Survivor Oz Turns 2! A Special Birthday Episode Featuring Gillian Larson!


Two years ago on this very day a simple Facebook wall post started what would become one of the most downloaded and listened to Survivor podcasts in the world. To celebrate, it’s time to grab the woman who helped start it all in Gillian Larson from the 17th season of Gabon as we put on our birthday hats and celebrate our second birthday!

On the 24th of October 2011, Survivor Gabon’s Gillian Larson posted a simple comment on our host Ben’s wall, asking his interest for an interview for his show The Brink. After Ben accepted and the interview went to air, he found himself contacting more Survivor alumni as well as being connected via Gillian and other contestants. In February of 2012 the segment ‘Survivor’s On the Brink’ was spun off into it’s own separate show Survivor Oz and to this day continues in it’s current format that you now know and love!


In two years, we have interviewed 223 out of the 405 possible contestants (55%), delivered over 384 hours (16 days) worth of content and been viewed over a million times through this very website. We have charted in the top three on iTunes and are constantly ranked in the top three Survivor podcasts online. It’s been an amazing two years and we hope to continue to bring you more as we grow into the future!

Gillian Larson was generous enough to join us to help celebrate the occasion as well as some of our Ozlets, as we talked about just why she contacted Ben on that fateful day in 2011, why she enjoys the show so much and just what she hopes for us to achieve in the future!

We would like to once again thank you for all the support over the last two years and hope to continue onward and upwards for many years to come!

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