Survivor Oz Top 10-Top 10 Survivor Podcasts (Besides Survivor Oz)

1372867_10152028164498854_1109100719_nSurvivor Oz Top Ten is back for another week, and today, our favourite host, Ben Waterworth, is here to help you broaden your horizons on the Survivor podcasting world. Believe it or not, Survivor Oz is not the only podcast dedicated to our favourite reality series. In fact, there are many others that you may or may not know already know about, and below, Ben has listed ten Survivor podcasts that he feels deserves a bit of recognition from our fantastic listeners. Which podcast is your favourite? Are there any that Ben may have missed? Read on and let us know your thoughts!

The internet is an amazing thing. You can get information on everything from who was the first Prime Minister of Australia to how to cook a pigeon stew; it really has it all. It also has a wide variety of podcasts devoted to the show you love and are obsessed with, Survivor. While we like to sit here and toot our own horns as ‘the best’ Survivor podcast around (we don’t really think that), there are numerous others that are just as good and probably even better than Survivor Oz. And we believe it’s important to put them under the spotlight, as we’re sure that there are some here you also listen to, as well as others you might not have ever heard of. In true Survivor Oz ‘suck up’ fashion, we present to you the top ten Survivor podcasts (besides Survivor Oz) around!

10. Talking About Survivor

clip_image001When the show is called ‘Talking About Survivor‘ you know EXACTLY what you are getting: a show, talking about Survivor. It’s that simple! Hosted by Christiana Ellis, the show doesn’t try to be anything else but a simple show run by fans and talking about all things to do with the show we all love. Its main focus is episode recaps, going into detail about each episode as it airs, with other content along the way. A nice and basic podcast for fans who just want to hear other fans talk about Survivor with no extra cheese.

9. Survivor ORG Podcast

clip_image003The Survivor ORG podcast was a great show run by Colin Connors and Dennis Patrick, as they not only spoke about the TV show, but also the wide variety of online Survivor games that are so popular on the internet. Between episode discussions and ORG discussions, there were also contestant interviews, with interviews featuring Yau-Man Chan, NaOnka Mixon, Gillian Larson and Billy Garcia. Unfortunately the site hasn’t been updated since February this year, which is a shame, but hopefully more episodes are to come! I even managed to sneak in a guest appearance on the show too, which was a lot of fun!

8. David & Jeff’s Survivor Podcast

clip_image005David and Jeff love Survivor, and they love bringing episodes related to the show. Their chemistry on air is a joy to listen to, as they bring weekly episode recaps featuring special guests, which have included the likes of Kathy Sleckman and Edna Ma. They have also brought a wide variety of special episodes, including ones based on ‘top reality TV twists’ and ‘reality TV one hit wonders’. Another great podcast if you like to hear true fans of the show with no agenda except talking about Survivor and having a great time while they do it.

7. The Survivor Historians Podcast

clip_image007Every Survivor fan knows Mario Lanza from his ‘funny 115’ lists, but many people might not be aware of his podcast series entitled Survivor Historians. On these podcasts, Mario and hosts Jay and Paul discuss various aspects in great detail from specific seasons of Survivor. At the time of publication, they had reached Pearl Islands, and generally there are three episodes per season that go into great lengths discussing all aspects of the show. A great podcast for those who like their history and like it in great detail.

6. Survivor Fans Podcast

clip_image009Another show that really is told in the title. Two super fans of the show, Jo Ann and Stacy, bring a ship load of content each week to their listeners and often battle it out with us in terms of charts on iTunes for the ‘runner up’ spot for Survivor podcasts. A weekly episode recap is also joined by a weekly castaway exit interview and even a specific episode for fans to join in and talk about that week’s episode. Stacy and Jo Ann also attend finales and the red carpets to bring extra content to their listeners in one of the most popular Survivor podcasts around.

5. The Tribe: A Survivor Podcast

clip_image011Another popular podcast that often charts highly on iTunes, The Tribe is run by super fans who just love talking about Survivor. There is mass content on episodes each week, and episodes can run well over two hours to provide you with plenty of content to whet your appetite. They even have a shop and forum on their site, which we think is just cool.

4. The Dom & Colin Podcast

clip_image013When it comes to talking about Survivor, Dom & Colin know what they are talking about. Their interviews are renowned for extreme detail and not shying away from the big questions, and they are extremely popular within the Survivor communities. Several guests they have interviewed are yet to appear on Survivor Oz including John Cochran, Sophie Clarke, Jim Rice and Stephen Fishbach, and they also discuss other TV shows such as Big Brother and Breaking Bad. A must for fans who love their detail and love it VERY detailed.

3. Survivor Talk with D&D

If you have never listened to Survivor Talk With D&D, you’re missing out. David and Dwaine are two of the funniest podcast hosts you will hear online and certainly bring their charm and humour to their listeners every week. Through recaps, listener feedback episodes and interviews, there is enough content to keep you happy for a very long time. I was honoured to be asked to join them in their 100th episode for a shout out, and they have had several guests on their show that haven’t appeared on Survivor Oz, such as Andrea Boehlke and Sherri Biethman. They have recently launched a spin-off show entitled Shootin’ The Breeze, which talks all other random stuff, and their pre-season Blood vs. Water prediction series was a great entertaining read. They even have a regular contributor called Shayna, who looks suspiciously like a former Ozlet of ours. We always knew our Ozlets would be poached eventually, so props to David and Dwaine for their sneaky recruitment!

2. Survivor AfterBuzz TV After Show

clip_image016The AfterBuzzTV network is a series of podcasts devoted to discussing weekly TV shows, and that means that Survivor needs to have their own! Jerri Manthey is a frequent co-host and each week they feature a myriad of former Survivor guests that have included Gillian Larson, Christina Cha and Abi-Maria Gomes. Episodes are recorded both with audio and video and are a great way to decode weekly episodes of Survivor. Definitely worth a listen/watch if you have never done so before.

1. Rob Has A Podcast

clip_image017When it comes to Survivor podcasts, there is only one king and his name is Rob Cesternino. One of the most popular Survivor contestants of all time, Rob has been hosting his show since Heroes vs. Villains and discusses everything from Survivor, Big Brother, The Amazing Race and even Home Alone. There is nothing that Rob can’t talk about, and his efforts were rewarded in 2012 by winning the best entertainment award at the International Podcast Awards. I know you already listen to it, every Survivor fan who listens to podcasts does. And there will never be another podcast that will even come close to RHAP.

I definitely recommend that you take some time away from listening to Survivor Oz and check out the great work these podcasters do. I certainly know the time constraints and effort involved in putting together a podcast, and I hold a great amount of respect for anybody who decides to get into the podcast world and commit to this amazing hobby! Let us know what you think of our list, and feel free to tell us of ones we have missed out on!


What do you think of the top 10? Do you agree? Disagree? Is it in the wrong order or are there ones that didn’t make the top 10 that you feel should’ve? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!

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7 Comments on Survivor Oz Top 10-Top 10 Survivor Podcasts (Besides Survivor Oz)

  1. I love this list. Would put the historians and tribe a little higher, but I started recently listening to Afterbuzz and love it. Funny and interesting, and goes in great depth.

    I KNEW RHAP WOULD BE NUMBER 1. I’m on a mission to listen to every episode about Survivor in the history of the show. I started earlier this year around March, and every chance I get (including during homework) I listen. Currently I’m on We’re #3 from Redemption Island with Erinn Lobdell.


  2. Hey Everyone! My name is Colin Conners and I am the host of the Survivor Org Podcast! We have not update the website in a long time (we are actually working on a new one!) But we do have a youtube page that I linked below! Also Ben come back on the podcast!

  3. Also, Jerri hosts AfterBuzz TV for Survivor!

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