Survivor Blood vs. Water-Episode 7 Recap featuring Michael Snow!


Survivor Blood vs. Water continues this week with the seventh episode of the season. Of course with everything that happened you might be a little overawed, so we’re to to recap the action for you! Joining us, we have our resident recap expert Jarryd and Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend Michael Snow of Survivor: Caramoan!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

The final pre-merge episode of Blood vs. Water offers an emotional Redemption Island Duel, some surprising strategic game play which results in a blindside and Tina requesting “grandbabies”.

Kat arrives at Redemption Island and sarcastically remarks about not crying this time around. She explains to John and Laura M. that there were trust issues in the tribe and she got unlucky because she was stuck with an over-strategizer, (Monica), the social something, (Laura B.), a former winner, (Tina), a former winner’s tag along daughter, (Katie), and the only male on the tribe, Vytas. Kat admits in a confessional that she has a lot of game left to play and she will do whatever she can in order to get back into the game. However, she’s struggling emotionally, as she questions what Hayden thinks of her now that she has been voted out.  She expresses that they are a team and wanted to play together and they can’t do that now because she’s out of the game. She continues by wondering if she played the wrong way and hopes that Hayden isn’t embarrassed by her.


Hayden comforts Kat prior to the Redemption Island Duel. (Image Credit: CBS)

Time for the Duel. Hayden learns of Kat’s fate and as she walks into the arena, she stops by Hayden, requesting a hug and some words of wisdom. She says she is sorry and then takes her place where Probst begins to question her. Kat says that she was worried about their relationship, but Hayden denies anything will change, saying that their relationship “is more important than the game”. Jeff jumps on this asking whether this means he will take Kat’s place on Redemption Island. The pair openly discuss it, with Kat saying they should switch because the Duel is a puzzle and she “can’t spell” so it will be difficult for her to win. (I’m not sure how completing a puzzle has anything to do with spelling?). Hayden isn’t keen on the idea but does he best to sound interesting, asking Kat to think long term. Both admit that he has a better chance of winning, (putting a target on his back in front of everyone, good job guys!), so they decide not to switch. However as Probst goes onto explain the Duel, both are visibly upset.

For the Duel, the castaways will have to untie a machete and use it to chop through a rope, which will release a bag of puzzle pieces. They will then have to use the puzzle pieces to complete a fire puzzle. (This was the same puzzle used in the Final Immunity Challenge last season and I’m pretty sure someone has just spray painted the pieces).

We get underway and John releases his machete first and is quickly through his rope. Kat and Laura M. follow just behind, with Kat holding onto second place. John begins work on his puzzle as Laura M. overtakes Kat who is having trouble opening her bag, (maybe her excuse for this is that she can’t knit?). John finds the puzzle fairly easy and gets out to an early lead, with Laura M. using his puzzle as a guide whilst Kat gets lots of encouragement from the bleachers, struggles with her puzzle and states that Laura M. is “cheating” for looking at John’s puzzle.


John, Laura M., and Kat compete in the Day Seventeen Duel. (Image Credit: CBS)

Like all puzzles on Redemption Island this season, John flies through it and finishes first. Laura M. immediately begins to study his puzzle and everyone encourages Kat to look at Laura’s, however she isn’t thrilled with the idea because it would be cheating. Of course, looking at a completed puzzle is going to do you the world of good and Laura M. completes her puzzle before Kat and her helpers, (everyone watching on is trying to help Kat out), can finish. Thus Kat becomes the next victim of the game.


Kat is eliminated from the game. (Image Credit: CBS)

She says goodbye to Hayden, asking whether he will break up with her, then leaves. John decides to stick to Candice’s plan and give the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol to Monica, but once again it ends up in the fire pit. With business done, everyone heads back to camp.


  Despite receiving every clue this season, the fire pit still can’t find the Idol. (Image Credit: CBS)

Post Duel at Tadhana, Hayden is doing it tough. He cries as he confesses to feeling responsible for Kat leaving, saying that he isn’t proud of his decision. The tribe rallies around him, with Aras saying that they have each other and that if they stick together and win they can go all the way to the end along with Vytas. Hayden admits that Kat leaving is also a good thing because he doesn’t have to worry about anyone else and can play his own game. He continues by pronouncing that it has also strengthened his relationship with the tribe because majority of them no longer have loved ones in the game.

Aras heads out to meditate on his own. As we watch him, a confessional plays as Aras discusses his position in the game. He believes that he is in a good position and that once he reconnects with Vytas at the Merge, he can fully take control of the game. He states that during meditation, he imagines Jeff declaring him the winner of the season in order to stay focused.

Well Aras, meditation won’t work if your not around camp to here the tribe plotting your demise… which is exactly what they do whilst he’s off on his yoga retreat. Tyson leads the charge at camp, explaining that all Aras does it talk about Vytas and that when they Merge in the coming days, they will be a very strong pair. Gervase reveals that Aras’ Final Four already has two people in it, (himself and Vytas), which makes him very dangerous. Tyson explains that the five of them need to stick together at the Merge and take out the Baskauskas brothers. Ciera remarks she’s shocked that Tyson suggested the plan but it makes sense and he’s very smart. The tribe go round a circle and all agree that they are happy and will go ahead with the plan. Later in a confessional, Tyson admits that whilst Aras was playing a good game, now he’s just getting comfortable.


  Tyson fills Tadhana in about a plan to take out Aras. (Image Credit: CBS)

Over at Galang the following morning, Katie and Vytas talk on the beach with Laura B. commenting that they look like a “happy couple”. Tina admits to liking Vytas a lot and utters that she would be honoured if he takes an interest in Katie. Tina then does her best to job to steal Probst sexual innuendo thunder, saying that the guy who gets Katie will have to “beat her over the head with his club and drag her into his cave”, because Katie isn’t very flirtatious. But this is of course all a dream to Tina, who reveals this, then states she’s ready for “grandbabies”.

Later in the day, the tribe sit around discussing what they struggle with in the game. Vytas says the dishonesty. He reveals that he’s naturally a very trusting person and it’s very hard to be deceived and deceive people. Vytas confesses that yoga has taught him a lot about women and therefore he’s only revealing parts of himself to the women so that they like his “reformed bad boy” persona. Laura B. is lapping it up, saying she has learnt a lot from Vytas and is finally feeling comfortable to be herself to the tribe. She remarks that she’s beginning to feeling comfortable in the game, (am I the only one who can here alarm bells?), and that despite liking certain people, she needs to keep her heart out of the game.


   Katie and Vytas sitting in a tree? (Image Credit: CBS)

Galang receive Tree Mail which hints of a physical challenge where tribe members will be tied together. Vytas isn’t thrilled, declaring that competing in this challenge with “two forty year olds and a fifty year old” against “five strong guys and a girl” is going to be tough. With Vytas away from camp, Tina asks the girls what they should do if they lose the challenge. They all agree, (with some trepidation from Laura B.), that it has to be Vytas.

Time for the challenge! Four tribe members will be chained together at the ankles and the two tribe members on the outside will have one wrist attached to a coil. The two castaways will have to uncoil themselves and then they will have to move together as one, through obstacles, collecting eight bags along the way. The difficult part will be that the course intersects, so eight people, (four from each tribe), will be trying to work around and against each other at the same time. Once all eight bags have been collected and the tribes have made it through the course, a fifth tribe member will have to use the chains and balls inside the bags to make bolos. The first tribe to land three bolos on their target wins Immunity and an afternoon Reward of fried chicken. As expected, Ciera sits out for Tadhana, Tina and Tyson take their places at the bolo station and everyone else gets chained up and ready to go.


   The Day Eighteen Immunity Challenge gets underway. (Image Credit: CBS)

The challenge starts and Gervase and Hayden begin to uncoil themselves for Tadhana, with Monica and Vytas doing the same for Galang. Tadhana are away first and use good team work to get to the middle, intercrossing section where the bags need to be collected first. Galang aren’t far behind though and manage to gather their four bags and head onto the next area before Tadhana. However, Tadhana once again have good communication skills and reach the next section first. Tadhana collect their four bags before Galang but Monica and Vytas team up to stop Aras moving on with the rest of the tribe. Probst declares it’s a “mêlée” as everyone does there best to slow each other down.


    Monica puts a strong block on Aras that would have impressed Brad in his pro-ball days. (Image Credit: CBS)

The challenge is locked at even as Tina and Tyson begin to untie bags and assemble bolos. Tyson lands his first bolo ahead of Tina, who then ties the score at one-one. Tyson lands a second bolo and narrowly misses his third, which opens the door for Tina to level the scores again, this time at two-two. In a intense minute, both try and land the third and final bolo for their tribe, both just missing on several occasions, but it’s Tyson who is successful in landing bolo number three first, securing another win for Tadhana.


    Tadhana are victorious once again. (Image Credit: CBS)

We catch up with Tadhana enjoying their Reward. All five men dive in, fingers first, whilst Ciera has the decency to use a knife and fork. Hayden has done a complete one-eighty, and is on top of the world at the moment and Tyson proclaims that he didn’t need the food reward because he hasn’t gone hungry so far during the game.


    She might be playing Survivor, but Ciera hasn’t forgotten her table manners. (Image Credit: CBS)

Once Galang arrive back at camp, Laura B. takes it upon herself to tell Vytas to “enjoy the afternoon” and that it has been decided he will be going home. Vytas doesn’t understand how he can enjoy his afternoon after hearing this news and the three other women remain silent. Once they get away on their own, Monica is in utter disbelief as she asks Katie what just happened and why Laura B. didn’t consult them before telling Vytas they were voting for him. Laura B. confesses that she did it because she likes Vytas and blindsides aren’t a nice thing. Well honey, you’re playing Survivor, this isn’t a fun game in a backyard! Monica questions whether she can trust Laura B. and Tina chats with Vytas about the possibility of sending Laura B. home.


     Laura B. tells Vytas he’s going home, much to the shock of the rest of the tribe. (Image Credit: CBS)

Vytas admits that he thought he was screwed the moment Laura B. told him he was going home but now believes it isn’t his time. He states that he has been nothing but trustworthy to the women and they will need “an alpha male otherwise their is no future for the pride”. Vytas chats with the three women, telling them not to let Laura B. catch her talking to them so she isn’t suspicious. Before Tribal, Katie sums up the situation, saying that getting rid of Vytas is a good move for the future, however getting rid of Laura B. because she is untrustworthy, is also a good move. Katie concludes that heading into Tribal, it could go either way and it “won’t be pretty”.


    Vytas tells Monica and Katie not to let Laura B. see them together. (Image Credit: CBS)

Tribal begins with Laura B. admitting that she told Vytas he was leaving. Vytas says the news was discouraging and both Katie and Monica admit that Laura B. should have discussed plans with the alliance before announcing anything. Vytas says that Kat was sent home because she was untrustworthy and that in the end it doesn’t matter “how many girls you have” it matters “how trustworthy people are”. Tina reveals that Vytas is very like Aras. Vytas says that his ‘Survivor story’ will be that he was in a good position and a twist changed his game. He says that whatever happens, Aras will be “proud” of him but “bummed” that he’s no longer alive in the game. He then states that he and Aras have a few more steps to take in order to mend their relationship.

Laura B. remarks that Aras and Vytas have a special bond which makes them dangerous. She continues by saying that due to her upbringing, she has struggled socially to fit in. Jeff asks what Rupert would think about her game, with Laura admitting that he would be “proud” because she’s finally stepped out of his shadow. Tina says the upcoming vote is horrible and it isn’t about making friends. Vytas rounds us off by saying that the game is not about someone’s story but about how trustworthy they are.

Everyone votes and the votes are read. Vytas receives a vote from Laura B. but the girls turn against her, blindsiding her in a four-one vote. Laura gets her torch snuffed and as she heads to Redemption Island, confesses that she can’t believe the tribe kept Vytas over herself.


     Laura B… the tribe has spoken. Grab your torch and head to Redemption Island. (Image Credit: CBS)

Next week… we’re MERGING! Which also means one person from Redemption Island will re-enter the game. And for all you Buff geeks, the merged Buff is blue, similar to that of Survivor: All-Stars.

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Ben’s Opinion


That was on big move that could come to bite Tina in the butt.

And it was another great episode in a great season, although it probably was the ‘flattest’ episode so far. I’m going to be bias in my Laura B fandom and say how disappointed I am to see her voted out, but I do have to say I think that Tina shot herself in the foot big time there. Perfect opportunity to take out a big threat in Vytas, break up the Baskauskas brothers and get yourself in a nice spot ahead of the merge with plenty of wiggle room. Laura would’ve been completely loyal to Tina, and as honest as she was this episode you knew she wasn’t going to scheme outside the alliance. Surely this shows that there is something more to Tina and Vytas than we are seeing, and perhaps the Aras/Tina pre-game alliance has some other side alliance to it that needs Vytas to work. I don’t see Tina being unaware that the merge is close so this move has to have something to do with it, but I just can’t see Tina winning this game anymore. I think if she had Laura then she could’ve, but now I think she just cost herself the money.

Outside the move it was interesting to see Tyson on Tadhana continue to get what appears to be a ‘winner’s edit’. I wouldn’t be too sure though. It could be seen as an edit similar to Cochran last season or Boston Rob on Redemption Island but you could also see a bit of Samoa Russell edit in that he is getting too cocky/complacent and it could all come to bite him in the end. I think Gervase right now is sitting prettier than Tyson, and that’s going to work out good for him long term. In fact I think all Tadhana are in a great spot with the exception of Aras, and he will be hoping like hell that at the merge he can get a foursome of himself, Vytas, Tina and Katie to get a couple of people to sway over to them to take it up to Tyson and Gervase. Maybe if Laura M returns he can get her and Ciera to side with them with Monica as well? Stranger things have happened.

Sad to see Kat go. She didn’t bring much to this season but I like Kat and think she could’ve brought more if in different circumstances. Hayden was 100% smart to not swap with her, and he still finds himself in a good position long term. Next week I really can’t see Laura M being beaten, as even though John has been there for a while, he is a lot bigger than the two Laura’s and will be bad for him sticking up that pole for all that time.

Merge next week with a player returning to the game. I’m excited already. Bring it on!

Jarryd’s Opinion


For me, this episode was fantastic because Kat went home!

I’m sorry, that’s cruel, but I cannot stand Kat. She’s a selfish, immature girl and I really don’t understand why she was bought back. Personally, after seeing the One World crew so far this season, I appreciate Kim’s game A LOT more; she was flawless. Oh and Kat worrying about what Hayden thinks of her, we’ll… if that was my girlfriend, I would be ashamed of the way she carried on in front of everyone.

Back to the episode, the foreshadowing of several people being ‘comfortable’ sets things up nicely. As soon as Laura B. starting talking about ‘her alliance’ and that she was comfortable in the game, I knew she was gone. She’ll be sent packing next week, she’s offered nothing for me this season so it’s not really a loss. I’d rather see Vytas make the Merge to make things interesting than to have Laura B. there doing nothing at all. (Mind you, I wouldn’t be surprised if Rupert was bought back just to compete for Laura B. in the Duel just for the sake of it).

In saying that, whilst I understand why they got rid of Laura, it was pretty silly not to take out Vytas. However, I think a lot of this has to do with Tina’s alliance with Aras. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Tyson is impressing me more and more every week and I’m excited to see how he goes after the Merge. Same thing with Gervase, he’s impressed me a lot more than Skupin did in the Philippines so I hope he performs well. Tina and Katie are a strong pair, as are Baskauskas brothers, so I can see them teaming up together. Whilst she’s not my favourite, I’m hoping Laura M. gets back into the game just to make things a little bit more interesting with another loved one pair still around. (John and Laura B. have already lost their loved ones).

Two girls that I didn’t think much of pre-game are really impressing; that being Ciera and Katie. Whilst they are by know means fantastic players, I find them interesting and enjoyable to watch, especially when compared to some of the girls whether seen in the past two to three seasons. I think Ciera could do some damage if she can float along in the Tadhana alliance because she’s not going to be seen as a threat. However, her best hope would be that her mother loses at Redemption because nobody would want to work with Laura M. (You just have to look at who was cheering for who in the Duel to work that out).

As for the Duel, it wasn’t the best because we’ve seen the puzzle before, but the challenge really made up for it. It was something different and it was good to see the tribes have to work together in the situation they were in. However, I couldn’t work out why Tina was the bolo thrower for Galang, I would have picked someone else to do that. My favourite part of the episode though would have been the Reward scenes where the five men were going all out to get as much food on their plates and mouths as possibly, whilst Ciera was using the utensils provided! I don’t know why, but I thought it was hilarious. She might be covered in dirt and bug bites, but she hasn’t lost her dignity just yet.

I think this season has been great so far! I can’t wait for the Merge next week where I think the season will go from good to great from here on out!

 Survivor Re-capper: Michael Snow


Each week we’ll bring you the viewpoint of a former Survivor contestant to hear what they think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season!

Our seventh recap features Michael Snow from Caramoan, as he discuss why he is enjoying this season more than he thought he would, Kat and her emotional roller coaster, the thought of ‘deserving players’, how Vytas is playing a similar way to him in Caramoan, whether or not he thought voting out Laura B over Vytas was smart, the RI challenges being similar to past seasons final challenge, Tyson and Gervase and just how much control they have as well as being referred to as ‘Snowy’ and why Katie wearing glasses makes her even better! Michael then answers our final set of 7 questions as follows:

DARK HORSE: Hayden/Gervase
NEXT TO GO:  John/Laura B (RI) Aras (VO)

We will have another former contestant joining us next week for another recap, with One World contestant and good friend Troyzan Robertson finding himself in the hot seat!

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Week 7 - Comp Image

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6 Comments on Survivor Blood vs. Water-Episode 7 Recap featuring Michael Snow!

  1. I liked Laura B 😦 I always go for the over looked, underestimated, bullied players :(.

  2. She isn’t bullied directly but some players have said some real harsh unnecessary things about her.

    • I don’t know if saying she’s annoying is harsh or unnecessary. It’s not like they’re saying it to her, and pretty much every Survivor player in history has called someone annoying

  3. “Like all puzzles on Redemption Island this season, John flies through it and finishes first.”

    seriously? He almost got eliminated last week. Didn’t fly through it by any means.

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