Nate Gonzalez Interview


Nate Gonzalez was a popular contestant on Cook Islands who found himself paired up with some very powerful and strong players in the history of the show. Through various moments of being on the outs and in power, Nate experienced a great deal on the way to a jury spot on the 13th season. Outside of the game, his career has taken him many places and his time getting on the show came from a moment in which he struggled to remember even being asked in the first place.


Nate initially started on the outs of the Manihiki tribe and looked to be in trouble after Sekou was voted out. However after the tribes combined from 4 to 2, things were looking up before once again he found himself at the bottom. He soon worked his way back into the game and looked set for a strong finish, before eventually having things turned against him and joining the jury.

In our chat with Nate, he talks about being ‘buzzed’ when he was asked to be on the show, why he got extra time to accept being on the show, his thoughts on the race twist and why it didn’t bother him, the early days on Manihiki and the agreement he made with the girls, why his tribe struggled so much early on, sitting out in the challenge and why it was so bad, the ‘curse’ that he had in the game, why Yul’s idol was like a ‘gun’ in the game as well as his ‘relationship’ with Parvati, why people disliked Candice and being bitter at the end.

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