Survivor Blood vs. Water-Episode 11 Recap featuring Cirie Fields and Mitchell Olson!


Survivor Blood vs. Water continues this week with the eleventh episode of the season. Of course with everything that happened you might be a little overawed, so we’re to to recap the action for you! Joining us, we have our resident recap expert Jarryd and Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to two real experts in our good friends Cirie Fields from Survivor: Panama, Survivor: Micronesia and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains and Mitchell Olson from and Survivor: The Australian Outback!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

This week on Blood vs. Water, two castaways teamed up to eliminate a third on Redemption Island, Monica strengthened her claim as one of the best female challenge threats, an Idol was played and Tribal Council produced a blindside.

Returning from Tribal Council, everyone has some words of comfort for Ciera and Katie comments that she was surprised Ciera decided to go with water instead of blood. Ciera herself admits that the vote was “rough” but her alliance should now trust her “one hundred percent and want to work with her”. Tyson tells Ciera that he’s appreciate of what she did and then confesses that she showed lots of loyalty at Tribal Council. However, he also states that she is playing hard and they shouldn’t underestimate her because she’s “dangerous”.

At Redemption Island, Laura plays a prank on Tina and Vytas, putting on Katie’s voice as she walks towards them. Tina is fooled thinking her daughter has been voted out and is shocked when it’s Laura arriving instead of her daughter. Laura explains that she’s struggling to put her feelings into words after Tribal Council because it both “sucks” that Ciera voted her out but she’s also incredibly “proud” of her. Vytas then reveals that he can’t believe that Monica and Tyson have yet to be targeted because Monica has been dominant in challenges and Tyson is “running” the game.

Upon arrival at the Duel, the Morett girls again shed some more tears as Laura expresses how proud she is of her daughter and assures Ciera she will “come back”. For the Duel, each castaway will have to race to remove four cubes from a net tunnel. They will then stack the four cubes and use them to solve a vertical puzzle, where only one colour, (green, purple, red and yellow), can be seen once on each of the four sides. The first two to finish move on, the winner has the right to give away an Idol clue and the loser becomes the second Jury member.


Vytas, Tina and Laura compete in the Day Twenty-seven Redemption Island Duel. (Image Credit: CBS)

The Duel gets started and Vytas and Laura get off to a fast start. Tina gets her first cube last, then has issues extracting her second cube, which see’s Vytas and Laura push ahead, gaining a one cube advantage over her. Vytas and Laura maintain their one cube lead as they remove their third and then fourth cubes from the tunnel and begin working on their puzzle as Tina just removes her third cube. As the pair work on their puzzle, Tina finally gets her last cube out of the tunnel and begins to work on the puzzle.


Vytas and Tina attempting to solve the puzzle. (Image Credit: CBS)

The puzzle is unlike a normal puzzle due to the amount of variables that can occur so it’s difficult to say who is in the lead; one block could be the difference between being successful on being totally wrong. Laura works her puzzle and spins it around, checking it. Believing she has it, she calls Jeff over to check it, he checks all four sides and there are four different colours on each side, so he declares Laura the winner. Laura immediately begins to spin her puzzle around and then starts to direct Tina where different pieces go, offering no help to Vytas. Vytas is doing well on his own and is close to finishing, but with help from Laura, Tina is right back in the challenge and it’s neck and neck on the final cube. Tina calls out to Jeff only a second before Vytas calls out to him. Vytas watches with bated breathe as Jeff checks Tina’s puzzle and unfortunately for Vytas, Tina’s puzzle is correct and she is the second person to move on in the Duel. So once again, the unthinkable happens, Tina beats a Baskauskas; this time, largely due to Laura’s help.


 Vytas bids goodbye after being eliminated from the game. (Image Credit: CBS)

Before he leaves, Vytas tells us that getting to experience the game with his brother will allow them to be a lot closer because they can relate to each other. Vytas bids the others farewell, tosses his Buff away and becomes the second Jury member. Laura is then left to give the Idol clue to Ciera, who decides to return to tradition this season, depositing it in the fire. With proceedings done, everyone heads out, with Tina thanking Laura profusely as they head back to Redemption Island.


Ciera deposits the Hidden Immunity Idol clue in the fire. (Image Credit: CBS)

Once back at camp, Tyson gives a confessional explaining how the next two Tribal Council’s are “critical” and that his best move right now is to keep everyone against Katie. He takes Caleb and Hayden aside, explaining that Katie is the “most dangerous person in the game at the moment” because she has “three guaranteed Jury votes”. Hayden confesses that the plan for the majority is to take out Katie. However, he explains that he doesn’t want to be the person who waits to long to make a move and is then get blindsided. He pulls Caleb side on the beach, telling him that if they don’t make a move soon, it won’t be up to them to make the moves. He continues, commenting that Tyson will beat them at this point because he’s got a “hell of a resume” and that before they get to the Final Five, they need to “pick off Tyson”. Caleb agrees and goes to fill in Katie on the plan, asking whether they can trust her to vote with them at Tribal. Katie tells him they can then admits to the camera that the last few days she’s felt like a “hermit crab, moving from shell to shell” because she doesn’t have a “home” in an alliance. She reveals her best bet at this stage is to side with her former Tadhana members and help them take out Tyson.


Caleb and Hayden discuss getting rid of Tyson. (Image Credit: CBS)

The boys then work on their last ‘number’ in the plan; Ciera. Caleb discusses with Ciera that it’s now the right time to shake up the game and vote out Tyson, using Katie to claim majority. Ciera says that if they were to do that, it would ensure that the three of them would make the Final Three, so she agrees. But, in a confessional, Ciera reveals that the boys wanting to make a big move against someone in their alliance is someone “I don’t want to work with”. Therefore, she seeks out Tyson, filling him in on Caleb and Hayden’s plan to take him out at the next Tribal. Ciera expresses to Tyson that no matter what happens, she will vote for who Tyson tells her to vote for for the rest of the game and they both confirm that they have each others backs. Tyson admits to Ciera that they need not worry because he trusts Gervase and Monica, giving them a four-three advantage of the others. Tyson then confesses that he now needs to “lock down” his game instead of waiting until the final six and that Ciera is the “wildcard”. He states that it makes more sense to work with Ciera because his plan all along has been to take Caleb and Hayden out.


Ciera and Tyson solidify their alliance. (Image Credit: CBS)

Night Twenty-eight sees a secret meeting on the beach between Gervase and Tyson. Tyson fills Gervase in on what Ciera told him and what Caleb and Hayden are planning. The pair agree that they need to get rid of Caleb first because of his “likability”. Gervase calls the boys “sneaky bastards” and Tyson wraps things up by saying that “tomorrow will be huge”. Gervase tells us that two days ago, the four boys were in control of the game and now they are trying to take each other out. He admits this makes him “nervous”. He continues, saying that the “gloves are about to come off”, that alliances are going to be broken and it’s going to get dirty.


Gervase and Tyson discuss new developments. (Image Credit: CBS)

Day Twenty-nine dawns and there is a strange mood around camp. Everyone is eyeing everyone awkwardly and Ciera finally breaks the silence by asking someone to accompany her to collect Tree Mail; to which Tyson obliges. Once alone, Ciera confirms with Tyson whether they are still “good”, saying that she felt a “weird vibe” around camp. Tyson reveals that they are all okay and that they are going straight to the finals. In a confessional, Ciera admits that she trusts Tyson because she saved him and he doesn’t want to sit next to the boys in the finals. She finishes by saying that she’s currently in a “good spot”.

However, Ciera isn’t the only one who felt a weird vibe. Hayden begins to become paranoid, as he puts two and two together, as he comes to the realisation that if Ciera flipped against them, they would be in trouble. He talks to Katie about whether they should still target Tyson and discuss the possibility that Ciera has double-crossed them. Katie wonders why Ciera is so close with Tyson then states they need a “plan B” should Ciera flip against them. Hayden says that if that’s the case they need to get back into the majority, with Katie saying that the upcoming challenge is “huge” and should Ciera not win Immunity, “she could be in trouble”.


Hayden and Katie debate whether they can trust Ciera. (Image Credit: CBS)

Time for the Challenge! This challenge involves castaways holding onto a metal rod with a rope spooled around it. The other end of the rope is attached to a bucket containing twenty-five percent of a castaways body weight. The aim of the challenge is for everyone to hold onto the rod, in order for it not to spin and unspool the rope, which will lower the bucket, smashing a tile. The last person left standing win Immunity. Once again… another stationary challenge that I could easily replicate in my backyard. For those trivia buffs, this challenge was used in the Merge episode of Survivor: Philippines which saw both Carter and Denise claim Individual Immunity.

Today’s version of this challenge offers a twist though; eat or compete! Jeff reveals a barbeque lunch, complete with steak, chicken, sausages and cola and gives everyone a white rock and a black rock. He explains that they will place and reveal the white rock in their palm if they wish to compete or the black rock if they want to eat. Jeff counts them down and everyone reveals their choice. Ciera, Gervase and Tyson all choose to eat, meaning only four, (Caleb, Hayden, Katie and Monica), will compete in the challenge.


Three, two, one… reveal! (Image Credit: CBS)

Jeff gets things underway, instructing the competitors to release the spring holding their rod in place and for the eaters to begin eating. Katie’s bucket drops a little straight away, Tyson describes the food as “desirable and delicious” and Monica explains her reason for competing was to show her kids that she’s also made of “grit” and there’s “more than one badass” at home. We flash through to the ten minute mark of the challenge. Holding the rod is beginning to hurt everyone’s hands. Hayden expresses that he’ll but upset if he loses the challenge. Probst points out that everyone but Monica’s buckets have dropped a little, to which everyone replies by winding their buckets back up to the top. Over at the food eating station, Tyson whispers that he hopes the challenges “goes for like an hour”. Caleb and Katie’s buckets both drop a little an this time Katie can’t recover, dropping her bucket, she is out of the challenge. Caleb complains that the skin is starting to come off his hands as Tyson comically throws a chicken bone into the shrubs behind him. Jeff sums up the situation saying that the three people eating are enjoying it and it’s like the competitors are “performing” for them, (much like jesters used to perform for kings in the medieval times), putting on his best acting voice as he says this; which I’ll admit, got a chuckle out of me.


Katie, Hayden, Monica and Caleb hard at work whilst… (Image Credit: CBS)


Gervase, Tyson and Ciera enjoy some creature comforts. (Image Credit: CBS)

Twenty minutes into the challenges see’s all three buckets have dropped a little. Just like last time, when Jeff announces this, all three castaway’s wind their buckets back up to the top. Caleb is having a lot of difficulty as his hands begin to bleed. Hayden assures him that he won’t be voted him out and unable to hold on any longer, Caleb drops out of the challenge. Immediately, both Hayden and Monica wind their buckets back up. Hayden is struggling, whilst Monica seems to be doing things easy. Probst tells Hayden that it’s now “crunch time” for him as Gervase gives Hayden some encouragement from the sidelines. It’s all for nothing though, as Hayden tries to wind his bucket back up again, can’t manage it, drops his bucket, which breaks his tile, handing Monica her third Immunity win of the season. – Only one win behind the female Individual Immunity record. Probst bids everyone farewell and we go to an ad for Eliquis, a medication to help reduce blot clots and strokes, where the nice man in the ad tells us there are three reasons why he takes Eliquis every morning and the voice over informs us of the fifty-five different side effects and reasons why you shouldn’t take Eliquis every morning – great marketing right there!


Monica takes home Immunity for the third time this season. (Image Credit: CBS)

Upon arrival back at camp after the challenge, the four competitors probe the three eaters for details about the food. Tyson doesn’t muck around, explaining how fantastic it was. Hayden confesses that he didn’t want to be blindsided and that’s why he decided to compete. He remarks that the three who decided to eat must feel comfortable in the game and they could be working together. Hayden and Katie discuss once again whether they can trust Ciera. They decided they can’t, with Hayden commenting that they are on a “sinking ship” and they now need to scramble a new plan.

Hayden and Caleb discuss their options. Caleb brings up the idea of asking Tyson straight out whether he is targeting them and then use the ploy that Ciera is playing both sides in the hope Tyson decides to vote her out. They approach Tyson and claim that they feel as if he is targeting them. Tyson doesn’t deny this, explaining that he is but only because Ciera told him that they are targeting him. Hayden says the only reason they are targeting Tyson is because they believed he was targeting them. The trio discuss Ciera and her playing both sides. Tyson confesses that Ciera is playing both sides is “smart” and that she may be to sneaky to keep around. Tyson makes Caleb and Hayden promise him they aren’t voting for him and they will vote for Ciera. They shake hands, but Tyson continues his confessional, saying he doesn’t trust Caleb and Hayden and that he may have to play his Idol as “added insurance”.


Caleb and Hayden agree on a deal with Tyson. (Image Credit: CBS)

Hayden and Caleb walk off and then discuss whether Tyson was being genuine. Hayden seems sold but Caleb is still unsure. The pair laugh at Ciera, who has spent the afternoon sleeping, not knowing she’s being targeted. Caleb reveals that they have a plan but in Survivor, “anything can go wrong”. Tyson fills in Gervase with the new information, asking Gervase’s opinion about whether they should vote out Caleb or Ciera, the “teenage mum, hell-raiser, who can lie better than anyone”. Gervase states that one of the two sides are obvious lying to them as Tyson questions whether Caleb and Hayden told him about their plan to draw votes off themselves or they are indeed planning to vote for him. Gervase takes us to Tribal Council, saying that when you’re not sure what to do, “it comes down to you’re gut, and if you trust the wrong person, you’re going home”.

Hayden starts Tribal by stating that those who decided to eat in the challenge, are those who are comfortable in the game. He continues saying that his hands are covered in blisters, (Jeff makes him hold them up and they are fairly beaten up), and that he had to compete because he wasn’t as comfortable. Caleb says that he wasn’t surprised who choose to sit out, proclaiming that Ciera must have felt “comfortable” and that she “likes to eat”. Ciera defends herself, explaining that she didn’t think she could win the challenge, so should would rather get to eat, instead of trying to win, losing, and missing out on food. Tyson expresses his bewilderment at more people not eating and that he only ate because he felt “comfortable in my alliance” and because “I enjoy food a lot”. Gervase chimes in, saying that trust is simple, you either trust the people in your alliance and they keep you around, or you don’t. As he says this, he looks directly at Hayden.


Hayden and Gervase stare each other down. (Image Credit: CBS)

Hayden says that he is definitely paranoid ahead of the vote but he does trust his alliance. Ciera, (who is sitting in the middle of all the drama), admits hearing this makes her feel like “crap” because she is part of alliance but Gervase’s look could be an “undercover message”. Tyson states that he always going into Tribal, “hoping for the best but expecting the worst” and that know matter what happens, “someone is always left shocked”. Jeff then asks Caleb whether there will be a blindside, will Caleb answering yes. Ciera then gets asked the same question, with her answer the same; yes, she will be shocked if there is a blindside, especially if it’s her because she has been “overly honest” with her alliance.

Time to vote! Caleb and Ciera’s votes are revealed and they each cast a vote against each other. When Jeff asks about Immunity Idols, Tyson decided to play it, has trouble finding it in his bag, tips the contents onto the floor, finds it and finally plays it.


Tyson wanted to play his Hidden Immunity Idol but he had trouble finding it! (Image Credit: CBS)

Caleb and Ciera both get one vote each, before Ciera gets another two votes, putting her ahead with three votes to one. With the pressure on to see who Gervase, Monica and Tyson sided with, the next three votes go to Caleb, giving him four, enough to send him to Redemption Island. So, Caleb get’s his torch snuffed, Hayden and Katie look likely to be led to the slaughterhouse and Tyson is now without an Idol; wasting it on a night he didn’t receive a vote.


Caleb… the tribe has spoken. Grab your torch and head to Redemption Island. (Image Credit: CBS)

On his way to Redemption Island, Caleb reveals he wasn’t expecting to be sent home and that it was therefore a successful blindside. Next week, Hayden attempts to shake things up in order to save himself… but will Gervase bite? Also, a historic events takes place that will leave EVERYONE gob smacked!

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Ben’s Opinion


How good is this season?!

It certainly is pushing its way into a potential top 10 placing on my rankings next year, and I really hope it stays that way. Honestly the only way I can see it dropping out of the top 10 is if Tyson wins. Not because I dislike Tyson so much I don’t want him to win, it’s because you would look back and say “well wasn’t that obvious that Tyson was going to win” based on the editing. Tyson is playing a fantastic game and thoroughly deserves to win and it’s not his fault he is being given the ‘winners edit’, but I just think that would be a sour point on a fantastic season that it was so ‘obvious’ from a certain point.

All that being said, this episode was fascinating. The dual was great, such a tense finish and once again Tina manages to shock everyone and stay alive. Not that she did it alone; Laura definitely helped her win that one. But it was great to see the two mothers pull through and knock out such a physical threat in Vytas. That makes RI so much more interesting now, as the challenges obviously will remain similar for the rest of the season so who is to say that Tina and Laura won’t battle their way back to the final dual and then battle it out to see who returns? I love RI this season, and think it is working perfectly.

The immunity challenge was another snooze fest though. What is it with standing challenges this season? Is that all CBS can come up with? ‘Endurance’ challenges which lets face it, are about as enduring as standing in line at the ATM. You cross fade and make it look like its ages and then say its only 20 minutes? Remember the days when a simple cross fade and a shot of the sun meant an hour had passed? Yawn. Between that and puzzle pieces the challenges are certainly becoming a bad thing about Survivor. Having said that though, Monica is a challenge goddess. She has now won three immunities and is only one win away from equalling the all time record of most immunity wins by a female in a season (held by Kim Spradlin, Jenna Morasca & Kelly Wiglesworth) and two away from equalling the all time record in a season (held by Colby Donaldson, Terry Deitz & Tom Westman). I’ll say it right now with gusto: #teammonica

It’s hard to believe that there are only two more episodes left until the finale. It has flown by and I don’t want it to end. Bring on next week though, as it is looking like one juicy episode!

Jarryd’s Opinion


Another decent episode in a very good season!

First off, If I was Vytas I would have been pissed after the Duel. It’s something we’ve seen a little bit of this season but Laura blatantly helped Tina to finish second. Why are you allowed to help someone else in a Duel but you can’t do it in an Immunity Challenge? (Remember when Probst blasted Sophie for telling Albert to pick up her blocks!) I didn’t like that and feel for Vytas.

When you look at it, Ciera’s move will get her to the end but most likely won’t see her win. Yes she could have gone with the Tadhana boys but could she have beaten them? I think she made the best move for herself, she pissed less people off this way.

Tyson must have been nervous to have played the Idol. Either that or he wanted it out of the way, there’s only a handful more Tribal’s he can use it and maybe his secret got out, (that we didn’t see), so he used it to get rid of it? Who knows… but he’ll definitely want to compete in next week’s challenge.

Speaking of the challenge, seriously… worst post-merge challenges ever! I’m bored of the challenges involving standing on the spot! Every Individual challenge this season has been a “stationary challenge” – boring!

I think Tyson may have wrapped up his win this week and good on him. Easily been the best player this season and whilst I’m not his biggest fan, he deserves to win. Sure, I’d like to see either Ciera or Gervase take home the top prize but it will put a bit of a dampener on this season since Tyson has played a brilliant all-round game.

Aaron’s Opinion


What an interesting episode to watch. I think the editors are getting better and better about throwing 2 plausible boots right up until the votes are read. I was strangely on the edge of my seat which lately, just hasn’t happened. One of the things I find odd is the fact that so many people hate Laura and Tina because they “cheated”. Um, hello have you watched any Survivor in the past few seasons? Looking at other people’s puzzles and copying them has been a common thing especially in these past few seasons, so why can’t people help each other. Only one person is making it out alive and if I’m Laura, there is no way I’m going against Vytas, and why not help someone who could vote for me or my daughter down the road. It was the clear choice for Laura and I wholeheartedly agree. And if you’re calling people out for cheating, Vytas would also fall under that category because he also was clearly looking at the answer and trying to copy it as best he can. I can’t believe I’ve only been talking about the duel and there’s still more to this episode. Tyson has been great and it seems more and more like he’s purposely doing things to attract more camera time. Granted, he’s very good at what he does, maybe I’ve just been more keen to noticing it. Hayden and Caleb did a very good job and getting themselves out of a tough spot by trying to act innocent and put the blame on Ciera, unfortunately Gervase and Tyson didn’t fall for it. Also Monica is still here. I mean, I really liked her in One World but I’m just surprised she’s lasted as long as she has and she is just racking those immunities. She could break some records down the road. I was a little sceptical of Ciera ratting out Hayden and Caleb but in terms of her game, it would make sense to have as much stability as possible and Hayden and especially Caleb have shown to be wild cards in the past. I don’t think she’s going to win like she thinks she will, but now I could easily see her in final 4, maybe final 3 and she’ll be that person that gets no votes. Gervase is 2nd in command and it’s probably the greatest position you could be in in the game, but also the hardest to create a winning case for. If he can somehow make moves to get Tyson out before the final 3, he could be looking at a million dollar win. At tribal, I almost thought Ciera was going home or even that Tyson would be faking finding that idol but that didn’t happen and I’m very glad cause it made for some wonderful moments. I’m excited to see how the season ends, it’s much better than I thought it was going to be, but it still hasn’t given me those key moments I can look back on and say, “Wow what a great season!” Here’s to an exciting finish!

Lynda’s Opinion


So long Baskauskas boys! They had a good ride, but it just wasn’t meant to be… Huge props to Laura and Tina though; #MomIsland is taking over! Another great episode where it was unpredictable to who was going home, well to a certain extent! Ciera was playing with fire flip-flopping between the Coconut Bandits and HayLeb; although she saw it as a way to solidify her alliance with Tyson, it showed off her first-time-player flaws. She is definitely playing hard and I’m looking forward to seeing how her strategy pans out in the coming weeks. Hopefully she hasn’t tarnished herself from getting votes if she makes the final 3. Eat or Compete! Jeff makes me laugh… I was not surprised at all that those 3 sat out and ate. I’m not going to complain, I enjoyed watching them scoff down all that delicious food. I almost wanted the camera to just focus solely on them! But I digress… Even though I am not the biggest Culpepper fan I would love to see Monica surpass the record for most individual immunity challenges won by a female… take it to 5!! On to tribal, what a waste that Tyson used the idol, but perfect timing for everyone else if they want to get him out of the game. This is obviously the best season Tyson has played, but I feel his downfall will come in the following weeks… It has just seemed too easy for him. I felt really bad for Caleb being voted out, both him and Hayden had quite some airtime this episode so it was inevitable; maybe CBS have caught on to the edit/boot link… Next week’s episode looks set to be another doozy with Gervase possibly turning on Tyson. Time for him to make a move! Bring it!

Alan’s Thoughts


A really great episode, I was surprised to see Laura M helping Tina at redemption island duel however if the roles are reversed I don’t see Tina helping Laura M. To be honest I don’t Laura M is expecting her to she just wanted Vytas out. It’s always a telling tale when people sit out of an immunity challenge and eat instead, puts big targets on their backs and although none of the 3 ‘eaters’ went home I reckon it won’t be long (with the exception of Ciera who if she makes the finals has no chance of winning, she was untrustworthy although has played well so far). Tyson really needs an immunity run to make it to the end at this point. I was surprised to see Caleb voted out and if I was a betting man I think chances are high of Laura M going home (and I hope she does!!)”

Survivor Re-cappers: Cirie Fields and Mitchell Olson


Each week we’ll bring you the viewpoint of a former Survivor contestant to hear what they think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season!

Our seventh recap features our second ever dual recap with Cirie Fields from Panama, Micronesia & Heroes vs Villains and Mitchell Olson from Australian Outback, as they discuss meeting each other for the first time on this podcast, the connections each of them have to this season, why they differ on twists such as Redemption Island and hidden idols, how close Cirie was to returning for this season, Mitchell and his relationship with Tina and Katie outside of the show as well as which person they could never vote out if they were to play with them, the different challenges in Survivor today compared to when they played and the return of one of Ben’s favourite ‘surprise’ guests! Cirie & Mitchell then answer our final set of 7 questions as follows:

TIP TO WIN: Tyson (Cirie) Tyson (Mitchell)
DARK HORSE: Monica (Cirie) Katie (Mitchell)
NEXT TO GO: Tina (RI)/Katie (VO) (Cirie) Caleb (RI)/Ciera (VO) (Mitchell)
LOVED ONE THEY WOULD’VE PLAYED WITH: Husband (Cirie) Sister (Mitchell) 
PLAYER MOST SIMILAR TO: Tyson (Cirie) Gervase (Mitchell)

We will have another former contestant joining us next week for another recap, with Cook Islands, Micronesia and Philippines contestant and good friend Jonathan Penner finding himself in the hot seat!

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Week 11 - Comp Image

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2 Comments on Survivor Blood vs. Water-Episode 11 Recap featuring Cirie Fields and Mitchell Olson!

  1. “Why are you allowed to help someone else in a Duel but you can’t do it in an Immunity Challenge?”
    If it is VERBALLY, you can DEFINITELY help someone in a immunity challenge. The thing is that you’re not allowed to help PHYSICALLY the way Sophie asked for Albert to help her.

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