Survivor Blood vs Water Power Rankings–Week 11

Power Rankings Wk11 Graphic

For the 27th season of Blood vs Water we’ll be compiling a weekly POWER RANKINGS, where Ben, Jarryd and selected Ozlets will rank the contestants each week based on performance and strategy and where they are perceived to be in the game! The eleventh episode is over and done with, so where do the contestants currently stand after the eleventh week? Read on to find out!


Each week Ben and Jarryd will rank the remaining contestants based their opinion of where they stand in the game. They will then ask two Ozlets each week (who won’t be disclosed) to also rank the contestants in the same manner, and the four totals will be tallied to produce a total score (except for the pre-game where only Ben & Jarryd will vote). The lowest total score will be ranked at the top, with the second lowest in second, third lowest in third and so on and so forth. Each week the overall list will be published, separated into two tribes. It will combine into one list once the tribes merge. Players sent to Redemption Island  are still considered to be ‘in game’ until they are officially eliminated, therefore their rankings may or may not be higher or lower, depending on the circumstances surrounding them at RI.


1st – Monica


OVERALL: 1st (+2)

BEN: “This is the hardest week so far for rankings and I’ve decided to put a smoky at number one in Monica. Two weeks back I said she wouldn’t win, now I might be about to eat my words. She is a challenge goddess and will never back down no matter what is on offer, and the fact she wasn’t shown at all this week when it came to any strategic talk could possibly benefit her. She is a rock with Tyson and Gervase and looks likely to be in the final three with them, and having previously said she would be the ‘0 votes getter’ I can see her taking a famous victory. She has her challenge ability argument on her side, and the fact that she never wavered along the way from her alliance. She’s been thrown under the bus but snuck through, and her name is barely a passing thought now as somebody to vote off whereas a fortnight ago so was in danger. All these elements I think put Monica in a very very good position right now for the win.”

JARRYD: “Episodes were Monica doesn’t moan are great! Monica can’t win. Even if she wins every single remaining challenge, she can’t win. If she goes to the end with her alliance, she’ll be a goat no matter what. Yes, she may have won challenges, but goats are generally not considered to be voted out because they don’t get Jury votes, so you could make the argument that she didn’t need Immunity. Pre-merge she showed lots of strategic potential, but since Brad left, it’s all gone downhill. Hello Sherri Biethman.” 

OZLET 1:  “Barely seen, which is much nicer than looking incredibly paranoid, and her immunity challenge wins have been very impressive. Needs to still earn back favour if she is to be seen as a winner, but is definitely not in any danger with the way it’s played out for her. Definitely proving to be the stronger Culpepper”

OZLET 2: “Winning consecutive immunity challenges is impressive, and in another season it might be something that gets you the respect and votes of the jury. Not in this case though. I think the game plan of winning immunities to get to the end usually only works when you’re in an underdog position with your back against the wall; someone in a Terry Deitz situation for example. But she’s never been in that position. The editors either throw her under the bus by showing her bragging about lame voting confessionals, or completely ignore her as they have done in the past 2 episodes. She’s not going anywhere anytime soon, but she has final three goat written all over her.”

2nd – Gervase


OVERALL: 2nd (-1)

BEN: “Gerv didn’t do anything this week to warrant being dropped down and I still think he is in a perfect position to win. But I also see him being in a very interesting FTC position right now. On one side I see his game as similar to a Natalie White or a Fabio, and somebody who has gone about things quietly but is sociable and likeable that he can walk away with the money against people who won’t get any jury votes. But I can also see him as a Mick Trimming or Chelsea who people assume have played a decent social game but in the end fall short with a jury who doesn’t want a bar of him. I’m leaning more towards the Natalie/Fabio situation rather than the Mick/Chelsea situation, but it’s close. I hate judging things based off previews, and next week we are lead to believe that he will take on Hayden’s ploy and flip. If he does, it’ll be game suicide for him and he’ll put Hayden in the box seat. But maybe there is more to a move like that than I can ever guess? Show us your game skills Gerv. I’m still rooting for you.”

JARRYD: “Gervase didn’t have that much to do again this week. Stayed loyal to Tyson and we saw some insights into their alliance/friendship. I don’t think he can win if he’s sitting next to Tyson so his best move in coming weeks would be to take him out. If Gervase made a move like that he’s definitely worthy of winning. If he doesn’t and he’s sitting next to Tyson, it’s hard to argue that you were running the entire show.”

OZLET 1: “Sitting behind Tyson nicely, and looks to still have that killer instinct if he wants to let him go, although I don’t know if he’ll have the support. Liked by everyone, and I know it’s likely for no.2s in key alliances to be targeted, but I just don’t see it happening, everyone seems of with Gervase at the moment.”

OZLET 2: “The man from Borneo remains in a fantastic position within this game. Seems to be well liked by the remaining players in the game and has Tyson as a custom made shield from attention. With Tyson also taking it upon himself to be the bad guy, Gervase could find himself at the end with somebody the jury is annoyed with. There are far worse positions for you to find yourself in at final 6.”

3rd – Tyson


OVERALL: 3rd (-1)

BEN: “Tyson playing his idol means he drops down. Had he kept it, he would still be in the top three. But now everyone is aware he can keep secrets from people by hiding the idol so well, and it will make people even more sceptical of him. If Hayden gets Gerv on side, Tyson is a goner or at worst is forced into a tie breaker situation. He may then have to rely on fate to see if he can remain in the game. Everything is building up against him now that he will have to fight fight fight to win if he makes the FTC. I just can’t see it happening though, despite the obvious edit he is getting.”

JARRYD: “What is it with original Tocantins castaways playing great games their third time around? Maybe they should bring back J.T. for a third time and we’d have our second ever two time winner! Tyson’s been great this season but cracks are starting to appear. Wasted his Idol that he’s kept secret for a long while and the heat is definitely on him as the guy who’s running the show. As he said, the next two Tribal’s are crucial. He’s survived one and if he gets through another he will probably win. Hasn’t had to work to hard in challenges and is well fed and watered; look out for a few big challenge performances in coming weeks.”

OZLET 1: “Hilarious Idol moment, if he’d accidentally given it to Katie while emptying his bag could she have played it? In any case, his core 4 now has control, and if everything goes to plan he should be able to waltz to the end, just has to make sure all loose ends are tied up, as he will be the target of any Hayden-led resistance.”

OZLET 2: “The edit has been so pro-Tyson that the game is almost being told from his point of view. There is no doubt that he is playing a fantastic game, and seems to be in complete control. If he can get through this next vote with his numbers in tact, he will make it to the end and he will probably win. But the next vote is so, so crucial. I bet he wishes he hadn’t played that idol last tribal now. However, even if he is taken out he remains a pretty good bet to re-enter the game from Redemption Island due to his challenge prowess. It should be Tyson’s game at this point. Let’s just hope that playing the bad guy doesn’t come back to bite him at some point.”

4th – Ciera


OVERALL: 4th (+1)

BEN: “Ciera cost herself any chance of $1 million this week. Why wouldn’t you side with the original Tadhana and guarantee yourself a F3? They boys wouldn’t take Katie as she had flown under the radar and kept under trouble, and they would’ve perceived Ciera as someone who then would’ve flipped on her main alliance and voted her mother out before flipping to them which easily could take jury votes away from her. But Ciera could’ve used it to her advantage and had a real shot at winning. Now she won’t even make the FTC unless she can pull some challenge skills out of nowhere. She has the power three on her side yes, but again, they are all returning players and have the smarts to not take her to the end. One thing on her side though is her mother. She is killing it at RI and is surely hot favourite to return now. She comes back in the game at F6/5 then Ciera finds herself in a very hot and interesting position. Surely she won’t vote her mother out twice and at such a pivotal part of the season? Destined for fourth, but is keeping her fingers crossed.”

JARRYD: “Ciera was stuck in-between a rock and a hard place this week. I think that whatever decision she made, (stick with Tyson and Co. or flip and align with Caleb and Hayden), it wouldn’t have changed the outcome of her game. At this stage, I don’t think she can win. If she went with the Tadhana boys she would be seen as a flipper and she will mostly be seen somewhat as a goat alongside Tyson. (Probably more as a “Chelsea” than a true Survivor goat). Unless she makes a move with the “odds and ends” that are left in the game, she’ll snare a few Jury votes but not enough for the win.”

OZLET 1: “Survives, but that feels like all it is for her now, going to the end with stronger players who should beat her at the final tribal. Seen as a bigger threat by Tyson now so should watch her back, plus her mother on Redemption is still going to overhang, even if she’s shown she’s willing to discard her.”

OZLET 2: “Oh, Ciera. I loved you last episode and have been rooting for you all season, and you ruined it last episode! Why, oh why did you run back to Tyson and tell all about the plan to oust him? It was perfect, and it gave you a guaranteed final three with Caleb and Hayden, where you had a shot of winning. I don’t see you making the final three now. I’m hoping I’m wrong, but you’ve shown yourself to be sneaky and everybody is aware of it. I see you being used as a vote, before being promptly voted off pretty quickly. You might even find yourself turned on before the end of the next episode if people decide you can be trusted. It’s so sad, you had so much potential and you ruined it.”

5th – Hayden


OVERALL: 5th (+1)

BEN: “I’m sure you’re wondering how I can put Hayden in third given his play didn’t work and he is seemingly now at the bottom. But I’m not so sure. Again, not basing this entirely off next week, but the guy finally showed me something big that I have been waiting for all season and I have an inkling it could just work out for him. He has biding his time and waited till the final 7 to make a move, which was smart. If he survives next week, he then sees himself at the final 5 (assuming the RI winner doesn’t come back at that point) and another move can be made. Even if the RI winner does come back and it’s a F6, he can still try and make a move to turn things up. And I think he has the smarts to do it.”

JARRYD: “Dead man walking. Much bigger threat than Katie despite being a little slow on the uptake. Needs to find a way in next week and judging by previews, he might have enough charm to do that. Apart from Katie, I think he’s currently the least deserving player to go onto win because he hasn’t done anything for himself yet. Disappointing so far this season after big expectations after winning Big Brother.”

OZLET 1: “– Let’s see your Big Brother social skills put to the test man! Really at the bottom now, lost his key ally, and has been ok without standing out in challenges, so it’s time to start stepping up if you don’t want to be next on Redemption”

OZLET 2: “He lost his partner in crime last episode in Caleb, but the game is not over for Hayden in any shape or form. Out of the new players he seems to be the one with the most strategic chops, and if he can stage a revolution against Tyson this episode he will be in the prime position to win the game. He hasn’t annoyed anybody on the jury; he seems likeable and has a win in an American reality show under his belt already. This is a make or break week coming up for him.”

6th – Katie


OVERALL: 6th (+1)

BEN: “Katie is the little train that could, but where is that steam coming from? I think we saw more of her in this episode than in any other, but I just can’t see her winning. I just can’t. What’s her argument should she make it to the end? What has she done to actually say “I deserve the money?” Not taking away from her as a person as she seems like a great girl, but it’s just amazing that she keeps surviving week after week. Tyson wanting to turn things against her though was funny, as wasn’t she already at the bottom of the pile without her doing that?”

JARRYD: ”A pawn in the game. Katie is expendable and will be taken out when it’s necessary. Will be popular on the Jury so it would be silly to take her along as a goat. She has come out of herself the past few episodes, offering more in confessionals, but I still find her boring. Shades of Sophie from South Pacific; performed okay in challenges so could go on an unexpected Immunity run.” 

OZLET 1: “Good anonymous, clueless gameplay. Just listen to the people that tell you it’s not you, and work with it. Can’t see her making any moves to get further, but isn’t in danger this week now the key alliance has split, still in trouble in the long run.”

OZLET 2: “A complete non-entity so far this season. She has managed the remarkable feat of being in the minority alliance pretty much from the beginning of the season, with only 2 episodes after the tribe swap relieving her of that pressure. With that against-the-odds story easy to tell, there is a reason it hasn’t been. Although she has three jury votes sewn up if she gets to the final three, there is absolutely no way it’s happening.”

7th – Laura M


OVERALL: 7th (+1)

BEN: “Ozzy can get stuffed, Laura is the RI master. This woman just won’t quit, and if she doesn’t return to the game for a second time then I will be extremely surprised. Helping Tina was a stroke of genius, and if she can come back in the game and do what Ozzy couldn’t and win her way into the FTC, then she can win this season. It would be remarkable and put her in a league of her own as a winner of the show, but she has a lot of work ahead of her to pull it off.”

JARRYD: “Dominant display in this week’s Duel. At this stage, is definitely the odds on favourite to return to the game, (once again), given she’s very good in the Duels. Has shown earlier in the season she can win her way back in so why can’t she do it twice? If she returns for a second time and makes a move to find herself sitting at the Final Tribal Council, she will definitely pull a few votes.”

OZLET 1: “Should win on Redemption again, all challenges have suited her perfectly. Didn’t like her helping Tina, as it could cost Ciera down the line with disgruntled jury members, but for her personally, it gives her a better shot at getting back in the game, which I feel will happen.”

OZLET 2: “The redemption island powerhouse, she’s going to win the challenge again and prolong her stay in purgatory for a little longer. She might be able to help Ciera by giving her the immunity clue, but her daughter will probably burn it again. Ironically, I give Laura a bigger chance of winning now than her daughter has.”

8th – Tina


OVERALL: 8th (+2)

BEN: “Never write this woman off! Tina is amazing and deserves the longevity she is getting right now. For someone who first played over a decade ago, won, then came back a second time to be voted out and then plays a third time nearly twenty seasons later to last two RI duals and stay in the game in her 50s is amazing. I think Gordon Holmes needs to change the Hall of Fame rules and allow BvW cast members to be included, because Tina would be getting my vote hands down. Keep going girl!”

JARRYD: “Tina survived again largely due to Laura’s help. Whether it was cheating or not remains to be seen but Tina will survive another week next week. She won’t win the challenge, (Laura is too good), but she’ll doe enough to finish second and oust Caleb. Can’t see her returning to the game and if she does, she has nobody left to work with.”

OZLET 1: “Scraped through with help, so I don’t see why that won’t happen again for hopeful long-term gain, but really just hanging on by a threat.”

OZLET 2: “The redemption island surprise package. She’ll finish second again, with no real fanfare or excitement. After Caleb’s edit this season, there is no way he doesn’t get sent promptly to Ponderosa.”

9th – Caleb


OVERALL: 9th (-5)

BEN: “Caleb can look back at his time on the show as the man who pulled a blinder at TC to get rid of one of the most polarising players this season, but not much else. It’s a shame, I like Caleb and he had so much potential after that vote out. But the switch hurt him, and he hasn’t shown anything really since. Had Ciera been smart and stuck with him and Hayden, he was sitting pretty for a FTC spot. But now, he is up against two mothers in red hot form and I don’t think he will win. It’s a shame, but he did all he could with the cards given to him.” 

JARRYD: “Caleb has a zero percent chance of winning. If he wins, it will be the biggest surprise so far this season.”

OZLET 1: “Weird to say this, but I have no clue how good or bad Caleb is at most challenges. His tribe sucked early on (not his fault), and he never really had a huge role in puzzles, so I’m not expecting anything from him, but you never know, Redemption has had some huge sho….wait no it hasn’t! Maybe besides Andrea’s win…so I’m definitely not expecting anything of note.”

OZLET 2: “-”

Our next Power Rankings will be up after the twelfth episode! What do you think of our rankings? Agree? Disagree? Let us know your thoughts below!



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    hahahahaha jarryd said coach played a great game what an idiot.

  2. i find it funny how everyone this season has a wide face, or maybe thats just the pics.

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