Survivor Blood vs. Water-Episode 9 Recap featuring Brian Corridan!


Survivor Blood vs. Water continues this week with the ninth episode of the season. Of course with everything that happened you might be a little overawed, so we’re to to recap the action for you! Joining us, we have our resident recap expert Jarryd and Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend Brian Corridan from Survivor: Guatemala!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

Episode nine of Blood vs. Water saw pig intestines, grubs, babysitters, two Immunity Challenges and two people sent to Redemption Island in two separate Tribal Council’s.

Kasama arrive back at camp following Tribal Council. Vytas congratulates the majority alliance on the move they made to vote out Aras, commented that whilst it “sucked” Aras had to go, they didn’t see it coming. Tyson tells him that it was tough because he loved Aras. Vytas then tells the tribe that they were blindsided and the ball is now in his court to extract vengeance. Tina can’t hold back her feelings and tells Tyson and Monica that, “you’ve won the battle but not the war.” She tells that that after tonight’s vote they have “five Jury votes you’ll never get for flipping.” Tyson tells Tina that they were pushed out of the alliance because Aras didn’t have plans for them in the long term. Tina argues she didn’t know this but Tyson says that Aras has an alliance with everyone, (which everyone else agrees to), and says that they all thought they were in Aras’ Final Three plan. Tyson concludes by telling Tina that the one person who was doing all the flipping, (Aras), is now out of the game. Before the next morning, we get a confessional from Tyson, as he states that Survivor has “broken my heart twice, but I think I fell back in love again last night”. He goes onto say that he won’t let Tina make him feel ashamed for his actions and that if everyone played the game the way Tina did, “I’d win one hundred percent of the time”.


Tina makes her feelings about Aras’ blindside known. (Image Credit: CBS)

Next morning, whilst collecting Tree Mail, Tina apologises to Katie for putting them in the position they are in. She tells her daughter to do what she needs to do in order to further her own game and to not worry about her anymore. Katie confesses that she can’t go into the next Tribal as a “sitting duck” so building an individual alliance is key to her survival. However, she reveals that the hardest part of this game plan will doing it by throwing her mother under the bus; “How can I say keep me instead of her?” Well Katie, this is exactly why the loved one experiment was tried, because it brings an entire new element to Survivor!

Guess what? Challenge time! Don’t get to excited though, it’s not a Reward Challenge, tonight’s episode will see two people get voted off and go to Redemption Island so it’s just the first of two Immunity Challenges.

In saying that, you might want to get excited because this challenge is a food eating challenge! After being absent for six seasons, this challenge returned last season and we are getting another one!

Jeff explains that tonight’s menu are delicacies that are eaten regularly in the Philippines. The first round see’s the ten remaining players split into two rounds of five, with three people from each round moving on. The first five to compete are Tyson, Vytas, Monica, Katie and Laura and they will have to eat forty, live meal worms – which are apparently eaten all the time by Filipino’s. Jeff starts things off and everyone throws the shot glass of worms into their mouth. Everyone struggles and there are some killer facial expressions as they try to swallow the worms. Tyson gets his down first, moving on, Vytas then spits up several of his worms, spraying them all over the ground. However, when Immunity is on the line and you’re in a precarious position, it doesn’t matter if you swallow a bit of dirt with your worms, you’ve got to try and win Immunity, so Vytas gets down on hands and knees and starts picking him his worms. Laura is struggling and has no shot at winning as Monica is the second to progress. With Katie and Vytas remaining, Vytas manages to collect all his worms off the ground and move on ahead of Katie.

The second round see’s Hayden, Ciera, Tina, Gervase and Caleb tackle the same challenge. Tyson helpfully comments that they are “just like gummi worms, except for grosser”. Gervase starts jumping around and slapping his head as he eats his worms and Caleb and Ciera both spit up their worms shortly after starting, with Ciera refusing to continue. Everyone struggles as they try and keep their worms down. Hayden is the first to progress and is shortly followed by Gervase, leaving one place for either Caleb or Tina to move on. As the round draws to a conclusion, Tina spits up her worms and Caleb finishes his and secures the last place in the next round.


The selection of foods on the menu, which Gervase struggles with. (Image Credit: CBS)

The next round see’s two out of six people move on and everyone consuming three ounces, (eighty-five grams), of pig intestine. Tyson once again makes light of the situation, asking how the pig has been prepared, with Jeff replying, “beautifully”. The round commences with Gervase and Tyson going for broke and trying their best to win. Vytas is also doing well and Caleb has a nice piece of pig in his mouth. Tyson can’t keep the pig down, spitting it up all over his plate. Monica, the only woman in this round, is also impressing as she does her best to eat the pig, as she states she’s doing it for her kids and I wait for Jeff is scream in delight about Monica carrying her family on her back. This isn’t the case but Monica does manage to finish first as Caleb holds back vomit. This leaves a showdown between Gervase and Vytas who are both down to their last mouthful of pig intestine. Both chew feverishly, but it’s Gervase who shows Jeff his empty mouth first, as he moves into the final.

The final round sees us go all the way back to Borneo, with Gervase haunted by grubs again. The pair will have to consume two live grubs in order to win Immunity. Gervase automatically begins to doubt himself and Monica looks revolted. Jeff starts the round and Gervase stuffs both grubs into his mouth, drops one, puts it back in and jumps around again as he chews them down. Monica takes a different approach, eating one grub at a time. Unfortunately for Gervase, he doesn’t get redemption from all those years ago as Monica finishes both her grubs first and gives Jeff a celebratory hug, (Dawson’s crying on her couch), as she celebrates her first Individual Immunity. Jeff gives Monica Immunity and then dismisses everyone back to camp to prepare for Tribal Council.


 Jeff congratulates Monica on winning Individual Immunity. (Image Credit: CBS)

Back at camp, Laura wastes no time, telling the alliance that they will split the votes between Katie and Vytas, with the four men voting for Vytas and the three women voting for Katie just incase one of them plays an Idol. This amuses Tyson, who begins to question whether or not he should tell the alliance he has the Idol. He decides against this because it will put a big target on his back. Vytas admits that he needed to win Immunity in order to remain in the game and because he wasn’t able to win, he now has “work to do”. He pulls Hayden aside, asking about the plan, with Hayden revealing that they are splitting the votes between him and Katie. Vytas correctly guesses that it will be a four-three vote and that if he has to vote for Katie in order to buy himself some more time in the game, he’ll do it. Five minutes later though, Vytas is assuring Katie and Tina that he won’t be writing their names down – sneaky Vytas!

Katie is also in a predicament as to what to do. She is still struggling with the concept of saving herself and putting her mother on the line and questions whether she can break into an alliance with her mother. With Immunity around her neck, you’d think Monica would just enjoy the afternoon, but no. Monica has been paranoid since Day One and despite the plan to split the votes being solid, she questions Laura about why everyone is scrambling and whether it is because she was the intended target of the vote before she won Immunity. Laura denies this and then confesses that she can’t believe Monica cares about what’s going on when she has Immunity, declaring that it’s a sign of just how paranoid she is.

Before leaving for Tribal, Vytas decides to have one last crack at trying to save himself, telling Tyson to only throw three votes his way because that way they can eliminate another ‘pair’ from the game and the men can maintain the numbers advantage over the women. Vytas says that if Tyson did this, it would go a long way towards getting his Jury vote. Tyson tells Vytas his made some good points and then considers the proposition with his alliance, claiming that Katie is currently “playing harder” than Vytas but they all need to agree as to what to do. In a confessional, Tyson reveals that the women taking over worries him so he’d like to see Katie go. However, he is also concerned about how much power he has over tonight’s vote, revealing that would only make him more dangerous so he’s trying his best to allow everyone to have an opinion on the matter.


 Tyson contemplates how to influence the vote without coming across as a power player. (Image Credit: CBS)

Going into Tribal, things are still up in the air. Tina begins by saying she wished she kept her mouth shut following the previous Tribal Council and had not called out Monica and Tyson. Vytas says that he was happy Tina spoke out because he couldn’t say it. Vytas continues, saying that he wanted to tell the other’s he’d “get them back” for voting out his brother but he couldn’t, until Jeff points out that he just did. Gervase chimes in as he explains that he understands the emotions Vytas was going through because he has already felt them. Vytas then gives credit to the majority that they made a great move against him and Aras before calling out Monica for being a “paranoid doormat”. Understandably, this doesn’t sit well with Monica as she has a go at Vytas, saying that she stuck her neck out for him at Galang. Vytas states she only did this because it progressed her game but Monica argues that she trusted him. Katie agrees with Jeff’s assessment that either herself, her mother or Vytas will be going home tonight and all the can do to survive is try and find cracks in the alliance. Vytas remarks that if the girls are to make a move once they have the numbers advantage, they should target the power players, Tyson and Gervase.

Time to vote. Only Monica’s vote is revealed and she has decided to go against the plan, voting for Vytas, telling the camera that she’s doing it for Brad. Jeff gathers the votes and begins to read. Vytas, Katie and Tyson all receive an early vote but the next four votes are for Vytas and he is voted out of the game in a eight-one-one vote.


 Vytas… the tribe has spoken. Grab your torch and head to Redemption Island. (Image Credit: CBS)

Once back at camp following Tribal, a confessional with Monica reveals she decided to go against the plan and vote for Vytas. She reveals this to the tribe, saying she did it for Brad. This doesn’t please Gervase, who states that if someone going against the plan had cost himself or Tyson their spot in the game, he would have “lost it”. Gervase goes onto say that you don’t want to rock the boat because he is now considering sending Monica home next. – What Gervase doesn’t know though, is that Laura also changed her vote to Vytas, with Ciera being the only person to vote for Katie.

On Day twenty-three, we drop in on Aras and Vytas at Baskauskas Island, (formally Cody Island), to find the brothers commenting that they never saw the move coming. Vytas feels as if his game is now over just because he’s Aras’ brother and remarks to Aras that the game is over. Aras is thinking the polar opposite, staying positive and knowing that he can still get back in. Vytas says that Aras won’t beat him on Redemption, which Aras he will be happy if Vytas gets back into the game to, but Vytas admits he won’t feel the same way if the roles are reversed.


 Aras and Vytas have a deep and meaningful on Redemption Island. (Image Credit: CBS)

Time for Immunity Challenge number two! This is another challenge we’ve seen before, with castaways having to balance a sword on a shield and stack three difference size coins, (small, medium and large), on the handle of the sword. If you drop your coins, your out of the challenge with the last person left standing, winning Immunity.

Things get underway and after only four to five coins, Monica is the first to drop out of the challenge. Not long after, Ciera drops out to before a time lapse skips us further into the challenge. Tina is the next person to lose her stack as she tries to place a coin on her leaning stack. Another time lapse then occurs and after it, Gervase and Laura fall victim to the challenge. Two more coins are placed and the wind picks up which causes Caleb to drop his coins, leaving on Hayden, Katie and Tyson left in the challenge.


  Hayden, Katie and Tyson fight for Immunity on Day Twenty-four. (Image Credit: CBS)  

Tina gives Katie a lot of encouragement in a whispered voice as she watches on, which, if I find annoying, Katie must find annoying, especially in a challenge that requires immense concentration. As Jeff instructs the trio to place a large coin onto their stack, both Hayden and Tyson both lose their coins and Katie takes out Individual Immunity. As Katie receives the necklace from Jeff, Tina is more excited than her daughter, which I can’t work out why as Tina’s fate appears to have been sealed.


Jeff informs Katie she’s safe ahead of Tribal Council. (Image Credit: CBS)  

Once back at camp, Katie reveals that “winning Immunity feels like winning the lottery” and Tina admits that her only hope now is to find the Idol, which she has no idea where it is. Hayden points out to Caleb and Tyson that someone should stay with Tina for the day if she leaves camp so the trio head off after her into the forest. Tyson isn’t thrilled on the idea about babysitting Tina for the day because he knows the Idol is tucked away in a safe location, but, if he wants to keep this a secret, it’s his only choice. Tina manages to give the three men the slip though as she frantically searches for the Idol but it’s not long before the boys catch up with her to guard her. Tina admits in a confessional that if she starts searching for the Idol in front of the others, they will know she doesn’t have it, so she doesn’t have a choice but to wait it out.


  Caleb and Hayden keep an eye on Tina. (Image Credit: CBS)  

Later in the day, Monica questions Laura and Tyson what the plan is should Tina find the Idol. Monica says that they cannot split the votes because there is nobody to split them with as Tyson reassures her that Tina won’t find the Idol because she’ll have a babysitter all day. In a confessional, Tyson then complains about Monica being a wild card because nobody is ever sure what she is going to do. Tyson chats with Gervase as the pair consider getting rid of Monica, admitting that if she’s paranoid, there’s no reason to keep her around. Gervase is onboard, saying that “loose cannons shoot off and usually hit what your riding”, prompting him to want to vote out Monica. This leads to Gervase talking to Hayden about the possibility of splitting the votes between Monica and Tina, with Hayden relaying the information to Caleb prior to heading off to Tribal Council.

Tribal begins with Tina admitting she’s feeling the pressure ahead of the vote. She says that she tried to find the Idol despite having babysitters all day but she did manage to slip away from them twice. She then goes onto reveal that the crack in the seven person alliance is that Monica is on the bottom. Monica states that this is Tina’s opinion and she can think whatever she wants. Tina then presses Monica, asking if she is on the bottom. Monica struggles to answers, saying that at times it feels like she’s on the bottom because Gervase and Tyson, Caleb and Hayden ad Ciera and Laura have close bonds with each other. Tina then continues to sink her teeth into Monica, telling her that she “talks to much and that’s why she always last to find out the plan”.

Gervase remarks that a wildcard could “ruin everything” and instantly becomes a threat. Monica confesses that she is worried ahead of the vote incase Tina plays Idol, because they won’t have anyone to split the votes with. Hayden informs us that they have thought of a plan if Tina was to play and Idol, saying that if that meant splitting the votes between her and “the bottom”, that could happen. This doesn’t please Monica, who hastily says that it would be “silly” and that she is “very trustworthy” because she hasn’t made any deals with anyone left in the game. Tina rounds us out by telling the tribe that voting out Monica now is not a crucial loss and the only way to ensure that a blindside happens will be if she plays the Idol.

Everyone votes and Jeff collects the urn before asking about the Idol. Tina rummages in her bag but it’s purely to scare the others, as she reveals she doesn’t have the Idol, (which everyone at home already knew). Monica and Tyson both receive an early vote again but the alliance sticks to the plan, sending Tina to Redemption in a seven-one-one vote.


 Tina… the tribe has spoken. Grab your torch and head to Redemption Island. (Image Credit: CBS)

Tina arrives at Redemption Island, still hopefully that despite being up against two fierce competitors, that she still has a shot to stay in the game. Vytas on the other hand, plans to give Tina a hug and a blanket for the night before sending her on her way tomorrow.

Next week, Redemption Island Duel’s return and Ciera plots against her mum! Also, don’t forget to keep in mind that whoever loses next week’s Redemption Island Duel, could go onto be the first Jury member.

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Ben’s Opinion


Another fantastic episode!

The two votes were fairly predictable, but the way it was edited and put together made for a very entertaining 42 minutes! The food challenge always makes me smile and to see Gervase have to face those grubs all these years later was absolutely fantastic. Talk about a sense of nostalgia! Shame he couldn’t come through for the win as it would’ve been poetic justice! Monica getting the necklace though was great, but she certainly got thrown under the bus quickly. I love Monica, and think she has played a great game this season. But she isn’t winning this game. She has been thrown under the bus way too many times this week and if anything will be dragged to the end as a goat that will get no votes at the final TC. Sad to see this, but she’s going to need a miracle to turn it around.

Tina on the other hand started off slowly this episode but showed all the skills why she is a fantastic player of Survivor. Telling Katie to play for herself, getting in a Mexican stand off with Tyson and Caleb and her performance at TC made it all the more sad to see her get voted out. She’s going to struggle at RI next week, as I think the Baskauskas boys are going to make that their domain for the next few weeks. But she has impressed a great deal this season and just had circumstances go against her.

Next week we have a big teaser for seeing a family blindside with Ciera going against her mother. It’s been building up for some time so I think it’ll happen, which certainly will make for great viewing!

Bring on next week!

Jarryd’s Opinion


Tina, please shut up! I’ve lost so much respect for you this season it’s not funny. It’s quite clear that you have not developed your game so you don’t deserve to win. Please go home next week… mind you, if Tina beats either Aras or Vytas, it will be a huge upset and they don’t usually happen on Redemption Island.

This episode was fairly decent, apart from the two challenges. So far we’ve had three individual challenges and they have all involved just standing there. Yes, food challenges are fun to watch, but it’s not a challenge I’d want to compete in. I want to see big water challenges or obstacle courses or something, I don’t want to watch people stand there with some coins and a sword!

What was great about this episode was the an alliance finally made some correct and sensible decisions about who to send home. If anyone had been sucked in an decided to get rid of Katie over Vytas or Monica over Tina, it would have been stupidity at it’s finest. So it’s good to see that some people at least have their head in Survivor mode.

I think that this episode was a big one for Tyson. Several times during Tribal he was called out for being in a power position which he would have hated. He’s doing his best to avoid the limelight and when others dump it on you in front of everyone at Tribal, there’s not much you can do but smile and take it on the chin. Gervase also copped some of this, but I think Gervase has played a very good game and has enough allies and sense to find his way out of a bad situation! This is fantastic to see because as I said above, Tina is playing the same game she did back in Australia, whilst Gervase has completely changed his game and it’s great to watch.

One thing I did pick up on was that a big deal was made over Monica switching her vote to Vytas at Tribal Council, yet nothing was made of Laura doing it. Admittedly, not all the votes for Vytas were shown, so Laura could have said her vote for Katie wasn’t shown and Laura isn’t as stupid as Monica is and didn’t shout about it. It’ll be interesting to see if this does come up in a future episode though.

Once again, Caleb floated through the episode without a fuss, I hope he doesn’t get a similar edit to Erik last season because he doesn’t deserve it. Ciera was also quiet this week but I can’t wait to see her try and take down her mum next week! If she manages it, I may have to steal her away from Noah, because that will be fantastic to watch!

Noah’s Opinion


Here are ten thoughts on episode nine of Blood vs Water:

1. Firstly I thought this was by far the best double tribal council episode in the history of Survivor. So much was packed in to it for an entertaining episode. The editors did a fabulous job at editing two predictable boots in to some drama with I myself and I am sure many others viewers were doubting if Vytas and Tina would actually go.

2. A gross food eating challenge is always awesome to watch and having Gervase face the grubs again was just epic. It was a shame he didn’t win though.

3. Tribal Council 1: Vytas really did look desperate at the tribal. While he can see what he was trying to do he just ended up calling out people and making even more enemies.

4. The scene with the brothers at Redemption Island was hilarious. Laying in the sand arguing with each other and Vytas telling Aras he wouldn’t be happy with him re-entering the game.

5. The second challenge was a fun one and very reminiscent of several past challenges. Both this and the food eating challenge would be great for Redemption Island duals (truels?) It is great to see that the individual challenges so far haven’t had a huge physical advantage towards them. I hope it stays like that. I also wonder if there will be any more reward challenges this season?

6. The whole plan of following Tina around to make sure she doesn’t find the idol seemed to be taken directly from Andrea’s mind in Caramoan. I have a feeling it is something we will see again in the future as well. It also seems like Tyson has learnt something from his ex-tribe mate Coach about going to all kinds of lengths to maintain secrecy on the idol. The confessional from Caleb about losing Tina was classic as well!

7. Tribal Council 2: Tina was on fire this tribal! It was great to see what a Tina without numbers does to fight to stay. It seemed like she was fighting a losing battle going in but she sure did call out many things, mainly Monica’s position in the game. Something that is sure to shake some things up in the future. Oh and her idol bluff, hand in the bag move was hilarious!

8. Speaking of Monica, she really is the goat now isn’t she? It doesn’t look like she has any chance of winning unless she makes a huge move. I would not be shocked if Monica was voted out any time soon nor would I be any less surprised if she was the third place no vote getter in the final three.

9. Tyson seemed to have the major edit this week and probably deserves player of the week but am I the only one who feels his edit is too obvious and that something will happen to prevent his win? If Tyson is the winner then I feel like in the future the editing should be more evenly spread out. If he isn’t the winner then he will go down with one of the oddest edits ever.

10. Looking forwards to next week it would be absolutely great television if Ciera did end up blindsiding her mother.I honestly can’t see it happening and the previews usually make things out that never do happen but I can only hope. Just a few more episodes left and Blood vs Water is maintaining it’s quality!

Heather’s Opinion


My first Episode I watched since I got my new job! And what fun it was. Let’s have fun with this recap here. I know everyone’s been missing me.

Double boot episodes are one of those necessary evil that we have to have because of the twenty person season. Slimming down the cast to the appropriate number by day thirty nine is all important to production. Doesn’t mean that they usually fill it up with pointless idol shenanigans but I think they did okay with that. None of the two boots went without possibility that something else could happen. Every tribal should have that Anything Can Happen feel somewhat. I also enjoyed the absence of the hyped up blindside that neither had. Always a plus.

For the challenges, they have the traditional gross food eating challenge. Also to some comments that I read, no Caramoan was not the first season to have the food eating challenge as an individual immunity. It was Amazon, although Thailand did it at the merge in a reward challenge earlier. So there you go. The other one takes elements from various other balancing challenges, usually they are final four/three endurance things, but I’m not picky. In my opinion these are pretty great challenges, and I love the two gals that won it. I’m still a fan of the PreMerge Older Lady Monica and Katie is really growing on me.

However I will talk about the sadness about this episode. Usually double boot episodes mean that one of my favourites go home. I mean Brian, Margaret, Cristina, Cao Boi, and Dave Ball says hi. Now Tina can join that group. Usually I hate the idea of three time players but as I hate All-Stars and she was their first boot I’m willing to make an exception. Also I enjoyed Vytas too. What a horrible boot order but in a somewhat enjoyable way. Neither of them left quietly, putting Monica in the hot seat and stirring it up. What an episode.

Oh wait. We don’t know who gets voted out this week. Redemption Island, the biggest stain on Survivor is with this season. Can we just do away with this and I’ll be fine. I’m hoping that Aras moves on because I like money and he is my beating person for this season. But as I said before, anything can happen.

Alex M’s Opinion


Ok so it wasn’t the most exciting episode of the season, it’s never going to be when it gets to this point, but at least it gets two predictable tribals out of the way. It’s difficult to gauge the core alliance of seven at this stage though, there’s so little coverage of Ciera, Laura, Hayden and Caleb, it makes it difficult to pick whether anyone genuinely feels on the bottom of the group.

The eating challenge was enjoyable, although the second group at the mealworms was dismal (I did expect that from Ciera and Laura though), and it was nice to see Gervase take on the old enemy. Shame it ended the same really…

Watching Aras and Vytas at Redemption is interesting, and you can see how much Vytas wants to beat him and get back in for a day before getting voted out again. I did love his little quip after Tina turned up, you’re on redemption Island with two winners, but still have that arrogant swagger…brilliant!

There were brief spiels at tribal, of course they weren’t going to change anything, but it does set up a nice few weeks for Tyson and Gervase to be tested with what’s to come. I assume Katie still has to go as 3 potential votes from Bauskauskas boys and Tina are too much to ignore, but it should be fun after that, as there isn’t really anyone I’d like to drag to the end as the 3rd, Monica would be the best candidate but she’s rather strategic (and gives me a chance of winning the Survivor Oz sweep), but I wouldn’t want to be sitting next to any of Caleb, Hayden or Ciera as they’re all people who look like they’d make genuine connections, and might get the disgruntled jury’s vote (I’m assuming we’re already going for a disgruntled jury season…it doesn’t look like they’ll appreciate the gameplay that much).

Winners’ Edit: Tyson – Just gets all the good moments

Dark Horse: Ciera – Slips by nicely, not a threat, doesn’t annoy anyone, and looks like there is a ruthless side to her…would make for one of the great comebacks from being a definite boot for several early tribals.

Lancey’s Opinion


Although the season is moving into the post-merge mayhem, last night’s episode failed to deliver any exciting material. It is unsurprising then, that we were given a double episode to make up for the predictable eliminations and lack of a Redemption Island challenge. Vytas and Tina had their torches snuffed leaving Laura and Ciera the only remaining ‘blood’ pair.

I was glad to see Vytas’ smug look wiped from his face last week, as much as it pained me to see King Aras de-throned. Initially Vytas seemed controlled and clever, but 50 ‘women need an alpha male’ comments and superior confessionals later I began to grow weary. Unfortunately for Aras, Tyson had his own plans and Vytas became collateral damage. The fact that he is spending his time on Redemption Island blaming Aras for their demise, has made me more than ready for him to go home. And as much as I like Aras, it was nice to see the alliance split up by a power-play.

I loved Monica in Survivor: One World and was thrilled to see her back, but her apparent paranoia and constant commentary seem to be her primary features of the season, aside from being married to a controlling dope. I was sad that Tina went before her, particularly given that her fairly ordinary (in terms of strategy and game play) daughter remains in the game. Tina has little chance of beating Aras or Vytas, but at least we’ll get to see her in action as a jury member for the first time.

Tyson is obnoxious but fun to watch, but I’m still rooting for Laura. It appears she might be betrayed by Ciera, but here’s hoping she takes her boring daughter out first.

Survivor Re-capper: Brian Corridan


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Our ninth recap features Brian Corridan from Guatemala, as he discusses where he thinks this season will sit amongst the great seasons, his thoughts on ‘angry Tina’ this episode and how she handled being on the outs, Tyson’s control and why he doesn’t think anyone can go against him, Gervase’s game 13 years since his first one, why he doesn’t like gross food eating challenges, how he feels Monica is going as well as finding comparisons to his situation on his season and why he is bitter about losing out on an Ozcar earlier this year to Colton! Brian then answers our final set of 7 questions as follows:

TIP TO WIN: Tyson 
NEXT TO GO: Tina (RI) Katie (VO)

We will have another former contestant joining us next week for another recap, with Vanuatu and Micronesia contestant and good friend Eliza Orlins finding herself in the hot seat!

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