Best Of Survivor Oz 2013


There is no denying that 2013 has been a MASSIVE year for us here at Survivor Oz. Through 217 hours worth of content, 233 different episodes and over 62 Survivor contestants (including 54 brand new ones) we have continued to punch above our weight in the Survivor world. But with so many highlights, how can we possibly condense them all into one podcast? Well sit back and relax as you re-live all the best moments of the year that was 2013 in one MEGA episode of your favourite Survivor podcast!

When you have so much content for the year, it’s always going to be hard to produce a ‘best of’. We decided it would be perfect though to put together an extended episode featuring highlight clips from EVERY episode that we put out during the year. Yes, you read that correctly. EVERY EPISODE of Survivor Oz for 2013 is featured in our longest episode yet! Not sure what you can expect in this episode? Well here is a month by month run down of just what you can hear throughout this episode and links to each one:


Laura Morett Interview

Big Mike Interview

Africa Ozcap

Marquesas Ozacap

Thailand Ozcap

Caramoan Preview Episode

Amazon Ozcap

Sean Kenniff Interview

Mookie Lee Interview

Brandon Quinton Interview

Angie Layton Interview

Rick Nelson Interview

Amanda Kimmel Interview

Top 25 Survivor Moments

Silas Gaither Interview

B.B. Anderson Interview


Jeff Wilson Interview

Coach Interview

R.C. Interview

Mike Skupin Interview

Pearl Islands Ozcap

Live Episode #3 – Sexiest Ever Contestants

Jerry Manthey Reality Rally Interview

Jerry Sims Interview

Trish Dunn Interview

Sandra Caramoan #1 Recap

All-Stars Ozcap

Live Episode #4 – Old School vs. New School

Roxy Morris Interview

Boo Bernis Interview

Edna Ma Caramoan #2 Recap

Vanuatu Ozcap

Live Episode #5 – Rob Cesternino

Ozzy Lusth Interview

Richard Hatch Caramoan #3 Recap


Stephenie LaGrossa Interview

Sekou Bunch Interview

Alex Angarita Interview

R.C. Caramoan #4 Recap

Diane Ogden Interview

Hunter Ellis Interview

Zane Knight Interview

Jonathan Penner Interview

Jill Behm Caramoan #5 Recap

Cecilia Mansilla Interview

Abi-Maria Interview

Palau Ozcap

Billy Garcia Caramoan #6 Recap

Guatemala Ozcap

Panama Ozcap

Kelly Shinn Caramoan #7 Recap

Cook Islands Ozcap


Brian Corridan Caramoan #8 Recap

Gillian Larson Reality Rally Interview

Justin Young Reality Rally Interview

Jodi Wincheski Reality Rally Interview

Clarissa Burt Reality Rally Interview

Fiji Ozcap

John Carroll Caramoan #9 Recap

China Ozcap

Kathy Sleckman Caramoan #10 Recap

Reality Rally Interviews

Yau-Man Caramoan #11 Recap

Micronesia Ozcap


Neleh Dennis/Nielson Interview

Gabriel Cade Interview

Kim Spradlin Caramoan #12 Recap

Artis Silvester Interview

Sundra Oakley Interview

Gabon Ozcap

Holly Hoffman Caramoan #13 Recap

Brian Heidik Caramoan #14 Recap

Tocantins Ozcap

Samoa Ozcap

Heroes vs. Villains Ozcap

Nicaragua Ozcap

Ozcars Finalists Live Episode

Brianna Varela Interview

Dreamz Herd Interview


Francesca Hogi Interview

Corinne Kaplan Interview

Erik Reichenbach Caramoan Interview

Cassandra Franklin Interview

Ozcars Winners Live Episode

Dawn Meehan Caramoan Interview

Crystal Cox Walker Interview

Redemption Island Ozcap


The Random Melbourne Episode

Live Episode #8 – Are there too many returning player seasons?

Rory Freeman Interview

Joe Dowdle Interview

Rileigh/Powell/Cable/Shayna/Lynda/Nick/Heather Ozlet Interviews

South Pacific Ozcap

Live Episode #9 – Recruits vs. Applicants

NaOnka Mixon Interview

Courtney Marit Interview

Albert Destrade Interview

Michael Snow Interview

Live Episode #10 – Best Survivor Challenges

Tom Westman Interview

Alina Wilson Interview

Matt Bischoff Interview

Live Episode #11 – Future Season Ideas

One World Ozcap

Phillip Sheppard Caramoan Interview

Live Episode #12 – Best Survivor Blindsides

Ashley Underwood Interview

Carter Williams Interview

Random Secrets Episode

Survivor Commentaries


Live Episode #13 – Potential Celebrity Contestants

Charlie Parsons Interview

Live Episode #14 – The Random Topic Live Episode

Philippines Ozcap

Live Episode #15 – Past & Future Locations

Caramoan Ozcap

Ozlets Anniversary Episode

Blood vs. Water Preview Episode

Survivor Thrift Shop


Live Episode #16 – Jeff Probst Discussion

Colin/Ky/Alex Morella/Clay/Alex Koch/Alan/James/Jimmy/Aaron Ozlet Interviews

Gregg Carey Interview

Live Episode #17 – Most Disappointing Vote Outs

Joel Klug Blood vs. Water #1 Recap

Blood vs. Water Oztopsy – Oztopsy Episode #1

Tanya Vance Blood vs. Water #2 Recap

Blood vs. Water Oztopsy – Oztopsy Episode #2


Todd Herzog Extended Interview

Billy Garcia Blood vs. Water #3 Recap

Blood vs. Water Oztopsy – Episode #3

Peter Harkey Interview

Jim Lynch Interview

Blood vs. Water Oztopsy – Episode #4

John Carroll Blood vs. Water #4 Recap

Katie Gallagher Interview

Blood vs. Water Oztopsy – Episode #5

Sandra Diaz-Twine Blood vs. Water #5 Recap

Birthday Episode with Gillian Larson

Blood vs. Water Oztopsy – Episode #6

Kelly Shinn/Russell Hantz Blood vs. Water #6 Recap

Michael Snow Blood vs. Water #7 Recap


Blood vs. Water Oztopsy – Episode #7

Blood vs. Water Oztopsy – Episode #8

Troyzan Robertson Blood vs. Water #8 Recap

Gina Crews Interview

Brian Corridan Blood vs. Water #9 Recap

Blood vs. Water Oztopsy – Episode #9

Eliza Orlins Blood vs. Water #10 Recap

Blood vs. Water Oztopsy – Episode #10

Hall of Fame Prediction Episode

Dan Lembo Interview

Cirie Fields/Mitchell Oslon Blood vs. Water #11 Recap

Blood vs. Water Oztopsy – Episode #11

John Carroll Commentaries


Jonathan Penner Blood vs. Water #12 Recap

Blood vs. Water Oztopsy – Episode #12

Jill Behm Blood vs. Water #13 Recap

Blood vs. Water Oztopsy – Episode #13

Terry Deitz Blood vs. Water #14 Recap

Blood vs. Water Oztopsy – Episode #14

Christmas Party Episode 2013

Nate Gonzalez Interview

Earl Cole Interview

With so much content to get through, it’s time to stop reading and start listening! You can download the episode below to enjoy everything from a massive year!

On behalf of every body who has listened to any or all of content this year, thanks so much for being on board and we look forward to an even bigger and better 2014!

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