Dan Lembo Interview


Dan Lembo went into the 21st season of Nicaragua having just had surgery and not knowing what to expect. He left the game in 5th place with a huge amount of respect from his cast members and some new found fans. For somebody who happened to get on the show after being in a bar in Miami, he gave us some memorable moments including sitting in big chairs and jumping off into the water in challenges for fun. But what about his shoes? And just who does he not want anything to do with since his season ended?


Dan started off on the outs and looked to be an early boot. However after surviving a few early tribal councils he managed to forge new relationships post merge and made it all the way till the final five before joining the jury.

In our chat with Dan, he talks about being mobbed in Los Angeles after the show, living in Trump Tower and his life he lives, how he was recruited to be on the show, the situation with Holly and the shoes, which two players he wants nothing to do with, his thoughts on Purple Kelly and NaOnka quitting as well as what he is up to now, talking about ‘Mortgage Gate’ and just which player on his season has a ‘great backside’.

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  1. Bob Blackmenson // November 27, 2013 at 1:55 pm // Reply

    dan is dumb

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