Survivor Blood vs. Water-Episode 13 Recap featuring Jill Behm!


Survivor Blood vs. Water continues this week with the thirteenth episode of the season. Of course with everything that happened you might be a little overawed, so we’re to to recap the action for you! Joining us, we have our resident recap expert Jarryd and Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend Jill Behm from Survivor: Nicaragua!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)

This week on Blood vs. Water, we deal with all the fall out from last week’s explosive Tribal Council, another castaway is booted from Redemption Island and big accusations are made before another massive Tribal Council!

We begin the episode with Katie arriving at Redemption Island. Tina is over the moon to see her daughter, however, is also upset that her daughter is no longer in the game. Katie explains to her mum and Laura about drawing rocks at Tribal Council, saying that it was only between three of them and she got unlucky. Tina confesses that the upcoming Duel will be the “toughest Duel” so far because she’s going up against her daughter and only one of them can re-enter the game. Tina tells Katie that this Duel is different to the sumo-style challenge they competed against each other in and that she wouldn’t be apposed to “letting you win”. Katie tells her mum they should both try their hardest with Tina saying no matter what happens, Katie will still be her daughter. Tina confesses that at Redemption Island you are always hoping to get back in but competing against her daughter takes precedence.

Back at Kasama, everyone is still reeling from Tribal Council. Hayden tells Ciera he owes her whilst Tyson says that he was excited he was part of such a big move but suspects Katie isn’t as excited by it. Hayden tells Monica that he loves her and that he had to “fight hard” and that’s the only reason he said the things he said.

Hayden confesses that Tribal Council was “insane” because he had to fight for his life and somehow ended up safe. He explains that the best case scenario would have seen Tyson draw the white rock, but it didn’t and that he is now “with Ciera” to the end.

Tyson on the other hand is frustrated with Gervase telling Hayden that he would be going home. He reveals that doing this only brings about the crazy and gives the person time for “fireworks”. Tyson says that in order for that not to happen, you need to give everyone hope so you can avoid those fireworks.

Monica reveals to everyone that she can’t believe the boys stuck with her, admitting that she would have been happy to grab her bag and go so they didn’t have to draw rocks. Monica confesses that she is in a “good alliance” yet having the Idol on the loose worries her. She questions Tyson and Gervase about what they should do about either Ciera or Hayden finding the Idol and comes to the conclusion that should one of them find the Idol and the other win the challenge, one of them will be going home. This leads to Monica talking about all sorts of game plans before Tyson comes clean, telling her he has the Idol. He confesses that at this point of the game, “Monica is crucial” for his game but he just wants her to stop talking because it’s annoying and she’s playing to hard. After learning about the Idol, Monica begins to question whether the two men respect her and why they withheld the information about the Idol; which she states she “won’t forget”. As she heads off to bed for the night, Tyson turns to Gervase, telling him “she’s not great at Survivor but she’s really come i handy”.


A fracture tribe; the line in the sand has certainly been drawn at Kasama. (Image Credit: CBS)

On the morning of Day Thirty-three, Ciera states that last nights Tribal Council took a huge weight off her shoulders and whilst she might not be guaranteed Final Four anymore, she had to make a move and try to fight, otherwise she would have kicked herself for not making a stand later on. She continues, saying that Katie leaving puts them, (herself and Hayden), down on numbers but given her mum’s good run of form at Redemption Island, she believes, and wants, her to return to the game. In the mean time, Ciera reveals that her and Hayden’s plan is to win the challenge, try and find the Idol and then drive a wedge between Gervase, Monica and Tyson, admitting she will go “all out” because she doesn’t have anything to lose.


Hayden and Ciera discuss their game plan. (Image Credit: CBS)

Time for the penultimate Redemption Island Duel of the season. Kids, you want to remember this one to, it’s a history making moment; Tina cries! Yep, the Australian Outback winner is finally reduced to tears after seventy-eight days of playing Survivor! Why is she crying? Because before the Duel Probst asks Tina whether she’ll be able to give one hundred percent in a Duel where she will be up against her daughter. Tina says she will make that decision “in the moment”.

For the Duel, each castaway will be locked behind a gate and have to use sticks and rope to make a long pole. They will then use that pole to collect keys hanging on posts on the other side of the gate. Once all three keys are collected, they will use them to unlock the three locks on the gate. The first two people through their gate move on, (with the winner also giving out another Idol clue), and the loser becomes the fourth Jury member.

We begin and immediately Tina is giving advice to Katie about how to build her stick. The three women work furiously as they tie sticks and rope together in order to make their stick. Laura is first to see if her stick is long and strong enough, it is and as she successfully collects her first key. Both Katie and Tina try, with Tina falling short and Katie hooking her first key as Laura collects her second key. Tina struggles, desperately trying to make her stick longer as Laura makes light work of the Duel, hooking her third and final key and begins to work on unlocking her locks. Tina finally manages to hook her first key as Katie struggles with her stick, whilst Laura unlocks her final lock and wins her fifth Redemption Island Duel! I think the word everyone is looking for is unstoppable!


Tina, Laura and Katie compete in the Day Thirty-three Redemption Island Duel. (Image Credit: CBS)

The Duel is still on though as mother and daughter work quickly to claim second place. Working on her second key, Tina’s pole collapses and Katie manages to hook her second key but it drops into the sand, making the task more difficult for her. Whilst Katie tries to re-gather it, (with help from Laura), Tina collects her second key, putting her in the lead. As Katie continues to try and hook her second key, Tina gathers her third and final key, needing only to open the locks to send her daughter home. As she does this, Tina asks Katie whether she’s okay with it, with Katie telling her it’s alright. As she removes her final lock, Tina apologises to her daughter and steps through her gate.


 Tina tears up after beating her daughter. (Image Credit: CBS)

Post-Duel, it seems Tina has been replaced on the island by Dawn as she sobs. She explains that because she was adopted, her first real, pure, complete love connection was with Katie. Katie reveals that she is proud of both herself and her mum and that it was a dream come true that they were able to share the Survivor experience together. The pair hug and then Katie leaves, becoming the fourth Jury member. Before going back to camp, Laura hands the Hidden Immunity Idol clue to her daughter, (Ciera), telling her to find it, (which she won’t be able to do unless she takes a closer look at Tyson’s bulge), and Tina telling Hayden to win the challenge. With that, all the fun and excitement is over and it’s time to return to camp.


Katie is eliminated from the game and… (Image Credit: CBS)


Ciera receives another clue to the location of the Hidden Immunity Idol. (Image Credit: CBS)

Once back at camp, Ciera wastes no time sharing the Idol clue with Hayden and then the pair go off looking for it. Ciera confesses that her mum winning the challenge was a huge success and that if they can find the Idol and one of them win the challenge, they will be safe, which will force Gervase, Monica and Tyson to turn against each other and then they will have the numbers because they will team up with whoever returns from Redemption.


Hayden and Ciera attempt to decipher the Idol clue. (Image Credit: CBS)

As Hayden looks up tree’s, Monica comes over, on her way to the water well, with Hayden revealing that now everyone will know roughly where the Idol is. Hayden continues, saying it’s driving him crazy that he can’t find the Idol because it will mean if he wins the challenge, Ciera will go home. With Monica gone, Ciera and Hayden re-group after the pair searched the “most obvious tree” for where they believe the Idol to be hidden, but they couldn’t find it, leading Hayden to question whether Tyson has it once again.


Hayden searches for the Hidden Immunity Idol. (Image Credit: CBS)

Back at camp, Tyson and crew laugh at the fact that everyone on Redemption Island is also against them. Gervase confesses that the game is “crazy and changes all the time” and that in order to get to the Final Four, he’ll have to work and in order to do that, he needs Monica to get to the end. Gervase pulls Monica aside asking how much she trusts the remaining people in the game. She tells Gervase she trust him and Tyson “ten out of ten”, Ciera “five out of ten” and doesn’t trust Hayden at all because “he’s scrambling”. Gervase confesses that you couldn’t buy trust like Monica’s at this point of the game and tells her they also trust her ten out of ten. Monica reveals that she appreciated the boy saved her at the last Tribal Council, then confesses that she has been trying to play a “selfless” game and what Tyson did, (drawing a rock for her), was incredibly selfless. She continues, saying that she likes them a lot and she believes they like her so they will have a “bond forever”. However, Monica goes onto say that this is Survivor and you have to be able to separate the game and real life because she’s “playing for Monica not for Tyson and Gervase”.


Gervase and Monica discuss how much they trust each other. (Image Credit: CBS)

Ciera and Hayden return to camp after their unsuccessful Idol search and begin planning what moves they can make to survive. Ciera tells Hayden that she will go to Monica and “throw the boys under the bus” by telling Monica they have been badmouthing her behind her back. Hayden explains that this is their “hail Mary plan” and that if it works and Monica flips, they will be good.


Ciera and Hayden discuss another plan. (Image Credit: CBS)

Time for the Challenge! Once again we have another physical challenge which will see the castaways start out on a platform in the ocean. They will have to dive into the water, pushing a buoy along a rope and through an obstacle. Once they reach the beach, they will have to untie a bag of letter tiles to solve a classic Survivor phrase. The winner of the challenge will also win Reward, getting to choose a meal from a menu to be delivered to them after the challenge.


The Kasama tribe compete in the Day Thirty-five Immunity Challenge. (Image Credit: CBS)

Everyone gets set and Jeff get it going. Hayden and Tyson get off to a quick start, reaching the platform in the middle with the obstacle first. Monica is right behind them, with Gervase trailing her and Ciera in last place, not even able to keep up with Gervase and his questionable swimming ability! Tyson pulls ahead of Hayden during the obstacle and sets off back to the beach first as Ciera finally reaches the platform. Hayden and Monica both get their buoy through the obstacle and head for shore; with Gervase finishing up just behind them. Tyson reaches shore and begins untying his puzzles pieces and is soon joined by Hayden, Monica and Gervase. Tyson is first to begin working on his puzzle, followed by Hayden and Gervase; who has snuck ahead of Monica.


The castaways attempt to solve the eight word, classic Survivor phrase. (Image Credit: CBS)

Ciera finally arrives at the platform, unties her bag and begins working on the puzzle, giving up a lot of time to the other four. Jeff explains the the phrase they are looking for consists of eight words and he has said it not only all season long but all through the history of Survivor. With the amount of letters available to them, there are many different word combinations but only one correct phrase, meaning that whilst everyone has several words nutted out, they might not necessarily be part of the puzzles solution. Surprisingly Ciera has come from dead last and has six words figured out; as does Gervase. Both try and solve the final two words with Ciera quickly putting together two more words to finish her phrase. She starts jumping around and celebrating as she calls Jeff over, who confirms that the phrase “You are going to have to dig deep” is correct. What a comeback! Ciera, who was pretty much out of the challenge comes from nowhere to win one of the most important challenges of the season! Jeff puts Immunity around her neck then gives her the chance to pick someone to join her on Reward; to nobodies surprise, she selects Hayden and the pair decide what they would like to eat because heading back to camp with the others.


Ciera is all smiles after winning Immunity. (Image Credit: CBS)

Back at camp, Ciera can’t believe that she won the challenge. She confesses that the first thought that come into her head didn’t have to do with the game, it was how proud her mum was going to be. She continues, telling all the people that questioned her move against Tyson, “in your face!” and that she is still around. She reveals that she picked Hayden to enjoy the Reward with her because it will show that they are together and still fighting… and says that she didn’t pick him to “suck up”. Hayden confesses that he’ll need to pull a rabbit out of a hat in order to stick around as the pair enjoy their food, whilst Tyson tells Gervase and Monica it’s a positive that none of them won because one of them would have missed out on the Reward. He tells them to stick to their plan as Monica wonders whether they will target her again. Back at the dining table, Ciera tells Hayden that she will speak to Monica later on, throwing the boys under the bus and go all out, in order to find a crack in the alliance, which Ciera says “is definitely Monica”. She states that Monica being an “emotional wreck” will work in hr favour in her ploy for convince her to flip.


Hayden and Ciera enjoy a ‘luxurious’ dinner. (Image Credit: CBS)

Later in the day, Ciera pulls Monica aside and explains to her that she is going to tell her something that she won’t like hearing but that she should know. Ciera tells her that Tyson has been talking “mad crap” about her behind her back, with Ciera revealing he called Monica “weak, paranoid, an easy vote and my puppy on a leash”. Ciera explains that whilst he treats her nicely to her face, as soon as she is out of earshot, he turns against her, making rude and unnecessary remarks. Monica asks Ciera why Tyson would put himself on the line for her by drawing rocks, with Ciera admitting Tyson only did that because if he flipped and voted for her, he knew he was next to go because he had lost the numbers. The information upsets Monica. As Ciera gives her a comforting hug, a confessional plays, with Monica saying that finding out he information “hurt” and that whilst she knew during the game she would have to mislead and misdirect people she never wanted to “hurt someone”. It continues to play, as Monica states that it is now a “me game”. Ciera tells her to vote for Gervase at Tribal Council as Monica comes to the conclusion that she is now in the swing vote position and both ‘couples’ need her to move forward in the game. Prior to Tribal Council, Tyson questions Gervase whether they can really trust Monica, with Gervase saying they can. Tyson isn’t as trusting though, admitting to Gervase that “you never know” and that he is “nervous” ahead of the vote.


Monica is deep in thought after Ciera explains what goes on behind her back. (Image Credit: CBS)

We begin Tribal Council with Hayden saying how hot Katie looks – look’s like not making the Merge does result in you being dumped Kat!

Ciera starts off the serious side of things but confirming that there is still a clear, three against two division. Hayden says that whilst they are on the bottom and things do always go their way in challenges, there are aspects of the game they can control. He continues saying that they aren’t looking for cracks in the majority alliance but to tell them the truth, like the fact that Tyson drew rocks for Monica because he knew that if Monica wasn’t there at the end, “he couldn’t beat anybody else“. Tyson denies this, claiming Monica is still in the game because he trusts her. Gervase puts his two cents in, saying that “one man’s perception is another man’s reality”, and that what the people on the bottom think is reality isn’t really true… because that is what people on the bottom have to do. Jeff asks Monica whether she was approached by Ciera or Hayden, with Monica confirming that Ciera pulled her aside and told her some hurtful things that had been said about her by Gervase and Tyson; saying that they might be true. Tyson says that this concerns him but says that when he asked Ciera who she wanted in the Final Three alongside her, she also she’d like to sit next to Monica because she could beat her. He says that Ciera probably told Monica lies because that is how Survivor is played, but Monica knows his true character; which leads to Hayden interjecting, asking whether Monica knows Tyson’s real character or his perceived character.


The Night Thirty-five Tribal Council gets heated. (Image Credit: CBS)

Ciera jumps in, saying that she told Monica, women to women, who she was really playing with so that when she lost to them and watched it back on television, she wouldn’t then have to question why she didn’t take them out. Ciera continues saying that if Monica goes to the end with them, she will still respect her for getting to the end, but she felt that Monica should know what’s really going on. Gervase reacts to this, saying that it’s interesting Ciera is telling Monica this now, when she’s “desperate to stay in the game”, instead of when it originally happened. Gervase says that they are using information to their advantage because they are on the bottom. Hayden interjects again, saying that it hadn’t been revealed before because Tyson was in control of the game. Gervase denies this, saying nobody is controlling the game whilst Hayden talks over him, saying that Tyson is controlling the game and “brainwashing” them. Gervase puts it back on him, asking Hayden who is controlling his alliance. Hayden denies that he is in control with Gervase asking whether it is Ciera, then shouts at them, “somebody’s gotta be in control over there because if not, that’s the problem and that’s why you guys are going home!

Ciera calls for calm, telling the tribe that she “played in” with Tyson and Gervase, making fun of Monica because she was thinking of number four, but when she found out at the last Tribal Council she was being controlled, she decided “I didn’t want to stand for it.”. She continues, promising Monica that Tyson has made fun of her and that the things he said were “evil and rude”. Monica likens her situation the the phrase of the day, “you’re going to have to dig deep”. Monica says she is finding the space and digging deep and is feeling “really good” about it. She claims that if people don’t respect it, she doesn’t know what else she can do. Monica then states that what Ciera told her did hurt her because she likes everyone. She then says that “a new side of me” has come out, that she is “resilient” and that ethical and morality issues are going to bite everyone in the ass in the end. Gervase says that what Monica said is true and that when you hear things from others, it is always on your mind. Hayden then explains to Monica that Tyson and Gervase have played “superior games” to her and that their perception of her is that she is “Tyson’s lap dog”. Hayden then plays a very personal card, telling Monica that Brad and her kids are going to see Monica being controlled but if she was to side with them, they would see a “strong, independent women” instead. Tyson chimes in asking Monica whether he tells her what to do or asks her opinion of what to do. Ciera has the final say, telling Monica that she’s being manipulated and that with her family watching, she needs to stand up and play “Monica Culpepper’s game, not Tyson’s game”, make a big move so she can win and her family will be cheering. Monica thanks her and we go to the vote. I gotta say, Hayden and Ciera attacking Monica and playing the “family card” is pretty low.

Anyway, Tyson doesn’t play his Idol and the votes are read. Things get locked at two votes apiece between Hayden and Gervase, with only one vote, (Monica’s), left to be revealed. Despite their best efforts, Monica stays true to her alliance, voting against Hayden to send him home.


Hayden… the tribe has spoken. Grab your torch and head to Redemption Island. (Image Credit: CBS)

Hayden wishes everyone well, gets his torch snuffed, then heads out to Redemption Island. Once there, he says that Tribal Council was once again brutal and that “Monica did a Monica” and she is “lap dog”.

That’s it for this week kids! In the lead up Sunday’s Finale, (Monday, Australian time), don’t forget to check out the latest Ponderosa and behind the scene clips! Then check back to Survivor Oz after the Finale/Reunion for our finale episode recap and Oztopsy of the season! The finale will see someone from Redemption Island re-enter the game, three massive Tribal Council’s and one millionaire!

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Ben’s Opinion


I don’t want this season to end! Does it have to?

It’s amazing that week after week it keeps getting better and no matter what the outcome I’m going out and saying this is a top 10 season. Hands down. It might change on a re-watch, who knows. But as of right now I will firmly put it in my top 10. There I said it. But I’m sure a lot of people agree with me.

This week was great. Fantastic to see the conflict on RI with Tina working out whether or not it was worth beating her daughter. The right woman went through and it’ll be interesting to see how well Tina can go next week against Laura (and Hayden). All it takes is a small slip up from somebody and Tina is right back in the game, but could she win? Probably not. But she has been great this season. As has Laura. I was indifferent on her heading into this game and she hasn’t exactly set the Survivor world on fire. But her time on RI has been a revelation and she deserves to come back into the game, even if it means going straight back out again.

The challenge wasn’t anything special, but it was a great win for Ciera to come from behind. If either her or Hayden were going to win it was going to be her, as let’s face it Hayden has been pretty useless in challenges. She’s fighting hard but it’ll come to nothing, as Ciera isn’t winning. But she has been the best new player of this season and I would be surprised if we didn’t see her back in the future. Sad to see Hayden go but his time was up two weeks ago when Caleb was voted out. He fought hard and gave it his all, but I can’t see him winning at RI next week. The fight at TC was great again, another tense affair that was really great viewing. Monica by far was the star of this episode and she did the right thing in sticking with Tyson and Gervase. She wasn’t winning against Ciera and Hayden, and at least this way she gave herself a shot at the money. Gervase was sounding smart again at TC until he let his anger get the better of him, which is sad. So very sad. So close Gerv! But yet so far! It was also a very quiet Tyson episode which is interesting that the man who has been getting the ‘winners edit’ was so quiet in the penultimate episode. Rare that the winner gets a quiet episode so late in the season, so does that mean maybe it’s not his game yet? Who knows.

It’s going to be a massive finale with so much happening! Bring it on, and clearly for the real big chance that I might jinx my two ponies completely: #teamgerv #teammonica

Jarryd’s Opinion


This season is fantastic! Tonight’s episode was once again first class and I cannot wait until the finale!

Laura has to return to the game next week. She’s dominated all competition this season at Redemption and whilst you can’t rely only on your physical game to win you Survivor, you have to rely on it to win your way back in off Redemption Island and Laura has definitely proved she’s worthy of returning a second time. She killed the challenge again this week, easily beating Tina and Katie. Whilst I wasn’t that interested in another repeat challenge, I’ve always had a soft spot for this particular one because it’s so simple yet difficult. I never thought Tina was one hundred percent serious in deliberately losing the Duel so it was no surprise to see her completive nature come out. I feel Katie went a lot further than she should have this season, not because she was a bad player but because she got dragged along and then, when the tide turned, wasn’t seen as a threat.

Ciera is fighting a losing battle and should have switched when the old Tadhana members had the numbers to do it. She doesn’t have much hope now regardless of whether he mum comes back from Redemption or not. Personally, I think the Final Three has already been decided and that Ciera and the Redemption returnee, will be picked off prior to the Final Tribal Council.

Likewise with Ciera, Hayden didn’t have much hope of surviving after he didn’t win Immunity. It was similar to Malcolm’s fate last season in the episode after the ‘double Idol play’, he wasn’t immune and there was no chance he was being spared. Ciera winning the challenge wasn’t something he was counting on and he would be very frustrated with himself on that behalf. Speaking of the challenge, how did Ciera win? I was happy for her, but how did she do it, she was out of it! It’s always great to see someone come from behind and it through a spanner in the plans of the majority but my mood turned instantly to disappointment when she choose Hayden to join in the Reward with her. Why didn’t she pick Monica! It would have been the perfect time to throw the boys under the bus and win a favour from Monica! Sure, it might not have worked but it had more chance of not working than if she didn’t pick Monica. I honestly don’t know what she was thinking but it was a terrible move.

I never thought Monica was going to switch. If she did, she was a no vote getting, simple as that. This way, she ahs a chance of winning, though I can’t see her beating the boys.

The finale is going to be a cracker! I’ve said it all season long… I’m not a fan of Tyson but I love him this season and he’s been brilliant, so I hope he brings it home!

Survivor Re-capper: Jill Behm


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Our thirteenth recap features Jill Behm from Nicaragua, as she discusses her love for this season as well as the redemption island twist, why she thinks the casting directors are on drugs sometimes, being a fan of Monica and wanting her to win, why she is impressed with Ciera, why she feels that Laura will return no matter what as well as letting us know which people from her season were contacted to return for this season and talking up a wide variety of beers from around the world. Jill then answers our final set of 7 questions as follows:

TIP TO WIN: Pleaded the 5th
DARK HORSE: Pleaded the 5th
NEXT TO GO: Hayden/Tina (RI) Ciera (VO)

We will have another former contestant finding themselves in the hot seat next week as they join us to recap the finale and Reunion in another recap!

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