Survivor Blood vs. Water-Episode 5 Recap featuring Sandra Diaz-Twine!


Survivor Blood vs. Water continues this week with the fifth episode of the season. Of course with everything that happened you might be a little overawed, so we’re to to recap the action for you! Joining us, we have our resident recap expert Jarryd and Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend Sandra Diaz-Twine, winner of Survivor: Pearl Islands and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

Five episodes in and Galang finally lost a challenge! Of course, another castaway was sent packing from Redemption Island, someone has a horrible fungal infection, there were hash tags a plenty and a Laura went home.

A spirited Tadhana return to camp after the surprise vote out of Brad. Nobody can believe what just went down, Ciera is over the moon, whilst Vytas admits that he switched his vote. Caleb informs the tribe what he did wasn’t planned, with Vytas admitting that it was a “huge” move. Hayden on the other hand isn’t impressed. He confesses that because he didn’t vote with the majority of the tribe, he is now worried about his position in the tribe, whether he is on the outs and if Caleb has decided to side with the girls.

On his way to Redemption Island, Brad credits Caleb for the move he made, admitting he must have learnt a thing or two from Colton. He arrives and immediately tells the Cody’s that he’s waving the white flag and apologises to them for whatever he did to them. Candice is over the moon she has a chance to beat Brad whilst John can’t believe that the five strong guys of Tadhana are now down to three. He states that Brad probably got the boot because some of the moves he made had come back to “bite him on the ass”. Candice says she feels no love for Brad because he voted John out and his wife vote her out, whilst Brad explains that the real alliance in everyone’s game is with their loved one. Before heading on, Candice says that Brad is on “their island” now and therefore it’s, “kill or be killed”.

After the break, he look in on Galang. It’s Night Ten and Laura M. is giving Aras a massage. She reveals that in Survivor, you have to get with a group of people that you trust and be liked by the tribe. Therefore, she is trying to get people to like her and she’s giving Aras a massage because she trusts him. Aras gives a confessionals laughing about the fact that Laura M. is trying to play him, which he says is very far from the truth. He reminds us about the core alliance of five, (Gervase, Monica, Tina, Tyson and himself), pointing out that Kat, Laura B. and Laura M are on the outs so Laura M. is just doing everything she can in order to “get in” with the tribe. Laura B. on the other hand isn’t giving people massages to win favours. She’s just doing her best to play a low profile and fit in with the tribe. She feels that she is at a disadvantage because she doesn’t have an emotional connection with everyone and therefore this makes her an outsider.


Laura M. gives Aras a massage. To book a massage with Laura, hit her up on Twitter @lauramorett. (Image Credit: CBS)

The follow morning we arrive at Redemption Island and Monica tears up when she learns Brad has been voted out. Once he arrives, she immediately asks him whether they can trade places, which Brad shoots down at once saying that she will “never take my spot”. He then goes onto say that he wants both tribes to know he wasn’t voted out because he was a jerk. Candice says that what she said about Brad was things she repeated from the people who had been voted out of Tadhana, so it was only there word against his. Monica tells Candice that it would be a good lesson not to always repeat information she hears second hand because it hurt her feelings, with Candice snapping back that when Monica voted her out on Day One, it hurt her feelings.

This weeks Duel was previous used in Survivor: South Pacific, (more specifically, the Duel between Christine and Mikayla). It involves taking apart a wooden crate and using the planks to create a bridge to reach the other side, where they will then pull apart the bridge, using the planks with paint on them to solve a puzzle. Whilst it’s not the worst Duel ever, it would play well with fans to have a few original Duels, instead of just re-using old ones.

We get underway and Candice is off to a quick start, gaining a several piece lead over her husband and Brad. However, as the challenge goes on, she slows down as the boys close the gap on her. In the end, John finishes his bridge first and moves onto collecting his puzzle pieces first, then moves onto the puzzle. Brad is just behind him and Candice is a few minutes behind him, making for an interesting finish. There are twelve painted planks but only eight are needed for the puzzle, creating some confusion for everyone. Monica and Brad get a lot of support from the Galang tribe as the Duel plays out, possibly signaling to the Cody’s that even if one, or both of them make it back into the game, they aren’t wanted.


Candice, John and Brad compete in the Day Eleven Redemption Island Duel. (Image Credit: CBS)

John has no problems with the puzzle, finishing first once again. He then verbally helps Candice with her puzzle whilst Brad uses John’s puzzle to help him finish his. It’s neck and neck between Brad and Candice, with each competitor only having several pieces left to finish. But, eleven days on Redemption Island is all Candice will take away from this season because Brad finishes his puzzle, gets the all clear from Jeff and eliminates her from the game. Both Cody’s talk up how hard it is to play against each other before Candice kisses John goodbye and leaves the game. Before I move on, I just want to say, why didn’t John take off his shirt and cover his puzzle so that Brad couldn’t use it to help him? Like seriously… either your wife or the guy who backstabbed you is going home but you leave your puzzle there for him to beat your wife? Stupid John! You’re a doctor, I hope you thinking quicker on the fly in an O.R!


Candice is eliminated from the game. (Image Credit: CBS)

Anyway… with Candice gone, John has no advice on who to give the clue to so he once again gives it to Monica who repeats what she did last week and throw’s it straight into the fire pit. If things continue like this, Production will start slipping clues into Reward’s again because the Idol hasn’t even been given a second thought so far this season. With that, our time at Redemption Island Arena is done for this week and everyone returns to their respective ‘homes’ whilst we cut to an ad about cheap fast food.

Once back at camp, Monica thanks the tribe for their support during the Duel. Monica says it was a tough day because she didn’t believe Brad would be on Redemption Island, before admitting to Laura B. and Tina that they are one person, so it will be okay if one of them is still in the game. This sets off all kinds of alarm bells in Tina’s mind as she confirms to the camera that Monica and Brad are a “very tight couple which makes them threatening”. Monica and Tina head off together with Monica saying that she is okay and Brad just has to “hang on”. She then tells Tina that she doesn’t want this to effect their promises to each other in the game. Tina confesses that Monica is stepping up her game because she can’t rely on Brad anymore. We cross back to the conversation between the two with Monica saying that they will be five strong until the Merge and then they will have to revaluate depending on who’s loved one’s are still around and whether they will team up with them. Tina agree with this but when we return to her confessional, she reveals she doesn’t trust Monica one hundred percent, saying that with Brad, she’s a big threat and without Brad, she’s a great asset.

At Tadhana, Ciera explains the many layers of Survivor. She states that things are pretty rough, between dealing with all the elements, having to rely on each other to survive, the injuries and all the losses, things can’t get much worse. It appears they can for Katie though. She has a pretty severe, (and very disgusting), case of athlete’s foot, (or tinea pedis to be medically correct), which is slowly turning her toes into something more commonly seen on Grey’s Anatomy. She’s in danger of losing several toe nails and her tribe mates are disgusted by her symptoms. Ciera says you could break her toes off because they are all “red and crusty” whilst Vytas says he feels bad for her but doesn’t really want to look at it. He continues, stating that everyone’s ego’s are bruised from losing and should they keep losing he needs to work out who to align himself with in order to “come out the other side”. In all fairness to Vytas, I can’t see him following Laura M’s. line of liking and giving Katie a foot rub in order to to be in her good books.


Katie must be missing John’s medical knowledge as she inspects her tinea ridden toes. (Image Credit: CBS)

My suspicions are correct as Vytas does his best to reaffirm his connection with Caleb. The pair laze about on the boat, discussing how nobody on the tribe would connect in real life; which is probably not the best topic of conversation if your trying to get back in someone’s good books. Caleb doesn’t seem perturbed as he sums up his situation in a confessional; he can either side with the girls or with the guys. Caleb say he  feels “very powerful” and that it feels good to be the swing vote.

On the morning of Day Twelve, Vytas practices his yoga on top of a mountain at camp Tadhana. He expresses his pleasure that with Brad gone, he can enjoy the peace, quiet and serenity the island offers. He is joined by the four other members of his tribe as they think ahead to the next challenge. Vytas says that if they try their best they can win whilst Ciera admits to being nervous ahead of the challenge because if they lose she will have to scramble again. She concludes, telling us that she will need to step up at the challenge and that if they win, it will be “perfect timing”.

With that we’re off to the challenge and it’s pretty obvious that at least one part of this challenge is being re-used from Survivor: One World. One at a time, one member from each tribe will have to slide down a giant waterslide and grab a ring along the way. They will then have to use that ring to attempt to land it on a post. Every time someone lands a ring on the post, they score a point for their tribe; first tribe to five points wins Reward and Immunity. This weeks Reward is a choice between a barbeque feast, complete with steak, vegetables and spices or finishing gear. With three extra members, Galang decide to sit out Laura B., Laura M. and Monica with Laura M. and Monica both complaining on the bench that they “hate sitting out”.


Caleb and Gervase prepare to square off in the first round of the Day Twelve Immunity Challenge. (Image Credit: CBS)

The first round see’s Caleb and Gervase match up against each other. Caleb misses his ring on the way down, but both men miss the post several times until Caleb hooks his ring and scores the first point for Tadhana. Tyson is next up against Hayden, both miss several times before Tyson scores for Galang, leveling things at one-one. Kat, (who has experience in the challenge), takes on Katie next up, but Katie’s tinea doesn’t trouble her as she scores for Tadhana. Next is a brother’s re-match between Aras and Vytas, will Vytas walking away victorious this time and giving Tadhana a handy three-one lead. Ciera is then beaten by Tina, (Ciera really sucks in challenges), before Caleb beats Tyson to set up a four-two lead for Tadhana. Gervase and Hayden are next and after several misses from both men, Hayden lands his ring, securing Tadhana’s fifth point and first challenge victory this season!


Tadhana celebrate their first challenge victory! (Image Credit: CBS)

Tadhana are over the moon and decide to Reward themselves by taking the barbeque feast back to camp. Whilst this might be a silly move, you have to remember they haven’t eaten much yet and with a Merge fast approaching it’s probably more appropriate to get some food in their bellies straight away rather than trying their luck with finishing gear. Tadhana head back to camp, finally with a night off from Tribal Council whilst Galang will finally get their first shot at the ‘big dance’.

Once back at camp, Laura B. begins to get nervous ahead of the vote. She admits that being a former Tadhana member could mean she’s an easy target at Tribal Council and therefore she’ll have to keep her eyes open all the time. She decides to tell Kat, Tina and Tyson that Laura M. and Monica were bitching about Kat participating in the challenge, because they wanted to compete instead. Kat and Tyson are both baffled, with Kat saying that Laura B. is saying anything because she knows she’s on the bottom. Now Laura, I understand what your trying to do, but you really needed to come up with a better story. Kat’s sat out of almost every challenge this season but you go to her to say that others where complaining about her competing? Turn it up Laura! That’s without doubt one of the worst stories on Survivor.


 Laura B. tries to convince Kat she is a target ahead of Tribal Council. (Image Credit: CBS)

Tyson claims that the core alliance of five will make the decision as to who goes home. He says that Kat feels like she in the alliance so it will come down to one of the Laura’s going home. Tyson hints that Laura M. has no idea about the alliance, but they want to vote out someone who annoys everyone, which is Laura B. Whilst fishing, Aras tells Laura M. that Laura B. will be going home and it will be an easy “seven to one vote“. This gets Aras thinking, as he believes that “easy votes” are sometimes the “dumb votes”. Therefore, he talks to Tyson about voting Laura M. out instead of Laura B. believing that Laura M. could beat Brad on Redemption Island which will lock in Monica in their alliance for the remainder of the game. Aras states that if it goes to plan, Laura M. will knock out Brad, thus giving Monica no choice but to remain loyal to them after the Merge. Tyson seems to like the idea, so they run it by Monica, leaving out the part about Laura M. beating Brad. Of course, Monica is no idiot though and realises that Laura M. will be tougher competition for Brad than Laura B. so she says she’ll have to think about it. As the tribe heads off to Tribal Council, Aras confesses that the tribe knows he’s playing that game and that whilst he wants Laura M. gone, he won’t push the issue because “the more manipulation I have on the vote, the more danger it puts me in”. (Which is a very smart play by Aras).


Aras tells Laura M. that Laura B. will be sent home in a “seven-one vote”. (Image Credit: CBS)

Gervase begins Tribal Council by saying that playing again is “crazy and surreal”, however he couldn’t play the game he wanted to play because that game play was suited to how the game was played thirteen years ago. Tina agrees with Gervase, saying that game has changed a lot since playing in the Australian Outback, admitting that “I’ve played more in five days than the entire time in the Australian Outback”. Monica states that the Blood versus Water twist makes the stakes higher because you are looking out for your loved one and if a couple are together at the Merge it will equate to a lot of power. Aras says that no matter what you have to be loyal even if it means siding against your loved one. Laura M. agrees saying that despite it being difficult you will eventually have to “cut strings” with your loved one. Gervase then follows this by saying that seeing and hearing about the relationships between each others loved ones only makes you more wary of everyone.

Jeff asks Laura B. whether she belongs on the tribe and she argues that she does, pointing out all the assets she brings to the tribe. Monica agrees with Laura, saying that she has done everything to make her a good tribe person. Jeff laughs saying that every time he hears that, the person then gets voted out. Laura B. admits that whilst it was hard because the tribe wanted to play with Rupert, she’s done her best to bond and become part of the time. Laura M. tells everyone that despite Laura B’s. best efforts, the fact remains that she isn’t a returning and doesn’t carry the “sting” of having her torch snuffed previously like the rest of the tribe do.

With that, we get to the vote and it really must be a producers dream as almost every vote is shown because everyone is writing down ‘Laura’ and adding either an ‘B’ or a ‘M’ after it. Jeff begins to read the votes, after two votes, we’re locked at one-one between the Laura’s, but then the votes start pilling up for Laura M. and after five votes, Aras get’s his way, with Laura Morett getting her torch snuffed, blindsided in a seven-one vote. She can’t believe her fate as she makes her way to Redemption, admitting that she trusted people she shouldn’t have.


Laura Morett… the tribe has spoken. Grab your torch and head to Redemption Island. (Image Credit: CBS)

One final thing… CBS can you please stop with the hash tags! Every five minutes we’ve got a new hash tag on the screen. Just put up #Survivor (or preferably #survivoroz), at the start of each episode and leave it at that because #survivorrematch really isn’t necessary!

That’s it for this week kids! Another very decent episode in a season that is fast becoming a favourite for all. Join in next week because the coconut bandits, (Gervase and Tyson), plan to cut Aras’ game short and Probst hints of a twist that will switch things up! (Keep in mind that might not necessarily mean a Tribe Switch, it might mean someone from Redemption Island re-enters the game, which is a switch in itself from the format of Redemption Island in seasons past.)

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Ben’s Opinion


Another week, another great episode! It’s reminding me a lot of the Philippines in which every week constantly delivered, and it was hard to find anything wrong with each week. It’s great to see this happening in modern Survivor, particularly after the disappointment that was Caramoan.

The Redemption Island challenge was intense, whether or not it was really that close or not who knows, but the editing was great and it certainly got my heart pumping! Not going to comment too much on Candice going home, it pretty much sums up Candice in Survivor for me and her three times on the show. Should’ve never been a 2 time player let alone a 3 time player. Great to see Galang cheering on Brad, was interesting all the same but shows their support of Monica and also shows that Brad could be a big player left in this game still. John did enough to survive again, and I think he is favourite surely to return into the game when eventually a player returns. That could be as soon as next week even, given Probst mentioned things are being changed up. Is it a player returning? Is it a switch? Let us know your guesses below.

Galang was an interesting dynamic this week. Tyson went from king Tyson to invisible Tyson in 7 days, although based on next week he is still king Tyson. Gervase got some great words in and if he and Tyson start running this game, then boy oh boy woweee will it be great to watch. Aras again goes to show why he was a great winner and severely underrated, as did Tina, who I think vaulted herself back into a new sense of control. Her dynamic with Monica is great, and I love the fact that two older ladies are getting such a strong edit with lots of screentime. Kat was…somewhere I think. Monica is definitely the ‘Dawn’ of this season although she is more South Pacific Dawn rather than Caramoan Dawn. Laura Boneham continues to be awesome and despite her being berated by Probst (and handling it quite well it has to be said) she has worked her way in enough to still pose a threat if she can keep doing it. Yeah Galang had their reasons for keeping her over Laura Morett but silent but deadly can pose a real threat. That girl did well to cause some friction when it came to scrambling (not bad for a rookie against veterans) and I will say right now the only reason why Galang lost is because Laura B sat out. True words my friends! I called Laura M getting voted out a few weeks back, but I’m sure she’ll give it her all on RI given she is a puzzle goddess.

Tadhana wasn’t shown that much, but from what we did see Vytas certainly got a very positive look in and almost put him in a ‘power position’, although does he really have any? Caleb took his role up nicely after last week and I still see him in a nice little position right now, and I would say he is even above Hayden who got a ‘panic’ edit this week. Shame, as I think Hayden has been in a great spot so far in this game. He is in no way in a ‘bad spot’ now, but it’s not as good as it was a couple of weeks ago. Ciera and Katie are doing what they can to hang on and if they make merge or if there is a switch, I really think they can force themselves deep by just laying low and watching the pieces fall around them. It’s going to be great to watch.

Finally, what the hell is with all the damn hashtags? I’m a fan of hashtags as much as the next person, but seriously CBS? #survivorsready #survivorematch and all these other ones? I stay stick to #survivor and that’s enough. By the time you flash a new hashtag on screen and somebody uses it, we’re already at the next part! #stopusingsomanyhashtagscbsandsticktotheoldbutgoodones

Bring on next week!

Jarryd’s Opinion


Another great episode! This season is fast becoming a top ten season and there is no doubt the loved one twist is a big factor in why it’s such a good season.

Every episode so far has made for great viewing simply because of the fact that regardless of which tribe goes to Tribal Council, the result effects the other tribe. For example, if your a huge fan of Tyson this season, you’ll automatically warm to Rachel because she’s Tyson’s loved one. So, you’re going to be angry when she was voted out. This means that there aren’t really any “easy votes” this season because however you look at it, whoever gets voted out will have fans upset either because they are voted out or because it’s the loved one a favourite that’s voted out.

I’m thing I’m not that fond of is the Duels on Redemption Island being similar or the same as one’s we’ve seen used in Redemption Island and South Pacific. Obviously it’s difficult to choose a challenge that doesn’t present an advantage so someone who is physically strong but it would be good to change things up a bit.

Whilst I’m disappointed to see Candice go and not be able to redeem herself, it was always going to happen. Even if she got back into the game it was going to be tough because she has no idea about the dynamics of the tribes. I’d much rather see someone who was voted out by their tribe at Tribal Council return to the game because it will be much more entertaining to watch. In saying that, John is a goose for not covering his puzzle so Brad couldn’t copy him!

I don’t like the fact that Monica burned another clue to the Idol. It’s such a prolific tool in the game that even sharing it with your alliance is sure to give you a benefit of some sort. I think it holds a lot of bargaining power and to see it wasted like it has been is disappointing. However, it’s clear that the Idol is tabooed this season, nobody is even looking for it from what we’ve seen, so there may be a story to come from that yet.

The challenge was pretty average today. It felt for me like a game you’d play in PE class at school. Race a classmate and try and land a ring on a hook. The slide is cool, but do something more with it. I think this challenge may have had to be modified that that Tadhana had a chance so it would be interesting to hear whether the ring tossing part of the challenge was modified due to Tadhana being crap.

The move Galang made at Tribal was very sensible. Laura M. is far more dangerous than Laura B. so I believe the right move was made. There’s no point in going against the majority yet and getting rid of a Aras or Gervase, so getting rid of Laura M. is the next best thing. I also hope that Ciera doesn’t take her place on Redemption Island because I find Ciera a lot more interesting than her mother so it would be disappointing to see her trade places and lose.

Next week looks good. I don’t think the switch Jeff hints of will be a Tribe Switch, I don’t think that works this season. It could mean one or possibly two people from Redemption Island return to the game, which would shake things up. Instead of winning a clue for finishing first you might get to pick which tribe you join… who knows, but I can’t wait to see what happens!

Noah’s Opinion


Here are ten of my thoughts on the most reason episode of Blood vs Water:

1.This episode was much slower and less dramatic than the first four episodes. While it did lose some momentum it was no means a bad episode nor was the slower pacing a bad thing. We got to see some general camp life which made it almost feel like an older episode which was a nice touch.

2.It was a good sign that every single contestant minus Gervase got a confessional. There are the obvious ‘stars’ of this season but it is nice to see a much more spread out confessional count compared to other recent seasons.

3.Redemption Island provided another entertaining dual. Even though I am not a Brad fan I was glad that he stuck around longer to hopefully create some more interesting dynamics in the future. I wasn’t upset that Candice left nor would I have been if John left. Doesn’t bother me too much.

4.This clue burning thing is going to get old very quickly! It is episode 5 and no one has found an idol yet, this must be a record of post Heroes vs Villains seasons? Hopefully the clue getting burnt isn’t a running trend.

5.On that note, Monica, as nice as she is, really is my least favourite of the season. Although I do understand where her emotions are coming from, it is just getting irritating to watch her week after week complaining. I still maintain if it wasn’t for the very entertaining Brad, she should never have been brought back for a second time.

6.I wonder if Katie’s toenails (or lack of) is just filling in air time for the lacklustre Brad-less Tadhana tribe or if it is for shadowing for a future medivac? Given the recent medivac’s, arguably 4 in the past 3 seasons. It would not surprise me if Katie said goodbye to both her toenails and her game.

7.I think the editing this week made it so painfully obvious that Tadhana would win immunity. From the preview focusing on the ‘Galang 5′ and early confessionals from the Laura’s. To the Tadhana cliff scene with Vytas’ winning speech and Jeff Probst clearly pointing out Tadhana would have two options of rewards. I was so glad they did end up winning though as I am a fan of all five of the remaining Tadhana tribe and feel it was about time Galang went to tribal.

8.The dynamics at Galang post challenge was great. Laura B bitching behind Monica and Laura M’s back was hilarious. I think they made the right decision in voting out Laura M. Not only because I am warming up to Laura B and want to see what she has in store but also because Laura B has no loved one and is basically a free vote, she seems very loyal. The Laura voting scene was great, never have I seen so many votes for the same name in tribal council!

9.Jeff Probst’s Rupert impersonation…hilarious!

10.It looks like next week we have a tribe swap. I am very upset about that. Firstly it seems like we are so close to a merge that we really don’t need a swap, especially as Tadhana seems to be gaining some motivation. If there is a swap then NO loved ones at all better be together, that would completely destroy any entertainment from this season. Leave that for the merge! Plus, even though I am an Aras fan, seeing Tyson and Gervase vote him out and him returning from Redemption Island would make this one of the most epic seasons ever! For all we know it may not be a swap or it may be like a China scenario where only two or so contestants switch. It remains to be seen but lets hope this season continues to deliver for the remaining episodes, we are heading up to the mid way point next week or the week after!

Jimmy’s Opinion


Another blindside. They are coming in thick and fast every week. I didn’t see that one coming. The golden rule of Survivor is to never assume that you are comfortable within your own tribe as you never know what will happen around the corner. The game can change at a drop of a hat as Laura Morett found out. But I am still scratching my head as to whether it was a good move or not.

She may have not been in the main alliance of five, but as we have seen in the past few weeks, Laura Morett is a puzzle demon. She saved the Galang tribe in the previous two Immunity challenges when they were in danger of losing. This puts them at a major disadvantage if there is another puzzle challenge in future challenges. Who is going to step up and fill her shoes? I don’t know….I just don’t know. In my opinion, the easiest votes are always ‘no brainer’. Take the opportunity while it presents itself as it could bite you in the backside down the road. Laura Boneham who is on the outs on the Tadhana tribe, could easily align with her old Galang tribe at the merge and possible give them the numbers. Bad move, Aras, very bad move!

As the old saying goes, “Good things always come to an end.” The Tadhana tribe finally won an Immunity Challenge! Not only did they win, they beat the Galang tribe quite convincingly. The challenge involves the Survivors to slide down a giant slide while grabbing a ring, and then tossing that ring onto a post. The first person to land their ring wins a point. The Galang tribe jumped ahead quickly and took an early 3 to 2 lead. I was hoping that the Galang tribe would make a bit of a crazy comeback and storm home to claim the victory. But it wasn’t to be as Hayden hooked his ring on his third attempt. I was very impressed with Caleb’s performance as he managed to get two points in that challenge. He looks as though he will be an individual threat in the challenges, come the merge.

It was sad to see the Galang tribe lose the Immunity Challenge as I wanted to see the returning players dominate all the challenges until the merge. It just felt like the Galang tribe were having an off-day, they just looked a little ‘flat’ and lacked that enthusiasm and killer instinct. Maybe they were too comfortable in the game, who knows. With this much needed victory, could this be the turning point for Tadhana?

On Redemption Island, I wanted to see a little more banter between John & Candice and their arch nemesis, Brad. It was a little tame this week without the insults going back and forth as we have seen in the last few weeks. But I was shocked to see Candice lose the challenge. The challenge involved taking a crate apart, use the planks to build a bridge, and then taking apart the planks to build a puzzle. Candice took an early lead but couldn’t maintain it as John finished first, then Brad coming in, in second place. It was quite surprising with the whole Galang tribe cheering and even giving Brad hints at the challenge. WOW!

My main gripe is, will we ever see someone find the Hidden Immunity Idol? I think it will be a non-factor in this season. The only person who has gone looking for it is John but he is stuck on Redemption Island. Can someone please stop burning the clues to the Idol!

Judging by the preview for next week, I am guessing that there is going to be some sort of tribe switch. I can’t wait until next week!

Survivor Re-capper: Sandra Diaz-Twine


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Our fifth guest is Pearl Islands & Heroes vs Villains winner Sandra Diaz-Twine, as she discusses why she is enjoying this season, her love of Candice and why she was sad to see her go, talking up all winners seasons as well as giving us a hint about what next season could be about, why Aras and Tina are playing strong games but why that doesn’t necessarily mean they will win, the position Tyson is in and how much he has improved, just why she is extremely sick of Rupert and why she was glad to see him go, her thoughts on choosing Laura M to be voted out over Laura B as well as answering a myriad of listener questions and finally letting us know just why she is so awesome! Sandra then answers our final set of 7 questions as follows:

NEXT TO GO:  Brad (RI)/Laura B (Voted Out)

We will have another former contestant joining us next week for another recap, with Nicaragua contestant and good friend Kelly “Purple Kelly” Shinn finding herself in the hot seat!

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  1. That was a fantastic recap! I love hearing Sandra’s input on this season. I really hope the rumor about Malcolm, Eddie, and Reynold is false. The idea of a 3 Amigos season makes me nauseous XD

  2. I think the other person who could not swim was Osten from Sandra’s own season, right? They had to send people out to help him in a swimming challenge.

  3. I click the Download Interview buton and there’s “Error” on the site that opens.

    • Hey Danna, sadly this website has long been stopped and not maintained anymore. You can find some of our old episodes via iTunes or other platforms, but we no longer have the links on this site as valid sadly. Sorry!

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