Survivor Blood vs. Water-Episode 12 Recap featuring Jonathan Penner!


Survivor Blood vs. Water continues this week with the twelfth episode of the season. Of course with everything that happened you might be a little overawed, so we’re to to recap the action for you! Joining us, we have our resident recap expert Jarryd and Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend Jonathan Penner from Survivor: Cook Islands, Survivor: Micronesia and Survivor: Philippines!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

This week on Blood vs. Water, another castaway is sent home from Redemption, an Idol is found, we finally get a Immunity Challenge that involves physical activity and an explosive Tribal Council results in this episode being one of the greatest of all time!

Kasama return to camp on Night Twenty-nine minus Caleb. Hayden congratulates the tribe on the good move they made to get rid of Caleb, admitting that he “didn’t see it coming”. With his game hanging in the balance, Hayden throws caution to the winds, informing the tribe that he hopes they “like second place” because if Tyson gets to the end he will win because he’s played a “hell of a game”. This fires Gervase up who screams comically at Hayden that he has also played a good game, saying “Tyson couldn’t do nothing if it wasn’t for me!”. He continues yelling, (comically), about how without him, Tyson wouldn’t be where he is. Hayden tells Gervase that he “has his hand on his back” but Tyson is the one “pulling the trigger” and that if he sits next to him at the end, “he’ll beat you all day”. Hayden continues, proclaiming that it doesn’t matter who sits next to Tyson, they won’t beat him. Tyson asks Hayden why he’s “throwing me under the bus” with Hayden expressing that he “has to do something” and that what is saying is “flat out the truth” because Tyson “deserves to win the game”.


Hayden tells the tribe none of them can beat Tyson at the end game. (Image Credit: CBS)

All this talk about how fantastic he’s played isn’t music to Tyson’s ears. He admits that hearing how well others think he’s played is a good thing, it also puts a big target on his back. He admits that it was a bad move playing that Idol and he should have saved it for the next Tribal Council, before admitting that he “trusts his alliance” and therefore wasting the Idol hopefully won’t come back to bite him. Tyson gathers Ciera, Gervase and Monica in for a team meeting to discuss the next vote. They agree that Hayden will be next to go, unless he wins Immunity, in which case, they’ll be saying goodbye to Katie.


  It’s time to go… Hayden? (Image Credit: CBS)

We skip ahead to the Redemption Island Duel. As he walks in, Caleb refuses to look at anybody from the Kasama tribe. Jeff asks why, with Caleb saying their are only two faces he wants to look at. He then proclaims, “a mans word is a mans word and that means something in the south”, before stating, “doesn’t mean much in Philly and Utah”. (In other words, Gervase’s and Tyson’s word means nothing). Gervase responds, saying that he’s “old school” and a mans word is a mans word but it cancels out when they tried to play dirty first before suggesting that Caleb is a “sore loser”. Harsh words wise old Gervi-wan!

For this week’s Duel, each castaway will have one hundred and fifty wooden tiles and will need to use them to build a eight foot, (rough two and a half meter), house of cards. The first two people to reach eight foot move on or if the Duel reaches the half an hour mark with nobody or only one person reaching the mark, the one/two people with the highest card tower will move on. As always, the winner will have the power to assign the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol to whoever their heart desires.

The Duel begins with everyone trying to work out how they want to give their tower structure. Laura is off to a quick start as Tina struggles early on to get much going. We flash forward to the twenty-four minute mark where Laura is in cruise-control, well ahead at around seven foot, whilst Tina is a three and Caleb languishing at two. As Laura reaches the top of her tower, she drops several tiles, but not enough to damage her tower. She places the final two tiles onto her tower, pushing her past the eight foot mark, Jeff counts down from three, making sure the tower is steady, then declares Laura the winner. (who needs Ozzy when you’ve got Laura M!)


Susie Smith, (Survivor: Gabon), loves this challenge. (Image Credit: CBS)

Jeff informs Caleb and Tina that they have three minutes left as Laura tells Tina that she has a “good lead on him and to relax”. That isn’t the case though as Caleb has picked up the pace, closing the gap on Tina, who is struggling to get tiles to stand up. With two minutes to go, Caleb is in the lead as Tina continues struggling, which results in her swearing for only the second time ever. As the Duel draws to within a minute of being over, Caleb has a half a foot lead over Tina, who drops more tiles. Approaching the thirty second mark, Caleb heads down his ladder to collect more tiles and we see his tower is extremely unstable. As Caleb gathers more tiles, he can only watch as the lean becomes too much and his tower tumbles to the ground; completely destroyed. Tina gets told just to sit and wait out the time as Caleb begins to aimlessly re-stack his tiles. Tina counts down the final ten seconds of the Duel, as she books her place on the island for another day.

Post-Duel, Probst comments that Caleb impressed everyone with his work ethic and how he handled Colton, remarking that their relationship is “still a mystery” to him. Caleb says that opposite attract but they are also similar and then, (in reply to Jeff’s question about how they are similar), simply says “we’re both guys”. With that, Caleb heads out, dropping his Buff as he does so.


Caleb is eliminated from the game. (Image Credit: CBS)

Before everyone else heads out, Laura has to decide who to give the clue to; which she unpredictably gives to a exited Ciera, who proclaims that she’s “keeping it” this time.


  “My precious!” (Image Credit: CBS)

Once back at camp, Ciera confesses that she really wanted her mum to win today in order to get the clue. The confessional continues to play as she drags Gervase, Monica and Tyson off to “get more water”, and she reveals she’s going to read the clue to the group so that Hayden or Katie don’t find the Idol. She reads the clue to the group as Gervase gets a confessional  how happy he was that Ciera decided to share the clue.4

  Ciera reads the clue to the Idol to her alliance. (Image Credit: CBS)

Back at camp, Hayden and Katie see the group through the trees searching for the Idol. The pair wonder what to do and decide to go off looking to. Gervase laughs as he does this whilst the outcast pair begin to look around for the Idol as well.


  “Wish they’d hurry up with that water” – Hayden and Katie ponder whether they should join in the hunt for the Idol. (Image Credit: CBS)

During the hunt, Tyson manages to get off on his own to look for the clue and gets another confessional. He discusses how important it is for him to find the Idol because then he’ll know who has it and because he’s a threat. He explains that since Rachel left, his goal has been to play the game and get to the end, revealing that if he didn’t achieve this, he wouldn’t have felt comfortable about not taking her place on Redemption Island. He then says that he feels he’s “so close” to the end but still feels as if it’s about to be “pulled out from under me” – That right there folks, is foreshadowing as it’s very best!

Tyson seems to have had a lot of luck this season and it’s yet to run out as he goes onto discover the Idol. As he climbs down from the tree, he tells us that he has to shove it in his crutch, because he has no pockets and there is already a bulge down there. As he talks through his success, you can see the relief wash over him as he realises that the Idol is once again safely in his pocket and he decides to keep it a secret. Tyson continues, remarking that having on Idol on the loose was the “diciest” part of the game so far and now he has it, he can relax and “take a nap”.


  Tyson breathes easy once again as he finds the re-hidden Idol. (Image Credit: CBS)

As hinted last week, Hayden seeks out Gervase to see where his head is at. Gervase says that his head is “always in the game” as Hayden pitches his plan to him to blindside Tyson. Gervase asks for information about how they could do it, with Hayden revealing that he has Katie and that they will only need to get Ciera onside in order to have majority. Gervase tells him that for him to be in on the plan, it has to be one hundred percent set. However, later he confesses that he doesn’t trust Hayden and despite the fact he’s playing the game, he does trust Tyson, but, (yes there is always a but), Gervase admits he isn’t going to rule out Hayden as a viable option to move forward in the game with.


   Gervase and Hayden discuss blindsiding Tyson. (Image Credit: CBS)

Day thirty-two and it’s challenge time! For the challenge, the castaways will have to race through a series of obstacles whilst balancing a ball on a pole. After each obstacle, they will have to add a section of pole to their pole, thus making it longer and more difficult to keep the ball on the end of it. If the ball drops off their pole at any time, they have to return to the start of the obstacle. Once they have gotten past the three obstacles, they will have to untie a rope gate, drop their ball into a hole, which will release a key. The key will untie a chest containing sandbags, which they will have to use to knock over nine bamboo poles. The first person to finish wins Immunity and a Reward of an afternoon of ice-cream back at camp!


   The Kasama tribe cross the first obstacle in the Day Thirty-two Immunity Challenge. (Image Credit: CBS)

The first obstacles involves climbing over a post, going under a post, (with the pole and ball going above it), and then stepping over a post once again. Tyson drops his ball early as everyone adjusts to the challenge. Monica is first through the obstacle and begins untying her second section of pole. Soon after Gervase and Tyson begin untying their section section, before Hayden joins them and Monica sets off on obstacle number two; a balance beam. Katie and Ciera fall further behind as Hayden struggles with the balance beam and Monica, Gervase and Tyson make a successful balance beam crossing and begin to untie their final section of pole. Monica gets it first and takes off on another, more complicated balance beam as Gervase and Tyson hurry to catch up. Hayden begins to untie his third section of pole, as Ciera and Katie fall further behind as Katie’s ball falls off and hits her on the head several times.


   Gervase and Monica make their way across the third and final obstacle. (Image Credit: CBS)

Monica finishes the balance beam first and begins untying her rope gate. Gervase isn’t far behind, as he works on his gate, Monica works on unlocking her chest. Ciera, Tyson and Hayden are all attempting to cross their final obstacle and Katie… actually, I have no idea where Katie is, she’s probably dealing with a minor concussion. Monica releases her lock first and begins throwing sandbags, knocking off her first bamboo pole. Gervase is only seconds behind her and his life as a basketball coach pays off as he knocks multiple bamboo poles off in quick succession to claim the lead.


   Gervase, Tyson and Monica attempt to knock over their bamboo poles. (Image Credit: CBS)

Tyson catches up, unlocks his chest and begins throwing sandbags as Gervase ties to knock off his last bamboo pole and Monica has four remaining. In a tense few minutes, Monica is successful in knocking two of her bamboo poles off as Gervase throws and misses countless times, has to collect his sandbags and then finally successes in knocking his final bamboo post to the ground in order to claim Immunity!


  Thirteen years in the making; Gervase is reunited with the Immunity Necklace. (Image Credit: CBS)

Jeff presents Gervase with Immunity and then gives him the chance to pick somebody to enjoy the ice-cream Reward alongside him. He decided to choose Monica, saying that they are now “even” as this is payback for offering up the hotdogs the other week. Jeff then tells Gervase to pick one more person, with Gervase choosing “my left hand man, Tyson” who states that it’s a good feeling and Gervase called him his left hand man because he’s left handed. Everyone heads back to camp with Jeff’s words of people making “million dollar mistakes” when choosing who to give Reward to, ringing in everyone’s ears.

After the challenge, Gervase’s confesses that he currently in a very good position because he has Immunity and is in a very secure alliance with Tyson and Monica, as three. When you add Ciera, that makes four, giving them majority. An ice-cream cart arrives at camp and the trio indulge as the three former Tadhana’s watch on hungrily.


  Anyone for ice-cream? (Image Credit: CBS)

Whilst they ice-ream is nice treat, Hayden is more worried about securing his position in the game so chats to Ciera about making a move to blindside Tyson. He informs her that she’s currently sitting in fourth place and if she joins them she can definitely make the Final Tribal Council because they will have majority if she joins them. Ciera confesses that her plan in the last few days is to give Hayden and Katie a glimmer of hope, (probably to secure Jury votes), but she has never had any intention of joining up with them.


   Hayden tries to convince Ciera that “big moves” win you the game. (Image Credit: CBS)

Ciera questions the incidentals of Hayden’s plan as he explains that he has Katie’s vote and that if Ciera joins them, Gervase will be onboard, giving them majority. He continues by stating that Tyson may or may not have an Idol, so at Tribal they should make a stand in order for Tyson to play his Idol, then vote out Monica. Hayden explains to Ciera that she has to “have a resume to win” and making this big move could result in her winning. Ciera is wary though, telling Hayden that if she votes with them, it will be a “three-three vote and I’m not doing that”.

Gervase joins the conversation, with Hayden expressing that neither of them want second place and that if they rally together, they will have enough votes to blindside Tyson and then Katie will be sent home next. Gervase claims Tyson has the numbers, with Hayden saying that he might be he also knows everyone is going to lose to him in the end. Gervase counter argues, saying that he believes he has a chance to beat Tyson because they have made the same crimes. Gervase confesses that Hayden has to go tonight and then Katie will be next because she’s hung around to long. Ciera agrees with Gervase’s earlier point, expressing that Katie has a big chance to beat her in the end because of the people who will be sitting on the Jury, as does Hayden. Hayden, becoming frustrated, tries his best to stress to Ciera that she wants to win the game, not finish second or third because nobody “gives a stuff about them”. Hayden confesses that he doesn’t like to lose and it’s frustrating that Ciera and Gervase don’t want to “roll with me”. Losing hope fast, Hayden decided to tell Tyson in front of the tribe that he’s sitting their attempting to get him blindsided and it’s nothing personal, he’s just “trying to play the game”. As we head off to Tribal, Hayden says that the “chapter is not closed yet” and therefore he’ll go into Tribal, “guns blazing”.


      Hayden tries desperately to convince Ciera and Gervase that they should vote alongside him. (Image Credit: CBS)

Tribal gets underway with Hayden confirming Jeff’s suspicions that the tribe is still split four-two, with Tyson controlling the three people in his alliance. Ciera says that Hayden can think what he wants to think because she is comfortable in her alliance. Jeff then questions why she wasn’t chosen by Gervase to enjoy the Reward, with Ciera squiring, saying that she had been involved in a lot of food Rewards already and that’s why she wasn’t chosen, which she doesn’t have an issue with. Gervase stupidly says that he chose the two original Galang members because he has fought alongside them for thirty-two days, (you were actually on a separate tribe from Monica for about a week mate), with Jeff highlighting this to Ciera, saying that it’s not good, which Ciera agrees to. Hayden states that his goal is to sway Ciera and that Tyson is controlling people. He admits that himself and Caleb took a back seat whilst Tyson made all the moves behind the scenes, voting out Aras, Vytas and then Laura Morett. Tyson asks Ciera whether he was the one wanting to vote her her mum, with Ciera admitting that it was in fact Caleb and Hayden that wanted to vote her out.

Jeff asks Katie where she fits into the situation. Katie starts to say that during the “whole political what-have-you”, before Jeff interrupts saying “that is Survivor, this is where the game is won or lost. Do you get that?” Talk about harsh! Katie says that she has been on the bottom so therefore hasn’t been involved in those conversations. Monica says that Ciera flipping would be a bad move because “four is better than six”. Monica explains that you don’t know who has made promises to who and at this point in the game “you start thinking about who you can beat”. Hayden cuts Monica off, saying that Monica inadvertently told Ciera she is number four in the alliance and that if she switches and sides with them, “there is no number four, there is only three”. Gervase denies this, saying that on “that side” Ciera has a “backstabber, a backstabber, a liar, a liar. What she has on this side is honest words, people who keep their word and keep it all together”, which the Jury find extremely humorous and begin laughing. Hayden asks Gervase why they are laughing, with Gervase replying that they are laughing because “they tried to stab us in the back and they got played first!


        Name someone who lies, cheats and backstabs? A Survivor castaway! The Jury find some of the sentiments at Tribal Council hilarious. (Image Credit: CBS)

Gervase continues, telling Hayden that nobody in the alliance is entertaining jumping ship and that there is “one, two, three, four”, (labeling Ciera as number four), then telling Hayden that he is going on the Jury. Jeff, who hasn’t missed a beat, tells Gervase that once again Ciera was labeled as number four, which Gervase claims that was “just how I’m counting” before expressing to Ciera that she knows she “isn’t going home tonight” but if she was to make a move it would be now. Whilst Gervase says this, Hayden whispers to Katie and Ciera to write down Monica’s name. Jeff asks Tyson whether they will see a three-three split and go to drawing rocks with Tyson stating that he “doesn’t believe Ciera is four”, with Jeff saying that it would mean “Monica is four”; with Monica saying “perhaps”. Hayden lays it on the line, saying that if Ciera isn’t four, Monica definitely is four. Tyson asks whether this means himself and Gervase are number one and two with Hayden confirming this.

Tyson talks directly to Ciera, telling her that he’s never betrayed her or written her name down and plans to continue on protecting her. Hayden then has his turn, saying that she can be number four all day long, or “she can come with us an draw rocks” which is a big move. Gervase has his turn at persuading Ciera, saying that when Hayden got back to camp after the last Tribal Council, Tyson would be getting his vote, meaning that he’s “wishy-washy” and isn’t being “real” like they have been. Hayden informs Ciera that telling the tribe about Tyson was to “rustle feathers”. As both Hayden and Katie try to explain this, Tyson interjects telling Hayden the correct terms is “ruffle, not rustle”, which he claims is a first name. Hayden, myself and everyone else are gob smacked at what Tyson is saying at such a critical time with Hayden recovering in time to say it means the same thing and he meant “rustle, r-u-s-t-l-e”. Jeff’s in hysterics, unable to believe that the pair are having a conversation about ‘rustle’ and ‘ruffle’ only moments before a huge vote.


         Rustle or Ruffle? Image these two playing Words With Friends! (Image Credit: CBS)

Before the vote, each side gives their final pitch to Ciera. Hayden tells her that she’s sitting in fourth on that side and if she makes a big move tonight, “she’s a millionaire”, with Tyson telling her that if it doesn’t work out, “you could be going home tonight by drawing a rock”. With that it’s time to vote. Whilst voting, Gervase gives a very loud voting confessional, (very similar to Crystal Cox, Gabon), about why he’s voting for “Haydone” which everyone finds funny. Once everyone has voted, Jeff collects the vote and asks about the Idol. Tyson decided not to play it. The votes are read, Hayden gets the first two, then Monica gets two, locking it up at two-two. Monica then gets a third vote with Hayden then receiving his third make, making it a –three-three tie. Jeff informs everyone of the re-vote rules, explaining they can only vote for Hayden or Monica. Every casts another vote, with Ciera openly laughing about the situation as she goes to vote. Jeff collects and reads the votes once again with the result being yet another deadlock.

Jeff informs everyone that in the result of a second tie, the four players who didn’t get votes will be given the opportunity to discuss who should be sent home and can send someone home if they make a unanimous decision. After a quick discussing in which everyone confirms they aren’t changing their votes, we go to rock drawing for only the second time in Survivor history! Jeff explains that Gervase won’t have to draw a rock because he has Immunity and neither Hayden nor Monica will have to draw; meaning that either Ciera, Katie or Tyson will be going home.

Jeff presents a bag, with each of them drawing a rock. He explains that their are two black rocks and one white rock, (as if they ditched the purple rock!), with the white rock indicating that you’re going home. He tells them to put their hands, palm up in front of them, then counts them down from three to reveal. In one of the most heart stopping Survivor moments in a very, very, very long time, all three open their hands, with Katie going down in history as the second person to be eliminated by the purple/white rock tie-breaker.


             Katie draws the dreaded “purple rock” which is white this time around. (Image Credit: CBS)

As Katie collects her torch, Hayden wishes Katie good luck and Tyson tells Monica to “stay with us”. Tyson then gives Katie a hug, telling her it was a “ballsey move and he didn’t think she had the balls to do that”, before pointing to the Jury and telling her, “that’s your chair over there, one of those”. As Katie heads up to get her torch snuffed, Hayden apologises to her with Katie telling him that’s its okay and for him to “go get em!” Ciera questions why Tyson is glaring at her which is denies. Probst snuffs Katie’s torch and she leaves.


             Katie the tribe has spoken. Grab your torch and head to Redemption Island. (Image Credit: CBS)

Probst has is mandatory final words, Tyson says, “the lines in the sand” and Hayden leaves Tribal Council, with Tyson calling him back to take his torch, because he forgot to take it, like Abi did in Philippines.

When she arrives at Redemption Island, Katie tells her mum and Laura about drawing rocks and that she drew the wrong rock, confessing later on that she got the white rock and therefore, “got rocked”.

Next week, Tina faces an agonizing decision about how to play on Redemption Island and Ciera tells Monica Tyson has been bad mouthing her, with Monica questioning whether she should stop playing the “puppy dog game”.

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Ben’s Opinion


That was one of the greatest episodes in the history of Survivor.

It had it all, drama, humour and backstabbing and just goes to show how great this game can be, even in its ‘modern format’. I was literally on the edge of my seat the entire episode and that ending? WOW! To be fair thanks to CBS spoiling it last week, not everything was a complete surprise, but it was fun as all hell to watch it happen. The ‘purple rock’ coming back was great (although why is it white and not purple anymore?) and added a great element to this season. Ciera flipping back to her Tadhana crew came a week too late though, and by her doing that now she certainly cost herself any chance of winning this game. I have to say a big WOW to Hayden though, as I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for him to come forward and show me what he has got, and finally he has. He has the potential to be a great player and he has been sitting around biding his time all season and now has been really making his mark. It won’t work it seems, but it’s great to watch. I expect more Big Brother players to make the jump across to Survivor in the future.

Caleb I’m sure is sitting around now building house of cards non-stop because seriously, how close was that? He was less than 30 seconds away from staying in this game but BAM it literally fell down like a house of cards. It was a shame to see him go, as he had that shining light of an episode against Brad but then fizzled, and he would’ve made a great FTC campaign had Ciera sided with them last week.

Was great to see a challenge that involved some movement and not just standing around, and so great to see my man Gerv pull through an immunity win! So close for Monica to equal the female immunity record in a season but she still has a couple more weeks to try and get it. The ice cream reward was slightly anticlimactic, but still great to see. Although I wasn’t sure if that was perhaps Erik Reichenbach making a cameo appearance with that cart.

Next week can’t come soon enough, and it’s hard to believe there are only two more episodes to go! What an epic season and I can’t wait to see how it will all unfold!

Jarryd’s Opinion


What a fantastic episode! Without doubt, one of the top ten, probably top five episodes of all time!

Whilst CBS might have stupidly release a promo last week that hinted of what was going to happen, it was still highly enjoyable to see it play out. I went into the episode, knowing a lot about it thanks to a certain promo and therefore didn’t expect much, but it delivered beyond my expectations!

Whilst the Duel wasn’t the greatest Duel ever, it came down to the wire and I felt horrible for Caleb… if the challenge had finished a minute before it was scheduled to, Tina goes home.

Probst was in his element this episode, producing some classic one-liners, that, whilst funny, where definitely on the harsh side at times – I mean he did question Colton and Caleb’s relationship.

I’m not a Tyson fan but I love the guy this season. The relief that came across his face when he found the Idol was next to none, you could literally see his brain ticking over as he came to the realisation that he had it again and he was once again back in a decent position. Pure emotion like that about the game itself, not about friendships etc., is something I love.

We finally got a decent physical challenge and it wasn’t one we’d seen before! About time they got their act together. Monica is proving extremely dominant in challenge and will be a threat if she isn’t in a position to make the Final Three via alliances. It was good to see Gervase successful, he’s a very likeable guy and it’s good to see the “fairy-tale story” come into play. However, he’s choices as to who to take on Reward and a lot of his comments during Tribal were very damaging for his game and it may have cost him.

Hayden was brilliant this episode and lived up to what I expected him to all season long. It’s taken him a long time and unfortunately, I don’t think it will matter in the end, but he did save himself from being a ‘Mick Trimming’ of the season.

Tribal itself was fantastic, from every pleading with Cirie for her vote, to the rustle/ruffle debate and then Tyson not playing the Idol. It was brilliant, the editing was perfect, I honestly don’t think we could have asked for a better episode. As for all the doubters, how can you say Survivor is dead after this season and in particular, this episode? Flogs!

I can’t wait for next week and more importantly Monday week, (finale day in Australia). Here’s hoping we get two killer episodes and I hope Tyson takes out the title!

Nick’s Opinion


What a shocking tribal council! At least it would have been if the promos hadn’t ruined all the surprise. And if the person ultimately booted had been given any screen time. Pretty cool to go to rocks after 23 seasons but a shame that it ultimately didn’t change anything. I guess that sometimes how it goes, but how cool it would have been to see Tyson go out in this way? Seriously, can anyone else win this game except him? Clearly Hayden is the only one with any sense, although others are starting to pick up on it. Hey, its only day 33. Better late than never,right? Sorry, I’m finding it hard to get on the Tyson bandwagon when we are being force fed how great he is and what an emotional journey it is for him whilst he is also mocking Katie after she leaves. Tyson has made a truckload of mistakes in this game but no one has capitalised on them. Gervase had his chance tonight and blew it. And now he will get second, or third. Unless the jurors vote on ball balancing skill alone. And poor Caleb. Talk about a awkward exit. Probst needs to lay off Colton now, we get the point. No matter what you think of him, this is Caleb’s fiancée and he probably could do with having a little bit of slack cut after he has just lost at Redemption Island. So just two episodes to go, it seems pretty clear what happens from here on out but I’m hoping for a surprise. Fingers crossed…

Rileigh’s Opinion


This episode started off fairly weak. I really hope this is the last season that we see Redemption Island. It is just a waste of time and it takes away from the real game that is going on. Having three players out of the game, whom we hear nothing from until the “duel” and who have nothing really to add to the game strategy wise, is just pointless. Aras and Vytas’s vote offs a few weeks ago should have been huge moments, but they were completely diminished by the presence of Redemption Island. Also, as I’ve mentioned many times before, the combined Immunity and Reward deprives us of a lot of the entertainment that separate Reward Challenges has brought us in past seasons. It probably means we won’t see a Survivor Auction this season, which is so disappointing.

Anyway, enough Redemption Island ranting and back to the episode. Hayden came out guns blazing from the very start of the episode, pointing out the obvious fact that Tyson is walking his way to the million dollars. I am so impressed with Hayden at this point, as he is clearly fighting to stay in the game. Katie, on the other hand… well I won’t get into that. Hayden is saying all the right things to spread doubt into the minds of Gervase and Ciera, and to do it so overtly in front of Tyson is pretty impressive. He is definitely a competitor and I am rooting for him to somehow make it to the end. I’m disappointed that Tyson found the Idol again, as it makes it that much more likely that he will get to the finals. Although he would certainly be a deserving winner, it would be one of the most predictable ends to a season, and I truly hope there is more to this season than that.

I was so happy to see an Immunity Challenge that was completely new. It’s basically a rarity in Survivor nowadays, so it was very refreshing to see something different and something that actually involved movement. Monica is such a strong female challenger and I am just baffled by the edit she is getting, because it seems as though she is only being shown during the challenges. I think she at least deserves more of a story arc than what she is getting, and something like Redemption Island is probably taking away a lot of the time that could be devoted to the less seen characters like Monica and Katie. Gervase, who was also predominantly unseen for the majority of this season, has finally been brought into the spotlight, and it’s about time. Gervase is wildly entertaining, and it’s just a shame that it has taken this long for him to show his true colours.

Now to Ciera. Finally, FINALLY, she has shown some guts and made a big move in the game, and I can at last give her some respect for that. Before what happened at Tribal Council, I could absolutely see her turning into a Natalie Tenerelli-like player – blindly loyal to the dominating player and willing to be taken along to the end without even attempting to play the game for herself. It was so frustrating to watch, but I am so glad I was proven wrong, because I am so tired of seeing players like that season after season. It was really a mistake by Gervase, who very unsubtly pointed out her position in their alliance. But Ciera stuck up for herself, and I give her so much props for that. It really was a fantastic Tribal Council. In a way, I’m glad Tyson didn’t pick the white rock (by the way, why did they have to change the colour – purple is so much better than white!), because I think he has worked so hard the entire game that it would be kind of disheartening to see him go out that way. However, it pretty much cemented the Final Three in Tyson, Gervase and Monica, and it will take a lot to bring them down from here on in. Hopefully there will be more unpredictability in this season, but I’m not that convinced.

Jimmy’s Opinion


WOW! WOW! WOW! I can’t believe what I just watched. Jeff Probst said it best when he said, “There are no words that can top what just happened.” I am still in amazement, unbelievable! I must say that that was one of the top 3 Tribal Councils that I have seen in a very long time. The other two are from Survivor Samoa in case you’re wondering but that’s a different story altogether. WOW!

The tribal council was fascinating to watch as the everyone was trying to get Ciera’s attention to vote along with them. I felt for her as it looked like she was between a rock and a hard place. I honestly thought that she would remain tight with Tyson, Gervase and Monica to vote out Hayden. But something must have clicked and she soon realised that she was at the bottom of that alliance. She made a brave choice and took the gamble to go with Katie and Hayden. It’s a shame though, as Ciera waited for so long to make a big move in the game. It would have been the perfect opportunity to blindside either Tyson or Monica. Maybe, just maybe, if she was opened to Hayden’s suggestion back at camp before Tribal Council as well as getting support from Gervase, the plan would’ve worked out.

I don’t agree with the drawing of rocks, something that we haven’t seen since season 4. I would’ve liked to have seen maybe another fire making challenge or perhaps a mini duel between Ciera, Katie and Tyson. That would’ve made things a little more interesting. You can’t just put your fate on a coloured rock in a game for a million dollars. It was sad to see Katie go.

Another thing that I didn’t like, was the way Gervase was acting a little cocky in writing Hayden’s name at the voting booth. He was quoted as saying that ‘Big Brother is not like Survivor.’ But correct me if I’m wrong, Hayden has already won a million dollars, Gervase hasn’t.

Things won’t be looking good for Ciera from her on in. She has only Hayden in her alliance, so it looks like her number might be up soon. I hope that she can ‘ruffle some feathers’ in the coming weeks….I meant, ‘Russell’……or is it ‘rustle’? Oh, I give up!

Ky’s Opinion


OH EM GEE!! What an episode!

First of all F**K YOU to CBS for spoiling it last week but I guess we can’t have it all. I was sad that I knew it was a draw and that I knew who was gone off Redemption Island too. It really fucked up my power rankings 😛

Anyway lets start at RI. Why Caleb didn’t just stop building is beyond me. He could have totally beaten Tina (but we all knew he wasn’t going to so that lost the suspense for me) but it could have been a real nail biting moment. Had I not seen it I imagine I would have been sitting there wide mouthed and almost shed a tear when Caleb left (ok I’m not the biggest Caleb fan but I’m really not a Tina fan so I would rather see him there to try beat Laura) speaking of Laura, what a machine! I honestly think Monica is the only one who could beat her at RI right now.

I enjoyed the immunity challenge. I thought Monica had it until Gerv started throwing those bags. I was glad to see him pull out a win and it was lovely to see everyone not stand in the one spot for once. Was so glad Gerv took Monica on the reward. She earnt it.

I have to say I think Ciera made the right move at Tribal. Lots of people say she should have done it last week but she would have been 4th in both groups last week. So I think it was good to wait. I did feel so bad for Katie though. Like she’s kind of been a non character really so it’s not a huge loss but she was at least helping Hayden. Speaking of Hayden what a good move! Like seriously. Loved him in BB and love him in this. Keep those pearly whites smiling babe!

Nearly to the end. If anyone put Tyson wins I’ll eat that rock Francesca was talking about. But it’s not going to happen so….

James’ Opinion


A few random thoughts on the previous episode;

1. Hayden telling the whole tribe that they must be happy to accept second place as Tyson is running the game is a fantastic strategy, which I’m surprised isn’t used more often. In one fell swoop, he not only puts a target on Tyson’s back but he also plants a seed in the other player’s mind that following the current status quo is not possible if they want to win the game.

2. Gervase’s outburst around the campfire and at Redemption Island shows that his inability to keep his mouth shut will probably cost him any chance of winning against anybody if he makes final tribal. It’s a shame as he’s one of my favourites, but talking smack about jury members in front of them isn’t the greatest jury management technique.

3. Tina continues to catch lucky breaks at Redemption Island. The classic Tina wink and counting down the time are just two idiosyncrasies that make Tina such a beloved survivor contestant to many.

4. I love Ciera, but sharing the clue?! What the hell are you thinking? She seems to think she’s a returning player when in actuality she’s one of the newbies she’s sworn not to play with.

5. The scene in which Tyson finds the idol is one of the most obvious winner edit scenes in Survivor history. If he doesn’t win after that, I will be flabbergasted.

6. Generic immunity challenge, the highlight being Katie being hit on the head twice by a pretty hard looking snooker ball.

7. Making people choose others to share a reward creates tension and divides, which Hayden was able to exploit. Its precisely why Monica’s selfless move a few weeks ago should never have been allowed.

8. At this tribal, Hayden potentially has booked himself a spot on another season. With four seemingly strong candidates from the new people this season to return (Vytas, Ciera, Hayden, Brad Culpepper), is this the strongest casting on a half returnees/newbies season?

9. Gervases’s hypocrisy at tribal council leads me to believe he now might be the zero vote getter in a final three.

10. I applaud Ciera’s flip back. It took guts to take it to rocks, and I love the fact nobody this season is willing to just go along with the flow and take 4th spot. It has made for a cracking season.

11. If I was Tyson, I absolutely would have voted for Monica at a revote. With a hidden immunity idol in my pocket, risking rocks and a 33% chance of going to Redemption Island would have been too much for me. I still think it probably was a reckless move that came off rather than a stroke of genius.

12. White Rocks suck. Purple rocks rule.

13. If Tyson had pulled the white rock, I think this would have been the greatest tribal council of all time. Katie going home after all of the tribal shenanigans felt almost anticlimactic

14. This has been a fantastic season, but now a Tyson win feels inevitable. Here’s hoping for more power shifts coming up!

Survivor Re-capper: Jonathan Penner


Each week we’ll bring you the viewpoint of a former Survivor contestant to hear what they think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season!

Our twelfth recap features Jonathan Penner from Cook Islands, Micronesia & Philippines, as he discusses why his overall thoughts on the season, seeing the ‘purple rock’ return for only the second ever time, why he thinks Monica is in with an amazing shot at winning, his take on Caleb and Katie, how he thinks Tyson is going a third time around as well as giving his ‘opinion’ on the Survivor Hall of Fame, going off at Ben and not actually giving a shit about half the answers! Jonathan then answers our final set of 7 questions as follows:

TIP TO WIN: Monica
NEXT TO GO: Tina (RI) Hayden (VO)

We will have another former contestant finding themselves in the hot seat next week as they join us next week for another recap!

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In each episode recap this season, we’ll include a jumbled up picture of a castaway. To enter, simple, contact us with the name of the mysterious castaway and you’ll go into the draw. Each week, we’ll draw one winner and at the end of the season, we’ll draw an overall winner from our weekly winners to win a signed Boston Rob Poster! It’s easy and free so don’t forget to submit your guesses!

Here’s our episode twelve image!

Week 12 - Comp Image

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From all the team at Survivor Oz, we’d like to express our deepest sympathies to Tina, Katie and their extending family after the sad passing of their much loved son and brother, Taylor Lee Collins. Rest In Peace.

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1 Comment on Survivor Blood vs. Water-Episode 12 Recap featuring Jonathan Penner!

  1. Personally I don’t see why you all say Tyson is certain to win. In my opinion he is taking too many leaves from the Russell handbook on how to play Survivor. He is being too much of a jerk and is way too cocky. After picking rocks you should not belittle the person who lost. Like what?- OH my gosh, I lost numbers at tribal council and was then forced to tie and draw rocks. Oh it randomly got out the invisible, almost obsolete, player must be because I am such a good player. I should be cocky about it because I had so much to do with it and make fun of them right in front of the jury. I mean there is also absolutely 0% chance that she will tell her mother who is also most likely going to be on the jury too. A+ Jury management right there guys. I mean Russell did stuff exactly like this and he won both his seasons right…. (Unless you didn’t get that I don’t really like Tyson after that)

    Monica has been killing it in challenges and has managed to keep herself above all the petty fighting. Although this doesn’t bode well for her strategic game I think Tyson’s (in my opinion) terrible social play will help her out a lot. If she wins another challenge between now and FTC and gets into the final I would not count her out.

    Gervase will not win just because of this tribal and how he essentially told Ciera that she was #4 and then proceeded to get into a shouting match with the other people. Also he has not been that smart and just has been Tyson’s little lapdog. Definite goat for the finals.

    Hayden will be gone next week unless some major flipping around happens. So I hope he is still there but do not put too much weight in it.

    Ciera is a little bit more complicated. They seem to want to get Hayden out of the game before her which in my eyes could be good or bad. There is no clear cut order on who should go out first. I think either of them could come back to bite them. Ciera is a fighter and I think has a better chance of sliding into FTC than Hayden does. If they were really smart they would forget all about getting Hayden out and vote out Ciera next week just to screw up Laura M at RI but Tyson has put his blinders on I think and has identified the target as being Hayden.

    Tina/Katie one of them will most likely go home this week and the other will be eliminated when Laura M or Monica (possibly if she gets voted out) returns into the game. I think though that they are a powerful pair to be friends with on the jury.

    Laura M is another person who I could see making the finals. She could win just because she has been so amazing at RI. I mean she has got to bond with almost every jury member as they were stuck together on RI. If she returns and Ciera is still in the game I think it would be fascinating to see what Ciera does because her mom could be a big threat in FTC but could she vote her out again.

    Personally I don’t think we have enough information to predict winners yet. However the only four people I could see winning are Monica, Ciera, Laura or Tyson.

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