Survivor Blood vs. Water-Episode 8 Recap featuring Troyzan Robertson!


Survivor Blood vs. Water continues this week with the eighth episode of the season. Of course with everything that happened you might be a little overawed, so we’re to to recap the action for you! Joining us, we have our resident recap expert Jarryd and Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend Troyzan Robertson of Survivor: One World!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

The eighth episode of Survivor: Blood vs. Water, saw the two tribes Merge, two castaways were eliminated from the game and one re-enter the game, an Idol was found and a blindside played out at Tribal Council.

Back at camp following Tribal Council, Monica thanks everyone for standing by her and Vytas tells everyone that his “five are locked in”. The tribe discusses that they, along with Aras and Gervase will align together at the Merge, to hold a six-person majority. Discussions continues, with Tina admitting to the tribe that Monica has done more for the alliance than Gervase, so she has moved herself into spot number five, pushing Gervase down to six. Seriously Tina… you didn’t just do it! Monica of course doesn’t like the sound of this, but only raises the issue in a confessional, admitting that it will be difficult to turn down offers come the Merge that give her a better finish than fifth.

Over at Redemption Island, Laura B. can’t believe the “horrible, non strategic” decision to vote her out ahead of Vytas. John and Laura M. share her feelings, with Laura B. telling us that the guys will now all join together to vote out the girls. Ah Laura B., so naive.

The following morning, the Redemption Island inhabitants receive Tree Mail informing them that today is the day that one of them will get back into the game. The trio talk up how importance of the Duel before heading out to compete.

Aras is all smiles after he learns that Vytas survived the vote but the mood quickly changes when Jeff announces that the winner of today’s Duel will re-enter the game, with the two losers, being eliminated for good. The winner will also receive another clue to the location of the Hidden Immunity Idol, which is theirs to give away.

Today’s Duel is an old classic… hang on a pole for as long as you can. (Pity Candice isn’t still in the game because she probably would have won this challenge). The Duel gets underway and immediately Laura B. begins to slide down her pole, struggling to find a comfortable position. A time lapse occurs and we go to the twenty minute mark of the challenge where John is starting to struggle. He kicks off his shoes and climbs back up his pole. Laura M. hasn’t moved and Laura B. is wrapped around her pole like a monkey, not using the provided footholds.


John, Laura M. and Laura B. compete in a Duel to re-enter the game. (Image Credit: CBS)

Minus his shoes, John isn’t doing much better, sliding back down his pole. Unfortunately for him, he can’t recover this time and falls off the pole. He’s extremely frustrated as he realises his twelve day run at Redemption Island is over.

Laura B. slides further down the pole, holding on just above the last foothold. Laura M. taunts her, telling her she won’t be letting go at all. Probst jumps on the Laura B. bandwagon, encouraging her to stay strong in the Duel. She continues to hang on, but not for much longer, as her feet continue to slide down the pole, eventually touching the ground.

With that, we have our first Redemption Island returnee this season, with Laura M. re-entering the game. She embraces Ciera as she tells her daughter she was always going to be the one returning.


Laura M. celebrates with Ciera after winning the Duel. (Image Credit: CBS)

Laura B. says that she defied the odds in the game because she was out of her comfort for the entire time. She says she will return home a “stronger women” as she leaves, dropping her Buff delicately in the fire pit.


Laura B. is eliminated from the game. (Image Credit: CBS)

John says that his Survivor experience was as tough as his intern year as a surgeon and that the silver lining in being voted out was that he got to spend two days in the game with Candice. John then departs, leaving behind his Buff.


John is eliminated from the game. (Image Credit: CBS)

Jeff congratulates Laura M. on returning to the game and then tells everyone to drop their Buffs, as they are now merging! Laura M. hands out the new tribe Buffs, purple, which is the second time the merged tribe has worn this colour following Bula Bula in Survivor: Fiji).


Tina smells the freshness of the new merged tribe Buff. (Image Credit: CBS)

Jeff tells Laura that because she’s back in the game, she can give the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol to herself, as well as anybody else. But, Laura does what everyone else has done for the past five weeks and drops it into the fire. However, you’d have to say that this is a very smart move on her behalf, she’s already got a target on her back by returning to the game, she doesn’t need that target to get any bigger. With that, Jeff dismisses the tribe and a confessional with Aras plays as he explains that his strategy from here on out is to “align with the original Galang, Vytas and Katie”, thus holding a seven strong majority.


Like so many before her, Laura M. burns the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol. (Image Credit: CBS)

The tribe returns to what was formally the Tadhana tribe camp and enjoy the customary Merge feast. Hayden admits to “stuffing his face”, but also worrying about how to make sure he is in the majority. He states that the former Tadhana tribe were five solid against Aras but now that Laura M. is back in the game, it changes things up. Hayden worries what Ciera will do; bring her mother into the alliance, or be taken out of the alliance by her mother to keep the three remaining pairs of loved ones together. He continues saying that everything depends on Ciera and “Survivor doesn’t really start until the Merge”.


The Merged tribe enjoying the customary Merge feast. (Image Credit: CBS)

Laura M. can’t believe that she finally gets to play the game with her daughter. She says that she needs to talk to her to work out what’s going on. The pair go off together, with Gervase and Tyson watching on as they leave. The boys quickly decide that they need to draw both Ciera and Laura M. into their alliance to solidify their position in the game. A confessional with Ciera plays before she speaks to her mum as she worries about whether Laura coming back into the game will hurt her chances. The pair sit down and Ciera immediately fills her mum in on her alliance with Caleb, Gervase, Hayden and Tyson, (with Laura extremely happy that both Caleb and Hayden are part of the plan), that they have promised each other Final Five and that Aras is the next to go. Laura listens intently as Ciera instructs her not to speak to anyone about strategy. After hearing all the information from her daughter, Laura M. can’t believe the position she finds herself in the game, admitting that not so long ago she thought the game was over and now she is in the “power position”, deciding who is going home.


Ciera fills her mum in on what’s been happening in the game. (Image Credit: CBS)

Tyson decides that the time is right to go off looking for the Idol. He uses the clues that Caleb and Hayden gave him on the first day of the Tribe Switch to locate the approximate location of the Idol, then begins to dig. We watch him sniff around and dig for several minutes before he discovers the Idol. Tyson reveals that he won’t be telling anyone about the Idol, using it only if the alliance needs it. He continues by saying that he hopes it gives him an advantage to go on and win the game.


Tyson proudly shows off the Hidden Immunity Idol. (Image Credit: CBS)

Meanwhile, Aras and Vytas finally get a chance to talk after being on separate tribes for the past nineteen days. The pair agree on the plan to align themselves with Katie and Tina, brining in Gervase and Monica, with Aras stating that they will bring along Tyson as a seventh person in order to hold majority. Vytas questions this idea, saying that Tyson could go on an Immunity run, but Aras dismisses the idea, saying that it won’t happen because he’s got a “broken arm”. The pair then plan to use their seven person alliance in order to get rid of the “scary” Laura M., which will also deflect attention onto the couple of Ciera and Laura. The brothers the admit they can’t believe they haven’t been targeted yet and arrogantly remark that nobody will beat them in a Final Three.


Aras and Vytas discuss how they are going to get to the Final Three. (Image Credit: CBS)

Later that night, we join up with Monica and Tyson as the pair talk strategy well into the night. Monica tells Tyson that she’s number five in the original Galang alliance, with Tyson then informing her of the plan to get rid of Aras, solely to solidify the numbers. Monica questions the plan, believing Gervase isn’t on board, with Tyson having to use all his patience to convince her. However, in a confessional, Tyson lets his true feelings out, admitting that he wanted someone to “give me a rusty spoon so I can dig both my eyeballs out and then shove it into my eye socket and into my brain”, and wishing he could have told Monica to just “shut up”. Tyson seems to have worked some of his magic though as he tells Monica that they, along with Gervase, will be the Final Three. Of course, this sets up the storyline for the remainder of the episode as Monica is left in a “big predicament” as to which alliance to side with.


  Tyson fills Monica in about the plan to vote out Aras. But will she be the thorn in the plan? (Image Credit: CBS)

Time for the first Individual Immunity Challenge of the season! The challenge is a simple memory test. Jeff will show everyone a series of symbols and their job is to repeat them back to him with their cube. Jeff reveals the Individual Immunity Necklace and then we get underway.


 Jeff shows off the Individual Immunity Necklace (Image Credit: CBS)

The first round see’s the following symbols shown: barrel, crate, cannon, ship, compass, lantern. Monica drops out first after incorrectly guessing the second symbol. Caleb and Katie and next after getting ‘cannon’ wrong. Tina and Tyson both become victims of the challenge when they get ‘ship’ wrong and Hayden is the last one out for the round, incorrectly getting ‘compass’ wrong. This leaves only Aras, Ciera, Gervase, Laura and Tyson.


  The merged tribe compete in their first Individual Immunity Challenge. (Image Credit: CBS)

The second round see’s the following symbols: barrel, lantern, cannon, lantern, compass, barrel, cannon. Laura is first out, incorrectly getting the second symbol wrong and then Ciera drops in the following round. Gervase gets the fifth image wrong, leaving the Baskauskas brothers in an Immunity showdown. For the final image of the round, Vytas guesses cannon and Aras lantern, with Vytas being successful, winning Immunity, leveling the amount of Immunity wins Aras has had in his Survivor career.


  Jeff presents Vytas with Individual Immunity. (Image Credit: CBS)

Upon arrival back at camp, we finally find out the name of the merged tribe, Kasama, – Filipino for ‘being together with someone’ and ‘companion’. Everyone congratulates Vytas on winning Immunity, who admits that people who “need to win Immunity” need to win because they’ve made “mistakes”. He continues by saying he didn’t need Immunity but it was good to beat Aras. Vytas then admits that he and Aras are the biggest threats in the game but “nobody will make a move against us”. Aras goes straight to work, telling his alliance that Laura M. has to go because she can’t be trusted. He instructs the three girls to vote for Ciera, (even Katie, Ciera’s best friend, agrees to this, stating, “it’s a game bitch”), and the four boys to vote for Laura M.  to cover themselves incase a Hidden Immunity Idol is played.


  The merged tribe finally gets a name. (Image Credit: CBS)

Laura M. is also worried about the possibility of an Idol being played as she drags Ciera aside to discuss splitting the vote between Aras and Tina. Ciera does her best to take on her mothers role, reassuring her mum that their plan to send Aras home will work smoothly and she needs to stop and think about the game. Gervase on the other hand is full steam ahead on the ‘vote Aras out’ plan, checking with Caleb that everything is set. Tyson comes along and confirms that plan is to vote for “Sir Aras”, with Gervase explaining on the way to Tribal, that despite having plans in motion, things can change very quickly in Survivor.

Tribal Council gets underway with Tyson expressing that the couples in the game will work together from now on because it’s the sensible thing to do. Aras agrees with this, saying that despite the couples holding a six-five majority over the independents, the vote will come down to the relationships everyone has made with each other. Jeff admits that in season’s past, the returnee from Redemption Island is usually sent straight back to Redemption. Hayden confirms this, saying that Ciera and Laura M., like the other loved ones, are swing votes tonight.


  The Kasama tribe at the Night Twenty-one Tribal Council. (Image Credit: CBS)

Katie says that she won’t be over-complicating things tonight and will be sticking with Tina. Tyson admits that having six loved ones against five individuals is a threatening proposition, however, the same could be said for the men, who hold a six-five majority over the women. Tyson concludes saying that there are “lots of ways to cut the pie” and that he just “wants the largest piece”. Laura M. says she feels like she’s had two weeks off sick from the game, but Ciera is a great social player, so it’s been good to be able to rely on her to provide her with information. Ciera says there was a minor role-reversal between her and her mum, as she had to tell her mum to stay calm and relax. Gervase concludes, saying that after tonight’s vote, the “smart players will learn nothing and the others with learn a lot”. He confesses that you need to stay calm at all times because any moment in the game can effect the outcome.

With that, it’s time to vote. We see votes for Aras, Ciera and Laura M. Jeff collects the votes and begins to read. The first four votes are split between Ciera and Laura. However, Tyson and Gervase successfully pull off one of the biggest blindsides this season as Aras receives seven votes and is voted out of the game. As he leaves, he compliments the others on the move and tells Vytas to “have fun”.


   Aras… the tribe has spoken. Grab your torch and head to Redemption Island. (Image Credit: CBS) 

Upon arrival at Redemption Island, Aras is still in shock at the outcome of the vote and worries about the situation Vytas is now in.

Next week… Tina Wesson’s dark side comes out as the game begins to get ugly! Plus, another gross food eating challenge is on the cards!

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Ben’s Opinion


Terry Deitz is smiling right now.

After winning in Panama and making the merge this time around, he gets the first ever taste of having his torch snuffed and becomes the first winner since JT to be voted out of the game. It was another pretty solid episode which I think is once again vaulting this season into greatness, and definitely feel there is still a wide open door right now in terms of how things are playing out.

Disappointed to see Laura B go (sob) but she gave it her all and I commend her for that. Would’ve loved to have seen her make the jury but it just wasn’t to be. John would be dirty that he made it that far on RI but just missed out on returning to the game, but he too did the best he could. Laura M was hands down favourite to win that dual and she delivered, and now finds herself in an interesting position in the game. Ciera obviously wasn’t all that pleased to see her, but that could lead to the first family backstab in the future. I think it would’ve been a good chance to end RI there, but it sticks around and looks as though we’ll have to wait a few weeks till another player actually leaves the game. Only time will tell.

Got some major vibes again this week that Tyson is being setup for a blindside. Sure he has the idol and the ‘control’, but he also still continues to be a bit ‘cocky’ about things. Next week it looks as though we get to see something we have never ever seen before: ANGRY TINA! So that will soon see King Tyson unravel and put a halt on things. Certainly will be interesting to watch.

Interesting too that we didn’t actually see them name the tribe, but apparently it’s called ‘Kasama’ for those at home who are wondering. Still better than Nobag. ANYTHING is better than NOBAG.

Bring on next week to show ANGRY TINA!

Jarryd’s Opinion


This episode wasn’t exactly a great Merge episode. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a bad episode, it just lacked that ‘punch’ that Merge episodes usually have.

I felt this episode was very predictable because they have been building up the ‘blindside Aras’ idea for several weeks now. I think if that had been kept from us for the last couple of weeks and had come out of the blue, it would have made a killer episode.

First off, I think Redemption Island was very anticlimactic because I never doubted that Laura M. would lose. John is a big guy and holding your own body weight is tough. Likewise with Laura B. (no disrespect), but she’s a bigger girl than Laura M. so the challenge was always going to be tough for her. In saying that, I was happy with Laura M. coming back. Whilst John would have been good to see, I feel that the same outcome would have been achieved at the end of the episode regardless, with the only difference being Ciera wouldn’t have her mum in the game.

I was pretty disappointed how we found out the name of the merged tribe… by seeing their flag. Back in the day, it used to be such a big thing to see the tribe discussing different names or hear Jeff question why they called themselves what they did, so for a quick look at the flag to let us know the name, I felt was crap.

The challenge was pretty dull for a first Individual Immunity Challenge. I felt that this lessened the episode because it wasn’t a memorable challenge. Yes, memory is important in the game, but test it later on.

As for what went down at Tribal, I think Aras, Vytas, Tina and Katie got comfortable in the game… which is NEVER good in Survivor. They all just assumed the vote was going their way and didn’t really even consider it going differently. Whilst I don’t think this means that Aras and Tina are bad winners, I think it just shows the evolution of the game. However, I think Tina is a fool for telling Monica where she stood in the alliance. She’d just helped vote out Laura B. for doing basically the same thing! Are you stupid? All in all, pretty horrible episode for Tina.

Tyson has been brilliant this season and I think it’s his game to lose at this point. He has a strong alliance, has an Idol, isn’t coming across as a huge physical threat because of his shoulder injury and is doing it all like a well-oiled machine. If he can stay tight with Gervase, the pair will go a long way together.

Next week looks interesting yet I can’t help but feel that the next few episodes we’ll see a “Pagonging” of the minority alliance.

Jimmy’s Opinion


WOW!, Another great episode! I didn’t see that blindside coming but more on that later. We start off the episode with Laura B arriving at Redemption Island to the surprise of John and Laura M as they were expecting Vytas to join them.  The next morning they receive Tree Mail informing them that the winner of the upcoming duel where the winner will be re-entering the game. The two losers would be out of the game for good.

Being a Laura M fan in this season, I was hoping to see a puzzle challenge as I know she would blitz through it and re-enter the game. But to my horror, it was a endurance challenge, and my heart just sank. The duel was simple. Each castaway must cling to a pole as long as possible without your feet touching the ground. Even Ciera had second thoughts about her mum returning to the game when she admittedly say she had somewhat of a ‘mixed feeling’. Incredibly John was the first one out of the challenge followed by Laura B, much to my relief. Phew, that was close!

After the Duel was over, Jeff Prost announced that the two tribes would merge. This is the part of the game which I look most forward to as I love all the plotting and scheming and things get really complicated. It was a no-brainer that Aras immediately approached his brother Vytas and talk about their plans of a 7 person alliance that would control the game. They decide that either Laura M or Ciera would be voted out at the next Tribal Council.

Tyson also has a secret conversation with Monica. From an early conversation, Tina had told Monica that she was at the bottom of her alliance on the Galang tribe. That was a bad move by Tina as that would never tell an alliance member where you sit in the tribe. That just gives Monica options to make alliances on the other tribe. Monica seemed a little paranoid with her conversation with Tyson. It was quite amusing when Tyson confessed that he wishes he could dig his eyes out with a rusty spoon and jam it into his brain, so he didn’t have to listen to Monica blabber on!

We finally see the Hidden Immunity Idol this season, thank goodness for that. i thought it wasn’t going to be a factor this season but I was wrong. Tyson wonders off into the forest, with the clues he was told by Hayden. He is convinced that it’s at a large, twisting tree on the way to camp. After a searching around for a while, he stumbles on the idol. That makes Tyson a very powerful player at this point of the game.

The Individual Immunity Challenge was a memory test. It was quite surprising to see half of the merged tribe eliminated after the first round. In the end, it was Aras up against his brother Vytas. Aras guesses wrong and Vytas prevails over his brother and win Immunity.

At Tribal Council, Laura talks about how great it is to finally play the game with her daughter, Ciera. Ciera wishes that her mother would chill out a little bit. Katie discusses that she and her mother Tina knoew before the merge who they would want to create an alliance with. Gervase says that the smart players will have no reason to be worried, but warns the game could change at a drop of a hat, which is hinting to an Aras blindside. Sure enough, when the votes were read, Aras was blindsided and congratulated the tribe on a job well done. It was quite a shocking blindside as I was sure Aras would easily make it to the Final 3.

But my question is, should Redemption Island cease to exist after the merge? Yes, it is a good twist to have in the game, but to have it continue on? There is no logical explanation for it to exist after the merge, it is unnecessary.

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Our eighth recap features Troyzan Robertson from One World, as he discuss why his opinion has changed of this season from the start, how he thinks his fellow One World contestants have done so far this season, the endurance challenge and why he enjoyed it, his thoughts on Tyson and the idol finding, the position of Monica and how she can go far in the game, Aras and how he went as well as just how close he came to being on this season and giving us some hidden insight into several challenges from his season! Troyzan then answers our final set of 7 questions as follows:

TIP TO WIN: Monica/Tyson 

We will have another former contestant joining us next week for another recap, with Guatemala contestant and good friend Brian Corridan finding himself in the hot seat!

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