Survivor Blood vs. Water-Episode 4 Recap featuring John Carroll


Survivor Blood vs. Water continues this week with the fourth episode of the season. Of course with everything that happened you might be a little overawed, so we’re to to recap the action for you! Joining us, we have our resident recap expert Jarryd and Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend John Carroll from the fourth season of Marquesas!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

Another episode of Survivor: Blood vs. Water provided a Redemption Island argument, coconut bandits and a shocking blindside.

John arrives at Redemption Island much to Candice’s dismay. He reveals he trusted the wrong guy and is shocked to be in the position he’s in. Candice tells him he’s too trusting, which is not a good thing in Survivor. John tries to put a positive spin on things, saying that they can now play together, which both Candice and Marissa shoot down.

On another beach, Tadhana arrive back at camp after blindsiding John. Brad remarks that John wasn’t a good liar and that he had him “hooked” since the beginning. Brad then explains that the tribe need to think of their connections on the other side because the game is all about pairs. This worries Caleb, who has no loved one, leaving him feeling vulnerable.

We head to Redemption Island the following morning and Candice gives Brad the finger as she walks in. She tells Jeff she was upset John came to Redemption Island, wishing that someone her and Marissa could beat and they could hate had arrived instead. Brad stares her down and Candice tells him to “look away”, before doing so herself and calling him a “child”. Jeff asks Monica what she thinks of the situation, with Monica saying that the entire tribe is voting, not just Brad. This leads to an argument with Candice claiming that Brad has been “shushing” the women of Tadhana. Brad denies this, telling Candice to ask John if this is true. Candice says he didn’t try to shush John because he’s bigger than him and could “beat his ass”. John interrupts saying that he won’t say anything on the issue except that all the vote out’s have been Brad’s idea and that he can’t be trusted.


Candice gives Brad the finger. (Image Credit: CBS)

With that, it’s time for today’s Duel! The Cody’s and Marissa will have to race across a ladder, pushing a key along a rope. Once at the end of the ladder, they will have to use the key to unlock a bag of puzzle pieces. They’ll then have to complete a very completed puzzle. As always, the first two to finish remain alive in the game, the last person to finish goes home and the winner gets to give a clue to the Idol to someone else in the game.

The Duel begins and things are pretty close early on. Candice falls slightly behind as Marissa begins to work on her lock, closely followed by John. John is the first to unlock his bag of pieces and begins to work on his puzzle. Marissa stays in second place, releasing her bag just after John, whilst Candice is several minutes behind the pair in the challenge. She eventually begins her puzzle but takes a very methodical approach, spreading all her pieces out of the table whilst John and Marissa just dive straight into the puzzle.

The puzzle itself is pretty completed. When finished, it will form a cube with a symbol facing up. It’s not unlike puzzles we’ve seen before, with pieces having different shaped wedges at one end. John is having no trouble at all, flying through the puzzle. John gets a handy lead up, Marissa follows behind, whilst Candice still remains in last place. Jeff says she’s “always calm unless she’s yelling at Culpepper”, with Candice responded, “you cut my baby I cut you”.


 Candice, Marissa and John compete in the Day Nine Redemption Island Duel. (Image Credit: CBS)

John is close to finishing his puzzle, but unbeknown to him, a piece doesn’t fit in place. Surprisingly, it’s Brad who lets him know, presumably to get back in his good books and he switches it out for the correct piece. With Brad’s help, John finishes the puzzle, winning the Duel. Things aren’t going well for Marissa who has slowed right down and is beginning to get frustrated. Candice overtakes her in the puzzle, using John’s completed puzzle to help her. Gervase instructs Marissa to do the same, but she refuses, saying that it only confuses her. There is no slowing down for Candice who begins to place her final pieces in her puzzle; she finishes it and Marissa becomes the fourth person to leave the game. As she leaves, Gervase states that he’s extremely “proud and impressed” by her efforts and it’s given him strength to go on in the game.


Marissa is eliminated from the game. (Image Credit: CBS)

After Marissa has left, John is given the chance to give someone a clue to the location of the Hidden Immunity Idol. He’s undecided on what to do, so Candice tells him to give it to Monica. Jeff asks whether the plan is to take a “Culpepper down” and John responds by saying it’s a game. Jeff gives the clue to Monica, who following Brad’s advice, heads down and drops it immediately in the fire pit, without a second thought. Candice remarks that Monica is “doing what she’s told”, which is slightly sardonic considering that she told John what to do mere minutes ago. Aras says in a confessional that what Monica did was a “really smart move”. Jeff can’t believe a clue has just been thrown away, claiming that it’s the first time it’s ever happened. This is slightly correct, Boston Rob did throw a clue to the Idol into a volcano in Redemption Island, however, he was in possession of the said Idol at that time. With that, both tribes return to camp, with a confessional from Monica taking us to the break as she admits that she is in a good position and it made complete sense to throw the clue away. However, she worries about all the aggression being shown towards Brad at every Redemption Island Duel.


Monica throws the clue to the location of the Hidden Immunity Idol into the fire. (Image Credit: CBS)

After the break, we head out to Redemption Island to check on Candice and John. John states that the silver lining in getting voted out is that he now actually gets to play the game with Candice. The pair fish, with Candice bragging to her husband that she caught more fish than him, before confessing that it will be a “good story to tell the kids” one day. (Depending on what they get up to at Redemption Island, those kids might be just around the corner and Survivor Oz will have to introduce ‘Codlets’ to complement the Ozlets).

At Galang, Monica expresses her frustration at the situation with Brad to the tribe, claiming she “doesn’t understand” why they are blaming him for everything when they have to vote someone out anyway. Laura M. says it’s because everyone who is voted out is “bitter and mad”. Monica continues by saying that Brad is a natural leader and that she is sure he is doing everything in his power to help the tribe. In another confessional, she then wonders if there will ever be a Duel were Brad isn’t abusing, claiming that “leaders have followers” and they therefore must be “buying what he’s selling”. She goes onto say that Brad is the strongest person in the game and she will be surprised if he makes the Merge.

Gervase, the experienced veteran, tells Monica that just because she knows Brad at home, that it doesn’t mean she knows “Brad who plays Survivor”. He tells her that everyone is playing that game and this is part of it. Gervase then reveals in a confessional that everyone is hoping that their loved one isn’t the “bad guy”, but someone’s will be, but not his, because Marissa is no longer in the game.

Over at Tadhana, Caleb tells the tribe that Candice reprimanding Monica for doing what she was told to do was hilarious because she did the same thing minutes beforehand. Brad says the visit to Redemption was “rough” because of the personal attack he endured. He says he’ll continue to try and lead the tribe. Ciera says that she’ll be mad when she’s voted out which gets Brad thinking about the future. He admits that Caleb will be a good vote if they lose another challenge because he is “unconnected” in the game. He states that if Caleb is sent to Redemption, the heat will be off him because there will be nobody there to “scream at him”. Brad concludes by saying that he’s been a target he’s whole life so he knows how to deal with it.

Later in the day when Brad is fishing, Caleb, Hayden and Vytas discuss how important it will be to take Brad along to the Merge, because of the fact he will be a bigger target than they are. They agree that the girls will have to go if they get sent to Tribal again, warm each other not to get “Johnned” and Caleb says that Brad is now at the bottom of the totem pole.


Caleb, Vytas and Hayden discuss the “Brad issue”. (Image Credit: CBS)

On Day Ten at Galang, Tyson tells us that whilst his arm still hurts, he’s been playing it up slightly so he doesn’t have to do much around camp, which in turn, will give him sympathy from the tribe. Along with Gervase, the pair head off on their on to a place Gervase calls “Coconut Grove”, where the pair have been sneaking off to in order to drink some coconuts together. Tyson reveals that they have been opening them in different ways so that they aren’t blamed for it.

Possibly the worst moment in Survivor history shows up in the form of a hash tag, #coconutbandits. Now seriously CBS, you’ve got to be joking? I don’t care how many coconut’s they steal, it will not get #coconutbandits trending!


 The famous hash tag. (Image Credit: CBS)


The coconut bandits enjoy their coconuts. (Image Credit: CBS)

There game is almost up however when Laura B. returns with several of their used coconuts. She complains about how they have been eaten and wonders if someone has eaten them. Gervase begins to panic, thinking their cover has been blown, but Monica inadvertently comes to his rescue, saying that it’s just a crack and an animal, (most likely crabs), must be getting into them. Gervase is extremely revealed, saying that he and Tyson will continue to be coconut bandits. Tyson doesn’t just see Gervase as his coconut buddy though, he see’s him as a very strong ally. Tyson declares that he’s with Gervase and that it’s in Gervase’s best interest to stick with him. He says that they should stick together because they have lost their loved ones and that at the Merge, Aras and Vytas will work together which will be a huge danger.

Challenge time! For this weeks challenge, all six tribe members will have to paddle out in a boat around a flag. On their way back to shore, they will have to collect five large crates, diving down to untie each one. When they get the crates back to shore, they will use them to build a staircase, which will spell out ‘Blood vs. Water’ on each side. Two people will then have to complete a puzzle, which will reveal a code to untie one possible key at the top of the staircase. The key will be used to unlock a lock, which will then give access to a lever to raise the tribe flag. The first tribe is raise their flag wins Immunity and a choice of Reward; fishing gear or tea, coffee and sweets. Despite the fact he can only use one arm, Tyson doesn’t sit out of the challenge, (probably because he’s competed in the staircase challenge twice in his Survivor career), so Kat and Tina get to be the tribe cheer leaders for the challenge. Before we get underway, Tyson says in a confessional that the reason he is competing is because he’s “better than most of the tribe with one arm anyway”.

The challenge starts and Galang have trouble paddling their boat again so Tadhana get out to an early lead. Hayden releases Tadhana’s first crate, just as Galang begin to work on their first crate. Laura B. takes on the responsibility as Brad heads down for Tadhana’s second crate. Laura quickly releases the crate and Galang are on their way to the second crate just as Brad comes up with Tadhana’s second crate. Monica dives down for Galang’s second crate and Brad goes for Tadhana’s third. Whilst putting the third crate on the boat, Tadhana narrowly avoid tipping their boat. Laura B. goes down again for Galang, as does Brad for Tadhana who continue their one crate lead. Both Culpepper’s go down to retrieve a crate, (Monica for Galang’s fourth, Brad for Tadhana’s fifth), but when Brad gets the fifth crate in the boat, the boat tips and two crates return to the water. This opens the door for Galang, as Laura B. quickly retrieves their fifth crate and they head for the beach. Galang arrive first and cart their crates up to the staircase to begin working on it. Tadhana’s little accident is past them though and they are only a few seconds behind Galang.


 Galang and Tadhana compete in the Day Ten Immunity Challenge. (Image Credit: CBS)

Both tribes have little difficulty solving the puzzle, with Tyson leading the charge for Galang and Hayden and Vytas for Tadhana. Tadhana finish the staircase just before Galang and Ciera and Vytas begin working on their puzzle whilst Laura M. and Tyson start working on Galang’s puzzle. As it’s been all season long, Galang blow Tadhana out of the water in the puzzle sage of the challenge, with Laura M. once again showing her daughter how it’s done. Galang finish their puzzle well ahead of Tadhana and Tyson climbs the staircase, with the code to release a key. Tadhana are still working on the puzzle as Tyson retrieves the key, unlocks the lock and pulls the lever to raise the tribes flag. With that, Galang win their fourth consecutive challenge and Tadhana return to Tribal Council and will be reduced to a tribe of five at the nights end. As both tribes head back to camp, Laura M. gives a tearful confessional about how she wants Ciera to “succeed and win” but she can’t do that with a tribe relying on her. She states that she was always going to beat her which sadly might result in Ciera being voted out.


Both tribes work on the puzzle staircase. (Image Credit: CBS)

Arriving back at camp following the challenge is a somber affair for Tadhana. Hayden reveals what the Survivor world already knows, that the tribe “sucks” and laments the fact they were beaten by “the one armed dude and three mums”. Ciera confirms that the routine after every challenge so far has been the guys go off to collect water, “which is code for strategizing” and the girls stay at camp to make rice, “which is code for we try to figure out how to save our asses”. Today is different though, instead of going off with the guys, Brad stays behind and tells the girls to vote out Caleb at Tribal Council. Ciera isn’t sure if she trust’s Brad, but makes out she does. Brad explains that it’s the best move for tonight but says that if they again, the girls are in trouble. Meanwhile, the three guys are discussing voting out Ciera. Vytas admits that he “loves her but she’s worthless”. Caleb says he’s onboard with the plan but it worries him that Brad didn’t show up until later in their strategy meeting. He claims that five guys, went to four guys very easily, meaning it wouldn’t be hard to go down to three guys.

The men agree that Ciera will be sent home but Caleb reveals he doesn’t trust Brad as much as he trust Hayden and Vytas. As the tribe heads to Tribal Council, Brad confesses that as the leader, he has to make decisions and getting rid of Ciera will make the tribe stronger, even if he has to deal with the wrath of Laura M. at Redemption Island.

Tribal Council is an interesting affair. Brad tells Jeff the game isn’t playing out the way he planned and that strength hasn’t always cost them the challenge. This leads to Ciera saying that she may have overestimated her puzzle making abilities. Nevertheless, she states that she won’t be giving up and is always looking at her options. Brad says that people airing their dirty laundry on him at Redemption Island is tough, that the other tribe doesn’t know exactly what’s going on and they can’t ignore their loved ones. He concludes his answer by answering yes to Jeff’s question about whether it would be beneficial to vote out someone who no longer has a loved one in the game.

This worries Caleb who reveals he feels pressured and that he loves blindsides, just not when he’s on the receiving end. He then says that Brad campaigned against him during the afternoon, which Brad denies. Hayden admits that cracks are beginning to form because trust issues are arising. Caleb says that he trusts Hayden and Vytas but not Brad. He then motions to Ciera saying he doesn’t want to vote her out and will therefore be writing down Brad’s name; explaining to the two girls that they will have three votes for him if they do to.


Caleb tells Ciera he’s voting for Brad. (Image Credit: CBS)

Ciera can’t believe what’s going on, remarking that nobody should ever feel comfortable in Survivor. Brad tells Caleb he’s not writing down his name and Vytas tells Brad he won’t write down his name either. Caleb doesn’t care though, telling Brad that he will be voting for him regardless. We get to the votes and true to their words, Brad votes for Ciera and Caleb for Brad. Jeff reads the votes and a three-three tie plays out between Brad and Ciera; with Caleb and the two girls voting for Brad and the three guys voting for Ciera.

A re-vote takes place, with Caleb, Hayden, Katie and Vytas having to vote for either Brad or Ciera. Hayden takes a long time deciding who to vote for, scribbling Ciera’s name out and re-thinking his vote. Jeff collects the urn again and it’s revealed that Hayden ended up voting for Ciera. However, he’s the only one, with Vytas switching his vote to Brad, voting him out in a three-one vote.

As Brad gets up to leave, he wishes the tribe well and tells Caleb on countless occasions that he “isn’t mad”. As Brad’s torch is snuffed, Ciera is still in disbelief and Jeff states it was one of the “biggest power shifts in the show’s history”.

Brad arrives at Redemption Island, telling Candice and John that he’s waving the white flag now before they lay into him. Candice isn’t thinking the same way, revealing that hearing Brad’s voice made her “very happy” because it means she can “put him out of the game for good”.


Brad… the tribe has spoken. Grab your torch and head to Redemption Island. (Image Credit: CBS)

Next week we see the power at Tadhana fall into Caleb’s hands and Monica questions whether to trade places with Brad at Redemption Island!

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Ben’s Opinion


Where are all the critics of this season now?

So far things have been amazing this season and it’s great that Survivor can still produce after all these years. Yeah we’ve had our ‘missed’ seasons that really didn’t work, but when a season like this can come along 13 years after the show started it has to bring a bit of a smile to your face. All the people who were shouting about it being ‘the end of Survivor‘ before the season even started have seemingly gone back to their boxes and it appears even new fans are coming on board. I just hope it can keep it going.

The obvious happened on RI with Marissa going home. Anybody who couldn’t see that happening had to have their eyes checked, because it’s going to keep happening until one of the Cody’s (or both of them) is back in the game. My pony is gone, but to be fair I knew I was doomed as soon as she didn’t become the first boot. Marissa showed some spice, and it was a shame she has gone so early because she could’ve been some good watching on Tadhana had she stuck around. John waltzed to the win in a typical John manner (bland) while Candice showed some personality for the first time in three seasons but dug herself a little deeper hole at the same time. She also showed a bit of a hypocritical side. Calling out Monica for ‘doing as her husband tells her to’ when five minutes earlier you ordered your husband to do something at your request? Ok then Candice, keep on showing everyone how to play Survivor.

Was great to see a bit of Galang this episode. We had Monica weighing up her options and Tyson putting himself in a good position. I’ve never been a Tyson fan but I think I have to back track on bagging him out recently and agree with Ozlet Noah about him playing a similar game to Coach in South Pacific. He seems to have learnt from past mistakes and is positioning himself nicely. This was the first time all season that Aras, Vytas or Tina didn’t get much screen time which really shows that maybe they aren’t in as strong a position as we all think. I would even put Tyson up higher at the moment, but that will come in the power rankings. The coconut situation was just hilarious, and Laura and Monica would’ve loved watching that back. Oh, and did you know I have dubbed Gervase as the ‘Obi Wan of Survivor‘ after his words of wisdom to Monica? To pinch a quote from one of our followers on Twitter, ‘these aren’t the coconuts you’re looking for…’

Tadhana though was where all the action was at. I was initially thinking Caleb had burnt himself by not targeting Brad and still going after Ciera. I could see the logic in keeping Brad around as in the long run he is a good goat to have, but he is also the source of all the drama so why not take control? Well that’s what he did, in the most dramatic fashion. Could you imagine having seen Caleb and Colton scheming later on had last week not happened? Would’ve been some incredible Survivor and it’s such a shame we missed it. Colton quitting could turn out to be the biggest strategic move in an alliance in the history of Survivor if Caleb goes on to win, and it’s not out of the realms of possibility. For sure Caleb has put a big target on his back and I think Hayden is still sitting pretty on Tadhana right now, but it’s given him some leverage and I’m sure that will get the girls on side finally. If Tadhana loses again I expect one epic TC. Although they are no longer called Tadhana, their name is now officially ‘Ulong 2.0’.

Redemption Island just became even more awkward as well, with Brad and the love bugs. There are some hidden scenes begging to be shown. Please CBS, show us some uncensored footage! And what of a tribal switch now that Tadhana lost again? Could it happen? Will it happen? I hope not.

Bring on next week! This season is shaping up to be a top 10 season!

Jarryd’s Opinion


Thank god Brad’s gone. I like him in the first episode, but since then he’s just been getting worse. The guy’s ego is so big I’m surprised he was able to fit in the Philippines. One thing I can’t stand is ego’s so I’ll have everything crossed than he loses at Redemption so he’s done for good.

The Duel at Redemption was pretty decent. It’s very hard to keep them different because there are so many challenges they can’t do because they are one on one challenges. So far, I’m liking the fact they have made them an actual challenge, instead of doing things like Survivor Shuffleboard which is just completely stupid and all comes down to luck. I never gave Marissa much of a chance but she’s done well to last as long as she did. If anything, she’ll be remembered as ‘the girl who beat Rupert’ and if that was on my Survivor resume, I’d be one happy chap.

Candice and John getting through was great. I thought the banter between them and the Culpeper’s after the challenge was hilarious. However, I think Monica made a terrible mistake with the clue. I would have loved to have seen he take it back and share it with her alliance or read it aloud to everyone whilst there on Redemption Island. I understand the thinking behind throwing it out, however, the Idol is fair to valuable in the game to just be thrown in the fire. You’ve gotta think ahead, a Merge isn’t to far away and an Idol in your alliance’s hand’s would be huge.

The whole deal with the coconut bandits was so silly. Clearly they are struggling to find anything decent to show about Galang but I think it gives a good insight into the relationship between Gervase and Tyson.

What Tyson is doing with his injury is fantastic! Playing it up just enough to get out of doing things and gain sympathy is great. It’s clear that even with one arm, he’s still a key part of the tribe. Another thing I want to compliment Tyson on is his courage, (for a better word), of stepping up in the challenge. He was involved in the staircase challenge in both Tocantins and Heroes vs. Villains so he knew what he was doing so I credit him for doing the challenge.

The challenge itself was good because it had many different parts to it. We’ve seen the staircase built countless times so to introduce the boat into it was a great way to refresh it. As for Galang winning again, I think it all comes down to experience with Survivor puzzles. They aren’t normal puzzles, you’ve gotta working fast, under pressure and outside the square at time and the returnees know how to do that.

As for Tribal Council… that wasn’t a shock at all for me. I could see it coming a mile off; Brad was always going home in this episode. In terms of how it played out, I didn’t see that happening but I’ve been saying for weeks that Caleb and Ciera will work together and it happened. Caleb needs to be careful though. I could see parts of Colton coming out of him at Tribal Council and in the preview for next week, he doesn’t need to turn into Colton, just keep playing that game he currently is because he’s doing very well.

As for next week, I hope the Cody’s kick Brad out of the game. And… if Monica swaps for Brad, she’s still the mediocre Monica we saw in One World who didn’t fight for herself in the game. Fingers crossed they are just teasing us because if she swaps places with Brad, she’s an idiot.

Aaron’s Opinion


What. Just. Happened. I think if there was ever a Top 10 for Tribes with Consistently Awesome T.C.s Tadhana would be right up there. I cannot believe they voted Brad out of the game. But I’m getting a little ahead of myself here.

Let’s talk about the tribes: Tadhana: I’m just loving you more and more and now that scatterbrained-Brad is out of the picture, I really don’t want to lose any of the remaining castaways. Hayden always gives good confessionals, Vytas is awesome in general, Caleb is shaping to be a big character and Katie/Ciera is just a FIERCE combination of girls that somehow strategize enough to where they have survived time after time, even with the biggest odds stacked against them.

Galang: Geez these guys are stone-cold when it comes to strategy. Not even touching the idol or discussing strategy as much. Wow. I got to hand it to you, patience and cold precision like that is key and you guys definitely have it. Some people like Laura M. or Gervase who I didn’t necessarily like their first time around are really winning me over. P.S.(Tyson-Gervase coconut thieve alliance= AMAZING!)

RI: Same goes for Candice, I was more of a Parv fan in CI and thought Candice was annoying with Adam, (we won’t get into that) but now with her husband, I think they’re a cute couple and I can’t wait to see that duel with Brad next episode.(If Monica doesn’t switch, which wouldn’t it be hilarious if Monica took Brad’s place and then lost? How counterintuitive would that be?)

Immunity Challenge with similar puzzle from the same challenge in Fiji (yay for Fiji reappearing again) was tight and exciting to watch.

Did not expect the tribal to go that way and just to see that happen was awesome! This is a very important lesson in strategizing: making sure everyone is comfortable with you and feels their safe with you and don’t tell everybody about you throwing them under the bus to other people cause that’s not really smart.

Can’t wait for the next episode!

Jimmy’s Opinion


Another week, another great episode of Survivor: Blood vs Water. I love an episode where there is lots of drama within the first few minutes. And we got that in this episode. At Redemption Arena, Brad Culpepper yet again receives the backlash from the opposing tribe’s loved one being voted out. After John Cody was blindsided and voted out the night before, Candice didn’t take too kindly to this. Upset and livid at Brad, she gave him the one finger salute as she walked into Redemption Arena. She accused him of being ‘childish’ and hushing the women in his tribe. I give credit to Monica for not having a total meltdown and start to abuse the others for attacking her husband.

At the duel, it was sad to see Marissa eliminated from the game. She fought hard in the duels she has participated in but she just couldn’t figure out the puzzle at the end. With John winning the duel, he decided with the help from Candice, they both decide to give the Hidden Immunity Idol clue to Monica. But as John attempts to give it to her, Brad starts yelling to throw the clue into the fire. Monica does exactly that. All in all, I think it was a very smart decision as it throws the target off of Monica’s back. We all know in the game of Survivor, you do not want that target on your back as before you know it, you’ll get voted out.

Fast forward to the Immunity Challenge. It was one of those classic Survivor challenges we have all seen in the past where the contestants paddle out into the water and collect crates on along the way. Then paddle back to shore and solve the puzzle. During the challenge, we see the Galang tribe again have trouble paddling their boat. I am scratching my head and at a lost. I mean, they have all played Survivor before and no doubt have experience at paddling a canoe/boat. I am trying my best to figure out why it is happening.

The Tadhana tribe take a very healthy lead in the challenge but they always find a way to lose. This time while trying to put their last and final crate into their canoe, they almost tipped their canoe over and resulted in losing two of their crates in the water. This opened the door for Galang and they were back in the challenge, which they ultimately won in the puzzle section of the challenge. The Tadhana tribe loses their fourth Immunity Challenge in a row. Hayden Moss put it best when he was quoted as saying, “Unbelievable. We haven’t won yet. I mean, we suck. Today we lost to a one armed dude and three mums. That’s brutal.” That lost by the Tadhana tribe puts them equal with the Maraamu Tribe (Survivor Marquesas) and Ulong Tribe (Survivor Palau) as having lost the first four Immunity Challenges.

Would it be fair to say that Brad Culpepper is this season’s ‘Russell Hantz’? His strategy of voting out someone without a loved one on the opposing tribe, struck a thought in Caleb Bankston’s mind. So at Tribal Council, Caleb accused Brad of ‘campaigning’ against him with the girls. All of the sudden the tide turns and Caleb hints at Ciera and Katie that he was voting for Brad. Then all hell and confusion breaks loose. I love a drama filled Tribal Council! Brad tells Caleb he’s not writing his name down. Vytas asks Caleb if he’s really going to do it. Brad asks Vytas if he will vote him ou, Vytas says he won’t, it’s all too complicated for me! The first series of votes ends up in a tie with three votes both for Brad and Ciera. So, at the re-vote, Vytas changes his mind and writes Brad’s name down instead. WOW! What a blindside, I didn’t see that coming.

I can’t wait for the duel next week. It’s going to be a classic. John and Candice up against their arch nemesis, Brad. In the preview, we see that Monica wanting to take Brad’s place. I hope that she doesn’t as I would love to see the Galang tribe win every challenge from now on in and hope there isn’t a tribe switch in the up and coming episodes.

Nick’s Opinion


OK, I admit it. I was one of the many who bagged this season before it even started. To all those who said “don’t knock it till you try it”, I apologise. This is turning out to be unexpectedly good. Kinda like thinking you are about to eat a chocolate covered raisin and its actually a delicious peanut instead. Speaking of nuts, did Brad Culpepper really just get voted out? It makes me sad that someone who used the term “grand poobah” on national television has to go. I guess voting John out last week really wasn’t such a good idea after all. And now we all see the side of Caleb that Colton can relate to. More please Caleb. I’ve always liked watching the backstabbers on Survivor, but Caleb knives people right in the face. A cold blooded killer in such a soft spoken voice. Can’t wait to see what happens next in his story. Is there anybody who doesn’t want to see Tadhana keep losing, they are a beautiful mess to watch and make Ulong look like they kind of had their shit together in Palau by comparison.

What? There’s another tribe? Oh yeah, the one full of returning players and Rupert’s wife. Or should I just start calling her “Ozzy 2.0”, she is a challenge beast. Who saw that coming? Tyson had me worried last week, but he could’ve won that challenge with one arm tied behind his back. Of course he is full of coconut juice and the warmth that comes from a full on bromance with Gervase. Suddenly Gervase is unattached and Tyson wants a piece. And poor Monica, we finally started to see a little bit of her thinking as she watches her husband flush his game down the toilet piece by piece. There is also someone called “Kat” on this tribe apparently, although I’m not missing her. Perhaps she is the Kat that didn’t meow?

And farewell Marissa. She lasted longer on Redemption Island than I expected, but now she’s leaving the married couple all alone there. If this island’s a rockin’ don’t come a knockin’. Although Brad is now there as the ultimate in awkward third wheels. Should make for some fun next week.

 Survivor Re-capper: John Carroll


Each week we’ll bring you the viewpoint of a former Survivor contestant to hear what they think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season!

Our fourth guest is Marquesas contestant John Carroll, as he discusses why he is loving this season so much, the closeness in gameplay between him and Brad, the hate of Candice on social media and why he defended her, Monica throwing the idol clue in the fire and why it was smart, old school players playing and why it might help get him back on the show, his thoughts on Colton’s quit last week and how Caleb is going as well as bringing up a very very interesting story from his time on the show and why he just loves Aras, Odd Us and his music! John then answers our final set of 7 questions as follows:

NEXT TO GO: Candice (RI)/Kat (Voted Out)

We will have another former contestant joining us next week for another recap, with Australian Outback contestant Mitchell Olson finding himself in the hot seat!

Guess Who?

In each episode recap this season, we’ll include a jumbled up picture of a castaway. To enter, simple, contact us with the name of the mysterious castaway and you’ll go into the draw. Each week, we’ll draw one winner and at the end of the season, we’ll draw an overall winner from our weekly winners to win a signed Boston Rob Poster! It’s easy and free so don’t forget to submit your guesses!

Here’s our episode four image!

Week 4 - Comp Image

To enter simply email us your answer to or message us via our contact us page!

Last week’s winner will be drawn live on our episode four Oztopsy! Tune into the Oztopsy or view the Oztopsy post on our page to see if you were the lucky winner!


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2 Comments on Survivor Blood vs. Water-Episode 4 Recap featuring John Carroll

  1. I’m devo Marissa left. The guys who spoiled 25 and 26 100% correct pegged her as the RI returnee. Looks like this season is back up in the air for me.

    Love Laura B. Water challenge goddess.

  2. It is actually quite ironic when you say everyone should’ve seen Marissa losing the truel. You see, Marissa was “spoiled” to be the RI returnee and therefore her losing was a major upset last night.

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