Survivor Blood vs. Water-Episode 10 Recap featuring Eliza Orlins!


Survivor Blood vs. Water continues this week with the tenth episode of the season. Of course with everything that happened you might be a little overawed, so we’re to to recap the action for you! Joining us, we have our resident recap expert Jarryd and Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend Eliza Orlins from Survivor: Vanuatu and Survivor: Micronesia!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

This week on Blood vs. Water, the final pair of loved one’s were split up, a castaway tried to buy back some favour by giving up Reward and the unexpected happened on Redemption Island.

Back at camp following Tribal Council, Katie confesses that watching her mum get voted out was “horrible”. She admits that she won’t accept defeat and will keep trying but if she can’t figure out a plan and put it in place by the next day, she’s going to be in trouble. Meanwhile, Ciera and Laura can’t believe they are the last couple standing. Whilst this is a huge victory in the game, Ciera begins to worry about the target her mum has on her back and whether she can stick with her moving forward in the game. Before heading off for the night, the pair agree that Katie will be next to go, unless she wins Immunity or finds the Idol, in which case, it will be Monica who is sent to Redemption.

Next morning it appears that Ciera has had a sleepless night at she ponders the future of the game. The mother and daughter pair chat again on the beach, with Laura telling Ciera that she thought she was “screwed” when she was on Redemption, so she can’t believe the power position they are now in. Ciera explains in a confessional that there has been a role reversal between her and her mum whilst playing the game, with her having being the one to give her mum advice, (and her mum taking it), instead of Laura giving her daughter advice. Laura states that she can’t believe that she is the one following her daughters advice and that is a true “gift”. However, Ciera also believes that she has been the better player this season and admits that her mum can only listen to her for so long. Ciera reveals that whilst she wants to “go as far as possible” with her mum, she also realises that she has the “better chance to win” but for in order for that to happen Laura “needs to go”.

Time for our first Redemption Island Duel in a few episodes. Like pre-merge Duels, the rules remain the same, the last person to finish is eliminated from the game and the winner of the Duel has the power to give away a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol. For today’s Duel, the castaways will use a grappling hook to retrieve three bags, each containing a ball. Once they have all three bags they will use one of those balls to complete a table maze, which is castaways will use their hands on pulleys to manoeuvre. Before we get started, Jeff asks Tina whether she ever considered switching with Katie, to which Tina informs us there was “no way, hozay” that would be happening.

We begin the Duel and Tina is the first to hook bag number one. Aras follows shortly after with his first bag, Tina just misses her second bag and Vytas struggles hopelessly as his rope gets knotted up. Laura gives Tina some encouragement and Aras complains about himself not getting any love, so Laura complies, encouraging the Panama winner. Tina then hooks her third bag, unties a bag to retrieve her ball and begins work on the table maze as Jeff comments that it only took Tina four attempts to hook all three bags.


Aras, Vytas and Tina compete in the Day Twenty-five Redemption Island Duel. (Image Credit: CBS)

Vytas finally manages to hook his first bag and Aras follows shortly after with his second. Vytas continues his hot streak, landing his second bag, as Aras struggles to hook is third and Tina gets a good head start on the table maze. Vytas is next to begin working on his maze as he hooks his third and final bag and Aras follows just afterwards, hooking his third bag but languishing in last place. Things don’t go well for Aras who tries to make up time quickly but drops his ball down a hole. Tina has made good work on the maze, managing to avoid the holes and get her ball into the centre section. However, as she moves it around to land it in the centre spot, it shoots out the side, dropping out of a hole, putting her back in last place. This opens the door up for Vytas, who also manages to get his ball into the centre section. Unlike Tina, he manages to land the ball in the centre ditch, winning the Duel. This leaves the two former winners, Aras, (Panama), and Tina, (Australian Outback), to showdown, with the loser being cut from entering the ‘two time winner club’. As the end nears, Tina is closer to the finish, as she once again lands her ball into the centre section. Aras tries his best to go as quickly as he can but it’s to no avail, as Tina’s ball lands in the centre ditch, claiming second place and thus eliminating Aras; who becomes the sixth winner to be voted out after returning to play. I don’t think a lot of people will  believe that Tina beat Aras but as Terry showed way back in Panama, it can be done.

After the Duel, the Baskauskas brothers talk about how much the game has strengthened and improved their relationship. The confirm that there will always be a friendly rivalry between them but the Survivor experience has bought them a lot “closer”. Vytas confirms he will no longer try any “cheap shots” on his brother as the pair say goodbye. As Aras leaves, he tells the remaining eight castaways in the game that he has “no hard feelings” and that they did a good job to “outplay” him. However, for all you Aras fans out there, you will get to see him for the remaining episodes of the season as he becomes the first Jury member.


 Aras is eliminated from the game. (Image Credit: CBS)

With the Duel over, attention now turns to the Hidden Immunity Idol clue, which Vytas decides to give to Katie, who pockets it, remarks she’ll be keeping it because she “needs it”. As everyone leaves Redemption Island Arena, Katie confesses that her only concern now is to “find the Idol” in order to be kept around longer. However, she also says, that if she doesn’t find the Idol, she won’t “go down without a fight”.


Katie receives the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol. (Image Credit: CBS)

Once back at camp, Katie gets another confessional as she admits how “proud” she was of her mothers performance on Redemption Island. She then tells the tribe not to follow her away from camp, as she’s just “going to the bathroom” but as she leaves, Laura shouts after her to “go read your clue”. We then cut to yet another Katie confessional, as she talks up the “friends” she has at Redemption Island and how she needed the clue, (and Idol), to ensure her spot in the game. Katie reads the clue, (which is fairly long), and concludes she has a fair idea where the Idol is, so she heads off to what we know as the correct area to look for it. Back at camp, Laura questions whether they should take away all of Katie’s “digging tools” and go and dig next to here. Tyson reveals to the camera that he isn’t worried about Katie having the clue because she is a “non factor”. He then begins to question his next move, admitting that people are “willing to make moves” but “don’t want to be the bad guy”. Therefore, Tyson decided that he’ll have to “take another one for the team” and be the bad guy once again.


Katie reads her clue. (Image Credit: CBS)

Tyson goes down to the water where Caleb and Hayden are cooling off as he informs them of his plan. The four guys will vote for Laura at the next Tribal Council, that way Ciera doesn’t have to vote for her mum and they can then pull Ciera back in after the vote. Tyson admits that Laura has to go because otherwise the pair can collaborate and they are “worth two votes”. Tyson tells the boys that the best case scenario is that they can get rid of Laura next, that she will “beat a few people on Redemption Island”, then allowing them then to take out Katie and Monica. Hayden remarks that he believes Tyson has his back so if the time his right for big moves, he’ll consider it. However, he also says that “one mistake” can cost you the game, so they should “tread carefully”.


Tyson talks strategy with Hayden and Caleb. (Image Credit: CBS)

Elsewhere, Ciera and Laura head down to the beach for another mother-daughter chat, with Ciera planning on telling her mum it will be difficult for both of them to go to the end. Ciera tells her mum that once they get down to seven, there will be four guys left that she has good relationships with. She says that in order for her to have a chance at winning, she needs to vote her out so that she has the trust of the four boys. During this chat, a confessional with Ciera plays as she admits that she loves her mum but it’s a very difficult conversation to have because she feels like she’s telling her mum she doesn’t want her to succeed. The pair discus options, agreeing that if Katie is safe at the next Tribal, then Monica will go home. Ciera then tells her mum that once they get down to seven it will be very difficult for them to stay together because if Laura wins a challenge, Ciera will be sent home and visa versa. Ciera reveals to her mum that in order for her to make the Final Three, she would have to win every remaining Immunity Challenge. We return to the confessional with Ciera, who admits that this conversation with her mum, was as hard as the one she had with her when she told her she was pregnant at sixteen. Ciera hopes that being one hundred percent honest with her mum will help in the situation.


Ciera and Laura discuss their options going forward. (Image Credit: CBS)

Back to the chat, Ciera tells her mum that she “doesn’t stand a shot” at winning, but she, (Ciera), has a chance to win. She continues saying that if they make it to the final six, they will be taken out systematically, depending on who has Immunity around their neck. She continues saying that the two of them in the Final Three is “not realistic” and whilst they could try to make it happen, it’s very “risky”, therefore in order for Ciera to make the Final Three, she tells her mum that she needs to vote her out. As Laura takes in the news, a confessional plays as she explains how her relationship with Ciera has changed because of Survivor. She acknowledges the role reversal, admitting that taking Ciera’s advice in the game is both a curse and a blessing. Laura begins to tear up as she reveals that she is proud of the “courage” Ciera had to tell her how it is and that from a game standby, it’s not good, but from a mother’s standpoint, she is extremely “proud” of the woman “Ciera has grown into” and that she is no longer “a little girl”. As we cut to an ad, Laura confesses that “witnessing Ciera’s growth is worth a lot more than a million dollars”.

Day Twenty-six dawns and Katie is up a daybreak to continue her search for the Idol. As she heads off into the forest, all the experience from playing with Russell pays off, as Laura wakes and runs off to babysit Katie. Katie shares her frustration at having a babysitter with us as Laura begins to dig for the Idol alongside her, with Katie revealing that she isn’t worried about Laura finding the Idol before her because she is digging in the wrong place. (I hate to tell you Katie, but if Laura won’t find it because your digging in the wrong place, neither will you!)

Back at camp, Caleb and Hayden explain to Tyson the mornings excitement, as Caleb claims that Katie had about a “three minute” head start on Laura. Tyson confess that the “game is shifting” and he is now the biggest threat. He labels himself the #bigbadwolf (another stupid hash tag), and sets to work about recruiting Ciera to vote out her mum. Tyson pulls her aside, explaining that he will be unhappy with what he’s about to tell her. Tyson says that Caleb and Hayden, not himself, are voting for Laura and that it’s already in motion. Ciera admits to Tyson that she’s okay with this, as the pair discuss strategy, before Tyson tells Ciera that “I’ve got your back”.


Ciera and Tyson discuss voting out Ciera’s mum Laura. (Image Credit: CBS)

Time for the Challenge. We’ve got another previously seen challenge, with this one being used previous before in Nicaragua and possibly another season that I can’t think of off the top of my head. Each castaway will stand on a small platform over the water. Leaning backwards, they will have to hold onto a rope, which has knots placed in each. On Jeff’s command, they will have to move downwards on the rope, increasing the leaning distance and making it more difficult to hang on. The last person left standing wins Immunity and a Reward of hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hotdogs, fries and soda.


The Kasama tribe compete in the Day Twenty-six Immunity Challenge. (Image Credit: CBS)

Everyone gets set and we get underway. Jeff tells everyone how much this challenge is going to hurt, as Hayden begins to struggle very, very early on. Hayden isn’t able to hang on and is eliminated from the challenge. Merely seconds later, Caleb also falls into the water. Now I know this is a tough challenge but you have to question whether this was a strategic move so they aren’t seen as physical threats or if they just sucked at the challenge. Everyone moves down to the next knot and immediately Gervase and Ciera drop out, leaving only four remaining. A few minutes pass and after a look up and down at her competition, Katie drops out and is soon followed by Laura, leaving only Monica and Tyson, (the man with a torn rotator cuff), left. The injury begins to effect his performance as Monica holds strong and that’s how the challenge ends, with Tyson succumbing to the pain, as Monica claims her second Individual Immunity so far this season.


Jeff gives Monica the Immunity Necklace and then explains her Reward. (Image Credit: CBS)

Monica is given the Immunity Necklace and then Jeff reveals her feast, telling her she can select one person to join her. Monica decided that the food isn’t worth it and asks Jeff whether she can miss out of the food and let the remaining seven enjoy the Reward. Jeff asks Caleb whether this is good faith or a political move. Caleb says it’s a “mixture of both” but because it’s Monica and she’s a mum, it comes from her heart. Monica say that these people are her family out here and that’s why she’s doing it. Jeff agrees to the trade so Monica watches on as the other Kasama members enjoy some food. This was definitely a strategic move by Monica. After last episode, she was probably feeling fairly worried on the bottom so it’s a move to win back some friends. However, this is modern day Survivor, it’s not always going to work, look at what happened to Brenda last season after she gave up her family visit to everyone else.


The Kasama tribe enjoy Monica’s food faith and some food. (Image Credit: CBS)

After the challenge, Ciera wastes no time going to work, knowing that the target is on her mum and she doesn’t have much time to save her. She lays down with Katie, as the pair “pinky promise” to keep the conversation between themselves. She tells Katie that Caleb, Hayden and Tyson are planning on voting for her mum. Katie says that despite this she’ll still play the Idol. Ciera doesn’t believe her and when Katie questions why, Ciera tells her that she can’t have the Idol because she found it herself. Surprisingly, Katie reacts to this news by asking Ciera how she found it and expressing the fact that Ciera “stole my Idol”. Ciera confesses that she can’t believe Katie played all her cards so easily when she lied about the Idol so she runs off to her mum to explain that Katie definitely doesn’t have the Idol and that if she wants she can speak to Tyson about switching the target of the vote to Katie. The ‘Tadhana five’, (Caleb, Ciera, Gervase, Hayden and Tyson), hold a pre-Tribal meeting, with Ciera telling the men that Katie told her she doesn’t have the Idol so they can vote for her instead of voting for her mum. Tyson is wary of the plan but Ciera says that incase she does have the Idol, that one of them should vote for her mum so that they control the vote no matter what. The vote if up in the air, Hayden says it will be an “easy move” to take out Katie in a “safe vote” whilst Caleb also wants to take out Katie because he believes she could easily “float” to the end and become dangerous. Ciera remarks that she needs to make a decision whether she should stick her neck out for her mum or not whilst Tyson rues telling Ciera the plan to target her mum, admitting she’s “making moves” and is more dangerous than they can her credit more. Before Tribal, Tyson tells Monica to “stick to the plan” and vote for Laura.


Ciera and Katie discuss the Hidden Immunity Idol. (Image Credit: CBS)

At Tribal Council, Katie admits that after the last three Tribal’s, it’s likely she will be going home unless she plays an Idol. Caleb says that the majority have considered the possibility of an Idol being played and “planned around the maybes”. Tyson explains that a ‘loved one couple’ is very dangerous in the game and things haven’t changed since Day One and they will be targeted. Caleb remarks that despite Ciera and Laura being other and daughter, they share a different bond to Katie and Tina, because the Morett girls are willing to slit each other’s throats. Hayden tells us that Ciera and Laura have a highly competitive nature and that their bond is strong than anyone else’s bonds so they have a right to be worried. Laura states that whilst a loved one was a liability in the game, at this stage it is an asset because it guarantees two votes, meaning that at seven, only two people need to join them to go onto make the Final Four. Katie interjects, claiming that you want get to the Final Two alongside a loved one but it might not necessarily be the best route. Laura takes this on the chin and then says that sending a loved one home at this point of the game means that their loved one will have someone on the Jury lobbying for the other Jury members to vote for their loved one. She continues saying that if the alliance bails out of promises early on, then three people who don’t deserve to make the Final Three will end up being there, leaving the Jury questioning, “what went wrong?” Caleb takes us to the vote claiming that the vote is a big decision because the game is currently deadlocked – four men and four women, plus four former Galang and four former Tadhana.

Everyone votes and Jeff begins to read. Laura M and Katie receive a vote each but the next six, (only four are shown), are for Laura as she is voted out of the game for a second time. Ciera and Laura share an emotional, teary goodbye as Laura’s torch is snuffed once more and she heads to Redemption Island.


Laura M… the tribe has once again spoke. Grab your torch and head to Redemption Island. (Image Credit: CBS)

In a rare ‘final words’ moment this season, Laura says that it was difficult to comprehend her own daughter writing her name down and that she will “do everything she can to stay in the game and even more to further my daughter in the game”.

Next week, Tyson faces plots against him as he becomes the power player. Plus! With the Jury starting this week, don’t forget to check out this weeks Ponderosa clips online!

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Ben’s Opinion


Well it was teased to happen all season and it finally does: a family member stabbed their loved one in the back.

I think it HAD to happen to show that the twist would work, because many people feared that this season would turn into a snore fest with couples aligning and taking each other out along the way. It has been the absolute opposite, and I’m glad we saw a brutal move like this happen. I feel Ciera handled it well, but given it was a unanimous vote, she could’ve easily asked to be spared the vote for her mum in order to save face with her. But I think it just showed that Ciera is a player, and earned her a lot of respect amongst many, and distain amongst others. Out of all the newbies, she is probably up there with Vytas as best player this season, but I can’t see her winning now. Tyson has her on his radar and unless she can pull off the big move next week by taking him out, she is going to struggle to make it to the end. She’s on a teetering point now between power, and the bottom of the pile.

I want to say that Tina, you impressed the hell out of me yet again and you go girl for surviving another week. I was one of many who wrote you off and you should’ve won that challenge rather than coming second. But you did what you had to do and you live to fight another day. Should be an interesting battle between her and Laura next week to stay alive, but will continue to provide the entertainment. Aras on the other hand showed that he not only is a great winner of Survivor but also a great loser, as he handled that with the utmost grace and still left the game a winner. Finishing on the jury is no mean feat, and he is only the second ever returning winner to make the jury. Tina will also equal that feat, but it’s a rare thing that has hardly happened in 27 seasons of Survivor.

Monica surely shut up a few of her haters this week. Great challenge win saw her move up the ladder a bit and if she can keep on a challenge winning streak then she has a very good argument for the win should she make it to the end. She is only two immunity wins away from equalling Jenna Morasca, Kelly Wiglesworth and Kim Spradlin as most dominant female challenge player in a single season, so I’m rooting for her to go all the way with that! My man Gerv is still in there, although I think we saw more of Jeff Probst’s new shirt this episode than we did of Mr.Peterson. Shame, but he is still kicking things strong.

This season turned brutal tonight, and next week looks just as good. As I always say at this point, BRING IT ON!

Jarryd’s Opinion


Well… I never expected to be writing about Aras going home this time last week. Tina beating him was a huge shock, I didn’t see that coming at all. Although, watching the Duel again, Aras does see to be pretty laid back and carefree about it, openly joking with Laura during the challenge, so maybe his head was out of the game already? Who knows. I don’t want to make another big call, but surely Tina is no chance next week against Vytas and Laura, both of who are very strong in challenges. If Tina manages another victory, I’ll be even more surprised than I was this week. You now also have to question just how good Aras is in challenges considering he was just beaten by a fifty-two year old and was comprehensively beaten in Panama by Terry.

I felt this episode was a very emotional one. I don’t get upset about television shows, but people who tear up about things were sure to get the waterworks going with all the mother-daughter scenes between Laura and Ciera. I liked the change of pace, being the season it is, we haven’t seen that much of the hardships the game places on the bonds between loved ones, so to see the raw emotion made you stop and realise just how real the game is.

I’m still not convinced that Ciera made the right move getting rid of her mother, however, she was super impressive this week. Given the preview for next week, Ciera could have used this vote to show how much power Tyson has and rally Caleb, Hayden and Katie next week to take him and his allies out. I can’t wait to see what she does because Ciera, in my opinion, is fast shaping as the best, new female player, since Kim in One World.

This weeks Duel was fairly average. I didn’t see the point of collecting the bags to obtain the balls, I would rather have seen each person given the balls at the start and instead of landing one ball in the middle section, land two or three. I think that’s where Redemption Island struggles, it’s very difficult to have entertaining Duels when they have to be heavily suited to merely puzzles and similar things so as not to give physical players an advantage. The Immunity challenge was boring once again… that’s four challenges in a row that have involved standing around! If next week is similar, I’ll lose it!

Tyson is slowly starting to cop some flack for being a huge player power so it will be interesting how he’s dealt with and whether his ‘secret Idol’ comes into play or he joins the ‘voted out with an Idol’ club. Personally, he’s played a great game this season and I hope he makes it to the end.

Hayden once again offered some sort of strategy talk and Caleb returned to the scene this week. I can definitely see him making a move in the coming weeks, he’s not one to get told what to do, so as I’ve said for weeks, watch out for Caleb and Ciera teaming up for something big. Monica managed to avoid the spotlight this week and tried her best to win back some favours from everyone by offering up her Reward but I honestly don’t think it will do her any good, things like that died out of Survivor a while ago. Gervase to was also quiet but I think he’s done enough so far this season to not be in any danger in the coming weeks. Despite what he might think, he could easily be see as a goat Tyson has bought along for the ride, which would make him a good Final Tribal Council opponent. However, I don’t want that to  happen to Gervase so I hope he makes a move of his own to!

Nick’s Opinion


Wait, did I just watch an episode that did exactly what last week’s preview said would happen? Is this a Survivor first?? Laura took it like a champ, so good for her. But maybe Ciera should keep her distance when Laura carves up the thanksgiving turkey next week. Speaking of carving up, Monica’s statue impression sure came in handy. Two immunity wins, she’s a dark horse. But Tyson has the idol, and people still haven’t figured out that its gone? If Tina, Laura and Katie all cant find it, someone must have figured out its gone. Or maybe not. Targeting Tyson next week? What could possibly go wrong? So Aras is gone, a bit of a shock but again he went with grace, proving once and for all that a positive attitude gets you nowhere. Meanwhile Vytas channelled his negative feelings to a win and he has to be the favourite to come back into the game. Now he’s on Redemption Island with the two mothers…starting to sound like a bad 80’s porn. This thing is starting to wrap up now and I love that I’m none the wiser to who will win. Tyson has to be the favourite but there is enough doubt in the air to suggest he could be undone in he end. This surprisingly good season chugs on and remains as tantalising as bacon served up by a nude Jeff Probst.

Alex M’s Opinion


Insanely good episode! I really didn’t think we’d ever see a move like this, but all credit to Ciera, that was fucking ruthless! You could see the move need to be made, but given how much that was built up, it just didn’t seem like it was going to happen…but it did! And when those votes were being read out, that realisation that Ciera actually did it was just…one of those moments when you scream out “what!!??”, and just pause with your mouth open in disbelief, like all the great moments.

So much admiration to Ciera for doing that though, as it sets her up in a great position, and can really be a strong arguing point to the jury “I voted out my fucking Mum! What else do you want me to do???”. Her scene with Katie was fantastic too, I just never saw her having that much of a villainous side, but it was just such a great play of psychology, something that you just haven’t seen before, it was just pure brilliance. Her story really is one of those great survivor narrative styles that could be one of the great transformations, and to do it against returning players is phenomenal, I’m really in awe of all she does now. I also completely agree with the fact she looks better in every episode, just a naturally beautiful person!

Redemption Island was built up well, and was pretty entertaining, although I laughed way too hard at how much they were building up the last tiny bit Tina had to do, hyped up music…and the ball calmly rolled into place. It was sad to see Aras go, but will be interesting to see how he interacts with those that join him at Ponderosa, he’s just so chilled about it all, and hasn’t seemed angry really at any point, the final moments with Vytas were great too, although reminded me a lot of watching any team get eliminated from The Amazing Race (which, by the way, would be a great place for all these couples to go on now…I can dream!).

Excited for next week! I know the newbies want to get a good alliance going, but you could be handing Katie at least 3 jury votes given the Bauskauskas boys and Tina will most likely be on it, but it would be nice to see another good move from Caleb. Hayden does seem to point out a lot of really obvious things, which still makes me think there’s either a blindside on him coming at some point, or he just plays an uneducated narrator well, in any case, reading Malcolm Freberg’s power rankings made me laugh about that.

Pick to win is now Ciera, it would just be one of the great underdog stories, and reminiscent of what Kenny should have completed in Gabon, Ciera just has to make sure she’s able to get through the strong duos that are forming.

Alan’s Opinion


This was a really great episode, I think Monica giving away the food after the immunity challenge was a classic survivor mistake and pretty much ruins her chances of making the final. It’s like the car curse, it always comes back to bite you in the ass! I’m not surprised that Ciera voted her mom out although I think she played up to the cameras and had no struggle at all with voting her out. As a forecast for next week I think either Tina or Laura will go home and that Caleb will be voted out – I don’t believe for a second that Tyson will not realise what the others are up to which is why I’m confident he doesn’t go home… but will he play the idol … I don’t think so

Survivor Re-capper: Eliza Orlins


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Our tenth recap features Eliza Orlins from Vanuatu & Micronesia, as she discusses why she is enjoying this season, why she picked Aras to win this season before it started and why she feels a close connection to him from the ‘middle period’ of Survivor, her thoughts on RI this season, why she isn’t that much of a Tyson fan and not enjoying his game this season, Ciera and her move against her mother as well as how she thinks Gervase is going, talking up the ‘wine and cheese’ club and getting a phone call about possibly being on this season! Eliza then answers our final set of 7 questions as follows:

TIP TO WIN:  Tyson
DARK HORSE:  Gervase
NEXT TO GO: Tina (RI) Katie (VO)

We will have another former contestant finding themselves in the hot seat next week as we bring you another episode recap!

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