff says they can go whenever, but Vytas tries to take advantage of Aras and knock him off whilst he’s not ready. Aras doesn’t fall though and manages to knock Vytas into the water, which should send good messages to kids about sportsmanship! Both are emotional after the challenge, saying they don’t want to fight but are proud of each other.


Brother who? Aras and Vytas go at it during the challenge. (Image Credit: CBS)

With Galang leading four-three, Laura M. steps onto the platform to take on Ciera. Laura’s already crying, revealing she doesn’t want to hurt her daughter. Ciera says it’s fine and the duel begins. Ciera is easily beaten by her mother, securing Galang another win, as Laura checks that Ciera is okay. Galang collect their Reward and Immunity and head back to camp, whilst Tadhana are dismissed to camp to work things out ahead of Tribal Council. As they return to camp, John questions how the girls couldn’t beat their mothers and I wonder why Caleb didn’t get a turn in the challenge.


Galang celebrate their third consecutive challenge victory. (Image Credit: CBS)

Tadhana return to camp, once again disappointed at the loss. Ciera says her mother kicked her ass, whilst Vytas questions whether or not he should have taken Aras on, revealing the odds were never in his favour. The men’s alliance get’s together and discuss that either Ciera or Katie will be going home after poor efforts in the challenge. They come to the agreement that Ciera will be sent home because Katie does all the cooking around camp, whilst Ciera does nothing. John still wants to be careful so heads out to look for the Idol which gives Brad the opportunity to tell the other three guys that tonight is the perfect night to blindside John. Brad says that John is strong and that Candice is kicking butt at Redemption Island. In a confessional, Brad explains that he currently controls John, but if Candice comes back into the game after the Merge, she will take over control of John. Hayden says that he was shock by the plan, saying that it opens up the game.

Brad gathers the girls, telling them that either one of them or John is going home. He continues, saying that he may still vote for one of them so that if John gets back into the game, he can offer his hand in friendship again. Vytas doesn’t like this idea, saying that if they are going to blindside John, they should all vote for him because otherwise it paints the tribe as the bad guys and Brad as a good guy.

The plan still worries Ciera because of the prospect that John might play the Idol, she talks with Hayden and Katie with Hayden telling them they should throw their votes on Brad because the plan was his idea. Ciera says she’s onboard and would be happy to help the guys vote out Brad. Caleb, Hayden and Vytas then discuss whether they should keep John, who might have the Idol, or keep Brad. As the tribe begins their journey to Tribal Council, Hayden reveals that whatever happens, it will be a blindside.

Tribal Council begins with John saying that the men are the only ones performing well in challenges. Katie says it tough because there are only two girls left, meaning they had to compete several times, with Ciera adding that losing to their mothers was embarrassing. Caleb says that at the moment, the tribe is being dominated by the males, with Vytas chiming into say that it isn’t men against women, it all depends on who you trust and what information you have. Brad says this concerns him because he is copping the blame at Redemption Island for being the “king pin”, which he denies he is.

John says that Candice knows what she is doing by giving him the clues to the Idol, with Vytas saying that he is happy someone in his alliance has the clues but he’s glad he doesn’t have them. Hayden reveals that he hasn’t been made aware of what the clues say, questioning Johns loyalty and Brad wraps things up by telling Jeff that you can’t always tell the truth.

We get to the votes. Much to Ciera’s relief, no Idol is played but she didn’t have to worry because the entire tribe, even Brad, blindside John in a six-one vote. John’s torched is snuffed and he heads out to join his wife at Redemption Island, much to her shock.


John… the tribe ahs spoken. Grab your torch and head to Redemption Island. (Image Credit: CBS) 

Next week is going to be crazy! Husband versus wife in a Redemption Island Duel! Brad Culpepper versus the Cody’s in a Redemption Island standoff! Brad’s game spiraling out of control! It’s going to be great, so don’t miss it!

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Ben’s Opinion


Well what an episode!

Another reason why this season is performing above expectations. I notice that a lot of this seasons doubters have gone into hiding as I’m sure they’re pleasantly surprised as to how well it’s actually turning out. This whole new twist with Redemption Island is really making things strategically difficult to predict, and for people like us who are trying to recap and go through things it’s also being made difficult to keep tabs on things! But it also causes a great unknown every week which for the entertainment side of things is great. So far I think you can put this season right up there with the Philippines as one of the best post Heroes vs Villains seasons. It’s early I know, but it looks like it can only go up from him.

Interesting blindside of John, although was it really a blindside? I’ve been calling for the last two weeks that Hayden (and Caleb) were just a move away from gaining control of their tribe, and I think it has to be said that although Brad seemed like the instigator of that move, Hayden definitely was key in getting it to happen. The smart thing to do would’ve been to perhaps take out Brad instead of John, but all Hayden needs to do is continue to go on this path and Brad will be easy to remove. Brad is playing a very ‘Russell game’ right now, out there and brash but I don’t think in any way is he as smart as Russell was the first time he played in Samoa. Brad claims he would love a Russell out there to take to the end, well if you keep this up mate then you’ll be the one people are wanting to take to the end. John vs Candice next week should be a doozy, although I do feel sorry for Marissa who all of a sudden will be prone to some Cody love making. Time to collect the firewood Marissa…for a few hours.

Loved the challenge. Classic Survivor. No crappy puzzle pieces needed. Just full on brute strength. The ‘Battle of the Baskauskas’s’ was great, and painted them in a different light. And Laura vs Ciera was quite emotional, although Laura coming out on top will put her spirits a little higher as she seemingly has been falling behind her daughter in the ‘player’ stakes this season. And then there was Tina. You go girl!

Have to of course bring up the Colton quit. It’s certainly been the main talking point of this episode and I have to say I find the reaction quite disturbing. I’m in no way defending Colton for quitting. If you can’t handle the game in that situation just because things turned against you, then you don’t deserve to play the game. But there is a whole other side of things that we didn’t see that people seem to be forgetting. Remember last season with Shamar and Erik? A quick little evacuation and BANG we had no idea what else happened. We saw 3-4 minutes of Colton crying, Jeff bullying him and then he was gone. And yes, Jeff DID bully him. I have been a big defender of Probst and how he handles contestants in the past when others seem to go off at him, but this was the first ever time I felt uncomfortable of the way Jeff handled a situation. It was unnecessary to be that harsh on Colton. You might not like the guy Probst but really, do you have to kick the guy when he is down? Clearly the reaction on social media has shown enough people that Colton isn’t exactly the most popular contestant of all time, and that was well known before this season even started. The fact of the matter is that Colton played a great game on One World that is always overshadowed by a few comments. And now it will be further overshadowed by what happened this time around. Also, to say he has ‘quit twice’ is staggering in it’s inaccuracy. He was medically evacuated. To claim he faked his injury in order to go home is just ridiculous. You don’t have a staff of professionally trained doctors on site saying he is unfit to play if he was faking it. If that is the case, then why not get Boston Rob out on Heroes vs Villains for his ‘crybabyitis’? And then what do you make of Dana in the Philippines who clearly wasn’t that sick that she had to leave but decided to on grounds she was unwell? The fact too that people are quick to jump on the Probst bandwagon claiming Colton is a ‘two time quitter’ is just completely ridiculous, and I’m looking forward to his exit interviews happening tomorrow to hear what REALLY happened. Until then I think it’s not safe to reserve any judgement on the situation.

All that aside, next week seems to be interesting. Does Candice actually do SOMETHING in Survivor??!?!?!? That to me will be the biggest shock of all. Roll on the week!

Jarryd’s Opinion


Jeff Probst… well done on ripping into Colton!

I’m sorry, but quitters are USELESS! Yes, sometimes they are lovely people or there are circumstances involving their quit that are out of there control, but people who quit the game like Colton did aren’t worth talking about in the context of Survivor. He’s weak. If he thought pre-game that he would quit, (or if the psych picked up that he might quit), he should have been shipping back to America and someone else bought out. It just ruins a season to have someone quit for no reason at all, especially for the countless fans of the show who would love to be on the show… so Colton, get stuffed!

Next thing… GET AROUND CANDICE! Two from two, she’s doing well… hang in there.

Another thing that’s starting to annoy me a little is the lack of action going on at Galang. Sure… they don’t want to talk about strategy, but I’d rather see five minutes of footage of them doing nothing than have to listen to Brad slowly dig his grave. I don’t think he has any chance of winning, he’s taking on the leader role, constantly being called out at Redemption and if the preview for next week is anything to go by, he completely loses it, flushing his, (and probably Monica’s game), down the toilet.

To be honest, I would have gotten rid of Brad isn’t of John. Brad’s a liability, his mouth will get him into trouble, it’s not someone you want to align with. Whilst John might have several clues to the Idol, he’s less of a danger to align with at this stage of the game. Remember, odds are there is going to be a Tribe Switch soon, so would you rather be down on numbers aligned with Brad, or down on numbers aligned with John who had an Idol? Silly move by Tadhana!

Good to see a physical challenge return! We haven’t seen one for several seasons and they are the ones I’d personally love to compete in against someone I dislike, (hate), a lot! Though I think the one in Heroes vs. Villains was better purely because the loser was doused in mud; which made victory just that little bit sweeter.

I’m not that interested in that many of the Tadhana members at the moment because we’ve seen so much of them. I like Vytas, Hayden is growing on me and I can still see Ciera and Caleb joining up. I’m keen to see a lot more of Galang because I feel whoever they vote out first, has copped a bad edit, (unless it’s someone like Aras; who you wouldn’t expect), because people who seem to be on the outs, like the Laura’s and Kat, haven’t gotten much of an edit.

Tyson is a shock for me this season. I’ve never been a fan of his, I’ve always found him to be a bit of an idiot, but he’s grown on me this season. Yet, it’s early days… so who knows what might happen. I think part of the fact is that he’s “in” with the returnees I want to see do well, so I’m left to “root” for him because he’s part of something bigger.

The episode on a whole was decent. Jeff clearly took all of his and CBS’s frustration on Colton, (his a rating’s winner), so that will definitely put a dampener on the season. However, in saying that, I think this season is extremely promising so if people turn off just because Colton has gone, they are missing out.

I can’t wait for the Redemption Island fireworks that look set to go off next week and I’m also hoping Galang lose so we can see a bit more of them.

It’s going to be interesting, especially on Redemption! What happens if Marissa finishes first? Will John deliberately lose? I can’t wait!

Aaron’s Opinion


I really wanted to give Colton a chance. You know maybe this time he’ll be better and he just repeatedly time and time again proved me wrong in the worst way. It’s unfortunate that he quit and Jeff expressed my sentiments exactly. So I believe that this will set a precedent for the future especially since Brandon and now Colton have both claimed they changed and then did something drastic. I don’t think Jeff or casting will allow any quitters or questionable people back on. The Redemption Island duel was amazingly close and I cheered as Marissa and Candice won. It’s rather unfortunate that I like everyone on RI still. Can I just say Tina is awesome? From crushing her daughter to making good points on RI, she’s proving once again how cold she is in the game and why I love her as a winner and as a competitor. If I ever played Survivor, I would love to have Brad there cause he’s just steamrolling and would just clear the path for me to come from behind and walk said path to victory. Man is he not playing a good game. Granted, it’s not like he would’ve not had a target if he held back a little. So John goes which I was a little surprised by, mostly cause I thought it could’ve been Ciera or John would’ve found the idol and played it but now that he’s gone, I think that was the absolute right play not because of Brad’s egotistical reasons but because in a game of pairs, you want the pairs to be out or split and doing this is the best way to get that result. Next week I’m thinking Marissa loses (which I don’t want to happen) and hmm…. maybe Ciera does end up going home this time.

Jimmy’s Opinion


Colton! Colton! Colton! There is an old saying that goes something like, “Winners never quit, and quitters never win.” WOW! Wow, is probably not the best word to describe it, maybe a little bemused and annoyed all rolled into one. But to basically quit the game because you didn’t care for your tribe that wasn’t talking any strategy. Are you kidding me? That is the lamest excuse ever! It was one of the most selfish decisions ever made in the Survivor history. You not only let your tribe mates down, the thousands of your fans down, but most importantly you let yourself down as well. Even Jeff Probst called you out and quoted as saying that it was a ‘very selfish move’ and described you as a ‘two-time quitter.’

As a Survivor fan, I hate when people make that decision to quit. There are literally thousands and thousands of people who would do anything to get a chance to play the game of Survivor. It did feel as if, us (the loyal fans of the show) were robbed of maybe seeing someone else take your place instead. Not only that, Jeff goes into a tirade and admittedly says, “I am now convinced that Colton is the guy who should have never gotten off the couch. We brought a quitter back and we got a quit again.”

I did give you the benefit of the doubt in Survivor One World and hoping that you would change your hateful and disrespectful ways, but you have certainly lost me. But I guess in terms of fairness, we do get to see people at their very ‘worst’ on Survivor. They could be different outside of the game, but we have no option but to judge them on what we see on television.

Sometimes life isn’t all about smooth sailing, you will, no doubt, encounter obstacles… shows us whether we’re a ‘fighter’ or a ‘quitter’. But take to the easy road and quit? That’s just unbelievable! But I am hoping that somehow, somewhere in the future, you will able to redeem yourself and make your fans believe in you again.

But the drama didn’t end there! The previous night where Rachel got voted out and made to go to Redemption Island, the Galang tribe hoped that Tyson would take her place at the duel, thus weakening the already ‘strong’ Tadhana tribe. But their strategy didn’t go according to plan as Tyson stayed put. Then the tirades and insults start up again, as Tyson declared, “You guys watch out because if you see me at Redemption Island, none of you have a chance in hell.” Brad takes offence at this and defends himself and the Galang tribe, while Marrisa chips in and yells, “F**k you, Brad Culpepper!” What a great drama filled opening to a fantastic episode of Survivor!

The Immunity/Reward Challenge was great, one we haven’t seen in a while. It can be basically best described as Sumo wrestling with pads, where you knock your opponents out of the ring and into the water. Family members were made to face off against each other. One of the touching moments in the challenge was the match between brothers Aras and Vytas. Even though they have had some levels of rivalry in their childhood, they still have that ‘brotherly love’ for each other. Another match-up that is worth mentioning was the one between Laura and her daughter Ciera. Even before the challenge had begun, Laura had tears in her eyes saying that, “She is my baby and to hurt your own child intentionally, it’s never fun.” With which Ciera replies, “you’re not hurting me.” After the Laura wins the challenge, Laura immediately hugs Ciera and says, “Tell me you’re not angry.” Ciera replies, “I’m not.”

At Tribal Council, the Galang tribe made a huge decision at voting out John. It was his own mistake as he didn’t share the hidden immunity idol clue with the rest of the tribe except for Brad. I would have liked to have seen Brad voted out as he’s playing a really ‘hard’ and ‘upfront game’. Will he get far into the game? Only time will tell.

Nick’s Opinion


Well just where do I start with this? Season 27 is turning into a “Commando”…hold on girls, Aras still has his pants on. I mean as in the Arnie movie – its so bad its good. There’s nothing like low expectations to make things seem so much better. In fact, I just cant do this anymore. I quit…Oh, never mind. I’m back. I’m double quitting. So isn’t my pre-season pick looking good? Loses his girlfriend and shoulder tendons all in one episode. So much for my theory that he will smoke everyone at Redemption Island. So long Rachel, we hardly knew you, go have a nice holiday with Rupert and Colton, what fun. Speaking of Colton, wasn’t it nice that we got a great confessional from Caleb about how hard it was to see his fiancée quit and what the ramifications are for his game…oh wait, we didn’t? And we hardly heard from Ciera, Katie, or the entire Galang tribe? Oh I feel right at home on Redemption Island Island now. Yes, this is the Culpepper and Vytas show right now. Not that its a bad thing. Vytas clearly knows what he is doing and the eventual showdown between him and Aras is going to be much more explosive than a pillow fight. Were we shown some foreshadowing of some dodgy tricks ahead by Vytas on his little bro? One thing is for sure, these two are not going anywhere soon. Which is more than I can say for John. Seemed a pretty solid move, its not like the tribe is getting dusted in every challenge. Colton would have fit right in with these knuckleheads who cant stop strategizing long enough to win a challenge or two. So John is off to the Redemption Island of Love where Marissa gets to be the awkward third wheel. And doesn’t this raise another point – wouldn’t this be so much better if it was a one on one duel between husband and wife?? But I guess dishing out hidden immunity idol clues has to be done, and Jeff needs his drama, the sick junkie. Maybe he could get some rehab and Vytas can be his sponsor.

Survivor Re-capper: Bill Garcia


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Our third guest is Cook Islands contestant Billy Garcia, as he discusses why Candice still owes him money since his season, why Colton quitting is so frustrating for a player like himself, Colton joining the ‘second boot club’, Candice on RI and why she will keep winning, Marissa dropping the F Bomb and standing up to Brad, why he would’ve dominated in the challenge, his best impersonation of Rupert, what he thinks of Hayden and hiding his Big Brother game as well as talking up why Rupert stole his gimmick and making sure he would gain revenge against anybody from his season should he play against them in the future! Billy then answers our final set of 7 questions as follows:

NEXT TO GO:  John (RI)/Ciera (Voted Out)

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  1. This weeks episode should of been called “F**k off, Brad Culpepper”. Marissa is amazing! and I can’t wait for Candice to flip him off next week. I am loving the drama this season.

  2. I know it might be a bit too early to say this, but this season is honestly turning out to be one of the worst ever.

    • Why exactly do you feel this way? I think this has been a fantastic season so far.

      • On a whole, the season hasn’t been that bad so far. But the boot order has just been absolutely terrible (aside obviously from Rupert going first). I just can’t enjoy a season that much when I have no one to route, after Marissa, Candice and John have left, I will actually have no one.

  3. Colton- I personally don’t like him to be honest. However I think I could have liked him if he had played a good game. But he didn’t… I think that One World would have been a much better season for him to be honest. Seeing him and Kim fight it out for control would have been great. Kim would have still won I think but he would have made it a lot more difficult for her. As far as this game he was pathetic. Just imagine if he would have been in Caramoan with Brandon like they originally intended until they brought Malcom back. That would have been terrible and is probably part of the reason why they pushed Colton off until the next season.

    Caleb- He might actually be helped by Colton’s departure. Now they won’t worry as much about him flipping to be with him when it comes to the merge. Just from first impressions I think he is a much better player than Colton to be honest.

    Katie/Ciera- I wouldn’t count either of these girls out yet especially Ciera. These two girls have banded together and I think might prevail over some of the guys. I don’t think Hayden/Caleb/Vytas are completely on board with Brad and that is very good for Ciera and Katie. Him being a nut job just might get them far in the game. Also Ciera’s “I don’t care as long as it isn’t me.” seems like a very good mantra for someone in her position to have. I wouldn’t be surprised if at least one of these two makes it very far in the game.

    Tadhana- This tribe is a hot mess! Seriously this tribe frustrates me. They don’t seem to understand that to do anything post-game you need to have numbers and to have numbers you need to win. So what do they do first- vote out Laura arguably their strongest female, vote out Marissa arguably their second strongest female and then vote out Rachel who may not be significantly stronger than the other two but who at least might have stood a chance against a 60 yr old woman. Then they wonder why all the girls lost in the purely physical challenge today. I mean seriously! The tribes usually start out fairly equal as far as tribe strength goes with the tribes usually roughly mirroring each other. Losing Rupert and Candice arguably their strongest Male and Female players respectively you would think that Galang would be in trouble in challenge. However they are dominating now because Tadhana does not get this game. Their strategies were so stupid. Oh lets vote out easily the strongest girl left on our tribe just because her loved one is being loud. Yes, that will get you far in the game. Then they vote out Rachel because they think Tyson will switch out with her. I knew that would not happen just because that is not the kind of person Tyson is and I think Rachel told him not to just to spite those idiots at Tadhana. Rupert was the anomaly not the norm (interesting how that happened in the first episode isn’t it 😉 ).

    Now the Tadhana guys instead of getting rid of the weak girls are now turning on one another(big surprise). They are pretty much ensuring that they get picked off early after the merge if they don’t vote each other out before that. Nobody will want all of the strong-looking guys from Tadhana there once the merge hits which means the girls will probably slide by for a while if they can reach that. Overall I just don’t like the way they have been playing this season. They don’t seem to care about numbers just about “weakening the other tribe” by weakening themselves.

    Monica- I think if she can avoid the wrecking ball that is her husband I think she could do very well in this game. I had her pegged the first time as a player and she is only proving it to me this time that she truly is one. As one of the stronger women and seeing as she is in the one alliance we have seen form on Galang I think she is in a great position. The important part for Monica will be if Brad makes the merge when her alliance wants to vote him out what she will do. I honestly think the best thing for her right now would be for Brad to get voted out so he can just get out of her way.

    Redemption Island- I like all of them and want none of them to go home to be honest. I feel bad for Candice and Marissa as I feel neither of them did anything (that we have seen) to deserve their fates. I wonder if John/Candice are both competing in the final duel what they will do. Will they allow two people back into the game or not. If so what will happen if it is them as the final two fighting for the spot. I think that is the worst part about this situation. You know CBS wants to make it drama but to be honest I don’t find anything attractive or interesting about that possibility. It is just sad to think about to be honest.

    Overall I don’t think this season has been too bad but not amazing either. I hope they stop doing RI after the merge as I think then it just clogs up the game and lets idiots who make stupid moves get back into the game. The first couple votes can be sketchy and a person could deserve a chance to make it back into the game but after the merge there is almost always a good reason for why they are not there.

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