Earl Cole Interview


The winner of the 14th season, Earl Cole has stayed away from the spotlight since his win in 2007 in Fiji. Through various projects outside of the game, he has managed to remain successful and well travelled without being heavily involved with Survivor. However after a long time trying to get him on, Earl joins Survivor Oz for the very first time in what turned out to be the longest interview in our history and by far one of the most in-depth and revealing chats. From hidden moments that were never shown right through to some moments on Exile Island that perhaps were never meant to be revealed, Earl will open your eyes and ears to the 14th season in one of the best interviews we’ve ever done.


Earl went into the game not knowing how the game worked, but soon adapted and worked out the best way to evolve and stay alive throughout the 39 days. His constant adaptation and moving forward with the flow of the game saw him make it all the way to the end, and create history by becoming the first winner to win with a unanimous vote.

In our chat with Earl, he talks about being asked on the show literally at the last minute, why his then girlfriend was heavily involved in him being on the show, his boss telling him that he ‘had to win’, going in like it was the first season with no clue how it worked, thinking it would be another ‘race twist’ like in the Cook Islands, not knowing the importance of the social game, revealing some incredible behind the scenes moments including some interesting situations on Exile Island, his alliance with Dreamz and Yau-Man, not wanting to win challenges, why contestants passed out constantly during his season, his game not being ‘boring’ like some people suggest, how he saved Sylvia’s life, getting lost in the jungle and nearly having to be rescued by a helicopter as well as his thoughts on missing out on a ‘perfect game’, why Sandra would be a ‘goat’ on an all winners season and his experiences in Australia after his time on the show.

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5 Comments on Earl Cole Interview

  1. Wow! Easily the best interview out here! I’m currently re-watching this season as well so couldn’t be at a better time. This season had it’s flawns but it’s VERY underrated, the episode where they blindsided Edgardo is easily one of the best episode ever, I wonder why it didin’t make into the top10 list. Thanks again, keep up with the great job!

  2. I don’t like Fiji but Earl is easily one of the most likable winners ever.

  3. Just listened for a second time after rewatching Fiji. Truly an amazing interview.

  4. What a great interview. I enjoy winners like earl and tony for long and detailed ones.

    I hope you get Jenna eventually. The only winner ive waited years for to hear from on survivoroz.

    I want Earl on Season 34.

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