Survivor Oz Top 10-Top 10 Top Tens in 2013


It’s the final Survivor Oz Top Ten of the year, but don’t despair, because we have a very special Top Ten coming your way! After starting our Top Ten’s as a weekly feature on Survivor Oz earlier in the year, we have seen a number of memorable and entertaining Top Tens come and go. Today, we look back at some of the best Top Tens from some of our most talented Ozlets, (plus one very talented host). Which Top Ten of 2013 will reign supreme? Do you agree with our choices? If you want to revisit any of these Top Tens, (and we highly recommend it), simply click on the heading for each entry and it will take you straight there!  If you’d like to make a suggestion for a Top Ten, we’d love to hear it! Leave your thoughts and comments in the space below.



We’ve delivered you thirty-eight Top Tens in 2013; only ten of those will makes today’s list. How did we make the decision about which ones made the cut though? Well, Ben, Jarryd and Rileigh put their heads together and came up with a shortlist of Top Ten’s before culling it down to ten. It was a difficult job, much like trying to cast an all-star season. There were many arguments and debates, but we managed to agree and today bring you our selections!

10. Top 10 Reasons Why Guatemala Needs More Love


Coming in at number ten is what ultimately could have been called “Heather Smith’s love letter to Survivor: Guatemala”. In her article, Heather gave us ten reasons why we should go back and re-watch the often overlooked eleventh season, as it is one that rarely gets much credit from the Survivor community. With mentions of the unique location, the entertaining Tribal Councils, the rise and fall of Stephenie, the underdog story of Danni Boatwright and several mentions of  Amy O’Hara, Heather successfully made us question our previous opinions on Survivor: Guatemala and provided us with the incentive to go back and revisit the season. Finally, we can see why she loves it so much! Her idea for this article also started a trend on Survivor Oz as the first in a series of Top Tens aimed at providing some much needed love for underrated Survivor seasons, such as Thailand and One World, so we must commend Heather on that.

9. Top 10 Season Premieres


In anticipation of the new season of Blood vs. Water, our New Zealand Ozlet, Nick Chester, decided to look back on all of the Survivor season premieres and pick out the best for his Top Ten. A fantastic and well-received list ensued, as Nick gave us ten of the most memorable Survivor premieres of all time; from the spectacular culture-heavy season premieres, such as Vanuatu and China, to the premieres that were simply entertaining as hell, such as Amazon and Heroes vs. Villains. It’s definitely a great list and one that deserves another read in the lead up to season twenty-eight!

8. Top 10 Funniest Survivors


This next article about the funniest contestants on Survivor was another very enjoyable read, as Clay Shirley gave us the antics and quotes of the top ten castaways that left us in stitches. From the merciless Corinne, to the witty Tyson and even to the enigmas that are Coach and Phillip; these Survivor’s have often stole the show in terms of their memorable scenes, hilarious confessionals and clever one-liners. Not only is it one of the most viewed Top Tens on our site, (with 3,360 hits), it is also one of the most commented on articles. Although some readers felt that the list had some notable omissions (particularly Courtney Yates and Sandra Diaz-Twine), most of the contestants chosen by Clay got the nod of approval from our readers. Want to have your say on the matter? Well make sure you revisit the article and join in on the discussion!

7. Top 10 Episodes


Ben Powell’s Top Ten is an interesting and in-depth read that explores ten of the most memorable and significant episodes in the history of the show. With twenty-seven seasons and four hundred episodes of Survivor, it’s astounding that Ben was able to pick just ten! Nevertheless, he managed to produce a great list of episodes, featuring some that shocked (such as Mike Skupin’s medical evacuation episode), some that entertained (Johnny Fairplay’s infamous lie episode), and some that changed the game completely (the power shift episode in Marquesas). Make sure you check back to see if your favourite episode made the list!

6. Top 10 Final Immunity Challenges


In another highly regarded Top Ten, Rileigh took a look back at the Final Immunity Challenges of each season in the lead up to the finale of Survivor: Caramoan. Whilst the Final Immunity Challenge has changed over the years, the challenge is generally endurance based and results in the winner either decided who to vote out and who to take to the end, (using the Final Two format), or being immune for the last regular Tribal Council. Easily one of the most important parts of every seasons, Rileigh picked the best ten of these challenges in a list which many agreed with. Do you think the Final Immunity Challenge of Caramoan or Blood vs. Water would make this now we’ve seen them? Head over to check it out so you can decide!

5. Top 10 Best Tribal Council Performances


In this Top Ten, the host of Survivor Oz, Ben Waterworth, made a great list of ten castaways who he felt gave the best Final Tribal performances in their respective seasons. Ben picked out those who were able to hold their own under the pressure of the Jury and leave a memorable impression at that Final Tribal Council. Complete with excerpts from the castaways’ actual performances, Ben’s list comprised of a number of clear-cut choices, such as Todd, (China), and Richard, (Borneo), as well as a few unexpected choices, even including a couple of contestants who didn’t go on to win that season, such as Dawn, (Caramoan), and Courtney, (China). The discussion that followed the article is well worth joining in on, with many readers adding their two cents in to who should have and who should not have made the Top Ten. To follow up his article, Ben wrote the antithesis of this list: the Top Ten Worst Final Tribal Council Performances, which is also worth checking out!

4. Top 10 Feuds


Another entertaining article, written by Heather Smith, is one that features ten of the best arguments, fights and battles in Survivor’s twenty-seven season run. How can anyone forget the Sugar versus Corinne feud? The rivalry between Aras and Terry and the classic moments between Sandra and Jonny Fairplay, (“I can get loud too!”)? It is another highly discussed Top Ten and though a number of readers felt that the list was missing one of the most memorable feuds in Survivor history (Boston Rob vs. Lex in All-Stars), it is still a comprehensive and well-thought out article that deserves a second read.

3. Top 10 Game Changing Moments


Heather is leading the tally board in the Top 10 Top Tens this year, with another enjoyable and thought-provoking read. In her list, Heather came up with ten moments that made a significant impact on the game, whether it was just in that season, such as Sophie winning the Final Immunity Challenge and denying Ozzy a predictable win in Survivor: South Pacific, or whether it changed the history of the show itself, like Gretchen’s blindside in Survivor: Borneo. There are some great moments listed and some good insight from Heather to go with them. If you would like your say on this Top Ten, head over to the article and leave your thoughts in the space provided.

2. Top 10 Couples


This Top Ten was published very early on in the year but it has achieved massive fandom. Rileigh’s second entry into this top ten, Top Ten Couples has the honour of being the most viewed Top Ten on our website with 13,317 views! With so many views, this top ten easily takes the cake for being our most viewed Top Ten which makes it worthy to sit in second place on this list. Rileigh turns on her sentimental side, counting down her favourite ten couples that have come out of Survivor which we should really have been published on Valentines Day! Whether you’re a fan of Boston Rob and Amber, or Jaime and Erik, everyone loved this Top Ten… except perhaps Billy Garcia who didn’t get a look in for his relationship with Candice!

1. Top 10 ‘Old School’ Features That Should Come Back


Number one was a pretty easy choice, given the overwhelmingly positive response from readers to this particularly Top Ten. Written by Nick Chester, this article made us nostalgic for the early seasons of Survivor, when the focus was less about strategy and twists and more about the location, the individual people, the survival aspect and the camp life. In his list, Nick gave us ten great features that we miss about old school Survivor, including the introductory shots of contestants, the distinctive theme of individual seasons, the endurance-based challenges and the long-lost Final Two. Most of our readers whole-heartedly agreed with Nick’s choices and his general viewpoint that there is so much to love about the good old days of Survivor. Make sure you head over and check out our best Top Ten for 2013 and judge it for yourself!

There we have it kids, the ten best Top Tens in 2013!

Our Top Ten’s are taking a break over the festive season but will return once again in 2014!

If you can’t manage without them for several weeks, you can find every Top Ten that was published in 2013 here!




What do you think of the top 10? Do you agree? Disagree? Is it in the wrong order or are there ones that didn’t make the top 10 that you feel should’ve? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!

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4 Comments on Survivor Oz Top 10-Top 10 Top Tens in 2013

  1. I really think the couples should be number one. The most hits deserves that spot, although I do like the old school things we miss one. I think that underrated strategists, game changing lines, and immunity wins are good wins that missed out on this top 10 list. Oh, and don’t forget jury speeches.

    I’m gonna miss these, but what about maybe Top 10 blindsides and Top 10 audience leaves episode thinking WTF for 2014.

  2. Good to see a kiwi win top spot, you’ll have to change yr name to ‘survivor nz’ soon if he keeps up the good work!

  3. Although I don’t think it quite deserves to make the top 10, I’d like to give a shout out to what I think would have been number 11 – the Top 10 Reasons Philippines is Better than Caramoan. Why? Because, as the comments reflected, that top 10 completely schooled its companion piece, the Top 10 Reasons Caramoan is Better than Philippines.

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