Survivor Blood vs. Water-Episode 6 Recap featuring Kelly Shinn & Russell Hantz!


Survivor Blood vs. Water continues this week with the sixth episode of the season. Of course with everything that happened you might be a little overawed, so we’re to to recap the action for you! Joining us, we have our resident recap expert Jarryd and Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to two real experts in our very good friend Kelly “Purple Kelly” Shinn of Survivor: Nicaragua and Russell Hantz of Survivor: Samoa, Heroes vs. Villains and Redemption Island!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

Another episode of Survivor: Blood vs. Water saw a Tribe Switch rock the boat, a massive blunder in the Immunity Challenge and a girl who “loves blindsides” get blindsided.

Galang return from Tribal and Laura B. expresses her satisfaction at surviving her first ever Tribal Council. Tina comments that she feels like an octopus because they were eight strong and now are one leg down. Aras admits Laura M. stared him down as she left, which he confesses is a worry ahead of the next Redemption Island Duel. He continues, saying he doesn’t want to be at the top, but because he is, he needs to tread carefully and he hopes that Laura M. doesn’t make that more difficult by airing his dirty laundry the next day.

Before the Duel, Tyson and Gervase step aside to discuss strategy. Tyson tells Gervase that he is okay with Aras at the moment, but when the Merge comes and he teams up with Vytas, he will start to see them as threats. Tyson then says that with possibly only one challenge left before the Merge, it might be time to consider getting rid of Aras. Gervase agrees, saying that the timing is right. In a confessional, Tyson admits to liking Aras, (like everyone else), but not what he believes in, commenting that he himself only “believes in magic”. We cross back to the pair where Gervase agrees with Tyson that he will have no issue writing down Aras’ name should they lose the next challenge and Tyson tells Gervase that he will always know who’s name he is writing down ahead of each vote. Before we head to the Duel, Gervase admits that this season, he won’t be used like a “chess piece” like he was in Borneo.


Tyson and Gervase discuss “The Aras problem”. (Image Credit: CBS)

We arrive at Redemption Island Arena, once everyone has arrived, Ciera and Laura M. both become teary. Ciera admits she has a feeling that her mother had gone, with Laura admitting that doesn’t surprise her because Ciera is “part of her”. Jeff reminds everyone about the twist which allows loved one’s to switch at Redemption Island, but before he can finish, Laura interjects, saying that there is “no way in hell” that Ciera is taking her place because she is confident she can get back in.

With that, we get to the Duel, which is similar to a Survivor: Redemption Island challenge. The trio will have to race across a balance beam, untying one of four bags of numbered tiles along the way. Once they reach the end of the balance beam, they will use the bags of tiles to order them one to one hundred. After they complete each bag of tiles, they will go back and get the next bag. The first two to finish stay alive in the game and the castaway who finishes first once again wins the right to hand out a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol.


The Day Fourteen Redemption Island Duel. (Image Credit: CBS)

The Duel begins and Laura M. gets off to a quick start, untying her first bag ahead of the boys. John is just behind her and Brad behind him. The first bag contains the tiles number one to ten. Laura finishes first and goes to get her second bag, maintaining her lead. When retrieving his second bag, John falls off twice, allowing Brad to take second position. The second bag contains the numbers eleven to thirty and once again it is Laura M. in the lead, with John overtaking Brad in the ‘puzzle’ section to reclaim second. The third bag contains numbers thirty-one to sixty, with the order staying the same; Laura M. in the lead, John and Brad closely contesting second position. Laura M. gets her last bag and works on ordering the tiles first and John and Brad follow just behind. Laura has around a twenty number lead over the pair and finishes first whilst it’s close between Brad and John, (John places number ninety and Brad, eight-seven). It goes right down to the wire, however it’s John who just sneaks over the line, thus eliminating “Culpepper”.

Brad bids Monica goodbye, telling her she’s “free” and to “set sail”. He leaves, tearing his Buff up and places it in the fire as a confessional from Monica plays as she explains she now how to play the game “all by myself” because she’s lost her “shield”.


Brad is eliminated from the game. (Image Credit: CBS)

The next order of business is for Laura M. to give away the clue to the Idol. After much consideration, she selects Vytas, who follows Jeff straight back down the stairs when he hands it to him and throws it into the fire. With that, John and Laura M. head back to Redemption Island but Galang and Tadhana stay behind because Probst has one last twist in store for them!


Vytas continues Monica’s tradition of burning the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol. (Image Credit: CBS)

The twist is news to everyone and Jeff instructs the castaways to drop their Buffs as we get another hash tag, (#dropyourbuffs), to explain to us what’s going on. He offers a tray of concealed Buffs to everyone, with Tyson asking to choose last so “fate can decide” where he ends up. Once everyone has a Buff, Jeff instructs they to reveal them. Two Tadhana members become Galang members and three Galang members become Tadhana members. The new tribes are as follows: Galang – Monica, Tina, Katie, Laura B., Kat and Vytas. Tadhana – Gervase, Caleb, Aras, Tyson, Hayden and Ciera.


The new Galang tribe; Vytas, Kat, Monica, Tina, Katie and Laura B. (Image Credit: CBS)


 The new Tadhana tribe; Gervase, Caleb, Aras, Ciera, Hayden and Tyson. (Image Credit: CBS)

Jeff asks Ciera how she feels about being the only women on the tribe. She says it will either be a “great or bad thing”. Katie states she is “excited to play with my mum and meet new people” and Vytas says that it doesn’t matter if he’s the only male on his tribe because he thinks of himself as a “ladies man”. With that, the two new tribes head out to their respective camps. Aras is the first to get a confessional, saying that a Tribe Switch could undo all the good work he did in the first fourteen days and he hopes he has the numbers to keep his name off the chopping block.

We go back to camp at Tadhana and Caleb confesses that the game has changed, it’s now “three against three so it will be interesting to see what happens if  lose a challenge and interesting to see what information is shared”. The returnees waste no time asking for information about Tadhana, who gladly supply it to them. All three original Tadhana members fill the new members in about the vote outs, John and the Idol and Caleb and Hayden even go as far as sharing the Idol clues with them; as Tyson puts it best, “stupid will be stupid”.

Hayden isn’t worried about sharing information though, he’s more concerned about sharing the tribes food stores with “three big dudes”. He says he feels like telling them to get away from his things as they enjoy Tadhana’s rice and spices. Everyone decides to get to know each other in the water but Tyson is still hungry so heads back to get some food. The others ask him to bring a coconut back for them. Tyson complies, but only after drinking half of the coconut himself, remarking that he will “eat and steal as much food from the tribe as he can”. He continues saying that all he has to do is appear to work so he isn’t painted as the “lazy guy”. He returns with the half drunk coconut for the rest of the tribe and remarks how “generous” it was of him to get it for them.


The Tyson Apostol Rulebook; ‘steal and eat as much food from your tribe as you can’. (Image Credit: CBS)

Over at Galang, Tina says it’s a “dream come true” to be able to get to play the game with Katie. She states that, “I’ve been playing water and now I can play blood”. Vytas on the other hand is very disappointed. He says that despite the numbers being four original Galang against two original Tadhana, it’s more like five-one because of Katie’s connection to Tina. He says that coming from a tribe where he could control his own destiny, he now feels like “the odd man out”.

Monica tells the foursome that the original Galang’s will stick together but Kat is becoming increasingly annoyed at her old One World pal. Kat complains that all Monica does is strategize and all that does is put a target on her back. She then gives some advice to future contestants, saying that if you want to play the game, you have to know when to “shut it”.

Back at Tadhana, the tribe are getting along fair well, joking as they stoke the fire and question whether to cook some more rice. Tyson admits that his strategy now is to highlight Aras being “bossy” to the  original Tadhana members so that he gets a target on his back. He remarks that he constantly is putting the limelight on Aras by apologising for his actions so that Aras will become alienated. Before the break, Tyson reveals that he will “do everything to get to Day Thirty-nine”.

On Day Sixteen, we catch up again with Vytas and here all about his situation. He admits he’s at the women’s mercy so all he can do is open up and be vulnerable. He shares jail stories with them and explains how his relationship since that time with Aras has been fractured. Laura B. laps it up exactly how Vytas would have wanted, as she says in a confessional that she loves him and feels connected to him already. However, she always admits that she needs to keep her heart of of the game.

Challenge time! For the challenge, one pair of castaways from each tribe will have to race out into the water to a cage. They will have to dive down, releasing a gate and retrieve a fish trap, then return to shore. Once all three fish traps have been recovered, they will use the pieces inside to solve a vertical puzzle. The winning tribe will of course receive Immunity and they will get a picnic basket Reward full of fresh meats, bread, toppings and brownies.

Jeff gets things started and it’s Laura B. and Tina in the water for Galang and Aras and Gervase for Tadhana. Gervase seems to have spent time practicing swimming because he stays afloat as the pair release the first gate and head back with the first fish trap for Tadhana. Laura B. and Tina are just behind them however they have forgetting to bring the trap back with them. Both tribes return to shore and Galang explain what Laura B. and Tina have done wrong so they head back out to retrieve the trap whilst Caleb and Tyson head out to collect their second trap. Both tribes work on getting another fish trap as Laura B. and Tina head back with the first trap and Caleb and Tyson with the second. Galang arrive first and Monica and Vytas swim out quickly trying to make up some time whilst Ciera and Hayden head out to retrieve the final trap for Tadhana. Both tribes return at almost the same time, with Kat and Katie heading out for the final time for Galang as a spent Ciera struggles to get back to the tribe mat.


A bird’s-eye view of the Day Sixteen Immunity Challenge. (Image Credit: CBS)

Aras and Tyson begin working on the puzzle and hold a huge lead which should mean they easily finish first. Galang aren’t dead and buried though as Kat and Katie return with the third fish trap and Monica and Tina begin working on the puzzle. Aras and Tyson have slowed down a lot as the puzzle gives them some trouble. This opens the door for Galang, who have made quick work of the puzzle. In what would be one of the biggest comebacks in a challenge across all twenty-seven seasons, the girls are confident with the puzzle, believing they have it solved, however when Jeff checks it, it’s incorrect. They set to work again as Aras and Tyson continue for Tadhana. After some adjustments, Galang think once again they have won, but again, they are incorrect. This time, the door does open for Tadhana with Aras and Tyson completing the puzzle, with Jeff giving it the tick of approval and they avoid going down in history as blowing a massive lead. Tadhana collect their picnic and the Immunity Idol and head off back to camp whilst Jeff informs Galang of their Tribal Council date.


Tadhana celebrate winning the Immunity Challenge. (Image Credit: CBS)

Back at camp, Vytas is biting his tongue about the blunder in the challenge. Knowing that he’s on the outs, he can’t say anything without it coming back to bite him. Tina only makes this worse as she apologises to the tribe and all Vytas can do is grin and bear it, knowing that the mistake may have sealed his fate in the game. As everyone goes about their business, Kat reveals that sending Vytas home might not be the right move as Monica is constantly strategizing. She approaches Tina and asks her opinion about whether they should blindside Monica. Tina says it’s not a bad idea however she worries about what would happen if it’s “all guys” at the Merge; then in a confessional, Tina admits to also worrying about Kat’s loyalty. She decides to lay it on the line and informs Monica, (in front of Vytas), about Kat’s plan. Monica isn’t happy she’s being targeting, stating that she’ll “do what’s best for Monica” if someone is gunning for her.


Kat discusses blindsiding Monica with Tina. (Image Credit: CBS)

Monica approaches Kat and questions her about her conversation with Tina. Kat lies, not mentioning that she discussed voting against Monica, then denies the claim when Monica asks about it. This further worries Monica as she to questions Kat’s loyalty. Monica admits that it’s not worth keeping Kat around if she’s gunning for her, whilst Kat says that Monica is dangerous if people listen to her. Kat then decides that in order to stay in the game, she’ll have to stick to the original plan and sends Vytas home. However, Monica has finally worked out how to play Survivor, “do unto to others, before they do unto to you”, so she plans to target Kat. As we head to Tribal, Tina reveals that the vote is still very much up in the air between Kat and Vytas, stating they both have pros and cons as to why they should be kept around.


Kat and Monica discuss their issues. (Image Credit: CBS)

Jeff begins Tribal by asking Kat about the Switch. Kat says that everyone is getting along however Monica and herself have had some issues. Monica admits that this is true and it was just disagreements about the game and trust. Kat reveals that the game isn’t about them and that she “loves you girls” and they should stick together. Vytas says that Kat will write his name down but if others do, it will come down to trust. Kat pleads to Monica that she’s always had her back, with Monica saying that she’s tried numerous times to trust her, but it becomes difficult when Kat throws her name around. Kat becomes visibly upset and expresses her desire to remain in the game.


Kat feels the heat at Tribal Council. (Image Credit: CBS)

Kat tells the girls to vote for Vytas, who says that all he can hear is Kat constantly apologising to the people she’s meant to trust. Kat and Vytas argue the issue, with Kat talking over the top of him, but Vytas get’s his point across; can the girls remain five strong and still trust Kat?

Tina says that she now has to think about her loved one when voting and that it changes the game. Vytas informs us that to stay alive, he has to open himself up and become vulnerable, but his true fate is up to the women. Kat says once again that she love all the girls and has their backs, with Vytas saying that he isn’t sure if this is true because he’s heard stories about her wavering loyalty. Kat denies this and tells the girls to stay together, which Vytas says they will.

Everyone votes and Jeff begins to read them. Both Kat and Vytas receive a vote but the question of who is going home is then answered when four more votes for Kat are revealed; thus sending her to Redemption Island. When she arrives there, Kat reveals she’s more worried about Hayden being disappointed in her and that she will have “embarrassed his friends”. She then says she’s a negative two on the coolness scale and “nobody wants to date someone who doesn’t make the Merge”.  (Good to see Kat is thinking of all the important things!)


Kat… the tribe has spoken. Grab your torch and head to Redemption Island. (Image Credit: CBS) 

Next week looks like it’s the ‘Baskauskas hour’ as Tina plots “grandbabies” between Vytas and Katie and Tyson continues to plot with the remainder of the Tadhana tribe against Aras.

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Ben’s Opinion


Well once again another exciting and interesting episode as things literally switched up big time!

Redemption Island surprised me a bit. Not only did we not get a single word in from Brad or John, but Laura came out and dominated it. Not saying Laura by any means is a slouch in puzzle challenges (which we obviously know isn’t the case), but I wasn’t expecting her to win by quite so much. That challenge sure did look all kinds of easy though, but it was still a good one. Sad to see Brad go, I think I’m one of the only people around who actually liked him. Wouldn’t surprise me if we saw him play again.

The switch was no shock given that CBS gave it away, but it was interesting to see it play it. I liked Tyson doing his ‘leave it up to fate’ thing, and it worked out very well for him. Two different tribes that have unfair gender balances will make it interesting, although in the end it didn’t really matter at all for Vytas. I think the men/women dynamic just made this season take a new turn. Tyson is certainly getting a very strong edit and he and Gervase are easily the power couple in this game right now. I don’t see anybody going against them soon and it’s between them to lose. Aras on the other hand took a long thud down to reality with that switch, and he will be fighting for survival for a long time to come now. It’s worked out well for Ciera as she won’t have to fight as much to survive as long as Tyson keeps going after Aras, and that can work out very well for her in the long run. Meanwhile on Galang, the Monica vs. Kat thing was great to watch, and given how close the One World cast is it was interesting to see two members from that season going against each other. I loved Monica confronting Kat about it, and I think Tina should take credit for getting that move done. From looking likely to be a target to getting rid of someone else worked a treat, and it shows why she is a former winner. It was also great to see Laura B survive again! You go girl!

The challenge was an epic battle and great to see the Galang comeback. What went down as one of the biggest blunders in Survivor history to nearly the biggest comeback certainly made for great watching, and what looked like fancy editing made into one of the most edge of your seat challenges in recent times. It was even worth having to sit through puzzle pieces again.

Oh and one more thing, the single greatest thing about this episode is the fact that GERVASE PETERSON CAN SWIM! Talk about a twist! Wasn’t expecting that! Great work my man!

I thought the switch would make this season jump the shark but so far it hasn’t and has continued on its positive run. Let’s hope it can continue next week and for the rest of the season!

Jarryd’s Opinion


Cya Kat! With the edit you’ve received so far, there is no way that you’ll survive Redemption Island.

This episode was an intriguing. To be honest, I’m wasn’t initially happy this season would see a Tribe Switch, but it’s worked out well in terms of ratio of loved one’s per tribe. What I’m not happy about is the un-evenness of the tribes; it’s just like the post-switch Caramoan tribes, one dominant, the other, hopelessly outgunned. I mean, how are Aras, Caleb, Gervase, Hayden and Tyson going to lose a challenge? Ciera is the obvious choice to sit out next week and I really can’t see them losing unless they throw a challenge, which would be beyond stupid. Whilst getting rid of Aras is a great idea for Tyson’s game, surely he has to realise that Vytas is outnumbered by the women and he is gone if they lose again?

Brad losing on Redemption was good, I’ve had enough of him. Laura dominated the challenge, so she has a huge chance of coming back into the game if the puzzle trend continues at Redemption. Although I wouldn’t discount John just yet, he’s rolling along nicely to.

Camp life at Tadhana seems interesting, certainly a lot more entertaining than previously. I think the former Galang members have bought “life to the party” so hopefully we see some ‘good, camp moments’ at Tadhana like we’ve seen at Galang so far this season. Tyson grows on me more and more every week. Stealing the food is totally something I would do so it was great to see others think the same.

The challenge was decent but was ruined just by Galang’s mistake. Had they not forgotten the fish net, it would have been more interesting because I was always expecting Tadhana to win after that moment, despite them falling behind in the puzzle. The puzzle to was also a good one because it wasn’t your traditional puzzle; trying new things is good challenge team!

Galang getting rid of Kat was both a good move and a bad move. But first… Monica please go back to One World Monica. I dislike you more and more every week. You’re honestly like the annoying, friendly women who you seem to meet on holiday every year. They seem lovely at first, but as time goes on, you try harder and harder to avoid them. Stop acting like Brad is the only thing that was going to give you a chance at winning or doing anything significant this season and man up! Production obvious recognised that you were half decent in One World so live up to those expectations and prove it! In Australian terms, “grow a pair”. In saying that, you did well to get rid of the person who was targeting you… but it was only Kat, wait till the bigger fish come out to play, it won’t be that easy. As for Kat, I’d rather not speak about her, she’s far to childish to take serious. We’ve seen much younger contestants than her show a much higher level of maturity and I really do hope she loses next week because out of the “One World five”, (Kim, Chelsea, Sabrina, Alicia and Kat), she was the least deserving of getting a return gig.

As for the vote, I’m not sure what the women are thinking? How can they trust Vytas more than Kat? Did they not watch Survivor: Vanuatu? Do they not realise that Aras and Vytas together at the Merge is a bad thing? I’m no expert but surely Kat would have been easier to keep in line than Vytas? Stupid!

Finally, I hope Tina is very pushy next week and tries really hard to set up Katie with Vytas because it will be beyond hilarious!

Noah’s Opinion


Here are my ten thoughts on episode 6 of Blood vs Water:

1. Absolutely loved it how Gervase called the merge the “merger.” It was just a great reminder that we have a season 1 veteran on this season.

2. I was upset that Brad lost the dual, he will be missed. It was good to have a villain on the season and I don’t think there is any denying that Brad made for good TV. He would have been great as the Redemption returnee. I would not be surprised, especially with recent seasons bringing back pre merge boots, if Brad was to play again in a future season.

3. Enough with the idol burning, it is getting old! I am not a huge fan of idols but I would rather them not be there at all or for people to find them and not have them lurking. I think it was a terrible move by Vytas. He should have taken it to share with his Tadhana tribe and even though a switch occurred he could have shared it with new Galang or actually just find the idol.

4. I think the tribe swap was executed incredibly poorly. There was six women and six men in the game so they should have made it three women and three men on each tribe and no loved ones together at all. Although it didn’t turn out to be as bad as I thought it would be at first glance, I still maintain that they should have stuck with the original tribes and have no switch

5. Tyson had a huge edit this week and we began to see shadows of his old Tocantins comedic self. The #coconutbandits hash tag is back again but this time as a solo #coconutbandit. I hope this isn’t foreshadowing for Tyson betraying Gervase. Hopefully Tadhana will lose next week so we can see whether or not Tyson’s ‘dethrone Aras’ plan will pull through or if one of the loved ones will fall.

6. What a challenge stuff up there. I wonder if Tina and Laura B didn’t know what they were doing or if they just got caught up in the challenge and forgot. Although it is always edited to be super close, it was a great comeback from Galang and I was rooting for them to win. Loved their celebrating every time they had the puzzle wrong.

7. I was surprised that Vytas was actually a target to go home. I thought he would have been kept around for strength, although we are looming on a merge I guess. I thought Tina or Katie would have been targeted for being a couple but it seems like Tina’s past alliance was strong enough. I don’t blame Kat for trying to vote out Monica but the plan did backfire on her which is a shame. It was edited to look like it was Monica’s plan and doing of getting rid of Kat but I think truthfully it was Tina. She was the one who brought it up to Monica and planted the seeds.

8. Katie’s glasses.

9. It was an interesting tribal council. It seemed like a lot of talking was edited out of the camp and that Kat was well aware she would be going home. Once again, like she initially pleaded to play a second time, she was pleading for her life in the game. Vytas seemed a little whiny in the tribal, I don’t blame him for that though. What else could have he done to help himself other than find the idol? Overall I think it was a bad decision as Vytas and Aras could potentially be a dangerous duo. Plus surely Kat would be more loyal than Vytas in a merge.

10. On that note, I was extremely disappointed that Kat was voted out. She was one of my

favourites in One World and I was very glad she was brought back. Kat is a fantastic character, her ‘negative two in coolness’ and ‘no one wanting to date someone who doesn’t make the merge’ are absolutely hilarious. Unfortunately I don’t think Kat will survive the dual nor do I think that she will switch with Hayden. What a shame, still rooting for you Kat!

Jimmy’s Thoughts


First things first. I am so disappointed. Disappointed that Brad Culpepper has been eliminated from Survivor: Blood vs Water. I am a little bit of a Brad Culpepper fan and will miss all the mayhem and commotion that he’s caused while playing the game. But the thing that I will miss, the most are the quotes he has given us this season, i.e. “Give a man a fish, he eats for days. Teach a man to fish and your whole tribe eats.” Who could ever forget his comical, “4 with 9 equals out. But 5 with 9 equals in” explanation. You’d have to laugh at that one!

I think his downfall in the game was that he tried to play too fast too soon. He went against his original alliance, then he tried to make other alliances on the run which got him into deep trouble. It was almost as he was confessing to it the night he got voted off the Tadhana tribe. He had nowhere to run and was like a deer in the headlights. But upon his exit, he did give us one last great quote, “Monica, I came on here as a shield. Through my fault, or no fault of my own, I became an anchor. You’re free. The wind’s blowing. Sail. Sail hard.” I will just have to give him the nickname, ‘The Poet’ from now on. C’mon CBS, give him another chance at Survivor!

At the Redemption Island duel, Laura proved once again she is a puzzle demon. She easily made light work of that challenge and had the lead from the start up to finish. I sure hope that next week’s duel has nothing to do with strength as I would dearly love to see Laura fight her way back into the game. Wouldn’t it be great to see her team up with her daughter, Ciera, at some stage of the game? Fingers crossed that it will happen.

What is up with the tribe switch? I am not a fan of the tribe switch and the producers of the show must be pulling out their hair, thinking “how did that happen?” The new Galang tribe consists of Tina, Katie, Monica, Laura, Kat and Vytas. While the Tadhana tribe consists of Aras, Tyson, Gervase, Caleb, Hayden and Ciera. Clearly, the Tadhana looks like the stronger of the two tribes on paper, as all the strong, buff males on that tribe. But looks can be deceiving as they almost lost the Immunity Challenge after a huge head start. But one must question, what were Tina and Laura B thinking! Maybe there was a miscommunication along the line somewhere, who knows. It was quite funny to see Jeff Probst telling them that they had forgotten to collect their first trap that contained all their puzzle pieces as they swam back to shore.

But despite her mistake, Tina makes up for it in the puzzle stage of the challenge, along with the help of Monica. You could just feel the tension and excitement as both tribes battled it out. Both times the Galang tribe thought they had solved the puzzle and but only to be told by Jeff Probst that they were wrong. It was a little awkward with the all the premature celebrations going on but in the end, they fell short. They just came within a whisker of making a huge come from behind win. WOW! What a great challenge!

Onto Tribal Council, well what can I say! Vytas would have been the easy vote. But with Kat getting a little paranoid with Monica’s over strategizing, she had let her feelings known to Tina. That was a very bad move as Tina and Monica have a strong alliance. I think the problem with Kat is that she talks too much and lets her feelings be known. How awkward was it when Monica confronted her about it? It will be interesting how she goes at the Redemption Island duel against John and Laura M, as we haven’t seen too much of Kat this season.

Bring on next week!

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Our sixth recap features our first ever dual recap with Kelly ‘Purple Kelly’ Shinn from Nicaragua and Russell Hantz from Samoa, Heroes vs Villains and Redemption Island, as they discuss why they are enjoying this season so much, how the episode turned into a ‘date’ and competition for Kelly between Ben & Russell, Russell talking up his annoyance with the idols this season, Kelly not wanting to be compared to Colton but soon, Russell’s thoughts on Laura M, the love for Laura B, why the Redemption Island challenge was so easy, Gervase and his swimming abilities, the love of Tyson and Hayden as well as why Russell and Kelly would be perfect on a season together after getting married, an ACTUAL marriage proposal and also being joined by a very special guest! Kelly & Russell then answer our final set of 7 questions as follows:

TIP TO WIN: Hayden (Kelly) Tyson (Russell)
DARK HORSE: John (Kelly) Laura B (Russell)
NEXT TO GO:  Laura M (RI)/Ciera (VO) (Kelly) Kat (RI)/Laura B (VO) (Russell)
LOVED ONE THEY WOULD’VE PLAYED WITH: Mum (Kelly)/Brother Willie (Russell)
PLAYER MOST SIMILAR TO: Ciera (Kelly) Brad (Russell)

We will have another former contestant joining us next week for another recap, with Caramoan contestant and good friend Michael Snow finding himself in the hot seat!

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  1. I think Gervase showed he is a poor swimmer in this episode. His technique was horrible. In the vey first challenge, I think he couldn’t swim purely because he was completely exhausted.
    As for the hidden immunity idols, for me its actually a bit of a welcome relief to have a game with out them. Saving yourself with a hidden immunity idol is almost as bad as re-entering the game after being voted out.

  2. Why the hell would anyone want a damned boston rob poster?

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